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Languages: Chinese, English, Korean

Seller: Beijing DFHL Company

Added iPad version support

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The nciku Online Dictionary gives you free access to content from the popular online Chinese dictionary, in an iPhone-optimized format:

- Search for over 3 million words in English, Chinese or Pinyin

- See full definitions of each word, with contextual examples for particular meanings

- Search for thousands of additional examples containing your search term

- If no words match your search term, we provide meaning search results that contain your search term in their meaning.

- Theme Words picture dictionary section to help you learn common words

- Conversations section to help you see how Chinese is really used

Like this app? You might also be interested in the full nciku Chinese Dictionary app - it works offline, so you don't need an internet connection, and it's got many improved features including Chinese handwriting input, stroke order animations, vocab lists, tests, flashcards and audio pronunciation. Search for 'nciku' on the App Store.

Customer Reviews

  • So useful!

    by Koalasforlife

    I use this a LOT to help with homework. best app as a Chinese English dictionary :)

  • Great app

    by Hankefan

    Excellent app overall, though sometimes I have to enter text multiple times before it actually initiates the search.

  • Good for homework

    by >OVERLORD<

    I take 8th grade mandarin and my teacher recommended this site and app. I love it, but I wish I could enlarge the characters, they are hard to read. Still a really good app though!!!!!!!!

  • no landscape mode?

    by Kxriderguy

    Nciku is a great website, and the free app version is equally awesome. But can we get an update to turn the page 90 degrees into landscape mode? 为什么没有这个功能啊?这样要把ipad转来转去,很麻烦。你们改这个小毛病我就改我的评价变五星,谢谢 :)

  • Awesome

    by Leguan4

    Unlike most Chinese translators, this one has the literal and metaphorical meaning of a word, with examples, which is a really useful thing in my opinion. I also like how I can just type the pinyin rather than the Chinese characters themselves(I get lazy sometimes, haha). But honestly, I have no complaints about this app, it works well and I'm glad I downloaded it.

  • Great

    by Saraskate

    Great for looking up words for homework on the go

  • Well that sucked...

    by kristirhong

    Was surprised at speed of download. Had a good start. Unfortunately, I entered "boy" to translate or whatever and nothing happened. Downloaded and deleted within a minute. Don't understand.

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