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Languages: English

Seller: Tapfantasy Sdn. Bhd.

- Club profile now shows which alliance cup it joined
- Search feature added. You can now search for other clubs and alliance cup with ease
- Fixed chat bug and various bugs

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In this game, you take on the role as a baseball manager and compete for the top position in the league and cup with other real world managers. Will you succeed them all?

Ever dream of managing your very own baseball club? Then this is your chance. You are now hired as the manager of your local baseball club.

- GPS will plot your club on the map for other managers to see you.

- Build the team of your dreams, and compete against thousands of real people from all over the world in a game-world that's alive and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Beat other managers on the field today, or build a winning long-term strategy to be the champion among champions.

- You have full control over the financial running of your club given to you by the board of directors. Will you sign your favourite superstar or invest in scouting new players.

- Keep your players trained and fit for matches. Apply your formation, position and tactics.

- Play in the league, the cup, or simply challenge your manager friends to a friendly match to win prizes and gain experience.

- You start of with a low budget, being unpopular, and at the bottom of the league division. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?

- It is up to you to prove yourself as the best baseball manager the world has ever seen!!

Customer Reviews

  • The best game ever!

    by Waterboy Bubba

    At first it was a bit hard to figure out, but after completing the achievements and reading the help everything becomes crystal clear. This game is simply brilliant and very unique then other baseball games out there. It puts you in the shoes of the manager!

  • Interesting game

    by D Twinkies


  • Great game

    by coopere007

    Lots of fun

  • Fun

    by Tyler York

    If you are willing to put in the time, it's great

  • Gamer

    by Sfamily4921

    Takes time but fun

  • Awesome

    by Needed mirror

    Cool game

  • Like it

    by Sagnak5537

    This game is absolute fun!

  • Woren welbers

    by Hadhhbfwiefbr$?49$$$

    Good game with some lags

  • Adicting

    by Tore28

    This is an addicting game I wanna keep playing to be in division 1

  • Like it

    by Voit32

    Good game. It is a nice time filler

  • Good Job

    by Jjhei

    Very good should get MLB players. Challenge me at a friendly match I am STLOUISCARDS (no spaces)

  • Really good

    by Raymond Rudek

    This game is good but I can't really win any games because I have crappy players so can people send me a friendly game invite so we both get stuff. My team name is Boss Sox

  • en feugo baseball

    by Javajane3

    @en feugo baseball I sent you a challenge

  • Awesome

    by cake90

    I'm philadelphia rocks awesome

  • Looking for a friendly

    by Steves Supers

    I need a challenger.

  • Higodd

    by Huuuuxhhrhtoidkdkdhvrgry

    Hi it is very good u should get MLB players

  • t

    by bodfncddfsffsdbhgse

    this game rocks

  • Baseball

    by Jmac1234321

    Great game

  • Crap

    by JP4u2

    The game needs to be updated. There are these stupid popups all the time. I bought a player off of the transfer list. I never got him. I tried to research how to get it...nothing out there. The help menu is ridiculously short. It is a bummer seemed like a good game.

  • Challenge me

    by Mike n Ike juinur

    Challenge me. My club name is FrankHulse. Go to the search button and type my club name. Than we both get points. P.s. this game is great

  • This game is a rip off

    by WileECLilley

    I am so sad I wasted money on this game. It is slow, complicated, and there is nothing fun about it. They constantly want you to pay for some stupid thing like the ability to name you team. Awful game please save your money.

  • I can't log into my old account

    by Originalclarkster

    It won't let me log into my old account from my old phone and I made purchases on it so I want my money back on my old account or Facebook account to log you back into your old account

  • Boston Braves

    by Gambitkiller

    Was looking good at the beginning, but it's been neglected by developers so no improvements or fixes in months...don't bother with it. Great concept, way to bad, could have been great.

  • Friendly search

    by Dylan Thomas

    Need a friendly. Search "En Fuego Baseball"

  • Theta

    by Baller454


  • Upgrade to 3.0??? Where, how?

    by Director of M.A.C.

    This game has many many flaws. The concept is unique and cool, but pretty bad operations. Once logged in they tell you to upgrade to 3.0 or the version that I paid for will soon no longer work. In other words we got robbed. There is no link or anything to find this patch or upgrade... Short and the long is, it's very disappointing..

  • Play Me

    by Buddrock13

    Play me! Chicago Champions(: this game is addicting. It's a lot like Tiny Tower where you needa check in a update it, but it's worth it! Ima b the best!

  • Good game

    by Hmorale

    Good gAme

  • Rebels

    by Tchelle9

    Oklahoma Rebels

  • Cool game

    by Pozz50

    Challenge me. Kentucky marks. Game is cool. Not overly time consuming, but addictive

  • Great idea, poor execution

    by RedwoodTrie

    I love the game concept. It's one that has been largely ignored by game devs and companies for a long time. You are in charge of every aspect of running your team, just like an actual owner. As great as that is, the people who made this game don't actually understand baseball. It is obvious that they wrote a soccer game first and then tried to migrate as much of it as possible over to a baseball format. Just read the help section and you'll see what I mean - because they didn't bother changing that part of it. As a result, the learning curve for playing the game is dramatically increased for actual baseball fans. Here are just a few of the concepts that should be changed to make it a baseball game vs. a soccer game: 1. Seasons in baseball are not divided into sections, and games take place much more often. Changing to a true baseball format would mean that teams would have to play more games to move to a higher division, but it would be less confusing. 2. Baseball teams generally don't pay for the ability to sign players. There are certainly exceptions (obtaining them from overseas teams or as part of cash based trades), but generally you either sign a free agent by giving him a guaranteed contract (paid out over time) or you pass contracts to other teams for other players' contracts (a trade). In a trade situation the players' new teams become responsible for the remainder of their original contracts, and sometimes offer to extend those contracts. But unlike soccer, teams in baseball almost never bid for the right to pay a player as this game is set up. 3. While baseball players certainly specialize certain skills based on their positions, they all need a certain level of skill in every area. This game is set up so that if a guy can throw but can't catch or hit or run he's an ideal third baseman. This is far from reality. Each player should have some training in each type of skill. With the exception of pitchers, everyone on the team in baseball has to do a bit of everything. Those are the big things... There are some minor issues as well, but the above are the places this games' devs need to start working on if they hope to be successful in getting baseball fans to use their app on an ongoing basis.

  • Getting better

    by Erick Hayden

    I am quite happy with the latest update that has fixed many of the pervious updates problems. There are still some rough patches, but it's a great format overall!

  • West Lebanon Rebels

    by jasond316

    Good so far

  • Republic riptide

    by Mkalma

    This game is a complete rip off! Do not use this game, no instruction or help of any kind

  • Awful

    by Sevastion

    The update has massively ruined the game, I just lost the urge to keep up with it and hope they can change it back

  • My team nane is Maryland Bulldogs

    by gjdyhfg

    Maryland Bulldogs

  • It's okay

    by Connor Cox

    The game need without the password because it wast alot of money.

  • Cool game

    by Gochron

    Still getting the hang of it, but fun.

  • It's CRAP!

    by greechy75

    Everything costs more money! Fresh off the shelf u can't do anything! What a waste!

  • It g00d

    by GrrreeeAaatttt

    It's g00d

  • Fun

    by Chibull


  • Good game

    by Beemac1


  • Great

    by Docjackson

    Awesome game

  • Best game ever

    by Gman1944

    Great game!!!!

  • Who wants to lose?

    by Boss Yankee

    I'll beat anyone who challenges me that is level one.

  • Yeah

    by Czarcadious

    Good game

  • Bring it!

    by Justin Spence


  • Awesome

    by Bretb


  • Cool

    by Mudd83

    Pretty good

  • Baseball

    by Nessisen


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