Birdies: Golf Scorecard Sports App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: StackTracks, LLC

iOS 6 compatibility.
Optimized for iPhone 5.

Lots of new features:

* There's a new option in the settings pane to color the scorecard. When turned on, all holes with a score under par will appear in red text. This option defaults to 'on' for all new rounds.
* The scorecard and e-mail output now alternate between white and light gray rows for easier reading.
* Up to 5 tee distances can now be added per round. You can easily cycle through each tee by tapping the distance card.
* When duplicating a round, you can now add or subtract players.
* The course name and date of the round are now displayed at the top of the scorecard.
* There's a new option to add 9 extra holes to a round. When enabled, an extra page is added containing holes 19-27. This option is available in the settings pane.

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Birdies. It's the fastest and best looking golf scoring app available. Quit fumbling with those tiny pencils and paper cards, because you'll be amazed at how quickly you can keep track of everyone's score with Birdies. Our intuitive entry method lets you spend less time in the app, and more time thinking about your next shot. Whether you're playing a traditional round of golf, disc golf, or miniature golf, let Birdies do the scoring. We promise you won't be disappointed.


- Optimized for retina devices and iPhone 5.
- Score from 1-4 players: Only playing with 2 people? Your scorecard will only show 2 people.
- Intuitive, fast entry: Birdies uses a quick-pick wheel, so there's no need to struggle with small plus and minus buttons.
- AutoFill: Automatically default the par and score for even faster entry. Now featuring Smart Scoring.
- Easy customization: Add player names, course names, distances, and more!
- Quickly swipe between the front nine, back nine, or distance card.
- Add up to 5 tee distances.
- Show total scores as a traditional sum, or an over/under.
- Duplicate old rounds: Play the same course a lot? No problem.
- Score up to 27 holes per round.
- E-mail scores to yourself and others.
- E-mail scores as a CSV file.

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