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Bug fixes in iPhone and iPad

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Experience the PGA TOUR like never before on your iOS device with the official PGA TOUR App. Follow all of the action from a single app, available for free from the PGA TOUR.

iPhone Features (ALL NEW):
- Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video
- Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS
- Groupings view with TEE TIMES and LOCATION information
- Access to LIVE Video for every PGA TOUR event
- VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player features, and more
- Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole
- Schedule for the entire season
- All the latest news from
- Push notifications for following your favorite Tour and players
- Champions Tour, Tour, NEC Series, and PGA TOUR Canada Coverage

iPad Features:
- Real-time leaderboards
- Live play-by-play coverage and stats
- Live video, including network simulcasts and Live@ coverage from select events
- Tournament highlights and round recaps
- Official and Live Projected FedExCup standings
- Tweets from @PGATOUR and PGA TOUR Players
- Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole
- All the latest news from
- Schedule of upcoming events

Customer Reviews

  • Fabulous app! Perfect!

    by Toso

    This app is great for the iPad. It has tons of information and works flawlessly. I love it. I think perhaps a lot of complaints come from users with older devices. It is true that new software pushes the hardware. I had trouble with apps on my old iPad 1 so I got a new IPad air. Everything works perfectly including this PGA app. Love it!

  • Junk

    by Waikiki penguin

    Won't play videos or live golf. I get 1 second on live video then crashes. What's the point ???

  • Better than '13

    by RobertUNH

    Loads faster, cleaner look and nice end of round notification feature. Add in access to Fantasy Golf please!

  • Much improved

    by Rbin for jk

    For my needs, it is WAY better than previous versions. I like being able to quickly search for players and add them as favorites. Previously, i had to go to 3 different screens. Now, it's all on 1 page. If you click on the player's name, you get all the detail you would ever need. This is simply terrific and I love the changes.

  • any chance...

    by .led

    Any chance we can get the tournament fantasy picks integrated with this app?? Cool app otherwise.

  • Hella good

    by Fddjfdd

    This app is hella good

  • Worst sports app ever?

    by Salt Lake City Dub

    This used to be decent. Then they "upgraded" it and it's impossible to navigate and constantly Crashes. Absolutely useless.

  • Looks good but needs improvement

    by Ryan D. 123

    I like the app, but it's quality is best encapsulated by the fact that a GOLF app should not reverse back nine and front nine totals for players' scores. This is even more of a joke considering I pointed this very obvious glitch out to the company 3 weeks ago and they've done nothing to fix it. A mistake like that just makes thisndevelopernlook stupid, there is no other way to put it.

  • You ruined this app!

    by UncaWobbie

    My latest problem: tried to watch a recap of round 2 of the Honda Classic, but the video never displayed, the audio had an echo and I couldn't turn it off! Had to close the app to turn off the audio. And guess what? Now when I open the app I get to listen to the audio portion of the recap again!...with the echo! Aauugghh!!!

  • Go back!!

    by Golfluvr13

    You have ruined a good app. I loved the old app, it let me see what I wanted. This is like going from an HDTV to a DOS monitor. Ugh!

  • Update terrible

    by AB1945

    Great program last year. The latest update is really slow and not intuitive. I've removed this app from my ipod and use the Golf Channel app.

  • Horrible

    by hawksdude

    Don't get me wrong. I love the design of the new app. I think it looks great and so far, all of the features I used have worked. It's just that the PGA Tour left out an important feature, viewing older videos. I use to be able to keep scrolling down to watch a whole days worth of video, but now it disappears after a certain number. Disappointing considering this app was designed for videos. Now the app constantly crashes as well.

  • Update is awful

    by Xmas response!!!

    Why mess with a good thing. Show scores. Major easy to see scorecard. Play by play. Instead, there are seven clicks to figure these items, and tracking your guys is that much more time consuming. Way to eff things up.

  • Where is Live@?

    by Kevin Durgens

    What happened to live@ video stream? Why break what didn't need to be fixed!

  • Bad, bad , bad

    by Wde1856

    A remarkably bad "upgrade." The previous version was much more intuitive, responsive, and useful. This one is a mess. Please, please, please, PGA go back.

  • They ruined PGA Tour!!

    by Mtnmom79

    Can't get leader board without leaving the app & going to the net!! Even then does not come up correctly! It was soo good before - shame on the deconstruct-developers!! :(

  • Seriously? NO Improvement Here

    by Tarheeled

    Someone really dropped the ball believing this was an improvement. Extremely disappointing

  • Awful

    by NotMissManners, but...

    It wants to send me to Safari to open. I agree with all complaints. These "updates" have ruined a number of previously nice to use apps. Is there something going on?

  • Terrible

    by jjsaz83

    The videos rarely play...When they do the audio is off and it's unwatchable anyways. Fix this garbage.

  • Bad update!

    by William Blades

    If I could give less than one star I would. Totally screwed up the original app!

  • Worst. App. Ever!

    by Murphy0397

    It just stops for nothing, then disappears and you have to re-open, which takes a LONG time.

  • Crashes

    by Lastoneworked

    Buggy, bad app. It worked fine last year and now it crashes, freezes and generally is a nightmare. Fix this or use last year's version again. Boooooooooooooooooo!

  • PGA App

    by JupiterGolf


  • Bad App

    by Belf06

    Can't view past week's leaderboards, can't click on links in stories...a new app shouldn't result in a series of "can't". Previous app was solid, gave you the basic info you were looking for in a quick and easy to find manner.

  • Terrible update

    by Ehm21302

    Last year worked great. Since last two updates it's useless. Don't waste your time.

  • Doesn't work on iPad

    by Lllll1111

    This works on my phone but not my iPad? I can't even watch a video! It just loads, loads, loads! Please fix this!

  • Not an improvement

    by Nvelthouse

    This version is very glitchy, and when I try to use airplay it constantly crashes. What was wrong with the old version? Bring it back please.

  • Horrible

    by BertNo

    Crashes all the time; hard to navigate. Bring back the original!

  • Let it be, let it be.

    by Da Hans

    Why? You guys screwed up a perfectly functioning app with garbage that slows the whole app down. Who programmed this - someone fired from Obamacare?

  • Why?

    by Jrdawg45

    The previous version of this app was great. It's as if the people who created or approved this update did not actually compare or use the 2 versions. If it ain't broke don't break it.

  • Why?????

    by WadeRx21

    Cam79 says it best. Should've left well enough a alone

  • Golf nut

    by Gregiedee

    Use to love this app now every week when I go to use it needs to be updated and I lose all the preferences I had set up. Why can't they leave it alone?? :-(

  • Horrible

    by tjricci

    They took an app that was perfect and ruined it. The graphics were great and the screens were easy to navigate. Now, not so much. Crashes all the time now as well. Sometimes more is not more. PLEASE revert to the original version!

  • Terrible update

    by Hallca9

    The previous version was much better. The play by play never works. Hope they can improve it soon.

  • They couldn't leave it alone

    by Cam79

    The original app was outstanding. It was quick, responsive, and gave us great scoring information. The latest app is sluggish, unresponsive, lacking features like birdie and bogey streaks, and basically embodies what is wrong with modern app development. This app feels like the kind of quality that comes from offshore development. I don't know which is worse, your project manager for thinking this app wasn't finished, the developers for not understanding basic principles like keeping the UI thread open, or your QA group for passing this update as ready for production.

  • Fix it!! You broke it!!

    by BallHunter

    Downloaded, and it won't even open the app on my iPad. Deleted it, downloaded again, still won't open. Guess you get what you don't pay for.

  • ???

    by Kmacula

    Of all the brands out there, I would think PGA tour would have a great app. Why do you make me redownload every time I go to it? I'm done.

  • PGA Tour14

    by Pairem

    This app is much worse than its predecessor. Far too many glitches.

  • Disappointing update

    by Fantastic - 4502 0800 32

    Play by play no longer works with recent update. I use to depend on this functionality for my golf fix. Please improve!

  • Getting better

    by Ikillplanes

    And by "getting better," I mean getting closer to the way it originally was before you "improved" it. The player scorecards are better--clicking the front 9 button to get to the front 9 score--much more intuitive. Please go Coca-Cola Classic on us and bring it all back!


    by EinBit11

    Once it's done "downloading" the app disappears from the screen...can't find it anywhere. Go back to the App Store & it says it's downloaded, but when I click "Open"...nothing. Finish working out the bugs BEFORE ya tell people it's replacing the old version all together & rerouting us to an app that is garbage. Thx!

  • Fourrr01

    by Robert Markins

    Can't see what I like about this version at all

  • Poor

    by Obie7027

    Stop making me update app.

  • Stop forcing me to upgrade

    by StephenNYC

    Seems like everyday there is a new minor release to this app forcing me to upgrade. I'm not always in a place to easily download nor do I want to spend the time to do so. Please stop requiring an upgrade so often!

  • New version is terrible

    by Rick Zee

    Agree with everyone else. This is the first review I've ever written because this went from being a fairly good app to one which looks like it was made by a beginner without a clue on how to make an app. It will drive me to look for another source of golf scores and info. It wouldn't even let me in until I "upgraded" (downgraded)

  • Disaster!

    by A. Joke

    A can't imagine anyone who enjoyed previous PGA app giving anything above one star!

  • Poor

    by Chuck8711

    Ok if you just want to see the leaderboard, but the Live function is basically useless, and other features are now missing.

  • High Handicap App

    by Islandmj

    Why did the PGA mess with a perfectly good & functional app? This up-date looks cheap and cheesy. I wish I could get the previous version back. I will be looking for an alternative and deleting this.

  • In the words of Charles Barkley

    by Bigwes23

    This app is turr-ible!!! Lol Please update so that we can save and follow our favorite players. Thanks

  • Not as good as before

    by Walkinshoes

    This version of the app is difficult to navigate. The earlier version was much better.

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