Flightwise Flight Tracker Pro Travel App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Aviation Data Systems, Inc

- Fixed searching by ICAO airport codes, e.g. KLAX
- Improved map performance

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Flight Tracker Pro is Flightwise.com's iPhone utility for tracking Commercial or General Aviation flights anywhere within United States airspace (Only flights in US and Canadian airspace, including Alaska, Hawaii, parts of the Caribbean, and other US territories are supported at this time).

This application is not geared towards the typical flying traveller, and does not provide gate information, seating coordination, or any other related services. It is strictly for tracking an aircraft's location and expected arrival time. Use of this application is geared towards professional-grade aviation-industry flight tracking, or for aircraft tracking enthusiasts.

Users can enter an aircraft tail number or an FAA flight ID, and a tracking map of the aircraft and its current position appears. From the airline search page, you can choose from hundreds of airlines and type in the flight number to track an aircraft. You can search by other parameters, such as airport & aircraft type, and you can combine search parameters if you have something specific in mind.

Users can select individual flights to track from a listing of search results. View past flight history, N-Number registration details, photo images of aircraft, and other specifics. The map is scrollable with the finger, and pinch to zoom functionality is also provided.

Users can also display a list of flights located within a specified radius of their current location, and keep a history list of recently-tracked flights for quick access.

Also included in this version, users can take photos of flights or aircraft and upload them to the main Flightwise website, sharing them with the rest of the world. Great for spotters and enthusiasts.

For industrial-strength flight tracking from your desktop, point your web browser to http://flightwise.com

Customer Reviews

  • OldBarnstormer

    by Busy as a bee

    Not a hundred percent but ill chalk that up to living in the boondocks in West Texas. Other than that I really like it. It's not the apps fault it's not a hundred percent so ill give it a 5 any way.

  • Best APP in the store

    by DALKOMA

    Best app in the store. More accurate than anything else. Cough..(flightaware)

  • Limo Operation Use

    by LRBerg

    Great graphics depiction as well as list of inbounds in order of ETA so I can known when my clients are getting close to landing for pickup. Recommend it without hesitation.

  • Nice app

    by Imhf

    This is a very nice app. It proforms v dry we'll.

  • George

    by George Mc4660

    Excellent APP! I never expected this capability in an IPhone app! Five star app!!!!

  • Love This App!!!

    by Life Time Cards Fan

    I saw a lot of negative reviews before purchasing this app so I was hesitant. When I finally purchased it, I took it outside to my deck and it immediately identified the two planes above. To check its accuracy, I tracked the American Eagle flight to our local airport and it was right on. I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews but for me, this app is awesome! Nice job!!

  • Good Enough

    by JoRysDad

    Good enough for the average plane spotter. Integration with Google Earth mobile would be awesome.

  • Love it

    by Latinflier

    Love this app, the best tracking app out there.

  • Great for iPhone, need iPad version!

    by Lanoitan

    Positively love this app. It is great. Please make an iPad version!!!

  • Satisfied!

    by EagleLL69

    I'm content with this app. It gives me very good updates on my friends & family flights. Saved me some time also.

  • Great app

    by MarkStev1

    I like it. 5 star!!!

  • Great App

    by Drew-sd

    I love this app, I'm a load planner and it's great to see the eta of the plane ahead of time

  • Cool App

    by Randall155

    Neat app. worth the money, in my opinion. Does all the fearures listed, only draw back Ive seen is its tricky to find specific types of aircraft, and of a particular airline.

  • Disappointed

    by NormalGuyIL

    Update. Everything working now - as long as it does, this is a nice app. Paid the ten bucks to upgrade for the additional features - will not show planned arrivals or departures (they are on their internet site). Several emails sent, no solutions offered. Might as well stick with the free version.

  • Awrs757

    by Awrs757

    Sometimes this app works great--when this happens, it is fantastic! The details section of the app doesn't update on occasion. It can be confusing to see the flight on the map, and have the detail page tell it is on the ground. Overall, a fun app.

  • Best way to see what's up!

    by Ronlap

    This is the ONLY app that let's you see what's flying above you. I live near and airport and this lets me ID the aircraft that I am listening to on my scanner. I wish there was an iPad version of this app.

  • Outstanding flight information resource

    by LTSHREK

    Track a particular flight number, see all of a particular aircraft in the system, see all arrivals and departures at an airport, plus more. A definite for aviation enthusiasts!

  • Fun to see what's going on up there…

    by caleb3412

    Good way to see whose going where & follow friend's flights. Use in conjunction w/ ATC to here the communication of flts you're tracking.

  • Good app

    by jaws57

    Definitely needs auto refresh. I track multiple aircraft.

  • Great, but needs real time!

    by Spuds33

    Also needs auto refresh

  • Useless

    by Malevolos

    Can't enter flight number. Makes the app useless.

  • just purchased and won’t work at all

    by Pshebcuag

    Trying to track a flight today - which was my whole reason for purchasing this app. I can enter the name of the airlines, but when I put my cursor in the box to enter the flight number, it won’t let me type and numbers. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but nothing works. My husband (who shares the iTunes account) downloaded it on his iPhone - same problem. I’ve given up on getting the information I needed TODAY on a flight. Maybe it will work later? If not, I am petitioning iTunes for a refund!

  • *** Completely useless ***

    by E164689

    What a waste if $10! When I do a search for HNL the app tanks. So far, none of the flight information is listed (registration information, aircraft photos) and, there is no global map view. Don't purchase this app! I wish I would have read the reviews before I hit buy.

  • Not functioning anymore

    by Weekend Rancher

    App will not allow me to enter flight numbers. Tried calling - mailbox full. Tried emailing for support - emails bounce. Do not buy this app as it is now a rip-off and the company seems to be bust

  • App no longer functions.

    by Gripey old man

    Was a good app, but now has operational issues.

  • Flight tracker pro

    by LSB'S iPHONE

    Never works right

  • Craptacular

    by Cummins325

    Worst app ever by the time you find the flight it's already landed waste of money

  • Worthless Do Not Buy

    by JFO_87

    It's a really great app, save for the fact that it doesn't work. Worthless, waste of $10.00

  • Worthless

    by Aaodao

    Not usefull at all

  • Connection/Communication Error

    by Adam V.

    No matter what you try to lookup in the app, it gives the error that it can't load flights from the web service. Also gives the error that I may need to update the app, but there is no update available. First noticed this problem 24 hours ago and it still isn't resolved. App is completely useless until this issue is fixed.

  • Fix

    by Flamehaze1332

    Please fix this app. All it does any more is say that it can't connect to our wifi even though I've got full connection. There always seems to be a problem with this app.

  • Disappointing

    by Radar O'Reiley

    I'm a pilot and often when I see commercial jets above my ranch in central Texas, I'd try to get info through this app, and 9 out of ten times it never worked, not even through my wifi.

  • Doesn't Work

    by ChazToz

    Great looking map, but it failed to locate the flight I entered. It has never found a flight I wanted. Flightaware.com is free and works much better. $10 is a fairly speedy app and this falls short. Save your money.

  • GA Pilot

    by 66392

    Works well for airlines. Earlier versions worked well for general aviation flight tracking. This version is useless it is months behind in showing flights, and usually doesn't show them at all.

  • Aviation hobbiest

    by Jeffrey Proctor

    Decent app. Doesn't always find every flight but finds most. Keep in mind that "real time" isn't really possible because the federal government requires there to be a five minute delay for consumer tracking apps.

  • Aviation geek

    by Henry Castagnaro

    This app is pretty decent but it lacks a really important feature which is a auto refresh option. Finding a flight is easy, but with the lag a flight showing on six mile final has already landed in most cases. So the realtime can use some tweaking. Thanks though for the effort!

  • Shockingly inaccurate data

    by CJ1974

    A total waste of money.

  • Worthless

    by RBuffham

    Not impressed at all what a waste of $10.00 have not found one flight

  • Not working

    by Tolice1234

    Just paid 9.99 for this app. It can not find 747s , 707s and most other boeing type aircraft.i input 747, and 747-400 and to no avail the app stated it could not find any flying. With over 1000 747s manufactured, and yet this app can not locate any flying. When i went to log in , the site told me i could not, that my email address is already in their database. So i tried to sign on and it will not let me. This app is a total waste of time and money. I want my money back.

  • Great for aviation geeks

    by Pseudopeach

    This is the app you should get if you're a real aviation geek. It packs the most information into the easiest UI of any of the flight tracker apps I've seen. It also seems to be better at tracking general aviation VFR flights than the others.

  • Good

    by Trae's Acct

    I like it

  • Great app

    by 747wings

    Is one of the better apps out there for tracking flights keep the updates coming it will be 5 stars

  • Empire Airlines Line Mechanic

    by Gatercrew

    Works like a champ for my appications as a line mechanic. The only thing that messes it up is getting a clear signal somtimes, but that happens even on the desktop. This is very useful in my daily job as a line mechanic. I am very satisfied.

  • Very nice!!

    by PB718

    Very nice!!

  • Does what it says for me!!!

    by Merieee

    Works great for private and commercial flights

  • Great app

    by navyflyer

    Used the lite freebie version for months then took plunge on pro has alot more features and is very user friendly ! Is geared toward the aviation community but would be useful for commercial travelers to check flights

  • Useful but needs a little bit of patience

    by Eb83125

    Not very user friendly, but if you mess around with it kong enough, you can get it can filter a lot of different information. Also, instead of showing plane has landed, it shows it at cruising altitude all over again.

  • Stinks

    by beeb"s

    I'm sitting in the airport. I entered flight info and it gives me a flight that landed this morning. Sorry no good!

  • Not many enhancements

    by Gyver78

    Had this for a while, and it's fun to show my niece and nephew what plane is flying overhead. But no real updates since I bought it well over a year ago. No ipad flavor either. Ill have to look into the accuracy concerns others mentioned. If there were a universal app similar in functionality, i'd try that. Off to go look myself.


    by TBM Pilot

    Great app! I use it for keeping up at the FBO and tracking our fleet while away from the office. Best on the market

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