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The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines.  Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip: view your itinerary, check-in for your flight, reserve seats, pre-purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding.   Once you’ve checked in, zip through the airport without ever printing a single piece of paper.

Plus you’ll get instant access to Allegiant’s money-saving destination discounts and special deals on everything from show tickets, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and more.  No matter what the budget, you’ll find ways to do more and spend less. What’s better than that?  Download it now!

• Access and review your upcoming trips
• View and add seats, bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding
• Check-in
• Access your e-boarding pass 
• Enjoy exclusive up-to-the-minute destination deals on the hottest shows, restaurants, and special experiences in Las Vegas and select Allegiant destinations
• Keep track of all of your purchased deals

Customer Reviews

  • Functional, but needs Passbook

    by lemnar

    It's nice to be able to check in and fly without a paper boarding pass, but it would be great if it worked with Passbook instead of having to open the app to get to the boarding pass.

  • Needs flight search

    by Piedmont177

    App is fair but need to have a flight search to your destinations. Your service is not 7 days a week to most cities. It would help to know your schedule to your destinations.

  • Good app, but needs to work with passbook

    by jeremy potts

    If works fine and all, but I would give it 5

  • Ok ... But not great.

    by _Miggl_

    Missing passbook integration.

  • Allegiant2go

    by I P

    Thanks for fixing. Seems to work now

  • QR code boarding pass feature is great

    by JoBros #1 fan

    When on the road, access to a printer is a challenge. With the QR code boarding pass feature, the TSA can scan in my boarding pass from my phone.

  • Easy as pie


    Simple we'll thought out app. As long as my airport support the eboard ticket.

  • Does exactly what it says it does!

    by KitKat3715

    This app is perfect for checking in and working with seat assignments and luggage. Can not do reservations but then again they never said it could. This app really simplified the check in process. Love it!

  • Horrible

    by Double Super Batman

    Typical Allegiant junk! Can't log on to account without a confirmation number, which is why I am trying to log on!! Can't log onto web page either. Same issue, but the pop up ads work! Allegiant has always been hard to handle,their cheap annex has went to another Sub level.

  • jan

    by What a Joke!!!!!!!!

    Don't bother to get this app, it's WORTHLESS! I got it so that we could check in on our return trip from Sanford/Orlando as we had a 4 hour drive to the airport before our flight. When I tried to check in on my Iphone, It wouldn't let me get the code, but it would let me print out our boarding passes. Where was I going to find a place to print them out! Then when we got to the airport and went to the check in line and waited in line, we were told that I had already checked in and just show them the code! I then had to explain that it wouldn't give me a code and that I still needed printed boarding pass. It took her forever to figure it out, then she printed the boarding passes. What a Joke!!!!

  • Useless!

    by Steve gillmore

    What's the point, you can't book a flight, look up fares or anything!

  • Piece of crap!

    by Update Crap!

    Another Allegiant piece of crap! I could design something better than this and I'm a computard!

  • Totally Pointless

    by 80deardorff

    This app literally let's you do nothing a normal flight passenger would need to do on an app. You can't look up fares, it doesn't update flight status, and it looks like a 5 year old designed it. Not worth the aggravation of downloading.

  • Don't down load waste of time

    by Mr Mac in Montana

    Big disappointment

  • Search for flights?

    by BigPun1968

    Most other airline apps will allow you to search for flights you can book. This one does not. Do not waste your time downloading this app!! I would give it negative five stars if it were an option!!

  • Useless

    by PatrickB3

    If you aren't near the location you want to fly from, don't even bother trying to use this app.

  • Useless

    by Mr. Modes

    Can't search or book travel.

  • Bad app needs work

    by Jwstaug

    Extremely glitchy, I've flown with Allegiant 18 times and attempted to use the app for my boarding pass. So far it has worked twice. Allegiant is cheap, and you get what you pay for.

  • Almost worthless

    by cutmoney

    Can't search for flights, can't log in to look up your flights, can't really do anything useful. I mean, what's the point? Out of all the things, you think you could look up rates and book flights on the app, especially since Allegiant is about the only airline website that is terrible to use on an mobile browser.

  • Only gets one star because I can't put ZERO

    by Nvksmt

    useless. Cannot look for flights. And the one thing it is supposed to do, check you in and have a paperless boarding pass, doesn't work. We had to go back to allegiants ticket counter and have them print us paper copies. Don't bother

  • Cannot locate reservation

    by Didi2639

    Went to look up my flight, entered confirmation number and my name and it couldn't find it.

  • Could be better

    by Mungofd

    The app does allow you to view all your flight info. and allows a paperless boarding pass. That's about it! The flight info. is not updated and several times now the app shows the flight to be "on time" only to arrive at the airport and find out the flight has been delayed two hours or more! As I boarded my flight 2:30 hours late I checked the app and it still said "on time"! Poor reflection on the airline.

  • Doesn't Work

    by NewsNut

    Just kept giving me an error message "invalid data". The confirmation number was correct (worked fine on my iMac) and I know my name, so . . Useless app.

  • Awful

    by Tjs1632

    Don't waste your time with this app. You can't do anything on this! Can't check flights, can't check dates to destinations, and it won't even let me register!

  • Can't search for flights

    by Redesign it

    Amazing. Their flights don't show up on travel websites like Travelocity and now I find the aren't even on their own app. What's wrong with their management?

  • Ok Needs To Work With Passbook

    by crmx39

    A couple of the same things that everyone else says. The app would be better if your boarding pass was in your passbook and you could search for flights.

  • No schedule? No booking?

    by acrisis

    Basically an add-on seller for in flight upgrades and add-on extras like SIM cards, fun packages, ... Can't book a trip. Can't modify a trip. Two primary functions this app should have, because their website is a pain to navigate on a phone. Anyhow the app is useless for me without scheduling, booking and cancellations.

  • BIG disappointment

    by Debarose

    Tried to check in for my flight after receiving an email "time to check in" I got all the way through the process and was then informed I had to check in at the airport 2 hours before the flight! It would have been easier to check in online and print my boarding pass myself. PLEASE fix this app or remove it from the app store!

  • What's the point

    by NorthwestSong

    An app for an airline that doesn't allow you to search for flights? Huh?

  • Won't work

    by ZoeyT

    All it does is spins "saying preparing application for use "

  • Unable to shop for air fares?!

    by ParataxicD

    After installing the app, registering, and logging in, I am still unable to search / shop for air fares. What use is this app to travelers other than for featured destinations?

  • Allegiance again

    by Never flying


  • Disappointed

    by MissTravelzAlot

    I was never able to open the app on iOS 6.1.3, unfortunately.

  • Unreliable

    by darkride00

    App fails to start quite often or crashes. Won't let me check in for my return flight

  • Worthless

    by zivis


  • Fatals

    by Fun42a

    Tried to check in & change seats. App quit on credit card screen. Tried twice with same result. Finally able to check in on a regular computer. Other than a reminder of the plane time it is worthless. Must have been done by the same programmers working on the health care disaster.

  • Features Good...But Very Unstable

    by Dorhout 06

    Ap is designed fine and does exactly what it's for but just horribly unstable

  • As bad as their website

    by IH8HBO

    Useless app

  • Allegiant2go

    by Gregor@1

    Can't get app to open--worked at first, but not now!!!

  • Only works the first time

    by Patrick McCann

    This app needs fixed!

  • Doesn't Work

    by tyvallely

    The app will work the first time you open it after a download, but then after that I get a message on the screen that states: "Preparing application for use..." The problem is the app stays on that screen and will not load the main screen of the app. This should be fixed immediately because this is an app with potential.

  • Meh

    by Travis837639473716639362649

    Not sure what's worse, the app or the airline. If I want to use the app I have to delete it and redownload to pull up my itinerary each time.

  • Why have an app that doesn't work?

    by NukeWhales

    This is so bad it should be an embarrassment to anybody in this company. I don't understand how this could happen. It is comically bad.

  • None of the features do anything but spin!

    by GR_Marcie

    How is this ueseful at all....whenever you click on any of the main mscreen menu options, the stupid thing just spins.

  • Caused Missed Flight

    by Jax200347

    This app displayed that there was a false delay in my flight. Just like anyone with this information would do thinking their flight's delayed, I waited the appropriate amount of time before heading to the airport. When I arrived at my gate, the plane had already left. The allegiant staff has no idea what this app is so the amount of sympathy from them was zero. I have never been so disappointed with a company before. Even after showing the supervisor, Richard (LAS airport), my phone with tears rolling down my face he implied I lied about the whole thing. He told me that I never went to the gate and "purchase another ticket otherwise we're done talking."

  • Just like the airline...

    by bhgsimpson

    TERRIBLE!! I recently had a round trip ticket from DSM to Vegas and literally cancelled onsite and took Southwest. Just and airline.

  • Terrible

    by Faristuta

    What's the use of this app if you can neither look up trips or book online? Deleted

  • TSA won't accept this

    by Tedwerdthon

    Left my spot in checkin like because website says you can checkin with the app. This is false!!

  • Useless

    by Flashinapan

    Stupid useless app from a lazy airline

  • Horrible

    by mountain coast

    This app doesn't update departure and arrival delays. In fact, the website hasn't' been very effective either. I'm waiting on a flight that has had a delayed departure since 5:30 PM (departing 4 hours later) and it still hasn't been updated, and still says its on time. It's 8 PM and the flight hasn't departed yet.

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