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Languages: English, German, SE, Spanish

Seller: AirAsia Berhad

• New service offering Hi-flyer
• Flight change
• Bug Fixes

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Always on-the-go? No problemo!

Book and check-in your flights the easy way with the all-new AirAsia Mobile App. The simple layout eases the booking process. You can easily pick the lowest ALL-IN-FARE, enter your details and confirm your booking.

Now with the new Manage My Bookings feature you may sign-in with your AirAsia ID to check all your bookings, check-in and have the freedom to choose any of our wonderful add-ons that make your journey with us all the cosier!

It includes inflight meals, pick your seat, increase your baggage allowance, enjoy inflight entertainment and even get a travel insurance!

Skip the queues and print your boarding pass when you scan your mobile barcode at the airport kiosk. You will receive the mobile barcode when you check-in through your phone.

What’s more, you may also view comprehensive travel guides of your favorite destinations.

Please note that this app is compatible with Mobile devices. Stay tuned for updates on our Tablet app which is in the works!

Customer Reviews

  • Impressive

    by its_emt

    Looks really cool, pretty fast, nice new features. Be great to be express booking.

  • Integrate with passbook

    by CocaCola121

    Should integrate this app with passbook

  • Great work ! Mobile check in works flawlessly.

    by pljkpljk

    Finally the new updates allowed me to view my seat number for mobile check in. Tried couple times and works well with my iPhone 5. Thanks!

  • Passbook maybe?

    by a-pp-mazing

    It would be good to follow suit with other awesome airline to use an awesome thing called passbook in the iOS environment. It's pretty awesome n it will make the iPhone iPod iPad users look pretty cool at the airport, if not already. How about that? Cheers :)

  • Nice

    by antidotum

    Nice app

  • We need passbook!

    by njzhe

    I wish the next version will support passbook:)

  • Please support iPad and Passbook!

    by nsfeng

    Current app works well, but it will much more better if support iPad and iPhone 5 Passbook.

  • Great apps

    by BenJat

    Nice to have this app back. Cool new interface.. 2 thumb up for the apps. Hope the dev will inprove app speed.

  • Getting worse

    by Wh1t3

    You just wrecked this app with the new update. With the time bar sticking there. Although i rather want to have the app not to be full screen, but at least if you have to, make it properly! Passbook integration is also missing!

  • ugly icon

    by wysardli

    Make it better plz

  • The most useless app for an airline

    by Deep_Blue

    Useless app as it stands

  • Tried to do 2 things neither worked

    by Ahn on a mouse

    I tried to book a connecting flight Beijing to Bangkok. Can't do it. I tried to access FAQ and no luck.

  • Cannot change date

    by Noj91111

    I cannot change the dates when searching for flights. The date will change back to original values when I click done.

  • Useless

    by Paynandez

    2nd time within a week, I can't check in via this app.. It keeps loading and loading till I sleep..

  • Was waiting

    by Eaglekcc

    Was waiting for this app in mobile as its one among the lowest price flight in the world ,Thk u air Asia .

  • Bugs!!

    by Natsumi.L

    Cannot delete used 2D bar code, cannot scroll down to open/view new barcode. Please fix it. iOS 6.1.3

  • Cannot scan 3rd bar code

    by Roger Lau

    When there are more than 2 bar code, there is no way to scroll down to the 3rd one. That stops me from scanning the bar code. Luckily I typed my email address, which is not compulsory and I wanted to skip that in the first place. I'm using it in iPhone 5.

  • Passbook support!

    by zhb94430

    Plz add passbook support!

  • Worst than previous version!

    by iPhone three G

    Check the flights, all shown unavailable …

  • Worse

    by Mootze76

    The updated version won't display the barcode on my phone. Also older barcodes can't be deleted. Previous version is better.

  • actual worse than the last one

    by adamwhiteley

    Thus isn't an app its a shrinked wrapped url that sends you a badly formatted website. Come on guys you have the best flights in SE Asia and could do better. A lot better can not delete old boarding passes ( which due to the update are now showing as null) I can't log in to my online account (the last app promised this) loading times times are slow and the has to reset and have to be reset and the ticket is sent to my email rather than using passbook feature on iOS 6, no reminders for flights please take a looooong look at EasyJet app; I'll be booking my next seat over the desktop. As for apple shame for letting such crap onto the app store

  • Previous one is better

    by Nobud10

    The look of the app is great..but please make it can be log in so that my every transactions can get into my account..

  • What's on your mind?

    by Quinnezus

    The previous version is far more functional than this one. You're supposed to make it better not worse. Improved interface with less functionalities. Thumbs down!

  • Dislike!!!

    by Иностранец

    Previous version was much more better!

  • Upgrade

    by King monster730

    Pls upgrade your app......because we check it brunei to thailand does not have...if in internet there are have....pls upgrade it

  • Really really disappointed

    by Theodore Springman

    Commong AirAsia, you could have done much better. Even previous app was way more nice to use than current. Interface is poor, feels like a computer game for 2yo kids, images on a front screen are unecessary huge, very slow, buggy and crashes a lot. Please go back to a sketching board. Better invest more in an app itself, in a long run it will pay more than one of the huge billboards in the streets of KL.

  • I get it now.

    by tirrus

    After spending an hour and a half going back and forth between this app, my bank, and Air Asia live chat support, I gave up and booked elsewhere. The app malfunctions on my iOS 5 iPhone 4S: lots of "Unexpected Error" and having to start over again upon submitting the final booking request, telling me my valid credit card's CVV is invalid, or repeatedly seeming to succeed with a booking only to cancel it an hour or so later due to "incomplete payment." I confirmed with my bank that the app was submitting a bogus expiration date for my credit card details (this month's date) rather than the one I was entering. This app looks very shiny but is a train wreck.

  • Terrible....

    by App-itty

    This app is a disaster. Keeps crashing, no storage of personal info etc. relatively to its competitors, tiger etc, they got this app all wrong. The only thing useful is the flight schedule, otherwise it's just sh*t. Don't even bother. Your better off calling and booking....if you have to fly by air Asia. G

  • Apps slow

    by Alan Teng

    Apps loading and flight search is slow, plus I don't like the fact that it has to reload again once you exit instead of continue where you left off

  • 闪退

    by airasiateam


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