French English Dictionary + Travel App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Ascendo Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 30 2009
  • Version: 5.3.12
  • Size: 8.15 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Ascendo Inc.

✧ Added support for iPhone 5 and iOS6.
✧ Improved dictionary usage examples which appear on keyword screen in addition to lookup list.
✧ Added reverse lookup for usage examples on dictionary keyword screen.
✧ Implemented online lookup for words not found in dictionary (paid version). An icon will appear in the search bar if the word you enter is not found in the local dictionary. Tapping icon will open several online dictionaries. Switch between online dictionaries using tabs along top of screen.
✧ Added alert if Wi-Fi is not available for online lookup to warn user of possible carrier data charges. Turn alert on or off in More > Settings > Confirm Online Lookup.
✧ Improved usability of My Phrases section of phrase book. Tap the plus icon ("+") to add a phrase. Tap the arrow ">" to edit a phrase. Swipe from right to left to delete a phrase.
✧ Added arrows to right side of dictionary lookup list to open keyword screen.
✧ Improved phrase book by allowing user to tap on phrase in addition to flag icon to hear pronunciation.
✧ Improved icons in dictionary keyword toolbar.
✧ Fixed issue of repeating words in vocabulary quiz.

Customer Ratings

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74 Ratings
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The leading French English Dictionary for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ❥ Over 278,000 Offline Translations & Usage Examples ❥ Audio Pronunciation ❥ 6,438 Conjugated Verbs ❥ Comprehensive Phrasebook ❥ Vocabulary Quizzes ❥ Universal Application

Customer Reviews

  • Very useful app

    by J.jiggity

    Easy to use, I was sick of the BK French English dictionary app that never got translations right. This one's format of mixing French and English seemed strange at first but I actually prefer it now for ease of searching in either language. And the translations are straight forward and accurate. I'm very happy with this dictionary and don't see any reason to change.

  • Fantastic!!!

    by Dom Tes

    Super helpful app. I use it to assist in French studies.

  • Good companion for Duolingo

    by sallyterrell

    Lists French and English words together, which saves me time. Includes all forms of verbs. Gives instant web access to additional words with a click on the world icon. Pronounces the word. This app will definitely travel to France with me.

  • Excellent!!!!

    by Gaviota278

    My handy little app is the best language companion! Never has communicating in French been so easy. I love this dictionary and all it offers.

  • Audio does NOT work without internet

    by MarvP

    Though many reviews claim the audio does not require internet access, in fact audio does NOT work without internet (the app even tells you so if you turn on airplane mode). So don't try to use it on a trip unless you have lots more than the $10 cost of the app.

  • Handy & usedful

    by JGP13

    This app was used very often on our recent trip to Paris, to come up with the right word to insert into our rudimentary French to make a conversation work, or to translate from the French, particularly in museums. Simple and intuitive, & no data use necessary for the paid version. Very happy with it.

  • Review

    by Boopuiyug

    Great app! I really love the voice recordings so you can learn the proper pronunciation!!

  • Great App!

    by easy and Effective

    I use this app frequently. My favorite option is the conjugate one. If you look up a verb you can click the conjugate button and it will give you a full page of the conjugations. I also like the fact the you can hear the pronunciation. I'm sure there are even more features that I have yet to discover.

  • Great, fast, but no audio?!

    by LeFrancaise123

    Great app. Super fast searching for words. Nice to have the conjugation function easily available. Major problem is that the audio is not working on my iPhone 4s. A shame!

  • Fantastic - very valuable - one suggestion

    by droller44

    This is/was some of the best $10 I ever spent. Kudos to these people. I own three if these in different languages and consider it a terrific resource. One thing they should improve. The quiz part is terrible. Words that nobody would use and way too many words that are the same (cognates) and don't really belong in a quiz. A list of practical words would be better. Plus when a word is a noun or verb and only one option is obviously a noun or verb that makes it kind of silly too.

  • Best French dictionary in the AppStore

    by cbaxter

    I am learning French and use this dictionary app almost daily. It's the best that I have found in the AppStore. It always has the word I am looking for and also offers verb conjugation, which is really helpful.

  • Very useful app

    by dougatcompass

    I am currently living in France, with a decent command of the language. I use the app mostly to look up the random word here and there, like in the grocery when I needed baking soda. My only suggested improvement is to add a section for idioms, which are numerous and often used in the French language.

  • More than just a dictionary

    by Volpak

    Extremely user-friendly. The photo capability is perfect for visual learners like me. Pronunciation is something that I struggle with, but being able to compare the way I say a word to the dictionary's pronunciation enables me to hear subtle differences which, ultimately, makes it easier for people to understand me. I definitely recommend it!

  • Very helpful

    by REP6642

    I am learning French and find this app quite helpful!

  • Good to grow with..

    by MaggieMay33

    I started using this app as a beginning French student and now I am an intermediate student, it is still very useful. More audio would be nice but the choices for meaning are quite inclusive.

  • Excellent

    by Sharon in Easton

    Very complete and easy to use. Being an offline tool is a key benefit.

  • Very useful

    by nanych

    This is an excellent app. I love that It doesn't require an internet connection. So helpful when I need to look up something on the subway or when a connection is undependable. in the fee cases when a word is not found, the online dictionary hasn't failed me. If they would improve the switch from dictionary to verbs it would be a perfect five stars. Currently, one has to switch between the two and retype the word again.

  • Easy with lots of words

    by QianCai

    Huge dictionary, with all of the words stored offline. No Internet access needed, which is a plus when traveling abroad. Conjugation is helpful. I use it all the time. Tres Bien! Would love to see: - Pronunciation of conjugated forms - IPA for pronunciation when you are offline - Examples for the conjugation - More words But really a great app.

  • This dictionary isn't for everybody

    by Zman179

    I purchased this app about two months ago for English to French translation. It is an extremely helpful dictionary if you are a beginning to intermediate speaker of French and you'll rave about it. However, if you are a fluent speaker like myself, you'll find that its performance in finding difficult words in standard French and words in regional dialects (i.e. Québécois, Suisse romand, etc.) will be very disappointing. Out of the last ten words I checked in this dico, seven of them were not in it. Recap: Beginning to intermediate speaker: Absolutely Advanced to fluent speaker: À éviter

  • Works well

    by James Rigney

    Useful pour approndre français.

  • Great resource

    by Wonger2000

    The dictionary is very complete and the conjugation section is amazing! Instead of carrying a dictionary AND a petit guide de conjugations I have all in one on my iPhone. This app is a must for anyone learning French.

  • Very helpful & thorough

    by Rtmooney

    Of the several to choose from, this app seems the most useful for the purpose.

  • Very good

    by Madisonandpetemom

    Very helpful app.

  • Worth the money

    by Lali246424678

    Great app! Best French dictionary I could find in the appshop.

  • Very helpful!

    by TravaleinT

    As I travel to Quebec frequently and am trying to learn the language, this is a very helpful app. I've never had a problem finding the word I need.

  • Tres bien

    by Tiwari

    That's French, btw. This app is very good, both in terms of phraseology an vocabulary (both English terms btw). Search is very easy.

  • Super helpful!

    by SLB

    Fantastic dictionary. I am Studying ch in bordeaux and i find the ability to both look up words and see their conjugation to be super helpful. Also the dictionary is huge. A+ app.

  • Great app

    by Tysonmichel

    I wish I had known about this app before I had spent a lot of money on hard copy French grammar books. This app has everything - an extensive dictionary, comprehensive verb congregation, and a realistic audio pronunciation guide. This is well worth the price!

  • French English dictionary

    by Color fanatic

    Excellrnt resource. Includes conjugation. Very easy to use. Seems quite complete. I like the oral pronunciation. Also the fact that the French and English words are listed together. Z Artist

  • Very practical and easy

    by MBeatrice

    I like that you don't have to switch between the French and English versions of the dictionary! I also like that it offers pronunciation examples, verb conjugations and useful phrases in many different categories.

  • Fantastique!

    by Politak

    Great app, there is no better. Just wish the kindle app would allow me to link French books to this dictionary on my iPad!

  • Good for reading and searching

    by Dana2010

    I'd like to see this in book form, not Internet dependent..

  • Excellent tool for learning French

    by wcaspar

    I use it everyday; especially when I need to learn the conjugation of the verbs, I must look at to make sure I pick up the correct words.

  • great app!!!

    by jaydog1212

    very effective learning tool. has tons of information at your fingertips!!

  • Great app

    by Capospark

    Very helpful in my efforts to learn the French language.

  • Well Designed Dictionary

    by Greg Giersch

    I have many French language apps. if i need to look up a single word, i turn to this one. Many layers, yet designed for easy navigation. Best judge of an app is if you use it. I do.

  • Great App for those single language speakers

    by Marceth

    For someone as bad as foreign languages as myself I find the Ascendo French English dictionary to be invaluable. I work in a number of French speaking countries, including France and often find myself in situations where I need to interact with people who have no understanding of English. Out pops my iphone and I can look up some expressions or words and my day is saved; especially when they can't even understand my pronunciation so I get the App to speak. The ability to use the app offline plus to be able to create your own phrases are extremely useful. Also I own other Ascendo Apps (datavault) and have found their support over the years to be fantastic. Highly recommend it.

  • Great Dictionary:)

    by piggy_os

    One, of a handful, of French apps that is truly helpful, simple, and easy to navigate. I gotta give my love to the developers, nicely done.

  • Invaluable!!!

    by Katie O.

    I am studying French to prepare for graduate school. This app has made all the difference. Worth every penny!

  • Excellent App

    by fatguyinlove

    This is a great app, that has been helpful each time I've visited France. 80% of the words I look for are here. The lastest upgrade to voice files for pronunciation are fantastic. This app is worth the money! I've been testing the new version for awhile now, and so far, not left trying to find a word. Awesome app!

  • Works great

    by Lilcompanion

    As a dictionary, this is great. Its weird that the English and French words are listed together in the same dictionary, but I kind of like it. The quiz mode is more/less useless. It gives words like "liquefaction," which is something I'm likely to never use. It also gives multiple choice answers, and a good number of words are cognates making it not really a test of knowledge.

  • Handy Dictionary for Your pocket

    by NomadicBruin

    I'm happy with the app. Could be more complete, but for that you must upgrade to the paid version. Fair enough as it is, though!

  • Use on the run!

    by JHutcheson123

    Great for getting a useful word when you need it, enter in English or French and click on a word displayed to get meaning and pronunciation. Very useful,

  • Like It

    by Johlon

    This app is much more than a dictionary. I really like the ability to create my own phrases and then listen to them. I consider this to be one of my best tools for learning French and strongly recommend it.

  • Great app. Small bug for iPad 2.

    by iSentient666

    It is great app all around! This is my dominant learning tool for French vocabulary. The only small problem is the audio doesn't work on iPad 2 with OS 6. Or, at least for just me, it doesn't. Customer support has been sort of responsive about fixing it, but my first few responses from them were just temporary fixes. Recently, however, I found that they are trying to actually analyze and debug the code, so I wish them best of luck.

  • Great app!

    by Kris@landair242

    Super helpful and user friendly when dealing with our Canadian clients. It's got me interested in learning another language again!

  • Versatile and thorough dictionator.

    by chaulot

    Being French and living in the US, it is sometimes a challenge to express myself accurately. I found out that "sensible" doesn't mean "sensible". This great app helps me see who are my faux-amis and your real-amis. This app is the one stop for all my French and English needs from flirting (that I do not use enough) to quiz.

  • Super French English dico, nice update

    by iEconomize

    I've been using this dictionary for a while and I really like all the features and that I can use it offline. It's got a very comprehensive database with lots of usage examples. I wrote to devs about some obscure words not in dictionary and they said they would address it. This update has online lookup feature in rare case a word isn't in the app. It goes straight to the word in a couple online dicos, how cool! Would be nice to have a bigger phrase book but you can add your own which is nice feature. All in all a great app!

  • Writing French

    by Revsalles

    I find this app very useful when I write to my cousin in France. Translators are good but translate in the formal you. This app helps me write the correct verb conjugation when I need to write in the familiar "you"

  • Excellent app

    by Ddruker

    This app is extremely comprehensive and useful. It has come in handy both in classroom situations and actual conversations. The price is a bargain.

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