Yahoo Sports Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: Yahoo! Sports
  • Updated: Jul, 31 2008
  • Version: 5.0.2
  • Size: 41.44 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: Yahoo! Sports

• Added coverage of the 2014 Sochi Games
• Improved news feed and article navigation
• Added settings option to hide Top Loop on game details
• Accessibility improvements
• Improved loading and navigation performance
• Fixed a few crashes and other bugs

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Customer Ratings

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85 Ratings
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122620 Ratings


Fast and clean scores, news, stats & more. Transform your favorite moments from the game into an animated Loop, only on Yahoo Sports.

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Yahoo Sports is designed to be incredibly fast while still providing the in-depth sports coverage every true fan needs. Easy access to scores, news and stats in a clean, simple layout. Get personalized live scores and information on your favorite teams, player, and leagues.

New! Transform and share your favorite sports moments into Loops! [Note: Only available for select games]

Sync your favorite teams across Yahoo Sports on the web and your mobile apps for one-tap access to the scores and news you can’t miss.

All-new game, team and player pages with easier access to news in a beautiful design optimized for iOS7.

SIgn in to Yahoo Sports to keep track of your Fantasy Football players directly from game details.

- Customize your alerts and get instant reminders for specific events, like game start, scoring plays, red-zone or close game situations.
- Breaking news and award-winning editorial stories from the bloggers and experts at Yahoo! Sports.
Get coverage of all the action from MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR and more.
- Follow the top international soccer leagues, including coverage from Barclays Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and Champions League.
- Detailed player pages with season stats and fantasy sports news.
- Full team pages with local news, rosters, schedules and more.
- Stats junkies can get their fix with league and team stats leaders.
- Live game Tweets from local beat writers for the ultimate gameday couch companion.

Fan tested – and approved. Download today for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Sportacular is the trademark or registered trademark of Citizen Sports and Yahoo! Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app but needs bugs fixed

    by Bmoreravens33011

    I use this app everyday to see when my team is playing, the spread, channel to view it on ect. Recently I added a team to my favorites by accident and I now I can't get rid of it, please fix... very annoying. Also the loops should be able to be disabled. Overall a great app but I need my favorites fixed ASAP!

  • By far the best sports app

    by Sumanthk

    Yahoo sports is by far the best sports app out there on the App Store, bets ESPN Scorecenter by a mile

  • college basketball scores

    by Bill X.

    If there is two teams ranked in the top 25 don't show the same score twice just because there in the top 25

  • Great App

    by John Gilbert

    Best sports ap on iPad, I use it for every. Game I want to. Follow even if it is on TV.

  • Like the new look

    by storm system

    The redesigned app is nice. It's easy to find scores from many different sports and leagues, and read articles. Sometimes the articles seem a bit outdated. For college sports, I like being able to search for games within a specific conference. Very user-friendly.

  • Crashes

    by Kuhada

    It's one of the best apps I use this a lot but right now it crashes for no reason it worked great before but now it crashes I reinstalled it still it crashes do something

  • The LOOPS are dumb!

    by Global gazer

    If you have to put them in, put at the end of the scores. I hate seeing that first when I want to quickly catch up on a score. They are silly! Adds nothing to your app.

  • Still no alerts

    by KaraN09

    This app was awesome for weeks, but it really let me down the last couple. It finally kicked it back into high gear today, actually delivering game alerts in a timely manner.


    by NewGenUfcFan

    Lately there has only been maybe 10-15 news articles in the "trending news" section. Before now it used to be like 100 articles. Why????

  • Get rid of the ads!!

    by Whitey_Fisk

    I was a pro member years ago and loved it, absolutely no ads. Now, they dumped that option and permanently went freemium. Please bring back an in app purchase to lose these eyesores.

  • Better than ESPN's app!

    by Patrick Davis

    I used to use ESPN's "ScoreCenter" app until a friend showed me Yahoo's app. I loved immediately and deleted ESPN's app soon after. I've never had any problems with favorite teams or alerts. You can click on anything to get more info on whatever you want. Very intuitive, user-friendly interface. I highly recommend this app!

  • Glitch

    by Money123tjg

    What the F. This has been my go to for the last year. Glitching the the last couple of days. Had to switch to espn app. Please fix!

  • New update... Woof

    by Jc3550jc

    Typically a good app. Unfortunately the new updates are baaaaad. Nothing works and what does just has no flow.

  • Best sports app

    by eggman22

    Use this app for all sports NFL, premier league, NCAAB. seriously my favorite app that I've dloaded. Idk what all the bad reviews are for... Great for news rankings and scores!

  • Meh, it's ok.

    by J*Lewis

    News stories are all over the place. The only real advantage over the ESPN app, is accessibility to stats.

  • Thank You Yahoo

    by Blindgator

    Wanted to thank the Yahoo App Developers for building VoiceOver Accesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssibility of the app, and realizing that yes, blind people are sports fans to.

  • Add

    by R@88It

    If we could get some college baseball added, that would be great!

  • Get Rid Of Ads!

    by msentre

    I would give the new version 5 stars if they get rid of ads. I kept old version & use - no ads!

  • It's about time

    by YankeeFreak84

    It's about time the loops are optioned out. Now it's the best app out there

  • Please update EPL top scorer and etc

    by SangSang5

    Its been broken since october

  • Best BUT,

    by Gmaytag

    It is the best sports app out there for scores but for about a week now the app shuts down on my 5S any time I try to read news on any fine on IPad, WTH?!?!?

  • Downhill

    by rgoble4

    They killed off the pro version, leaving those customers in the lurch. Now the only option is this horrible ad filled "upgrade". No thanks. Also, a "paid tip" in app purchase but not one to remove ads? You people are terrible.

  • Can't open app anymore

    by 124847273885832

    I can't even open this anymore. It just crashes every time I try

  • Removing Favorites

    by Kyle Suds

    Can't remove favorited team. Please fix.

  • Update horrible

    by Jwheel6162

    This is the first time I've ever reviewed an app but I can't believe how such a great app that I used everyday on my iPhone and iPad could all of a sudden turn into something totally unrecognizable?! What's with only a landscape view on my iPad?! And what's w all the news articles taking up 2/3 of the screen?! And where's my favorite teams I used to have?! Your app now looks like something a couple of grade school kids put together. I just deleted it! Come on YAHOO! Give us back the old app!

  • Update 5.0 makes it slower

    by daxmandude

    Up until now, this was the best sports app to have on your phone. With the incorporation of this lame "loop" feature, which essentially shows unfunny gif memes that people made, selecting a game is now delayed a second or two to load them. This is extremely infuriating for us use to how fast the old one was, please at least ad an in app option to disable it devs!! Edit: this latest point update has added terribly annoying yahoo ads. It's disingenuous when these companies do this crap. Running on iphone 5s w/ latest updates

  • Plz fix update

    by Wildeyes410

    It has been so slow. I'm going to switch to the ESPN app. This is awful

  • Fd up app!!!

    by pdgnpg

    Now you have fukd up ur app along with all the other sports apps. Geez...

  • Trash now

    by Jeffrothunder

    Scores don't auto update after new app update fix it

  • Buggy

    by engine9

    Live scores and stats keep jumping from current to earlier stats. Sometimes no feed at all comes through. This is with full reception and WiFi connection alike, not just on one instance. Very frustrating when tracking a live game.

  • Doesn't work since update

    by Chubrok

    Ever since the last update... Nothing has worked. Now it won't even load. Just black screen with spinning wheel. Tried delete and re-install two separate times. Nothing. I miss when it was "sportacular".

  • Was great. Now useless

    by kilopro

    Won't even open. I've been using this for years. Now it won't even open. Try to hire a Q/A person before putting out this junk. Shameful.

  • Takes Forever Too Load Since Update

    by Omac713

    Before the update everything was fine,although I still get my score notifications but when I open the app as of today is won't load the scores



    I want to see players game logs & make the news smaller on the players in ipad version/ bigger emphasis on stats. Also it is SO SLOW AND LAGGY!!! Also make a portrait ability for iPad and a landscape mode for iPhone. DOESNT EVEN WORK NOW AS Of 2/5

  • Used to be great, then the loops came

    by ChiliFF45

    This used to be my go to sports app. Then they added "loops"...essentially animated GIFs tailored to each game made by fans. The loops are dumb and they slow down the app horribly. It should not take 10 seconds to load the game screen, and I don't want to see the annoying loops. I'm moving on.

  • Add

    by R@88It

    If we could get some college baseball added, that would be great. Also app keeps crashing and won't load scores.

  • Annoyed

    by Jorge124643734

    This used to be my favorite sports app, now the pictures don't work in the news section. Nuff said

  • This app is a piece of sh$t

    by Doobies408

    Cant even check scores cuz it lags so dam much.

  • Bad update

    by Landonecohen

    Used to recommend this app to everybody over the espn app - this update made everything super slow. The pictures, loops, etc... are unnecessary - please get rid of these and go back to normal. Used to be a terrific app, easily the best scores app

  • Everything loads too SLOW!!

    by Tyster1998

    Everything loads too slowly, sometimes things wont even load please fix on iphone 5s

  • Team alerts turn off

    by Joshisstupid

    After I establish team alerts they turn off on their own. Tried deleting app multiple times and it still occurs. Please fix ASAP

  • Alerts messed up

    by ajdidonato3

    For some reason once I enable an alert I can't disable it , and I can't unfavorite teams with out it automatically going back to my favorites

  • Terrible

    by Human user of this app

    I can't disable alerts for teams I designate as favorites. iPhone 5S

  • Broken

    by Textfree fan

    App won't even open after the update. Just a black screen with a spinning circle... FAIL

  • Done with it

    by Flashinapan

    Liked it as long as it worked, locked up and won't open anymore, time to move on with another sport app

  • Worked great until last night

    by Pdx33

    I love this app, but last night it went crazy and the same thing is happening again tonight. Scores are updating extremely slowly. Until this is fixed I'm going to be using the espn app.

  • Used to love this...

    by Uncle L

    I get generating revenue, but it feels cheap to foist the ads upon us.

  • This app is frustrating

    by Theserg0

    Hate this app. It crashes all the time or doesn't load. Great design but it's useless most of the time.

  • New Loops

    by hbkxham

    New loop feature stinks. Does anyone need this info?

  • What Happened

    by J_breez

    What the hell did you guys do? All through football season I thought this was the best app to have when it came to sports. In comes this "Sochi" update and it all goes to crap, I either get a black screen or the app is so slow a snail would win in a race.

  • Loved it, now annoying

    by shceivets

    I have enjoyed the app for quick updates and tracking my favorite teams. However yesterday I started receiving duplicate alerts and ones I hadn't asked for. Now I can't turn off certain alerts for my favorite teams nor can I have the app forget my favorite team (in an attempt to reset the alerts). I had to disable notifications from this app just to keep it usable but what's the point?

  • Terrible

    by Turtlewexler

    Since the last update, videos embedded in stories don't show up. The loops are really annoying and should be able to be blocked.

  • Won't fetch data

    by JLH15

    The iPad version won't give any info. I deleted the app and reinstalled and now it says "trouble fetching your data". I getting nothing.

  • Bad update recently.

    by BG Golfer

    Favorites broken. Deleted the app. Switched to the Score. Buh bye.

  • One star because it keeps repeating "Game Starting…" alerts

    by iamhondo

    One star because it keeps repeating "Game Starting…" alerts. One star because it keeps repeating "Game Starting…" alerts. One star because it keeps repeating "Game Starting…" alerts. One star because it keeps repeating "Game Starting…" alerts. Annoying? Yeah.

  • Yahoo Sports

    by David Barber

    Was my favorite sports app. New version is a data hog, can't turn off video loops.

  • decent...

    by nickname 1874889

    except for loops. they are annoying to me and should be option to disable. for now will just delete.

  • App layout is great

    by ShahZubin11

    Layout is good and would love and actually pay for this app if stats were right. Season Stats are WRONG!!! E.G Look at FF for Robert Quinn this season. The app says he had 0. He actually had 7. The FF category is wrong for EVERY Player, it shows 0 for everybody. ******************* Add ability when looking at stats to look at old years. Like instead of having last game and this season have this season and an option to choose which season wanted to look at. I would literally pay $10 for this app if it had these 2 fixes. Please fix soon.

  • Decent App

    by Thefed01

    I'm NOT psyched about the lack of NCAA Men's Ice Hockey, but it's a decent app to track (other) sports teams. Perhaps, in addition to adding said sports, you could show a National TV Coverage Map for the game chosen....

  • One suggestion

    by drode714

    Could you maybe add a search option for what college NBA, golf etc players that went to in next update.....otherwise great last update......Love the LOOPS!!!!

  • Great looking app with all the info you need

    by RaptorClaw

    ... Love the new loops feature as well.

  • Love it

    by Ukrainian Sausage

    Great app. Very intuitive, everything you need right where you expect it to be.

  • Better than SportsCenter...flat out

    by Sir dada

    Sexier, faster, less ads

  • Love it but

    by Diok_MhF

    Love this app but since updating to 5.0.1 seems more slow on transition

  • Yahoo! Sportacular app

    by Tarheelcam

    Loved this app a lot. It is very useful and helpful. I highly recommend this app.

  • Get rid of Loops

    by Skwada

    Or at least give the option to turn them off

  • Great app but...

    by CesarDG

    If you would add the Mexican soccer league, my life will be complete. The league is actually getting pretty big so it would be a great asset if you add this.

  • Almost great...

    by neptuneis

    Except for the loops.

  • It's okay.

    by Rachmo23

    I really wish it would tell you the end of game score for all your favorite teams. Instead your only option is to be notified of when the game is "close" with like ten mins left in the game. But I guess it's still better than sports center and it's so much easier to look at your favorite teams and their upcoming games and schedules than in the updated score center app

  • Great App

    by WyoB

    This is a great App! I do have one request, please add Rugby coverage!

  • Great... EXCEPT

    by Fuzzmaster

    It still crashes an inordinate amount of times. However, huge improvements have been made since I first downloaded it. Loops are great but glitch a lot. If I try to go to a certain point in time it can warp or crash. Fix constant crash issues that have always plagued the app, and fix the sign in for yahoo! and it's a 5 star app no question. For some reason I've been logged off and can't get back in for now

  • Decent

    by Yeahfunret

    Getting real tired it not saving my info. Every time I open it it goes to NBA scores which I've removed from my sports many times. Probably going to start searching for a new app

  • Great app

    by Ah Kyi

    My best sport app is the one.

  • Sweet

    by Mike Lan

    Big fan of the app. I use t everyday!

  • Best sports app

    by Salahuddin15

    Big improvement in the recent update. NBA section got improved quite a bit. For whatever reason the 'game leaders' section disappeared for awhile, but glad to see it back. Best sports app in the App Store!

  • Loops? Really?

    by Team Dave

    Get rid of the loops, unless you're marketing to 12-15 year olds....if you are, top notch!

  • Good except for loops

    by Danwv

    Good app except I'm forced to watch video I don't want to see.

  • Greatest Sports APP!!

    by Elbori787

    There is no better app out there for sports... I have used it for 2 years now, and never had a problem with the app. On the contrary it keep getting better and better with the updates. I recommend it.

  • Loops were a bad idea

    by bearfan63

    Too many inappropriate loops. Love everything else about this app though

  • Great app. Hate the "loops"!

    by Toddlerbot

    Loops are stupid and annoying. Anything crowd-sourced usually is.

  • Worthless


    The app keeps the loading icon going but never displays anything but a black screen. Please fix then I will update stars.

  • Stop the updates!!! useless features, slows it down

    by Andrew Jacobs

    This is the only sports app I use, I love it. But everytime they update it, it gets worse. first they got rid of the awesome chats, and replaced them with tweets which I hate. Then the new loops. Everything is slower. I hate it now!

  • Some necessary changes....

    by Sir Ater

    The loops need to go....I miss being able to select my game alerts without going into the alerts seem hidden/hard to find....still unable to have a screen with just the games that have alerts.

  • 75% of the time, it wont open, and im on high speed wifi

    by Hgdthbddgjfd

    75% of the time when i try to open the app, all i get is a grey page with a spinning wheel telling me to wait. That goes on for hours.

  • Yup!

    by tommy4194


  • Best sports app ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Crazy girl

    Oh my gosh!! This is the best sports app ever. Most of the loops a funny. It always keep u up on the games. Get it.

  • The Best Sports Score App

    by earlhensley

    The best. Simple to use. Intuitive user interface. Up to date scores and news.

  • New loop brings profanity

    by Goober5773

    The app has been decent to use, sometimes buggy but overall okay. But the new loop feature is annoying to begin with, not to mention how expletives are allowed to flash across. Consider this app removed.

  • Great sports app!!!

    by Cougar23

    Best app for sports

  • Need tv network

    by Jimbo59c

    Great app. Faster than Score center since iOS 7. I would like to see the tv network for pro and college games.

  • Not bad

    by kendroid02

    Updating my review to dock 2 stars for Loops, which are annoying and slow down the app. An option to not auto-play them would bump my rating back up to 4 stars.

  • Loops need to go

    by ReviewGuy610

    Or at least have an option to turn them off. Loops are pretty stupid. Another glitch is that the app will start up on a random sport as opposed to the sport you last viewed before closing the app.

  • Top loops?

    by Youngbambi

    Bad update. Take "loops" away and bring back fantasy players and their stats.

  • Broken

    by luvstewi

    I used to love this app, but lately it doesn't open up just blank screens!! Please fix!

  • Great, needs quicker standing update

    by Bondrkm

    Overall a great app, would like to see the standings be updated upon the completion of each game. Minor complaint though.

  • blazing fast and improved ui. works great !!!

    by antman27

    nice improvements!! Loops are awesome!!! Yes !!

  • Please fix

    by Tyster1998

    Whenever i check the winning percentage of two teams it never changes it always the same percentage but the number of people that have voted changes, please fix on iphone 5s

  • Overall great app!!

    by LHDADDY

    I watch a lot of football and hockey and this app works great for both. I can set lam kinds of alerts for favorite teams, game starts, red zone, score changes etc. my only nit picky complaint is that it could have more information for MMA... But overall I live the app.

  • Love this app!

    by Samanthalakers4life

    I love all the new changes to the app! The UI is amazing and the pages load so quickly. The loops feature is really cool and makes the app so much better

  • Yahoo Sports App #10

    by Xxxspecial

    This keeps you up to date on scores. Gives you everything your looking for in a sports App!

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