Italian English Dictionary + Travel App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Ascendo Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 30 2009
  • Version: 5.3.12
  • Size: 8.57 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Ascendo Inc.

✧ Added support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.
✧ Improved dictionary usage examples which appear on keyword screen in addition to lookup list.
✧ Added reverse lookup for usage examples on dictionary keyword screen.
✧ Implemented online lookup for words not found in dictionary (paid version). An icon will appear in the search bar if the word you enter is not found in the local dictionary. Tapping icon will open several online dictionaries. Switch between online dictionaries using tabs along top of screen.
✧ Added alert if Wi-Fi is not available for online lookup to warn user of possible carrier data charges. Turn alert on or off in More > Settings > Confirm Online Lookup.
✧ Improved usability of My Phrases section of phrase book. Tap the plus icon ("+") to add a phrase. Tap the arrow ">" to edit a phrase. Swipe from right to left to delete a phrase.
✧ Added arrows to right side of dictionary lookup list to open keyword screen.
✧ Improved phrase book by allowing user to tap on phrase in addition to flag icon to hear pronunciation.
✧ Improved icons in dictionary keyword toolbar.
✧ Fixed issue of repeating words in vocabulary quiz.

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The leading Italian English Dictionary for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ❥ Over 278,000 Offline Translations & Usage Examples ❥ Audio Pronunciation ❥ 6,658 Conjugated Verbs ❥ Comprehensive Phrasebook ❥ Vocabulary Quizzes ❥ Universal Application

Customer Reviews

  • Very handy

    by VitoVyt

    The dictionary is very good in complete version. Best features: every verb is conjugated and notes can be entered for any word. Italians have noticed that my Italian has improved since I got this app.

  • Fast and useful

    by MDB23352

    It has a fairly expansive vocabulary, and it will go to the internet to look up words that are not found. I like how you can also put in conjugations and participles and it will lead you to the root word. It is bidirectional which makes it much faster.

  • Definitely recommend

    by Student of Italian

    Great dictionary, especially helpful for conjugations

  • Italiana

    by tinytoons

    Great useful app but needs more verb forms and more phrases. I would love to see southern dialect in here too, I'm trying to learn both regular Italian and Calabrian.

  • Great tool!

    by David Birnbaum

    I live in Rome and use it all the time - love that I can access off-line. Would be nice if they added gerunds and present participles.

  • It's really really good!

    by Srdondo

    Well designed. Easy to look up words in either language. I use it every day now, far more than my printed dictionary.

  • Great app!

    by Mazoucat

    I am a beginning student of Italian and this app is extremely helpful. I have print dictionaries but they do not pronounce the words for me.

  • Overall ok but needs to add more

    by Jessicutza

    I've owned this app for over a year and there hasn't been an update once. There are several words that I can never find which is frustrating coming from the paid version. You can't search for phrases or coupled words together which is unfortunate. Overall the app is ok and has helped but it needs definite improvement.

  • Robust

    by Son of Pan

    Very useful for both traveling and learning Italian. The ability to conjugate verbs from the word look up is great. I used this app on my last trip to Italy and it was invaluable when conversing with my future family!

  • Very Good!

    by Luke WBrown

    Very Good!

  • Very useful dictionary plus

    by Chez belle

    I have been studying Italian for 2 years and purchased this dictionary to supplement my language skills. It gives multiple meanings for words in the dictionary section. I like that it provides multiple verb tenses in the verb section. It has useful phrases and even allows the user to fill in her own phrases. The only thing that's missing is the imperative mood in the section on verbs. I wrote to the customer service department for this app and they were extremely responsive. They replied that my request would be passed along to the developers of the app.

  • Italian dictionary

    by Godetia wine lover

    This is a great app- easy to use, quick look ups, full of information for Italian language students. So far I have found every word I needed during the 3 classes I took last year. I highly recommend it!

  • Great app!

    by Andrew Maskiell

    I'm very appreciative of such an easy to use, off-line capable Italian language app! Very handy while we were in Italy so I didn't have to cut into my international roaming just to find the right word for "laundry."

  • Best

    by Rezakhannnnnnnnn

    Is the best.i love it

  • Excellent!

    by No Google Oggle Data Pimping

    Comprehensive, elegant, FUN software that educates and satisfies my interest and curiosity when studying and actively learning the language and cultural aspects of italian. I would love to see an upgrade feature for a text and image type of notebook to cut and paste definitions and pictures of Italian places, food, art and map graphics perhaps parternering with Fodor's and National Geographic - which are 2 of my favorite ipad app vendors.

  • Very useful

    by Freeheeler63

    Used for my first trip thru Italy. Helped a lot in restaurants. And I learned a little Italian. Would be better of had list of numbers.

  • Good app

    by GranPaladino

    Reasonably priced dictionary. Fairly complete. Good value for the money.

  • A very useful app

    by Principessa Orbea

    Very helpful. Nice that does not require an internet connection and has speech. I also like the examples provided in various uses of the word or verbs.

  • Great App

    by ciao37

    Very useful for verb tenses when needed and great for quickly looking up words as it shows both the English and Italian when you search di you don't have to choose in which direction you are translating.

  • Very good

    by Mjb471

    This application is great when there is no Internet connection and you need to look up a word quickly. A recently searched function would be nice, and on the iPad application hiding the keyboard after entering the conjugation screen would help as well.

  • Great app

    by tessmar06

    Not meant to be a language trainer...but if you have basic skills in the language but can't remember or don't know a specific word, or need a verb in another tense it is top notch

  • Great app for studying and learning language

    by Wanda Evangelista

    I looked at and even paid for others apps, this is a great learning tool. It has all conjugations and 99 percent of what I need to study and get started with the language. Would like to see a verb noun, pronoun, direct prepositions sort for quick reference.

  • Wonderful translation app

    by Chrisaclark

    Love the whole way this app functions. One thing I'd like to see in an update is the Imperative tense. The conjugation part has every tense I can imagine (and many I've never even heard of) but it doesn't have a way to make a command out of the verb. Please include this tense and this will be the perfect app!

  • So Helpful!

    by Aunt Rosy

    I use this when doing homework for an Italian class in which I am enrolled. So quick and easy! Love the sound feature as it helps with pronunciation.

  • MJG

    by Mjg1101

    This a great app especially the quiz portion. I have used it for a couple years as away to expand and strengthen my vocabulary.

  • Bravo!

    by rnd123

    Of all the apps for Italian that I've bought, this is the best. They keep improving it too. It also mixes Italian with English translations so you don't have to switch if you're looking something up - a nice step saver. It's the first place I go to find words! Grazie Mille!

  • Alphabetical phrases

    by Chrishahs16

    The only trouble i had with this is in the phrases section, the phrases aren't alphabetical. Making it harder to find the phrase you want. Especially where you enter your own phrases, it's not organized. It needs to be alphabetical. So say if you want a phrase you have that says "i want to go", you would look under the "i" section. And if one said "please pass the spoon", it be under "p". This would be time saving and much easier, not to mention more convenient. So please consider making it alphabetical. This would make it the no doubt best Italian app ever. Because of the lack of organized phrases, i had to go buy another app just for phrases. Which still isn't alphabetical. So you would be by far the best if you made your phrases section alphabetical. Thank you, molto grazie.!!!

  • Nice but needs better pronunciation guide

    by TracyinWeehawkenNJ


  • Well Done

    by rlwalti

    No question, this is the best Italian dictionary app I've ever found and I'm talking for the language of the day...I live in Italy and use this app nearly every day. And there's so much more! Especially appreciate the verb conjugations and there's even more! Good job! Excellent! Well done! Only thing I wish there was more of are common everyday phrases (both from Italian to English and English to Italian).

  • Excellent resource

    by Sherina T

    Love this app. It makes it possible for me to communicate with my relatives in Italy. The translation of idioms is wonderful. If you would add a few more phrases-in-context, it would be perfect. For example, today I needed to differentiate between a small "strip mall" and a large shopping mall, and all I could find was "centro commerciale". Perhaps I shouldn't want so much - I have eleven other similar apps, and I use this one almost exclusively. One more request: could you give us the pronunciation of all the forms of the conjugate verbs? Now we can choose only the infinitive.

  • Daily use.

    by sueferringer

    I’m taking an accelerated, beginning Italian class and find this app to be invaluable. For verbs, there is helpful link between the dictionary and its complete conjugation. Travel phrases are well organized. Love the text to speech feature. Although this feature requires access to the Internet, even using a weak cellular connection still gives almost instant results. The rest of the app is resident in your phone.

  • Excellent app

    by Sartre47

    This is a comprehensive dictionary. All that's missing now, is for me to figure out a way to connect it to Siri. This way I won't have to type any words.

  • Very good dictionary

    by Mario[]{}

    Excellent word span, easy to understand definitions , OK learning tests. Sound problem encountered but not essential.

  • Best Dictionary Ever

    by AJMDBk

    Best Dictionary Ever

  • Pretty good

    by DaBoss492

    Good app. Worth the coin

  • Good dictionary

    by Aindi0910

    Like it. Very useful but cannot find many words of Italian origin.

  • Works without wifi, great dictionary and easy conjugation

    by JoInItaly

    I really like this dictionary. I live in Italy, and overall, it covers a large majority of the language from both english and Italian. Because it works without wifi or cell service, I can quickly have an answer to the word I need translated. The conjugations are easy to understand if you have a basic knowledge of sentence structure and both languages. Using this app to write or read full sentences without any base of knowledge of English or Italian is not the way to go. Helping an intermediate student develop stronger skills is exactly what this app does for me. And it works without a cell signal or wifi! Must buy app for Italian/English translation.

  • E sempre pronto

    by Werhner Von Braun

    Quando mi bisongna

  • Mr.

    by Eugene Sisto

    Very user friendly, intuitive, with most of what one needs at their finger tips. One of the best apps of its kind out there. Try it! You'll like it!

  • Use all the time

    by LLstudent

    Very handy

  • would be perfect with imperative verb mode

    by italstudent

    i am both an italian student and a frequent traveller to italy. i have had this app for a long time and recommend it to all my italian class friends. as others have noted, it is a very adequate and extremely convenient/easy to use one-stop reference. Except the imperative verbs!!!! Please add these!

  • Love it!

    by Kik1856

    I just used this new version on a trip to Italy. Super Helpful. I loved asking people to record different words in Italian- I met a lot of cool folks this way ( plus I still have these recordings as cool memories). I found everything I looked for and super fast. Cool new features make it even easier.

  • Gets better and better

    by Anon1238$4)2

    Each version has gotten even better than the last. My favorite dictionary for quick translation. The web search for unknown works is a nice touch that saves a step.

  • Italian dictionary

    by Howard Batchelor

    A well-designed and useful tool. I like the addition of phrases in the latest version, and access to the verb conjugations is also a benefit.

  • Fantastic!

    by Alpalpiano

    I got an opportunity to study here for 9 months in Italy with zero previous knowledge of Italian and this app has been a freaking lifesaver! I use it so many times a day. The dictionary has nearly every word I have ever looked up. The basic phrases are great and the verb conjugations are wonderful, that being the bane of any Romance language learner :0) totally worth it!

  • Great App

    by CaluAria

    Basic Italian learning for beginners!

  • Translator

    by Mct-Sim

    I am using this while I am translating for an Italian company installing machinery in America I could not find all the technical terms I needed

  • Bigger

    by Uncle Bob5

    Needs bigger dictionary

  • User

    by golfersailor

    The dictionary is extremely helpful when studying Italian or using it in real situations. The verb conjugations are especially useful.

  • Pronunciation

    by Susan Helscher

    I love this app! I've tried other Italian dictionaries and they're just not good. I would like to have pronunciation added for verb conjugations, not just the infinitive. I would also like to have more phrases!!!

  • Very useful tool

    by KeytotheMint

    The dictionary has all the basic words. The phrases, though a little limited, are very useful. The verb conjugation feature is also very useful.

  • Pronunciation does not work

    by Paulovc

    I pressed the pronunciation buttom many times, but I do not hear anything. The instructions in the faq are not useful either. I would like to have a better support.

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