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Seller: Arlington National Cemetery

Updated search capability and bug fixes

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Arlington National Cemetery has created ANC Explorer, an application that can be downloaded on a smart phone or used through a web browser that will enable family members and the public to explore Arlington’s rich history. The first version of ANC Explorer will allow users to look up events, locate gravesites or other points of interest throughout the cemetery, generate front-and-back pictures of a marker or monument, and receive directions to these locations. In the future, ANC Explorer will offer features such as emergency and event notifications, restroom and water fountain locations, shuttle stops, and self guided tours.

Customer Reviews

  • App user

    by Catherine Siewick

    Downloaded and Used this today to find a friend's Grandparents' grave at Arlington. I wanted to photograph the grave with the Christmas Wreaths. This APP was a miracle. It took me right to the grave. Over the years I've spent hours looking for graves - even armed with the section and grave numbers (that I had to obtain at the visitors center). This APP is GOLDEN -- thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  • Amazing app.

    by Krisb123

    Didn't expect it to be as neat as it is. Pretty awesome

  • Still improving...

    by W F

    This app is a necessity for anyone visiting Arlington National Cemetery. The searches are fast and the maps accurate. I ran across a few bugs in this version, but it looks like this app is improving nicely.

  • Great app!

    by Lila239asf

    I was able to find my grandfather and grandmother and show them to my mom who lives 3,000 miles away. Easily accessible, accurate and user friendly. Great app, so grateful for it!

  • Mr.

    by George Moran

    Since your recent upgrade, all your app does is crash. I search for my parents by name, review the results then it crashes when I try to view their details. I'm iPhone 6.1.3. I'm waiting for their headstone section 55 239. Please help.

  • Able to visit on Memorial Day

    by ddunne

    Great App! Worked flawlessly was able to see Parents headstone on memorial day. Was almost as good as being there. Thanks for all he hard work.

  • Fabulous App for a visit to Arlington

    by Disney fan 88

    I used this app on my recent visit to Arlington. This app is fabulous - I was able to have an easy way to make my way around the cemetery. The look-up feature was very helpful and saved time especially with the features to both see the gravestone or monument and also the link to map the exact location within a specific section of the cemetery.

  • I couldn't design it better!

    by Why do i need a nickname 2012

    Works well, great features. Perfect for finding my family graves!

  • Wonderful App

    by Arforgen

    Works really well. Looking forward to further refinements for usability and extended features.

  • Great App!

    by Pak4now

    What a wonderful App! I found it very easy to use. Easily found my parent's grave and was surprised that there was a photo of the front and back of the marker. Living in Texas I now have a way to visit anytime I want. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this App. I'm also enjoying the other information provided on historical grave sites. A whole new way to explore Arlington. Thank you!

  • Great app, except for one thing, I think it's been hacked

    by Coastiejeff

    Great app, was able to find specific graves, and tour the notible sites. However, after downloading on my iPhone, and zooming in to the area around Section 14 on the map, an inappropriate and somewhat vulger window showed up advertising a bar or saloon of some sort, advertising ilicit activity.

  • Nice!

    by Wetshoes

    Very helpful app.

  • Excellent App!

    by MGM1979

    Great App!

  • Outstanding app!!

    by NavyFederal

    Found everyone I know there. It gives pinpoint locations and pictures of head stones. This is a must have if you have someone there.

  • Wonderful Tribute

    by Hami6305

    What a great way to connect people to the ones they have lost. I've read some negative posts and can empathize with not finding someone that you expected to find. Nonetheless, this is a great way to honor those that have given everything for their country. I am confident that as it progresses there will be no one that is unaccounted for. Kudos to those that are working on this project. Keep up the good work.

  • ANC explorer

    by Godawful app

    Great app easy to use beautiful pictures found my sons friends grave in two seconds thanks for the hard work on this. Veterans should be proud we have a president who cared enough to have this app made. It honors veterans.

  • Great App!

    by Shakes20708

    Works better than described. I found my ancestors and directly routed to my ancestors grave through turn-by- turn directions, which wasn't possible in the Nationwide Grave Locator. I was also able to download a headstone photo.

  • TERRIBLE.....don't waste your time.

    by usrutledge

    All we get are server errors. Nothing works and the app itself is poorly designed. It assumes that you are actually IN the cemetery. Most of the features revolve sound that stupid assumption. No explanations, no help screens..... Nothing. Our dead deserve more respect than what this app provides. It is an embarrassment to the U.S. and it's citizens. Scrap it, hire some Americans to write it (preferably Veterans) and make it something we can be proud of. I'm sending letters and emails to my Congressman and Senator about this app.. Lets see what they say.

  • Great App...when it works

    by DC Johnny

    Crashes when you select a name to view headstone.

  • Disappointed

    by RTR2009

    Really disappointed this did not work. I was able to run several queries, but the app refused to let me see the results. Disappointed because I wanted to map out my buddies' gravesites before heading to the cemetery. Interestingly enough, I couldn't get the website version on my laptop to work either. If it turns out just to be a server issue or something, I'll take this review down. I really hope that's the issue; I expected better.

  • Does Not Find Gravesites

    by tj214214

    Downloaded this morning. Refuses to find grave sites of two close friends buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I understand the iPad version works well, but this version of the iPhone software is useless. Not worth what I paid for it (free!).

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