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The falling & recovery bug was REALLY squashed this time. We promise!

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NOTE - All videos can be played in SLOW_MOTION! Just pause the video once it starts, and then hold down the fast forward button or the reverse button and VOILA! This is a little known trick in iOS! Enjoy!

U.S. Figure Skating, the premier source for all things figure skating, has teamed up with Rink Tank Interactive to bring you the ' U.S. Figure Skating Skate Coach' app series for iPhone & iPod Touch. This app will work on the iPad as well, but the app is not Universal. We are working hard on the U.S. Figure Skating Skate Coach for iPad master edition which will be optimized for the iPad so check back soon!

NOTE: The bug displaying the wrong video for falling & recovery has been squashed! The app should display all skills normally.

The Skate Coach app series was designed to help skaters, parents, instructors and officials understand the standards set for the Basic Skills Program through the use of high definition video examples. A special thank you to Crystal Roe for her hard work in preparing the demo videos, as well as Jim Beyer, Bridget Kaus & Elizabeth Fiore of Polar Ice for their generous assistance with ice time!

The Adult 1-4 app is designed for the beginner adult skater. The goal is to promote fitness & improve balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques.

Whether in the comfort of your own home, traveling to the rink or during practice, you will always have a Skate Coach in your pocket!

DISCLAIMER: Participating in ice skating has inherent risks, but with good technique and sound equipment these risks are mitigated. While the Skate Coach app series provides examples of skills performed correctly, they are NOT meant to supplement professional skating instruction! Improper use of the Skate Coach apps could result in bodily harm! Please do not attempt these maneuvers while holding an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on the ice. U.S. Figure Skating and Rink Tank Interactive are not responsible for injuries resulting from (direct or indirect) use of these apps.

Customer Reviews

  • Very helpful!

    by Sweeper101

    Help me a lot knowing the movements! Wish there are adult skills level 5 and 6 too!

  • Great teaching tool

    by Not good enough yet...

    And handy reference! Wish I thought of it and created it first...

  • Helpful

    by Doug in Indiana

    Very helpful and easy to use. Great app for those with kiddos in skating.

  • Love this!

    by jktuck

    Really love this app & it's so easy to use!! It's a great reference to make sure you are doing each move correctly.

  • Great Videos

    by iPadiMac

    Really nice videos, but would appreciate this becoming a universal app. I'd also be interested in in-app purchasing to add some of the other videos such as free skate and theatre.

  • Great App!

    by Orianna2000

    This app really helps with my skating practice. I can watch the videos to remind myself of what I'm working on, just before I get on the ice. Saves me from wandering around in a forgetful haze, doing swizzles all session. Well worth downloading.

  • Awesome

    by C Robel

    These apps are great. Chock full of useful information and video samples. Easy to use if you're a coach or student. They also make great reference for the casual skater. Cant wait to see what comes next.

  • Great videos for the adult skater!

    by Solo games

    I was surprised by the fall and recovery to see a kid demonstrating the skill, however, the rest of the videos are all performed by an adult. I love the videos an know they will help other skaters progress as they watch what a skill should look like and then can practice away from their coach. I love this app!

  • Not for coaches!!

    by Melinda Macleod

    Could be good for beginner skaters for a couple weeks but only a few elements for each level are covered. Bought it because of the promo that came with the rule book, thought it had to do with the rule book or to assist me as a professional somehow... But no. Not happy and glad it was only $2.

  • Waste of Money

    by DinaFega

    I hardly even know where to begin. Many of the Adult 1 videos are just wrong. The "forward strides" are really pretty nice forward stroking. The "curves" are actually serious slaloms. I'm not going to spend time critiquing the other levels, and I'll cut this short with the news that the "fix" for the falling and recovery is a complete failure, as the attempt to watch pops one out of the app. Some fix! The Basic 1-8 and Freestyle apps are pretty accurate and have been helpful, but pass on this one. It's just a waste of your $2.

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