Airbnb Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Airbnb, Inc.
  • Updated: Nov, 10 2010
  • Version: 3.2.0
  • Size: 26.49 MB

Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Airbnb, Inc.

- Now, invite friends from your phone and earn $25 if a friend travels and $75 if a friend hosts.
- Have a coupon code? You can now redeem your coupon while booking directly from your phone!
- We brought back the option to send a new special offer to a guest even if you previously sent them a pre-approval
- We squashed a lot of bugs!

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Make travel planning as mobile as you are with the Airbnb iPhone App! Airbnb opens the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay and is the simplest way to earn money from your extra space. With over 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities, Airbnb connects you with the experience that’s right for you.

Message hosts and guests, gush over your itinerary, explore fairytale destinations, and add unforgettable digs to your Wish List. Make that penthouse, yurt, or treehouse your next home...or open up your own space to travelers.

For travelers:

Download the Airbnb iPhone App and start traveling the world with a few simple taps.

Super powers:

• Discover thousands of places to stay in more than 34,000 cities
• Book one-of-a-kind accommodations and find rooms for rent directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
• Search for last-minute accommodations anywhere in the world
• Find long-term sublets in thousands of cities
• Access your itinerary, message your host, and get directions to your listing
• Explore legendary properties, vacation homes, and apartments, and add them to your Wish List to share with your friends

For hosts:

Manage your listing and connect with guests wherever you are in the world.

Super powers:

• List your space and manage your listing directly from your phone
• Get acquainted with potential guests before you say yes
• Accept, decline, pre-approve, and send special offers to guests on the go
• Manage your inquiries, respond to messages, and check off your To-Dos from your Host Home
• Visit our Hospitality Standards to learn what guests expect before they arrive
• Update your calendar availability with ease
• Access Groups to connect with your host community

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Customer Reviews

  • Buggy App, Improving Functionality, No iPad version?!

    by Stacy Cook

    I find this app extremely annoying to use. Developers have made good improvements with each iteration, but overall still pretty clunky to use. Some messages don't actually make it to my guests. Not good! Also, get an ipad app already!!!!!!!

  • Wonderful app but inconsistent with website

    by Joojooyah

    This app is wonderful and the layout is modern and clean. The only thing I noticed was that the total sum you inquire about is different in the messages on the app vs the messages when using the website. I think it's because the app doesn't take into account the fees. Also the app does not show fees when viewing listings.

  • Overall not bad

    by Destinyhero 2011 

    It's a good mobile app. The only problem I have is that it keeps crashing when I look at the map. Please fix :)

  • Amazing App

    by Nixolatte

    This app is perfect for anyone who wants to have the privacy of a home or an apt to stay versus a hotel. For people who are respectful to others people property only. It's on a referral basis and you will only get accepted if you receive good feedback from the people hosting you in their home. It's also great for people looking to couch surf or couples who want to stay in exotic locations. Super cool app!

  • App is PERFECT so is Airbnb


    Easy to use, keep up the good work

  • iPad optimized

    by Wrolly15

    Great app. Would be nice to be iPad optimized too for horizontal viewing. Just easier to see and interact with.

  • Love it!

    by abier83

    This app is the best! We have used it to plan our trips to San Francisco, Tahoe, mammoth, and throughout Europe! You can rent entire apartments, condos, cabins, or homes for cheaper than hotels! Highly recommend it for anyone who does any traveling at all!!

  • Amazing picture

    by Christwalker12

    while watching the picture you will surelly plan for a holiday.the intercation so easy that u can easily book the place you want to go for holiday

  • Great service and beautiful app

    by Pcsurfer17

    Great service and beautiful app

  • Ok, but has some issues

    by howwaya

    I have found properties on their website, but they don't appear on their mobile app. Also, it doesn't update deleted messages, and doesn't allow you to delete them on this app either. In addition to those, I have found that prices change between the mobile app and their website. Double check this!

  • Why won't the badge go away?

    by Brand Nameless

    Decent app that integrates well with an Airbnb account. I'd rate it higher if the darn badge would go away after I respond to an inquiry.

  • Great app

    by Guga3256

    Very easy to use, I recommend for any one.

  • Love it!

    by Sophia Riley

    I suffer from the travel bug, and let me tell you, it will never be the same again! Forget conventional hotels, download this app, and envision your perfect vacation spot!

  • Slick and easy to use w/ one annoying issue

    by CopperRaven

    The app is visually pleasing, slick, easy to use, and does what I need. But! After you read a message on the app, the notification badge on the app icon will NOT change until you read the same message on your PC. A small annoyance, but still an annoyance.

  • Love this!

    by Jdtr2468

    Changing the way we travel.

  • Very Cool!!!

    by Chechel2

    I love this App! It has never crashed on me. I love the search option. And the Discovery is fun to look at when I get bored. I haven't used it to book anything yet since we really don't travel. But I would definitely use it if we ever do!!!

  • ios version is cool

    by 你看不到的薯片

    The design is intuitive and sweet. Luv it!

  • Easy to use

    by Mrsgreenishblu

    Filters make this app a useful tool. It is intuitive and quickly will become one of your favorite tools for finding places to stay while traveling.

  • Simply great

    by Maccanzy

    Used the Service several Times without any issues - well done!

  • Great But Still Far From Perfect

    by Hunter Giesler 

    For any traveler the airbnb app is simply perfect but for us hosts there are still a few tweaks that should be made For starters I wish that old messages that i delete from the website itself also disappear instead of sitting there for months end. Second of all for travelers asking for special deals I wish I could see how much they're being charged along with the date and number of guests. Finally much like the website I wish I could click on booked dates in the calander to see who's coming that day

  • Website

    by annsydell

    I just downloaded the app for iPhone. But I've been using the online website. Terrible database, not user friendly, difficult to try and get back to something you saw previously, And the founders are sitting in their dr. Strangelove conference room laughing .

  • Won't let me add location

    by SeaBiscuitsLover

    It's a nice app but it won't let me use the location feature when I try and list my room for rent. Once they fix this I would rate the app higher.

  • Crashes

    by Spyder345

    App would be better if it didn't crash every few minutes

  • App crashes every few minutes

    by lizonh

    It's a beautiful app, great user interface, and lots of helpful features, but it crashes on me every few minutes. Very frustrating, especially in the middle of a search for listings. If the crashes stopped, I'd rate 4 stars. Still has limited functionality compared to an online search but it's not bad.

  • Update for iPhone is awful


    As a host why is the font on writing a message so small?

  • Had to enter cc 5 times, no cancellation possible, and they don't answer the phones

    by El Buscadorik

    Are these guys from the "cool 70's"? When you call them, you are on hold forever, while they play short clips of music played by their cool employees, and the announcer let's you know where to hear more of their amazing creations. That, of course, is not my main concern at 9:30PM, when I am trying to cancel a pending reservation for tonight so I can get a normal hotel room, but neither the iPhone app, nor the mobile site and not even the full site exhibit ANY link to cancellations, and I have heard all their creative musicians 10 times, but nobody bothers to pick up the phone.

  • Pretty, but useless.

    by SaraandKieran

    The app is fine if you need to send a message to guest but anything worthwhile/important needs to be done on a computer.

  • Make the world a better place

    by Wandonye

    I will buy their stock if they do ipo! Enough said.

  • Great for finding you a place

    by Anttgod

    One of my top apps for traveling, I really love it and I use it any chance I get when I travel must-have if you're looking for place to stay

  • Lovely design but needs works

    by Dog lover in Niagara

    While it is pretty to use, the flexibility of this app leaves much to be desired. It is probably best for those wishing to book last-minute vacations how ever that is this far as it goes. If you happen to be someone who manages a listing, you basically need to use your computer to do this as it is impossible to do much more on any device.

  • Great app

    by Neerajkgoel

    Great app, great design and intuitive transition of images and screens. Live to explore and scroll thru it

  • Barely useable

    by BrazucaDC

    Just crashes after 5 minutes and you have to search again from scratch. Bah.

  • Slick and Beautiful and Intuitive

    by Judd Higgins

    This app is just great to look at. The size of listings and their pictures is perfect. The navigation is supremely intuitive and the interface is fast and slick. I have not used this yet to book, but this app will make that process easy.

  • best

    by Yoskall

    정말 최고다. 웹에 비해 기능이 제한적인 걸 제외하고, 에어비앤비는 서비스 뿐만 아니라 앱자체도 매우 훌륭

  • So kewt

    by sudam

    This version is so silly and sooooo kewt. Hugs & kisses.

  • Airbnb: A journey around the world

    by Geniza

    I love Airbnb. I've been using it for several years now, and serves as a decider on not just where to stay, but helps me decide where to go in the world at an affordable price. It's an alternative to hotels (that lure you into staying on their grounds to spend money and waste time staring at the people in the pool) and tourists. Through airbnb I have been able to immerse myself in the language and culture of many countries. I have interacted with locals. I love it!

  • Airbnb

    by tgetty

    Why would you ever stay in a hotel, omg!

  • Davew

    by Dave197423445

    Awesome alternative to hotels. Cheaper too:)

  • Amazing UI

    by Crzycolebert

    Downloaded this application, and I was immediately impressed. The way the application moves and reacts enables a rich user experience. So glad I can start using this application to start planning my trip to Hawaii!

  • so fresh and so clean clean

    by duppy conquereror

    Airbnb's app reminds me of that Outkast song "so fresh and so clean" because this app is just perfection...very crisp, very intuitive, easy to use. Does not get much better than this. I would like to see picture upload capabilities, however.

  • Latest update crashes

    by Duch.ryan

    I have an iPhone 4 and the latest update crashes every time I open it. Can do anything with it. It's rubbish. Please rectify the update ASAP.

  • App potential not realized

    by Xenog

    Love the potential of Airbnb as a new host. However the app has been buggy, leaving up notifications even after I've checked them. Worse, I am not able to manage my listings from the app (besides changing the calendar). I would like to be able to edit a listing and add pictures to existing listings from the app. Has a ways to go before it is really useful.

  • Love the app

    by Noobandproud

    Super easy to navigate and very good lay out. The photos are great and the listings are all cool to look through. Great app. Keep it up.

  • Amazing app

    by Khaled Gad

    It is really amazing app

  • Right hand does not know what left hand is doing

    by Mr fazzio

    Does not take debit cards....I have emailed with hosts...picked apace...dates all set, now it won't let me book...I have never had any problems with my business card....except here...and the best part....there is NO number to call for help...everything is email...I already called my bank as per their FAQ, no issues on my end....I get a generated email sayings have to wait 72hrs to get a solution from!?!? If everything books up, how am I going to plan my trip, what kind of business can't process payments!?!?

  • Great app but need iPad support

    by Lacrumpet

    Please issue an iPad-friendly version, such as horizontal support.

  • Perfectly executed app...

    by leetodolee

    I use airbnb all the time. The app is so well made though. I love it.

  • Great app, great customer service, great company

    by Epp79843

    Very happy with Airbnb!

  • Friendship makes the world a happy place

    by bipolarsquid

    AirBnB is great!

  • A+

    by App432

    Great app from a great company

  • Awesome

    by Naa Ameley

    Cheapeast way to travel and experience the local scene.

  • Traveling will never be the same again!

    by Andofish

    We LOVE airbnb!! You obviously have to make sure you and your potential host are compatible, but the experience you have during travels cannot be rivaled when you find the right people to stay with. We have made new connections all over the world. They are no longer just our hosts, but family.

  • Love it!

    by oliver holiday

    I've used this app a few times to book. I love it. I find it user friendly, and attractive. It has a few bugs, as with anything. But I'll take the good with bad because the concept is brilliant!! Love AirBNB!! Will always go here first when booking travel!! :)

  • The present and future of travel

    by C.a.m.t

    My favorite way to travel -period.

  • Please Fix This App

    by LongTimeHost

    The app requires you to accept or deny every inquiry (not just booking requests), with no option to just respond/request more info on your phone (even if you've already responded on your computer!!!) or else it remains in your priority inbox for all of eternity (complete with an annoying badge app icon!). This means it is often necessary to respond to each guest twice. If there are two guests shown at the top of Host Home (i.e. departing today/arriving today), then the text from the two images will be written over each other, making it illegible.

  • Just love it!

    by Lazy- Libran

    Love it!

  • Beautiful

    by MonavaJ

    AirBnB looks and works beautifully!

  • Please make an iPad version

    by Cactus Heavy

    Please make an iPad version.

  • Yikeso!

    by Afunk76

    The new app is an awful cumbersome slow-to-load buggy mess. Bring back the old app pretty please!!!

  • AirBNB has changed my life

    by ChicanaFeliz

    I am a single, unmarried woman, who went to college and graduate school and traveled the world. When I graduated, the economy collapsed. I struggled for 4 years until I discovered AirBNB. I made 4k in bookings the first year. The second year hosting was a full year, let's just say I made over 15k. I highly Recommend it if you are a person that can get along with others. The app is great, the customer service is better than most companies I work with on a regular basis. Just great things to say. This is more than a startup, it's here to stay. Thank you to all the staff. Mahalo and Aloha from Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Date selection

    by Noonereadit

    The date selection only work for the next month or so. What if I want to select arrival date 4 mons out? Air bnb is awesome but this app isn't, yet...

  • Money, stress, and time saved

    by Jmitchell88

    Absolutely recommend this app and website. Great service and better than a hostel or couch surfing in every way except money.

  • Love It!

    by Bourgeoiswizard

    Easy, accessible..booked, communicated, stayed and reviewed all on your app. Will use again and again

  • We love AirBnb, but...

    by holisdesigns

    the iPhone app has a LOT of bugs that make it quite difficult to use. Old inquiries stay on the home screen; notifications for new messages come in but upon opening the inbox, we are unable to see them. This makes it difficult to correspond with prospective guests when we're away from the computer. Edits to our listing don't always appear, and the app takes quite a while to reflect our up to date info. Not sure if that's the same for our guests- We're looking forward to the next iteration of this app - we love AirBnb and ease of mobile use would help us greatly! It would be nice to have the ability to update the Guidebook feature using this app as well.

  • AirBnB is a great way to pay it forward

    by prlover

    This app and ideal isa great way to help the next person learn bout others. To open your home/place for others to have a clean place to relax and take in the area with your help of the place to see or go. Love it, can't wait to get back to traveling now

  • I'll never stay in a Hotel again...

    by Hivelife280

    I'll travel the world only using this app if it's possible. AE

  • Update for iPhone is awful


    Incredibly confusing UI on updated app, very confusing to use and navigate, slow, and very different than the way it works from a PC. Love AirBnB, hate the app.

  • Awesome!

    by Nutjobbie

    Yup, awesome!

  • Great for finding you a place

    by Anttgod

    One of my top apps for traveling, I really love it and I use it any chance I get when I travel must-have if you're looking for place to stay

  • Inaccurate alerts

    by Jo to

    I just recently became a host on AirBnB and this iPhone app is confusing. Like another reviewer said, the messages disappear or don't update and it continues to show an alert despite you having already read the message. Very random and confusing.

  • crashing

    by Cindy123455

    Beautiful, efficient site but after last update randomly crashes on me. Will have to use non-mobile site until fixed. Using ipad mini...

  • Life changer

    by Fusicology

    This app has changed my life - traveling has never been better or cheaper.

  • Love Airbnb

    by Krodney

    I wish more people would travel this way. I love traveling as if I were a local. Getting to stay in actual neighborhoods is THE BEST way to experience an area. Hotels are always in someplace like "Times Square". I love getting to meet people living in different countries it always feels like I'm staying with friends.

  • Absolutely essential travel app!

    by Nathaniel Papa

    Why pay for a hotel when you can stay in a fully equipped home for half the cost? The places to stay are great and the hosts I have met have been excellent.

  • Makes travel super simple

    by Bsuzanne

    Airbnb is a fantastic concept, and the apps - on iPhone and iPad - are great. Love the new layout displaying beautiful listings from around the world, while keeping the process of searching and booking with hosts straightforward and efficient.

  • Help this app

    by Cstout17

    I love airbnb but the new app is quite useless as a host and for searching for locations to rent.

  • Save $$$$

    by Rastro456

    Great service! EZ app to use. This is perfect for either the person who would use a hotel only for the bed/sleep, and doesn't need hotel facilities. When on vacation, I'm typically on the go and out the door early am, and back late night. Too much to do. Hotels seemed a waste of money. This is the perfect solution!! Saved lots of $$$.

  • Amazing

    by amberdmills

    I love this service

  • Kool but keeps crashing

    by Sunshine49131

    Great app. Nicely put together but crashes every 5-10 mins.

  • so helpful, it's crazy awesome

    by preciousmouse

    this app has been a lifesaver for our move across country. it's accurate and fast. READ the reviews, that's what makes this work!

  • Disappointing

    by Air bnb Fan

    The phone app is not user friendly and occasionally freeze. I am surprised by the low level of functionality.

  • Perfect way for booking

    by mreyesg

    The iPhone version is completely useful for booking, you will get all the information that you need for rooms and their owners, you can book, pay and contact the host, all inside the app!

  • Search crash!

    by sergiobelleza

    Everytime that I search apartments the app crashes and I loose all the search. Which makes it impossible to search.

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