Spanish English Dictionary + Travel App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Ascendo Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 04 2009
  • Version: 5.3.12
  • Size: 8.07 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Ascendo Inc.

- Added support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.
- Implemented online lookup for words not found in dictionary. If search word not found on device then an icon will appear in the search bar. Tap on the icon to show entry in online dictionaries.
- Added auto-fill so online lookup displays translations without having to retype word.
- Added warning if Wi-Fi not available to alert user that carrier lookup may incur data charges.
- Implemented setting to choose if warning appears before word lookup over carrier network.
- Improved usage examples which now display on keyword page in addition to lookup list.
- Implemented reverse lookup for usage examples on keyword page.
- Improved usability of My Phrases. Tap on plus icon ("+") to add phrase. Tap on arrow ">" to edit.
- Added arrows ">" to dictionary lookup screen to go to dictionary keyword screen.
- Implemented info alert in search bar if word not found in free version but available in paid version.
- Improved phrase book by allowing user to tap on phrase in addition to flag icon to hear pronunciation.
- Added verbs to conjugation database.
- Improved icons in dictionary toolbar.
- Fixed issue of repeating words in vocabulary quiz.
- Fixed problem of selecting last list item in free version.

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118 Ratings
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The leading Spanish English Dictionary for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ❥ Over 263,000 Offline Translations & Usage Examples ❥ Audio Pronunciation ❥ 6,419 Conjugated Verbs ❥ Comprehensive Phrasebook ❥ Vocabulary Quizzes ❥ Universal Application

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by The O.G. Pbiz

    Works well. Good for quick reference.

  • Best Dictionary

    by Twwt

    Much better than Collins. Very easy to use and gives audio pronunciation.

  • Very good

    by О! Крошка !

    No dictionary is perfect but this is the best one out there for iPhone

  • The best if they improve one thing..!

    by Miduzcvnkkmtdcksw

    I wish there is a way to save the word you like in this App, like how we see in some App favorite words, thanks

  • Best Off-Line Spanish English Dictionary!

    by MindStorm

    This is an app that I use every day. It's easy to use, and it is one of the few apps that work without internet, which can be spotty in Latin America. This is one of the best tools for doing my Spanish homework and learning the complex conjugations. I love the ability to type in irregular verbs with the different root forms, and getting back the translation. A must have for learning a new language!

  • Great app

    by Bob H

    Very useful translating back and forth between language s. It also keeps a log of recent lookups.

  • Paid Version Very Good

    by jank3

    I'm a literacy volunteer and have found this app very helpful. The paid app is better because it gives different meanings based on context. I do wish you could select to show Spanish or English words only to save screen space.

  • Excellent

    by KcInMexico

    This could easily earn 7 stars. Thanks to those who have worked hard to make this excellent product. KC

  • excellent

    by BillMaddox

    5 stars. gave up my other spanish/English app.

  • Needs work

    by Bubbles024pop

    How do you like our Spanish English Dictionary for iOS? 1) many words missing: I've been in Mexico city for half a day and already couldn't find cajeta, rompope, and others. 2) quiz is a disappointment: half are ultra obscure and others are cognates. A little work would be appreciated there. 3) listing all the verb forms with independent entries in the dictionary has an upside but also makes scrolling through, looking for a word, a much more difficult task. If you could bracket those in the dictionary that would help. Overall, literally based on half a day, I'm not at all sure it was worth $10 in spite of all the reviews. Keep on improving- thanks.

  • An invaluable tool

    by dbbarnes1

    This app is absolutely indispensable. I use all the time. Easy to use and tremendously powerful.

  • Great dictionary with verb conjugations

    by marckohli

    This has been a great app as I'm learning Spanish. Ability to see verb conjugations from within the definition page is fantastic; ability to click on translation words to go to that definition; ability to add notes to words; ability to search for any conjugated form of a verb (i.e. you don't have to know the root to look up a verb-- searching for "voy" will take you to the root "ir"). That last part needs a little troubleshooting because not all conjugated forms are currently searchable. Once that is fixed it will replace both the dictionary and verb conjugation app I had been using--well worth the money to have it all in one app and not have to switch back and forth. Fast responses to inquiries/suggestions also.

  • Very helpful

    by gpoer5

    There are days when I am learning Spanish that I do not refer to Ascendo's dictionary but those are rare. I am a very visual learner, so the layout and fonts and colors are important to my remembering definitions and usage examples. I recommended this app to my expanded family.

  • Really well done

    by SpReader294

    Love this app.

  • Awesome little app

    by SirErock

    Especially helpful in my Spanish 101 clase, love the additional phrases when you look up a word! Muy helpfulamente! :)

  • Indispensable

    by SCCuban

    This is a very, very useful app for all kinds of translations. I use it a lot in my writings.

  • Really helpful

    by Melas35

    This app helps me find the right word when my vocabulary fails me. It often gives the idioms as well.

  • Ascendo Spanish- English translator

    by Dorych

    I have been in Honduras for the past 10 days using this app and it has been a life saver. Using the dictionary I've been able to communicate very well here! I LOVE it!

  • A great English-Spanish dictionary

    by RROD 2013

    I love it, it's very useful in my school(collage), and I can hear the word pronunciation.

  • Pretty good app

    by Abanatty

    I love this app It is very useful If more words could be added it would make the even more better. The online dictionary is not working like before. Can you send an update to fix this problem

  • Very useful

    by MDB23352

    This dictionary is fast; I love that you can just directly type a word in English or Spanish and get the corresponding word or words in the other language. Conjugations are a very nice feature as are the links to words within the definitions themselves.

  • Rate

    by PRS....

    Love the app, have used it since 2011 and they continue to improve the features and benefits. Quick to respond to ideas for improvement also.

  • Good, but needs more vicab

    by J$1983

    Overall I like the app. Dictionary is easy to use and convenient. My only complaint is it is missing a lot of rather common words. Should be expanded.

  • Very Good, but could be better.

    by Soonernotlater

    I use this app everyday in my Spanish studies. It is very good, but would be better with more idiomatic phrases in an easy to search format. It would be very helpful to be able to search a phrase in English without having to know the primary Spanish nouns or verbs first.

  • Student

    by Meyena

    I've found this app invaluable, for quick lookups and I also very much appreciate all the conjugations of the verbs.

  • Very useful from the start

    by H Curve

    Very useful and easy to use dictionary. Having an option to search only on language at a time would be an improvement, but not at the cost of having search results returned in both languages, as it currently does.

  • Super useful

    by AndeaKim

    I use it all the time and it ha been very helpful. User friendly. Highly recommend.

  • Nicely linked

    by Barry-Petaluma

    This app is well designed...took me a few weeks to realize! You look up Spanish or English words on the same screen (quicker than apps that have separate screens for Spanish-English vs. English-Spanish). Once you look up a word...numerous choices can be clicked for a deeper view. If a verb, it links to the conjugation section. And all pages link back too. A great app at a great price! We used it in Spain, and now almost every day.

  • Worth every penny

    by KyleG5

    This is probably the best app in the store. I learned half my Spanish on this, and between it's incredibly extensive vocabulary and excellent conjugations it has gotten me through many a conversation while traveling!

  • Yaay

    by Toddlerstomper

    It works. Even for the dirty sentences.

  • Spanish English dictionary

    by I Chica

    Very helpful and easy to use

  • Spanish

    by Shirley Temple 33

    Veryyyy useful!!!! Highly recommended

  • Couldn't ask for more

    by Sprinic1501

    Amazing, i went to a University site, my spanish friends told they were wrong but this app was right. Awesome so worth the money.

  • Dictionary to Conjungation Priceless

    by :8jfu!;&

    I tried 7-8 different Spanish apps. I bought this Spa-Eng app and deleted the rest. The ability to jump between dictionary and conjungation is priceless.

  • intuitive, smartly designed app

    by danimalpanda

    Works so efficiently, just type and your desired word automatically appears with a list of others. This is the best, in the sea of such apps available. I use it while reading books in spanish to help me learn. Looking forward to adding favorites and having downloaded audio available when doing so.

  • Excellent

    by KennyTB

    I keep it open when I read a Spanish article. That way I can read & look up new words to me easily.

  • Spanish-English Dict.

    by Ana-F

    Love the verb conjugation option and lists of expressions using a given word. Great to be able to use without an Internet connection. My thanks to the creators of this app.

  • The best

    by MarcusInJax

    I've acquired several of these apps. This has become my favorite. I've been studying Spanish for 9 months. I especially love the ability to put notes right onto the words. I often describe the results of Google Image results with the word. Also I might make notes of example sentences I've found using the particular word.

  • Saved My Life in Spain!

    by Vogey04

    This easy-to-use app allows easy translation between English and Spanish. It does not require an active Internet connection to use. While in Spain, I broke my ankle on a Geology hiking trip. This app was the only one (out of four that I had downloaded) that would work without an active Internet connection. Using this app, I was able to learn enough basic Spanish to communicate effectively with my surgical team. I was able to use this app for five days, while in the Spanish hospital. You can read more of my story at Ascendo's website. I highly recommend this app over the competition.

  • Diccionario Ingles Espanol

    by pagoga


  • Very useful tool

    by Kansas_Listener

    I love that I don't need Internet access to look up new words or phrases! My favorite Spanish translation tool.

  • It's useful

    by Sarvasri

    I don't have much of a Spanish vocabulary. When traveling, it helps me find the right Spanish word. Sometimes I hand it to Spanish speakers to find the Spanish word so I can see the English equivalent.

  • Outstanding Tool

    by Jude James

    Makes helping with my son's Spanish homework much easier.

  • Excellent app

    by Grateful learner

    This app is intuitive, fast, and easy to use. One-button access to verb conjugations is a blessing. After using this app for an hour I wondered how I ever got along without it!

  • A Little Thin

    by Jimbo724

    I was a little surprised to see nothing for "hazlo" and "que pasa" in this dictionary. Those were among the first two searches I did. Also, when I clicked the button for online lookup of the latter phrase, I was dumped on a page that is not optimized for the iPhone and the response was that Que. is the abbreviation for Quebec. The app looks nice and has not crashed, but it needs some work.

  • Good, but...

    by itunesj

    Good dictionary but I cant believe the MISTAKE they have in the app, using "espalda" to go "back." Common guys, you could have looked it up in your own dictionary!

  • Gets better with every update!

    by Oji John

    We've been using this app for two years for frequent travels to Latin America. It's been very useful. There are more sample phrases now and we look forward to future idiomatic surprises. Verb conjugations have been a saving feature on our Spanish immersion adventures. To those who contributed to this app: Nice work!

  • Good but not excellent

    by Hobbyist99

    I used this app for six months. Its interface is easy to use. But I find errors here and there such as 'radio' was defined as masculine noun when it is actually feminine one. After upgrading ios to version 6, initialization screen shows the broken vertical line. I reported the issue to Ascendo support, but haven't seen the fix, yet. I use Spanish Dictionary Box Diccionario (Dict Box) to check if this app shows the correct information. Dict Box is Free, Accurate and it contains a lot more words.

  • Very Helpful

    by Jstromwick

    Great dictionary, and a lot of fun to hear the pronunciation

  • Great app

    by Isabelle1942

    I like this app a lot. Use it in class and at home. I like the fact that it is downloaded on my phone and iPad so I can use it even when not connected to internet. Occasionally I do have to look for words on WR but most of the time this app does the job. And now the app links directly to WR so I can look up almost anything immediately. Super app

  • Great app for classes

    by 9thriteofspring

    Very functional app for classes. It has conjugations of verbs which is helpful in a pinch. The only caveat is that it would be an even better app if it had more translations of phrases.

  • Ms.

    by Itzayana99

    I, too, could use more translations of phrases and idiomatic expressions. Another need is the use of prepositions that go with verbs.

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