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Lots of bug fixes! Still having issues after updating?
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Brand new app rebuilt from the ground up!

* Completely new look based on your feedback
* Sidebar menu for fast access to top features
* Improved tracking accuracy, plus new tools
* Offline trail database, search trails when offline
* Lightening fast syncing & photo viewing
* AllTrails Pro: My Maps / Offline map caching

And tons more we hope you'll love.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
8 Ratings
All Versions:
698 Ratings


#1 Outdoors app on iPhone!

AllTrails is THE app for finding trails nearest you.

Going on a trip to a national park? Looking for a place near home to hike, bike, or run? Searching for something new to do on the weekends?

Even in a big city you might be surprised by how much nature surrounds you, and never has it been easier to discover!

Browse through 50,000 trail guides complete with photos, reviews, etc. for outdoor activities including everything from hiking and mountain biking to fly-fishing and snowshoeing.

Know a good trail that's not in our database? Go out, track your hike or ride with our GPS tracker, and add the trail for others to view and follow.

• Browse or search for trails closest to you
• Track your activities with your iPhone's GPS
• Edit trails or add new ones
• Add photos to trails or your recorded tracks
• Read and write trail reviews
• View topographic maps and routes* for trails
• Share trails with friends
• Access your trails without internet
• Sync activity with your account

Go out and rediscover the outdoors!

* Routes only available for 5,000 most popular trails

• Requires iOS 6.1 or greater
• Continued use of the GPS Tracker running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
• AllTrails account required to add trails, tracks, or photos
• Trails currently only available in U.S. & Canada

Please email us at for support, issues, or feature requests.

Customer Reviews

  • I'd like to give a 5 again

    by Solnishka Maya

    Since the latest update

  • This is a great app, but...

    by WhoNeedsPants

    It will not open after the latest update. I was using it just the day before, and it was fine. But now it closes after showing the start screen for about 20 seconds.

  • Awesome App

    by William Chaney

    Love using this app to explore new trails

  • Lots of trails I didn't know about

    by ippy04

    Also lets me track and log my outdoor trips, also has driving directions and lots of photos of trails. Big UI improvement.

  • Nice app!

    by jobebob

    Love this app. I've found so many places to hike!

  • Solid update to essential outdoors app

    by UK-AZ-SF

    Love having this massive database of trails and reviews available as I travel.

  • Waiting for Update to fix Bugs

    by danno 01

    Works AWESOME! Thanks for the Update!

  • All the power of AllTrails on your iPhone

    by LKane

    I've been a member and love the site. It's awesome to get all the same info on my iPhone. Yeah!

  • Works Just Fine ..... But

    by JimP40

    Upgraded to this new version. Had a problem getting it to run on iOS 7 until I discovered that you must have Background App Refresh turned ON. After that works just as well as the old version. Don't like the idea that you have to be logged in to use (NSA worry ...). Other than that OK

  • Bring this to iPad

    by Zootooz

    A good app, but It would be nice if this were ported to function on the iPad. Specifically working in landscape mode would be great.

  • Not bad

    by Tonusw

    It keeps force closing on iPhone 5. But when/if it does stay open, shows you some cool places to go

  • Great update

    by kevinhasley

    Nice and clean, thank you for thinking of your top users who use the app for what it is supposed to do, find great trails.

  • Great Update

    by Submarine2010

    Best trail app, even before the update, now even better. I just wish it also had an ipad app.

  • Previous version worked better on iPad

    by Azskiers4

    I don't see anything that's better about version 4.0! I love the app, but the prior version was easier to use (especially if you want to see photos of a trail) and NEVER crashed. Version 4.0 crashes on my iPad a LOT, and when it does, it clears out all my filters! I'm running iOS 7, so the new version should work fine, but it seems to be worse than the last version. Please fix it!

  • Nice, But Could Be Improved

    by brihar73

    I love the redesign and the ability to find the nearest trails, but it's still not universal for iPad after all this time. It's also eating up over 200 MB of memory after running it once and crashing twice!

  • Much Improved

    by markadams86

    This new version is incredible. The old version was showing its age but it finally looks like a modern app. It took a few minutes to get all of my old data synced but that's to be expected I guess. Pretty excited to see where they take it from here.

  • Awesome App

    by William Chaney

    Love using this app to explore new trails

  • Love the new app!

    by Kphill24

    This is one of my favorite apps. I use it every weekend to find great hikes. The new version looks even better. I already found a new hike to try this weekend.

  • All the power of AllTrails on your iPhone

    by LKane

    I've been a member and love the site. It's awesome to get all the same info on my iPhone. Yeah!

  • Must Have App!

    by SF Hiker

    This App has helped me find and track new outdoor adventures in my area. Photos and reviews are super helpful. I've been going down the list of top trails in my area and none have been a miss. Love it!

  • Crappy app

    by Scott9

    Crappy app

  • Bummed downloader

    by BBayley12346

    Downloaded and app does not open. Seems to want to try but stalls out and crashes. Pls fix so it's useable.

  • Can not open app after last update

    by KingOfHuns

    Since the last update, the app crashes back to the home screen when I try to open it. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting iPhone, etc., but nothing works. I am using iOS 7.0.4 on an iPhone 5.

  • Update

    by :) happy man :)

    I downloaded this app and it won't even let me open it up, it just crashes.

  • Don't update

    by larrydp

    Wish I had never updated!!! I can't get it to show me ANY trails !!! Bring back the old, workable version!!!

  • Update didn't help

    by hawknt22

    App constantly crashes when trying to open. I am no longer able to even open the app!

  • Bad update

    by samgraves2

    Another decent app ruined by a bad update. I get one of two things every time I try to use this now. It either locks up, or I get a white screen.

  • Do not download

    by Fphoenix06

    Will load fine but will not open after updates only acts like it will open then closes automatically

  • Update made it even worse

    by Airbornewriter

    The last update was bad (it told me there was only one trail 50 miles from my house!) but the new update only seemed to add more bugs. App constantly crashes on launch and when I do get it to work, it tells me there are no trails in the whole US. I hung on and waited after the last update hoping the problems would be fixed soon but I've lost my patience and will have to delete the app.

  • Works ok but really slow

    by Crazypop1

    The app takes up 200mb of space and hogs data, plus it's really slow compared to my biking trail app. Weird bug is that I can rotate the map


    by tmjt21

    This update has turned a great app into wasted space on my iphone. Also very upset maps have been removed unless you pay $50!!! Maps that us users created!!! Greed.

  • Used to be a great App

    by Usmacoach

    Update destroyed this once great app. Always crashes and/or freezes now. Please fix for more stars!!

  • Used to be a great App

    by Usmacoach

    Update destroyed this once great app. Always crashes and/or freezes now. Please fix for more stars!!

  • Useless

    by ShelbyDad

    App is useless now. Have i07 and an iPhone 4. Constant crashes and doesn't track trails. Current location points out trails 300 miles away. Time for a new trail app.

  • Constant Crashing

    by B_RyBacon

    In 4.0 the app crashes after a few navigation taps throughout the app. Most notably when the back button is tapped

  • Update fail

    by Producepdx

    App won't load properly. Login fails

  • Nice app-If it worked!

    by Frannie2you

    Freezes up CONSTANTLY

  • Won't open

    by WesterlyWandering

    I have an iPhone 4, and since the update I can't use the app at all

  • Update Fail

    by Kolt89999

    Haven't been able to open app since last update. Great app when it opens though.

  • Rogers

    by JAKESK855

    Old app never crashed. This thing does nothing but crash. Took a good app and ruined it.

  • Update 4.0

    by Jcrystals

    Application no longer functions on my iPhone 4.

  • Don't upgrade if you have an older version

    by HRob34

    I can't get this app to work at all. My account was linked with Facebook previously but now won't let me log in. Sometimes when I open the app it crashes instantly. Big disappointment. Would give it no stars if possible.

  • Ok

    by BeeMaya.

    I would use this app all the time until the upgrade. Now it just tells me it's unable to find any trails no matter what I type!!!! Very frustrating!

  • Needs help.

    by Willie311


  • Not a good update

    by RRipcity

    I used to love this app. But now I cannot load up my Facebook account. Please fix soon.

  • Update crashes, saved tracks are screwy

    by NateDL444

    If you backed your phone up, you can revert to the original app. I hope they get the new version right but I'm sticking with the old.

  • Great idea if it worked

    by MyPrincessDr.Kate

    Since downloading I've been able to see a trail once. Every other time I have attempted the app crashes and is force closed. Meh I'll stick to runtastic and map my ride.

  • Great idea if it worked

    by MyPrincessDr.Kate

    Since downloading I've been able to see a trail once. Every other time I have attempted the app crashes and is force closed. Meh I'll stick to runtastic and map my ride.

  • Upgraded for the second time...

    by N-a-o-m-i

    In a week. The first upgrade looked fantastic, much easier to negotiate, etc... However, I never had the chance to use it. I would have had the opportunity today, but now the app doesn't open. Please fix!

  • Won't open

    by khesso

    What happened to this app? It used to perform "adequately" on my iPhone 4S, but ever since the new update, it crashes on opening. If I make it past that glitch, it's bug after bug; constantly drops your track if you use another app like your camera. Then crashes again when trying to save trail data. If you like an exercise in frustration, this is the app for you!

  • Doesn't work. At all....

    by Bullkakke

    You've taken a good app and ruined it. I used to use this app almost everyday but ever since the "update" I've only been able to open it without it freezing and crashing before even loading ONCE!!! The one time I could get it to open I tried to track a hike but it missed 90% off my hike! said I went 1.3 miles when "Map My Hike" tracked 9.83 miles. To top it all off it never even synced. I'm done with AllTrails.

  • What happen ?

    by Gt mustang

    The app doesn't even load trails by me ? It always says it can't find anything , I used to use this app all the time now it's crap.

  • Innovation...

    by general ackDarb

    Please allow me to track trail progress without signing up. I didn't have to before and I'm not going to now. I like your app, please don't "innovate" it to death.

  • New update doesn't work

    by Dangoshoot

    I can't search. I can't access my profile. I can't do a thing...

  • Old version worked better

    by Hotrod838383

    Title says it all

  • 4.0 offline functionality does not work

    by Denys T 2012

    I have added trail to wish list, previously all trail data including tracks was downloaded for offline use, which does not happen anymore. After returning from hiking I've got SMS from Verizon that I've exceeded my prorated plan allowance. After checking phone usage found that AllTrails used more then 80 mb for the trail which should be downloaded for offline use. New much improved version, sure, I owe now extra $15 thanks to you guys, you can be proud! Also new version can't upload track data correctly to AllTrails. I wish I never update to this version :( How do I downgrade?

  • Was the new app ever tested?

    by Capt Jappa

    While I really like the new look and feel, this may be the buggiest app I have ever encountered. It runs extremely slow, takes forever to triangulate your li station, fails to register the trail name (after 5 minutes I gave up waiting) the milage is way off, and when it up loaded to the web everything doubled. Oh and when running on the iPad (for viewing only) it crashes every few minutes. Wish I had waited awhile before loading this upgrade, can't wait for the next patch.

  • Not for anywhere outside the states

    by Msfv65

    Title says it all

  • New app doesn't give any results

    by Jpwestcreeknj

    I updated the app and now no results for any trails are given, despite any reconfiguration of the filters. List view is gone, and if nothing appears on the map, it becomes essentially useless. I loved the old version, the one that worked.

  • Update broke more than it fixed

    by Michael Saner

    Can't sign in with Facebook. Disneyland is listed as a trail?! Seriously?! Weird message "trails fixed lower 250x50" shows at bottom of trail list. When clicked it links to a page throwing a 500: internal error. Maybe once I can use the app I can figure out if this was a good update. It looks nice... Unless you want to do anything with it.

  • Love the update!

    by keyvon23

    I am glad they updated it for the new iOS design. Great job! Just wish the pro upgrade wasn't so expensive.

  • Keeps crashing and glitch-ing

    by Ramboooola

    Every time I click on the trails that I've search up, the app closes down on me!! It's SO frustrating. Other than that, good app with great reviews on the trails. I've done a lot more hiking thanks to this app

  • I love this app very much, but....

    by HKage

    I love this app very much, but suddenly my saved trail information(distance, Elev. Gain, Ave speed etc) be "Zero".... :(

  • Love the app!!

    by @79'

    I think this app is awesome. I love being able to research places to hike and bike before I go and this lets you do it!! The only issue I have had is not being able to upload photos from the phone app.

  • Cool App. Some Bugs

    by Chris 2350

    This is a neat app with lots of maps, photos and trail reviews. There are some bugs, but those aside, I use AllTrails frequently.

  • Waiting for Update to fix Bugs

    by danno 01

    The Biggest a Annoyance is that Photos don't load. 5 stars if fixed

  • Ok but could be better

    by Karaca

    It is an ok app but there are some annoying pieces like you can't rename a track (the button would make you think otherwise but don't be fooled - does not work).

  • Awesome, needs minor improvements

    by justforyourmother

    I love that you can record your own trails and look up others. Highly recommended for those looking to get out. However please fix the renaming feature and other editing features, will not allow me to edit it, and I'm a little OCD so it's bugging so bad :/ seriously great other than the minor stuff

  • Very frustrating app

    by Umcheme

    The app has some decent functionality, but also quirky to the point I can no longer use it. I can't seem to figure out how to share my tracks. I continuously get error messages about it having to sync first, but there's no option to sync. I think it's supposed to do it automatically but it doesn't. I have also used the Every Trail app which I think is significantly better than this one.

  • Agreed: good app, lotsa bugs :(

    by G10¢k$t@r

    Nice app. Really handy...when it works! Lol. LAAAAAG CITY - and I'm showing a avg. 15mb dwnld speed... Ain't me!!! Would be great but it just has too many bugs, so many in fact I don't feel like listing them. Meh

  • Mostly unhappy

    by ubermilf

    Full screen ads are annoying, and I had issues with the Facebook integration. Good maps otherwise.

  • Good resource

    by yzedf

    All Trails is a good resource for finding trails in any particular area. It's also decent as a GPS app, but there are better choices for that particular function. Seems to work best when I have it running from the beginning if the trail instead of turning it on later to figure out a fork in the trail. So far I've only used it in Maryland, but I will continue to use it elsewhere as I take the dog for longer hikes.

  • Love This App

    by Ratman_42

    We love this app. Yes it's a bit buggy but, it gets better with each update. Buggy or not we have been on several great hikes that we would have never heard of without all trails. I was stuck in a strange town on business with a whole day to kill. 20 min later I was on a great hike. Bliss

  • Great app for any hiker!

    by Kjh061006

    I love this app. The only problem I have with it is it doesn't have all trails loaded for a specific park or location and the pictures take way too long to load.

  • Super annoying

    by MTB1333

    This app is super annoying by getting me to sign up for a random app and most anything part it has your info all ready in the sign up so they carry your info without your permission . They must be getting paid for everything you mistakenly sign up for don't fall for it !!

  • Spam

    by 3Merett

    This app opened up a browser and signed me up for without my permission and that site has now sent me 16 emails in the last day

  • Dysfxnal app

    by Miker#%

    Day 1 Bell trail Sedona. I'm standing at trailhead but app won't allow trailhead clerk in. It says trailhead is 10 miles south. Day 2 Woods Canyon. App recognizes trailhead and I check in. But 3 miles of hiking is represented by 5 straight lines. Same map depiction yesterday- just straight lines. And tho it reports ave speed 2 mph and duration of hike at 3 hrs, it says I've only gone .8 miles. How could this be any worse?

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