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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: Time Inc.
  • Updated: Sep, 01 2009
  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 5.67 MB

Languages: English

Seller: TI Media Solutions Inc.

Added push notification, fixed crashing issues with photo galleries

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Reading TIME's trusted journalism anytime, anywhere just got easier for iPhone users. Get the latest news, read opinion and analysis from TIME influential bloggers, and browse through award-winning photography and TIME’s hugely popular Lists.

Customer Reviews

  • Fix crash bug favorites icon

    by Bienna S

    Please fix the bug that makes the app crash when I try to view my favorite articles. I Like the app except I wish it had the articles showcased in the paper magazine.

  • Time app works fine - no crashing

    by Good here

    Wish it would mirror latest magazine. Would give it a 5 if it did that. Newsfeed good. Not crashing on IPhone 4. Do not know why others have problem or I do not.

  • Clunky & Sometimes freezes

    by Hubz2007

    For me, I don't notice it crashing very often, but it does need an update for iOS 7 & to take advantage of the 4in next gen screen.

  • When it refreshes, it's great

    by Sarah Curtis

    ... But when it doesn't, the wheel spins and spins and no articles will load. This is an ongoing problem.

  • App works just fine

    by Dali5558

    Great app for go to news updates. I had no issues with bugs.

  • Time Mobile

    by D. Hill

    A very good app worthy of the TIME name. Provides interesting articles day to day, provides Top Ten lists, most popular articles, customization of menu layout according to what topics you are interested in, save articles for later feature as well as more. The only downside is won't connect to other articles when link is provided in previous article.

  • Updates

    by Stodr1

    Good news stories, but popular section hasn't updated for my iPhone 4S since mod-April. In fact, I don't think I've received a pushed update since I got the app. Come on, Time...

  • Ads, Ads

    by maxurbn

    Nagging ad at bottom of the screen. Gets in the way of reading articles.

  • Crashes

    by Nicole Forever

    This app would be amazing if they would fix all the bugs! It constantly crashes and some parts of it like the popular page doesn't update itself. I hope these issues can be resolved

  • Wellll.......

    by Reindeer meat

    My favorite thing on Time magazine are the pictures and u cant tap to zoom the pics. They are too small. And the app is still the same size as iPhone 4. It needs to be updated to fit the 5.

  • What's up with the crashing?

    by Dkdrdjsnbehxjjabdb

    Would love this app if it didn't crash so frequently. Mostly occurs when changing sections.

  • Mediocre

    by smoothedward

    So much about this app is mediocre. I can't get it to share with Facebook either.

  • Argh

    by Purrcat

    Crashes when I try to view favorited articles!! Fix it please!!!!!

  • Worthless

    by anti anonymous

    At least update to use the iphone 5 screen. This app is a joke.

  • App seems to have been abandoned by TIME Inc.

    by ffass

    No further development of this app, doesn’t even fill up the screen on the iPhone 5. Mystifying that a major publication would not continually invest on content delivery to the vast smartphone market.

  • Needs Updating

    by YonzoSpecial

    Great articles but the app needs to be desperately updated. Namely adding iOS 7 support to give the app a fresh new look and adding iPhone 5/5s support to fix the annoyingly small resolution. I haven't encountered any crashes like what other reviews state. Other than that this app gives you access to Time Magazines many interesting articles, I only wish the app experience was better.

  • The Crash App

    by Janette Smith

    Crashes every time on Science and Popular. Cannot tell you how many times I have deleted and reinstalled this app, like that's really going to help. Get someone who knows what they are doing to fix your app Time.

  • The Crash App

    by Janette Smith

    Crashes every time on Science and Popular. Cannot tell you how many times I have deleted and reinstalled this app, like that's really going to help. Get someone who knows what they are doing to fix your app Time.

  • Complete rubbish

    by eggimage

    enough said

  • Hello?

    by Alex bbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    Can we get an update? Please? Constantly crashing.

  • Really Time?

    by Kyrianin

    Can't afford to update your up? It's almost a year old! No support for iPhone 5? Will it even work on ios7?

  • Still crashes when loading articles

    by DDupMul

    Time Mobile has some of the very best in-depth (for mobile) articles out there, once you can get to an article long enough to read it. The app crashes mainly when loading articles. Some articles crash 5 times before a successful load. Other articles crash only one time before a successful load. Rarely do I find an article which loads clean an the first load. I have my own special tricks which seem to improve my chances of loading clean: 1) don't do things too quickly, instead give the app time to load the article. 2) if possible, slowly scroll past the image/media at the beginning of the article -- that seems to be the biggest reason for crashing. These steps only increase my chances of reading an article a slight amount, but I at least feel like I have better chances. Once an article is fully loaded, however, the chances are very high that you can read the entire article. Is all of this worth it? Yes! Maybe they are crashing the app on purpose to increase the mystique of the articles - something that you have to work for :-) I do hope they get this fixed!


    by Whitfoto

    Really? An in app ad for the app itself? Do any of you have a clue? I know Time/Life is all about selling me on more and more, but come on, I'm already using the app you want me to get. Talk about circular logic!

  • Doesn't Work

    by mskindawg

    When I open an article it says Timed Out and Data Unavailable. Pretty useless...

  • No iPhone 5 support

    by Bose 22

    Not optimized for iPhone 5 and has large, obtrusive ads.

  • Outdated app

    by Joe Gatling

    Does not support iPhone 5.

  • Needs iPhone 5 screen support

    by Curty87


  • Worst app ever

    by anijiati

    I'm so disappointed to see such a frustrating app from TIME, one of the best magazines in the US. I want to ask the editor, what kind of courage and confidence makes you believe that its ready for us to download? Have you ever looked at other apps that are so amazing and eye-appealing? I'm so sorry for the guy who hired you. Shame on you.

  • Some articles not accessible

    by App not ready

    Some articles are available on the website (without logging on), but this app only shows the title. Coincidentally, the very first article I tried to read with this app (a business article about Lego) had this problem.

  • Loyalty lost.

    by roman simmons

    Ex-proud supporter and enthusiast of this fine source. Convenience is unrecognizable.

  • Don't Waste You "Time"

    by Tom in Seattle

    Terrrrrrrrible! Crashes with consistency, which is the only consistent characteristic of this waste of electrons. And who is responsible for the terrible writing? Grade school strangers?

  • Awful

    by Genius14141414

    Fix it! Doesn't load some articles at all. Top 5 or 10 lists never load. Pretty poor showing for a top magazine. Spend the eleven dollars and fix it!

  • Fails ...

    by Squirming Idiot

    ... To load most stories. Not much use.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Virgin_john

    Whenever I tried to open an article the app crashed and I received a large amount of on screen alerts that told me that the request had timed out. I finally just exited and deleted the app. This needs to be fixed or ill just have to go back to reading the occasional TIME in my doctor's office.

  • Crash Crazy

    by MastaBank

    Don't get me wrong the articles are great, and awesome Journalism. Every time when I want to pick a different section it crashes...wait for an update before downloading!

  • U guys sck

    by Aaangrry

    Iphone 5s or 6 are about to come out and u lazy azes havent upgrade ur app to fit the screen. U can always request some donations on ur webpage to pay someone to do that for u. It is not that hard. I guess what u get from my subscription is not enough. Make Fareed Zakaria pay for that, he cant even write his own stories anyways

  • Crashes

    by Dugowt

    Always crashes!

  • Doesn't load stories

    by alohala

    Fix this mess

  • Ads and Comstant Crashing

    by Linabue

    The constant ads are causing what could be a wonderfull app to crash constantly. I would pay to not have ads on this app. Please fix the constant crashing. I would like to read time magazine!!!

  • I don't think Time cares...

    by dbc1019

    Crashes constantly. Keep getting "Timed out" and "Data not available" errors. Some articles are dated from April in the top stories section....

  • Ms.

    by Zappart

    Too bad the annoying banner ads cover the screen and ruin the app.

  • Crashes to Crashes, Dust to Dust !

    by TwoSeaMonsters

    App crashes. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS. One of my most beloved magazines !!!!!

  • Not formatted for iPhone5

    by Sleeping and Happy

    And there's no iPhone magazine format.

  • Not good

    by Chris Kirk

    Crashes a lot. Stories on photo tab won't load at all. Needs to be updated.

  • Crashes constantly

    by raven458

    Will not load articles

  • Buggy

    by GenWindWalker

    The articles are good, however, often times articles fail to load as do the pictures etc. Most of the linked articles go to the full site version which is not properly supported on mobile. This app needs an overhaul to streamline it and work out the bugs.

  • Since last update...

    by TheAnvil2

    The "cartoon" section NOT working. Deleting & then re-installing did NOT work. Please fix.

  • Long wait, no fix.

    by Ragerpie

    Uninstalling, crash issue for far too long. 0 stars.

  • Would be good if it worked

    by Stan3439

    I used to like this app. Now all it does is crash and some of the sections haven't been updated in months, so I had to ditch it. Don't bother with it.

  • Update for iPhone 5

    by 1243t346323532

    Needs to be updated

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