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Seller: United States Olympic Committee

Added Flurry Analytics. Updated the Featured Athletes list to include Bobby Brown.

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"The official Team USA 2014 Road to Sochi application provided by the United States Olympic Committee. The app will follow the making of Team USA and the athletes' results and experiences in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Key features of the application include,
• Daily updates of who is making the team
• Unique and timely editorial content on competing athletes and sports served daily
• Athlete social media links and custom-made “cheer” button which enables users to send personal messages to athletes via Facebook and Twitter
• In-depth athlete bios, photo galleries and video clips, and a ""My Team USA"" section which allows user to customize the feeds from their favorite athletes
• Ability to donate to Team USA or support the team by purchasing official Team USA gear"

Customer Reviews

  • Simple, but decent

    by Xplosionist

    There's a bug I think tho, as it lists events starting Feb 6 at 1am EDT. Unless thats a different time than I think it is, it's not eastern daylight time where I am, until summer.

  • LeTter Size

    by Nevada GAP

    How can I get the writing on my iPad larger in order to be able to see it? Very nice looking. Easy to move about. Left thumb for back, right for menu.

  • Boycott Sochi

    by Seth666

    USA should not be participating in this Olympics. That is all. Oh, P.S. this app is good. Lulz

  • Well-designed, inspiring, informative

    by BookCindy

    I love this! You can learn about the journey of individual athletes before the Games-- including many Paralympic athletes. Click on the athlete's photo and then on surrounding icons for factoids and a well-made 3-minute film. Check out Rico Roman and sled hockey!

  • 'Merica!

    by joebob1421

    Awesome app!

  • GO U.S.A. GOLD

    by mackdeaner

    All USA ATHLETES we are far but if you listen well you can hear are support!! Bring home the GOLD!!!

  • Cool app Go USA!!!!

    by Brosiah01

    Needs better stability for older iOS like 5 please fix this. Other wise it is a great app. So Stoked for the Olympics

  • Beautiful presentation of the athletes

    by bluemanmini

    This app is designed well and visually appealing. Nice work!

  • Beautiful presentation of the athletes

    by bluemanmini

    This app is designed well and visually appealing. Nice work!

  • GO USA

    by Katie

    I love this app!!! Super easy to use, im looking fowerd yo the olyimpics!!

  • Looks Useful

    by nursenancy23

    This will be a good app with which to follow the Olympics, but I notice the times are EDT, which doesn't start until March. Do I have to adjust the times to EST?

  • Go USA!

    by Falkon97

    4 stars because this is an excellent app with a slight downfall. Though it says it's minimum requirements are iOS 4.3, it has some major stability issues on older devices, particularly those running iOS 5, to the point where it's essentially unusable. Fix that and you've got a 5-star app. Go U.S. hockey!

  • Go Team USA!

    by JESUSfreeq

    Great to have an app to keep track of Team USA's progress with!

  • Great App! Very well done!

    by cindyny9

    Great format and so easy to navigate. Kudos to the designers!! Great reference to get familiar with the athletes and their stories. Hope to see standings, medal counts, etc. as games progress.

  • Great!

    by JaySeeG

    This is a great app to explore your favorite sport's Team USA representative!

  • Somewhat Okay

    by Timothy116

    Can't get twitter interface to work. Other areas are hard to. "Learn as you go". Areas that work are great.

  • App works just fine.

    by matt90915

    Someone said it is "slow" it is not slow at all. It is their device.

  • Nicely done!

    by underH20

    I'd like to see a medal count by Country!

  • Great work...

    by FunnyIam

    I love the design and pictures used in it... Videos are nice too...

  • Nicely done. Possibly add city and state

    by Nicenicenice152627338

    Great images and navigation. I would like to see the city and state under each member of the team. I look forward to following the athletes representing our country through this app

  • Menu problems

    by Wordy Dan

    Looks nice, but menuing does not work well and selecting options does not work well.

  • Doesn't extend to easily follow Olympics.

    by Rayder13A

    This app is horrible if you want to follow team USA in the games. There is no way to track medals and the schedule of events isn't set up well. I going to replace it with another app.

  • Not for following the whole Olympics.

    by waybacmac

    Packed with all sorts of info about the members of the American team but not really good for following events. Took me to the NBC website where you’re supposed to be able to see schedule for live streams but turned out to be the full size site, and I mean FULL size, not the mobile version. Couldn’t resize for my iPhone’s screen so it was useless.

  • Crashing all the time

    by tornado6678

    I just installed this & every time I try to search something else in the menu it crashes. Please fix quickly as the Olympics don't last forever.

  • Missing a women's ski jumper

    by SlyNort

    Where is Lindsey Van!!!

  • Needs Work

    by Terrible App Update

    This app really has potential (I loved the London Olympics app) but it crashes every time I try to do anything with it. Until it stops crashing it's no good.

  • horrible

    by ButterfingersForever16

    I got this app so I could learn more about the sochi Olympics and whose in it, but every time I open the app it closes back down right away I HATE IT!

  • Looks pretty, but it mostly just links you to full size web pages

    by kwalk14

    For the Beijing Olympic Games there was an app that allowed me to get notifications for when the sports I wanted to watch were on, gave me updates, etc. It was like the ESPN score center app. This is nothing like that. It's as poorly done as the Sochi games themselves: flashy, over budget, and without substance.

  • Just a glorified web site

    by Púca

    Nothing works if you don't have an internet connection. Doesn't use your iPhone Facebook account, you have to log in *again* to use Facebook. It opens web pages but doesn't show you the full page (you must scroll horizontally). In fact the app only works horizontally. Microscopic fonts on the iPad mini. Just go to the web site. Nothing to see here.

  • Nothing special

    by 1234DrDre1234

    Only choosing of featured sportsmen is something interesting

  • Go USA

    by Niners Rule

    Great app! The imagery and content is awesome. Very smooth too.

  • Go Team USA!

    by TheBigEasy12122

    Beautiful App. The pictures look great on my Retina Display. I also like the look & feel. Nicely Done.

  • Love the app!!

    by Startbaseballplayer

    I love this app but it is very slow and does not 'flow'. If that's fixed, I would give it five stars. Also, in order to drastically elevate the value of this app, I purpose adding results section where I can see instant results from the events.

  • App-tastic!

    by Team USA supporter

    I love all the photos of the athletes and the videos about their training and nutrition. The social media feeds are great to follow their journeys in Russia.



    2nd reviewer :) The format, swiping, and appearance of the app is smooth and beautiful. Very proud to support Team USA! Occasionally crashes; I'm also playing music, so that's probably part of the problem. I'm rooting for you, Polina Edmunds! GO TEAM USA!

  • USA! USA!

    by Go Sashi

    Great app ... can't wait to see Sashi make history. Good luck Team USA! Kudos to the app developers!

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