Japanese Pick-Up Lines Travel App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Beijing DFHL Company



Do you want to flirt with Japanese girls? Maybe you're visiting Tokyo and want to know what to say to the people you meet in bars there? Or perhaps you just want to start a conversation with the hot Japanese international student in your class? Either way, our Japanese Pickup Lines app might be able to help you!

It couldn't be simpler to use - just choose whether you want a cheesy pickup line or something that's actually useful, and our app will choose one from dozens of different lines, with Japanese Kanji, pronunciation in Kana (Japanese phonetic characters) and Romaji (English letters), and the English translation.

Don't like the line we gave you? Tap "show me another" for a different suggestion.

We've even got an audio recording of each phrase so you can hear how it should be pronounced by a native Japanese speaker.


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