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Boston Cab Dispatch is a leading provider of Taxi services in Boston, Massachusetts. We are pleased to offer our valued clients the very latest in smartphone booking technology with our free Boston Cab application.
Key Features of the Boston Cab application include:
•Book a reservation in as few as 3 clicks
•Get a fare estimate by entering both pickup and destination addresses
•Receive a confirmation number for your reservation immediately on booking
•Receive notifications including vehicle number once your reservation has been dispatched
•Monitor the progress of your vehicle on a map
•Create a list of favorite addresses and assign a custom name for each
•Select an address from your list of telephone contacts
•Specify the number of passengers, vehicle type and preferred payment method
•Review all reservations you have made over the past 30 days
•Provide feedback related to the application and/or service you received
•Call Boston Cab with the push of a button
To begin using the Boston Cab application today:
•Download the free app
•Create an account (Email, Name, Phone # and Password)
•Validate your account (via the confirmation email you receive)
•Login to the app (Email & Password)
•Enter your pickup address
•Enter your destination address (this allows us to provide an estimated fare amount)
•Book your trip (reservations can be immediate or for a future time/date)
On booking a reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation number, along with an update when your vehicle has been assigned. From here you can monitor the progress of your vehicle as it moves towards your pickup location.
The Boston Cab application retains a history of your previous reservations (up to 30 days) for expense management and to quickly rebook the same trip with the push of a button. You may also create a list of favorite locations (Home, Work, etc.) to speed the booking process.
You can also customize your orders by selecting the number of passengers, preferred vehicle type, and preferred method of payment. These preferences can be saved to your account profile for future bookings.
At Boston Cab, your comfort and safety are our top priorities! Let us know how we can serve you better by providing feedback via the Boston Cab application or by calling (617) 536-3200.
We look forward to adding many exciting new features to the Boston Cab application in the months ahead, and are always interested in what you have to say!

Customer Reviews

  • Surprisingly awesome

    by New yrok times reviewer

    Works perfectly every time! At first was skeptical from reading reviews but tried it and it worked, it was only 2 minutes off and it was perfect

  • Great app

    by Aapat11

    Use it all the time great service clean cabs .

  • It works

    by This nickname is taken 6

    I was very skeptical reading the reviews but figured I would try it out. I booked a cab from my office, walked downstairs and checked the app to see where cab was. It showed he was on side of my building. I walked over and there he was waiting. Cool app. Hope it is always this consistent.

  • Got me a cab

    by John Mc

    Short answer - I requested a cab and one was there in 5 minutes. Still a few bugs in the app though. Even though I entered a destination, the driver didn't know where I wanted to go. There's a 'live' map that showed where my cab was, but it didn't update as the cab was coming to my home to pick me up. Sometimes address saves and access to contacts works, and sometimes it doesn't. But like i said, a cab did come. Maybe the next rev will fix some of the small nits that prevent this from being as good as it could be.

  • Worked one time, crashing now

    by Florahubabyyyy

    This is a very convinent app but it keeps crashing.. I was able to successfully book a taxi once, and the app worked fine but now it wont even open every time I try to click on the app. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP!!! I would love to keep using it

  • App is so broken...

    by Wuny65

    I have used this app one time too many. It is straight out of 2007 made for blackberry... The interface is ugly, live tracking barely functioning, and call button completely broken. I missed the your cab is here call and when I left at the scheduled time, the cab had left already! No follow up call or anything... Just stick with Uber or even Hailo

  • Can't Locate

    by Bbsig

    The GPS won't locate me. I try to type in an address but it doesn't search.

  • Horrible

    by Jaianeoabso

    Don't bother - tried the app and for 20 minutes it told me it was waiting for the driver to be assigned. I tried calling and the line cut out three times. Cancelled the cab order, walked down the street and was able to hail a cab from the same cab company. What's the point of the app if a cab doesn't show up when it's supposed to?

  • You might as well cross your fingers and hope a cab magically appears

    by Tom Djdjsjdjdjjjsoak

    Utter waste of time. Randomly changes the pickup location of your booking, and even when it gets it right, the cab rarely shows up. Worthless.

  • Rude, rude, & RUDE

    by MJaye C.

    I ordered a minivan cab on Saturday night and after waiting awhile, I received a notification saying "passengers in vehicle."I called the Dispatch Center to see what was going on, and the man I spoke with was SO rude and SO condescending. He claimed I had never ordered a van (even though I was looking at the email confirmation that stated the type of cab ordered was in fact a MINI-VAN) and that it would be unlikely a cab would be coming to get us at all. I'm using Uber from now on.

  • If you need a cab find another solution

    by MGB402

    I Booked a cab for 8.40pm. The Cab arrived at 9pm and at the wrong address (same address in Cambridge rather than Boston). Called the dispatch call center several time to obtain a cab at the right address. Got lot of excuses and a priority request for a cab at the right address. No other cab showed up.

  • Junk

    by Liam Sullivan

    Can't even create an account so I can use it.

  • Reservations not managed at all

    by Bellarita

    Booked cab to take me to the airport and the cab took another passenger! No calling to let me know it arrived (and I went out exactly on time) and no checking of the confirmation code. What's the point of a scheduling a cab if it isn't reliable? Über is at least reliable.

  • This service stinks. Don't use if you're on a schedule

    by Poly

    At 1st I thought this was a great service. Cab was there waiting for me. Super easy. 2 more times and the cab doesn't show up. GPS showed the cab driver parked on the other end of town the last time. Called dispatch and was hung up on. Done with this app. When you're trying to catch a plane or train and need something reliable, this isn't it. 2 out of 3 times I had to go hunt for a cab with all my luggage anyway.

  • Doesn't work at all

    by HungryJacq

    I was very excited about this app because I'm in Boston two days a week and a heavy user of cabs. Not only was the app unable to determine my address through its Locate Me function, but when I entered my address it said address not found. And the address was that of a hotel on Stuart Street, which is a very popular area. I've already deleted the app from my phone, it's a waste of memory.

  • Too buggy

    by R23w

    The idea of this app is great. It even looks nice too, but it is the buggiest app I have ever used on the iPhone. It will not find your location, then freeze, or just crash. When I have been able to book a cab, it's hard to make any changes afterwards. Also I kept doing am instead of pm for pickup, it was hard to notice am/pm when scheduling.

  • Bad 1st Impression

    by darangatang

    Boston is a crummy city for taxis to begin with. So it was no surprise when no cab came. I got a confirmation, waited, and then the app indicated "passenger is in vehicle". So I guess the driver just took another job? Either way - get it together.

  • Simply said; it does not work

    by Ian Maschal

    I have been trying to create a account for over and hour, I have full service and wifi and it just says "timed out" on each attempt.

  • DO NOT rely on this!

    by tekkamaki

    I booked a cab last night for 6am this morning. I got a confirmation email. The cab never came and I tried to call them about 20 times and no one even answered the phone. I had to call another service and ended up not leaving till 7am. Other services have the decency to tell you if they cancel your reservation

  • Fraud

    by bjcjkc

    This app is not at all even remotely reliable. I scheduled and received confirmation for a taxi for 9:30 am today for 372 Marlborough. The taxi never showed although your site had it arrived outside this address I attempted to call several time but it only rang and then reverted to busy. Eventually it showed I was picked up and inside the nonexistent taxi. I almost missed my plane by the time I walked and flagged a taxi Sent from my iPhone

  • Frustrating & terrible!!!

    by BOSLAX

    I booked a taxi overnight to come the following morning thru this app...It never came!!!! App kept crashing before it even opened to main page!

  • Doesn't work

    by Shirin Sharif


  • Horrible

    by Yessi

    Don't even bother installing this app. Ive tried 5 times already to open the app and each time it hasn't opened. I'm deleting this and calling another can service. The worst app especially if you're in a rush!

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