German English Dictionary + Travel App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Ascendo Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 30 2009
  • Version: 5.3.25
  • Size: 11.08 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Ascendo Inc.

Fixed verb conjugation issues with some verbs like “werfen”.

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The leading German English Dictionary for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ❥ Over 285,000 Offline Translations & Usage Examples ❥ Audio Pronunciation ❥ 6,648 Conjugated Verbs ❥ Comprehensive Phrasebook ❥ Vocabulary Quizzes ❥ Universal Application

Customer Reviews

  • Nice!

    by ggeebaby

    This a great reference app when I'm trying to figure out a word in a pinch. It would be even better if i could bookmark words to my favorites and also customize the quiz with my favorites. I would probably spend much more time on this app. J

  • Good dictionary - very useful

    by Tishimself54

    Found this very useful on recent trip to Germany. I am on a level 8 in Duo Lingo to compare usefulness of this dictionary for other potential users. I Like the quizzes and conjugation help. Has quick lookup with more in-depth definitions and examples that are especially helpful when a word means different things depending on the sentence context. Pronunciations are also helpful- you need web access for this. I would like to see a larger dictionary of words -I hope it expands with updates. It is the only German/English dictionary I regularly use.

  • Sehr gut!

    by Smedley Butler

    Very useful.

  • Great app!

    by GLSuggs

    Love the verb conjugations and the ability to look up the conjugated verb and find the infinitive. I do find I need another dictionary for the words not in here and would be nice to show the plural form of the nouns. But a great app for the price!

  • Has replaced my dictionary!

    by MarkL94550

    I started studying German last winter in prep for a trip to Germany this summer. My wife is an advanced student. We got the Ascendo German-English dictionary and installed it on both our ipad an ipod touch. This dictionary is so extensive and fast that we went on our trip without a dictionary or phrasebook. That worked really well. Everyday, before leaving our room for the day's adventures, we'd check to make sure we had our 2 essentials: the camera and the ipod with the dictionary on it. I'll probably never buy another pocket dictionary. My wife has a large full sized German-English dictionary - but the Ascendo program on the ipod is now her go-to dictionary. When we go to our weekly German conversation group meeting even long time German speakers like to refer to it. As a student, I also like the vast compilation of verb conjugations. Ascendo is also very fast to respond to a customer question or problem. On a Sunday, the program stopped responding on my ipad (original ipad). Ascendo replied the same day and advised me to simply delete the program and reload it and that solved the problem. The problem was not with the software. Overall, probably one of my most used apps and one of my favorites.

  • needs improvement

    by ChrissyG13

    This app is usually fairly good but many times I have looked for a word and it was not there

  • Missing many contemporary words

    by OkiMike

    Missing contemporary words. Too may clicks required to get to content (no background loading, for example), small "x" to clear search field? This should clear automatically when I type again.

  • Kiel

    by MLP GmbH


  • Really useful, however needs plural forms and genders for all nouns.

    by ™®øˆˆ˙©∂≈

    I'm living in Germany,using this app daily. Great that you can start typing and see entries from both languages.

  • Doesn't deliver the goods

    by Da.marques

    I have to use this dictionary with another one, because I usually get confused with the short definitions it gives me. There are also too few examples of word usage. For its high price you really would expect more.

  • Conjugations & More

    by TablaRasa

    When I study German there is one thing that l cannot do without, and this App is far more than a dictionary. Every form of a verb is accurately given!!! This is one "Smart" App for on the go study as well, don't leave home without it, worth every cent!

  • Well done

    by IanguyS

    I use this regularly, and it usually has all the words that I need. It's conjugation feature is very useful. Customer support is also responsive and fixes problems in a timely fashion.

  • Simplifies learning German

    by Marius427654

    I use this app to communicate with my future in-laws. Offline dictionary and travel phrases are very helpful. New update has online lookup if a word is not found in the offline dictionary, amazing!

  • The Only German Dictionary You'll Need

    by bseanvt

    I wish I had this app when I was studying abroad in Germany! It's great for quick word look up and translation. But it's also a companion for learning the language. It has quizzes, verb conjugations and even the ability to attach text notes, voice notes and images to words. The app is well made, responsive and has great support! I highly recommend this app if you are planning a trip to Germany/Austria or if you're looking for a dictionary to help learn the language.

  • Good app

    by Tkozariz

    It's a good app ... Is would recommend it ... The only problem is that sometimes it doesn't have all the words

  • Breland

    by Charleston Kid

    Very good and very helpful

  • The offline dictionary is a big plus!

    by Sentech

    I travel to Germany every year. I'm using Rosetta Stone to learn the language, but I was in need of a dictionary that didn't require Internet service. I was using a small dictionary, but found it slow and cumbersome. This app should fit the bill nicely. I'm leaving for Germany in May. I'll let you how it works out. Thanks Ascendo

  • Best App for Deutsch!

    by Mannheimer123

    It's very useful app to study Deutsch!! Danke!!

  • I love this app!

    by Madison Borth

    I use it all the time! Very helpful, with a pretty impressive dictionary. Would love to see them add even more, though!

  • Fantastic!

    by Ornella Barrandon

    This is a great comprehensive German-English dictionary. It's also very easy to use, unlike the German language itself.

  • Lot's of missing words.

    by Neosantos

    Bizarre in that even simple words are not in this dictionary. Get others instead like

  • Ehh

    by Martin-Lau

    Mediocre at best, uses m/n/f to notate the articles, counterintuitive; and the dictionary is not very comprehensive I'm in beginning German and can't find some words sometimes

  • Perfect. Just what I needed.

    by Ben Daniel

    Great app.

  • Very useful for finding definitions quick.

    by JoeysRattata

    Very detailed and very affordable. I do wish that their examples were a bit clear as to their context though. I also find it ridiculous that they censored words that they thought were offensive.

  • For any English speaker learning German...

    by Shallowbbay

    It's great!

  • Handy app!

    by Bloozshooz

    This is a great help for reading German ebooks on the go -- has all the common words and many more intermediate ones not available in pocket paper dictionaries -- recommended by a professional literary translator (see Snow White Must Die)!

  • Very pleased

    by droller44

    I have been very happy with this app. Purchased version is much better even.

  • Very complete, many extras

    by Visuart

    Update: the latest update is awesome! I like this app a lot. It doesn’t require a connection like some of the other dictionaries. The definitions are very complete and include noun gender which is super important for German. The phrase book is handy too.

  • Superb Dictionary!

    by DrDavidBowles

    I live and work part time in Germany and speak the language well, but still need a dictionary at times. This is constantly with me on my iPod and is a superb piece of work, whether you are looking up words or conjugating difficult verbs. I would not be without this and my French and Italian versions, all of which get heavy use when I go to Europe. Highly recommended!

  • German English Dictionary

    by Shultzyyyy

    I’ve use this app on my iPhone and iPad, only paid once. Developers did a nice job adjusting for the different devices. iPad version uses full screen to display word list and complete translation, phrase and verbs. Looks great on my iPhone 5 too. The dictionary is offline so you don't need an internet connection like with all the translator apps I've tried. That's a must if you travel a lot to avoid roaming. The only feature that needs an internet connection is the TTS pronunciation. Recommended!

  • Good app

    by Chotchss

    Good app, pretty useful.

  • Finally

    by ReconScout

    Finally a conjugation app, if you are in German class this is the app for you

  • Good but lacking vocabulary

    by Visiting Austria

    Works well on my IPad, and has good user interface. But as someone who is half fluent in German, I find it is lacking many of the words I look up.

  • Excellent app

    by tin jowls

    I use it several times a day. Online (Internet) version is even better.

  • Good app

    by KlausvonHaverhill


  • Very useful!

    by RupTure_QS

    A very useful tool for people who are wanting to learn German, recommended!

  • Good tool

    by Legos4ever

    Overall the German-English dictionary is very useful. Although there are a few words not listed, I generally can find what I'm looking for. Very useful as I refresh my German skills and learn new words.

  • Good Dictionary

    by Wes from Florida

    On a recent trip to Germany I took the free version of this app with me on my iPhone. I was disappointed when I found less than half of the words I needed were in the dictionary. The $9.99 version is a huge improvement.

  • Brilliant App

    by Peter HR

    This app is a wonderful tool for both casual tourists and students of German alike.

  • Good one

    by Massivoto

    Good application although does not have as many words as another dictionary that I bought. but I like it, and has other features that the other dictionary does not have, Recommended

  • Really quite nice

    by Geist71

    Simple to use and useful, wide range of words and phrases.

  • Quick, easy, accurate, thorough. It is all you need.

    by invisible44

    Very good app.

  • Best translator EVAR!!!1!

    by Kabloom123

    Fantastic app, all around great

  • Plenty of entries poorly organized

    by iTunesAddictWhoLovesGoodApps

    Dictionary has plenty of entries, but that creates a problem. If you look for a word with lots of meanings - most typical meaning is hidden between bunch of other, not so often used translations, so it is very hard to learn basic meaning of that word. In good dictionaries common meaning goes 1st Some minor bugs I've noticed. For example: if you record a sound for a word, no way to delete it. And if you want to record new sound over already recorded - app crashes. Some previous major bugs are fixed (noun gender, unicode characters search...) so I update my review from 1 to 3 stars. Still lots of work for creators of this 9.99$ app

  • Missing Genders

    by Why_must I keep guessing for a

    Although English to German provides the gender of German nouns, Gemran to English does not. This is actually a serious shortcoming.

  • Pretty good!

    by andyengle

    Obviously doesn't have every word, but pretty useful. Thanks!

  • Good depending on use

    by "Abby Normal"

    This is a generally good app if you know a little German/English and want to quickly look up phrases while traveling. It doesn't require internet and has some quizes, conjugations, and helpful phrases. But for the purpose of learning German, it could be better. For one thing, it doesn't indicate gender or indicate the plural form of German words when you enter them in German to get an English translation. For another, it doesn't have many common compound words. And a few other minor things that are important for speaking correctly in terms of grammar.

  • Extremely helpful

    by Ingrid P

    The new updated version of this English/German dictionary is absolutely wonderful. Many features/settings: Font, Color, Underline, Help Section. You do not have to carry a paper dictionary. The single search update is great and saves time searching for words. Verb conjugations are fabulous. The following items are also very helpful: The listings of several meanings for words. The travel phrases and quizzes. The definitions include parts of speech. The nouns include gender, so very helpful in the German language. And of course the great customer support and quick response.

  • no need to lug a phrase book

    by cchull

    This app was the most useful thing I brought to Germany. It was very easy to use and use it I did. I used it at museums to translate the information cards. I used it at cafes to help me figure out what I was ordering. And I uses it to impress my German friends by speaking complete sentences. German verbs are very difficult and confusing. This dictionary did not explain everything but it was very useful.

  • Excellent for learning German or English

    by Space Tourism Now

    The Ascendo German English app has several parts. - Dictionary has comprehensive translations including German noun gender and doesn’t require an internet connection to use. - Phrase book has 10 categories with most of the phrases a typical tourist would need. It doesn’t have a business category which I would find useful. - Vocabulary tester is good when you have time to kill. - Verb conjugator has been greatly improved in this version. Overall I’m very satisfied.

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