Course For Ableton Live Effects: Plugged In! Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Join Mo Volans as he takes you on a detailed tour of Live’s amazing bundled plugins! This in-depth tutorial, filled with tons of audio examples, is a treasure trove of information on how to use and master all of Live's included effects!
Ableton Live is an awesome creative environment allowing it’s user to perfectly sync almost limitless numbers of grooves in a myriad of combinations. Add to this professional mixing and automation tools and you have the ideal application to create, produce and release quality music.

However, before you can truly release Ableton’s true potential, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with it’s extensive collection of effects plug-ins. This impressive list includes everything from simple equalisers and compressors to resonators, frequency shifters and the mighty beat repeat plug-in.

Mo Volans takes you on a guided tour through every plug-in included with Ableton Live. On this journey you’ll not only learn how to tweak almost every parameter but how each processor can work in your mix demonstrated by real world examples.

Each plug-in type is broken down, grouping similar plug-ins together and giving you the theory on how they work and how best to use them. If you are a beginner you can follow the tutorial in order. Or if you’re an experienced Live user you can dive in and use it as a reference tool.

So hit the jump and get the low down on Ableton Live’s true plug-in power in this 2 hour tutorial from Mo Volans.

Table of Contents:

1. Live's Bundled Plug-ins
2. The Plug-in Browser
3. What is Creative Processing
4. Loading Effects Plug-ins
5. Using Multiple Effects
6. Setting Your Signal Path
7. Saving and Loading Patches V2
8. The Hot Swap Function
9. Using External MIDI Controllers V2
10. What is the Effects Rack?
11. Building a Basic Effects Rack
12. Macro Controls and Parallel Chains
13. Using Pre-sets and Hot Swapping with Effects Racks
14. What are Modulation Effects
15. Using the Live Chorus Effect V2
16. The Live Flanger V2
17. Getting the Best from Live's Phaser V2
18. The Modulation Effects in Action
19. The Dynamic Tube V2
20. Using Overdrive to Its Full Effect V2
21. Vinyl Distortion and Erosion V2
22. Live's Distortion Effects in Action
23. The Simple and Ping-Pong Delay Effects V2
24. The Grain Delay Plug-in V2
25. The Filter Delay V2
26. The Live Reverb V2
27. Using the Compressor as an Effect V2
28. Using Live's EQs and Filters as Effects V2
29 -The Frequency Shifter V2
30. The Resonators V2
31. The Mighty Beat Repeat Plug-in V2


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