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Seller: Alaska Airlines, Inc.

New check in option from the menu.

Add your passport info during check in and get your boarding pass--no need for an agent.

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Discover the Alaska Air Mobile App

Travel light at each stage of your journey with your companion mobile app. Explore options, book trips, move hassle-free through airports. Find all the flight information that matters to you, when it matters.

What you can do

• Book a flight and select your seat.
• Check-in up to 24 hours before your departure.
• Pull up a mobile boarding pass—no more paper.
• See your flight schedule and boarding time.
• Share your itinerary by email with friends and family.
• Track your Mileage Plan balance.
• Keep an eye on First Class and Standby wait lists.
• Receive push notifications.
• Scan your boarding pass at airport security or at your gate with Passbook support.
• Change to an earlier or later flight when you check in.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best tool when running between flights.

    by Willow Harmony

    I travel a lot and between my bags and other things. The last thing I need is to stand in line waiting for paper ticket. This keeps me informed of all changes, check ins and status. Love Alaska Air App!

  • Great app!

    by Cvhaar

    Very useful. Love having this available on the phone when traveling.

  • Issues with app/had to go get a boarding pass

    by dasoupnazi

    When I checked in (24 hours ahead), I said I was going to have 1 bag to check and would pay at the airport. Well, I did, and the app didn't recognize that I had checked my bag and paid. Therefore it would NOT give me a boarding pass. So I had to go back and get a printed pass. Stupid. What if I decided not to check a bag? Being issued a boarding pass shouldn't be contingent upon paying at airport/relying on it to translate to the app.

  • Love it

    by J-Bones81

    App is great. Have been using it for a couple years now and haven't ever had any issues.

  • Flawless

    by Gravis8000

    No problems getting mobile boarding pass. Quick access to miles, much faster than logging into the site. Great app.

  • Love it!

    by Vireobirder

    It is very easy to use. Thanks.

  • Alaska airlines

    by Josef assi

    Everything about Alaska airlines is great. Including this amazing app that takes away all the stress of airports.

  • Easy as pie

    by J to the V

    Easy to use. Simple and intuitive. Love it.

  • Great app!

    by CMKForrest

    Has been getting better and better! Keep it up!

  • The best

    by Elap II


  • Works every time

    by Raywonqa

    Love this app. Easier to keep track of my phone than some paper boarding pass. Plus passbook integration reminds me when I'm in the airport and speeds check-in. Thanks Alaska!

  • I love this app

    by Moon7124

    I use it all the time

  • Great travel app

    by jemaak

    AK Airlines has made many improvements to this app and it works seamlessly when traveling on this airline. AK Air has always been an early adopter of technology and this app is just one more way they keep innovating.

  • All is very good BUT...

    by 1dream42

    I really like the idea and how easy it works. BUT! The change seat feature didn't work well! Please fix this issue. I am planning to use this app in the future. Thanks.

  • Keeps getting better!

    by washingtonian67

    I've used this app a half dozen times to get mobile boarding passes, and it worked great every time. It looks a little dated, but it has everything I need. Great job, Alaska!

  • Great app!

    by Mijodebo

    Easiest way to travel!

  • Very good

    by Vallury

    I find this application to be extremely useful and very helpful. Great job!!!!!

  • Love Alaska Air

    by Torstors13

    Great app. Now you can not only check in thru the app, but also books flights. It's great, I would highly recommend!

  • Very Useful!

    by filmalaska

    I use this app on my 5S and iPad frequently. Travel to and from Alaska monthly. It never crashes and works very fast. Love it.

  • Great app

    by patrickm69

    Dies what you need.

  • Quick and handy app

    by Pokerbeast64

    Installed for the 1st time today and it immediately knew I had two trips already booked. On-line check in is a breeze and works great when on the go. E-boarding pass is also a great feature to save time at airport and save resources. Will be using the app a lot. Love it

  • Great app

    by Bendgirl

    Convenient, easy to use, great features.

  • Getting Indispensable

    by aaegidus

    LOVE this app! Especially handy when making reservations without computer and WiFi. I like the ability to check my standing on the Wait/Upgrade list.

  • Almost perfect

    by KarynJean

    Like so much that it does, the Alaska Air app is clean, streamline, and geared towards busy travelers. Easy to use on the go. Like the bottom banner for boarding passes with gate/seat. Would like boarding time in bigger font.

  • Love AK Airlines

    by BurndByTheRiver

    Have been using Ak Airlines for a long time. Love that they fly to Hawaii now. Using the phone app helps a lot as we are in vacation and don't travel with a lap top! Only wish baggage fees were less and not going up. When flying, I always check with Alaska first to see if they can get me there!

  • Awesome

    by bklein8888

    This app rocks. Wouldn't change a thing. Great job

  • Pretty Easy to check in!

    by KittyLOL2

    I give it a THUMBS up!

  • Excellent app!!!

    by Akcbet

    Makes the sometimes tedious process so much easier, I almost don't mind going through security.....

  • Nice

    by speakso

    This app is so easy to use and has many convenient features (like mobile boarding pass)! A must have.

  • Newbie

    by Kpelisek

    Worked like a charm

  • Definitely convenient

    by Balastreaswife

    I love having this app! It's so much easier to open it to review flights than going onto the website. Checking in and electronic ticketing also quick and very convenient!

  • Alaska Airlines

    by Davechuar

    Love AA

  • Review

    by Refereedude

    Works great and simple.

  • Best airline app

    by Leimy

    Integration with iOS, Digital boarding passes, seat selection. Other airlines can learn from this app.

  • Fantastic

    by meeoch

    Incredibly easy to use, elegant and everything you want and nothing you do not. A++

  • Easy to use!

    by Switzerkk101

    Fast and easy. Will use often!

  • very helpful!

    by DCin Washington

    great, easy to use

  • Awesome but here's a hint

    by iBooth

    This app is great for staying ahead or for when your falling a bit behind. In one instance I checked in on time, via this app, but was running rather late. I got to the airport but only 30 minutes till take off and despite checking in and stating I had two bags the cart was sent off and I had to take a later flight. So just a friendly reminder to any traveler, they will usually send off the cart 45 minutes till departure. ;b

  • Awesome!

    by None yoo

    Love this app! Very fast, no stalls.

  • Simple

    by the problem Solver

    Very user friendly

  • Kimberly E

    by kshorses2

    Excellent app! Very useful and user friendly!

  • KSEA

    by JimKSEA

    One of the handiest Apps I use.

  • Alaska air

    by Tutunkawea

    This app was incredibly easy to use! I couldn't figure out how to add baggage after paying for my ticket on the normal website, but I found it super fast with no problems on the app! Love it!

  • Very useful app

    by TKD-BB

    I travel often and I love how this app is so easy to use.

  • Perfection

    by Alaska Son

    You can't go wrong with this great app!

  • Fantastic

    by pauerbach

    Works beautifully. Love it.

  • Simple, elegant, and it works great

    by Sebbytheengr

    That was the fastest I've ever checked into a flight. Really convenient with the passbook integration. #1 airline in the country.

  • Review

    by Freddiee12367

    Easy to check in and place your boarding pass in Passbook

  • Works Great

    by Dave Best, Class of '92

    Use it all of the time. One of the more reliable and easy to use airline apps available.

  • CCC

    by RMV333

    So easy to use! Why can't all apps be this easy to navigate?

  • Cannot live without it.

    by CCollinsAK

    So much easier than using the web site or heaven forbid calling the reservation line. No paper to dig for and everything just updates when you tap the app.

  • Awesome

    by SallyPDX

    This is probably the most convenient app on my phone. It makes my trip through the airport so much easier.

  • User friendly app

    by Travels4work

    Easy to use without a bunch of extraneous data.

  • Review


    Love it:)

  • Ms.

    by Jesslynjello

    So convenient! Love it

  • Thoughtful and perfect

    by sramji

    Why can't all airline apps be like this? It remembers your information, works fast, is well laid out, and integrates with Passbook for barcode readers at the airport.

  • Makes biz travel super easy

    by SbuxMama

    You can move so much more quickly through your travel process with this app. Intuitive and a pleasure to use.

  • Best one out there

    by Pandora15

    This is by far the best airline app out there. Easy, fast and very helpful. Good on you Alaska Air!!

  • Invaluable app!

    by SkiCrystal WA

    Simple to use, several very practical applications and another great step for Alaska Air after their well-designed website/web support tools. Love it.

  • An excellent app

    by Traveler711

    As far as air travel, hands down the best app I've used The only thing I would add is the feature to use rental car info as well.

  • Useful and easy app

    by JLB dog walker

    This app makes it very easy every step of the way.

  • Frequent flyer

    by AlaskaGold

    5 stars all the way, don't like to fly any other airline!

  • Saved me from a very long line!!!

    by 'Aukele

    This app is a must if traveling on Alaska Airlines. I avoided a long line at the ticket counter by using the boarding pass on this app to go through security. Used it to board as well. So glad I have it.

  • Works great!

    by Jestur419

    Instant updates and easy to use!

  • Traveller

    by aBulus

    Very good and easy to use

  • Nice...could improve on meeting flights

    by Mike from BI

    App works well when I'm the traveller but about half the time I'm meeting someone at SeaTac. Being able to send that itinerary to an email address that then associates it with me (as TripIt allows) and then send updates on arrival/ departure would be good.

  • Terrible app design

    by hamburgerdinosaur

    The website is horrible, too. Please put out better software.

  • Awesome

    by Duffy2

    Great app

  • brw travel

    by Im Eskimo kiss me!

    great app! waay faster than calling the 800#!!!!

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