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Seller: NBC Universal, Inc.

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Highlights of this release:
- Continue Watching. Pick up where you left off when returning to an episode you haven't finished watching.
- Favorites. Designate your favorite shows to find and watch the latest episodes quickly.
- Follow. Tap the Twitter icon on your favorite series to follow that show's official Twitter feed.
- Share. Let your friends know what you're watching on the app via Facebook, Twitter or email.
- Bug Fixes. We made changes to address an issue where the video would stop during a commercial break

Customer Ratings

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471 Ratings
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19977 Ratings


Now you can watch of all your favorite shows anytime, anywhere for FREE on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

The all-new NBC app has been been redesigned and optimized for iOS 7. Watch full-length episodes of primetime, daytime and late night favorites like The Voice, The Blacklist, The Michael J. Fox Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Days of our Lives. Plus you can keep track of your favorite shows and find out what's coming up with NBC's intuitive schedule module.

Watch full episodes of the latest NBC shows for free, wherever and whenever you want.

Pick up where you left off when returning to an episode you haven't finished watching.

Designate your favorite shows to find and watch the latest episodes quickly.

Tap the Twitter icon on your favorite series to follow that show's official Twitter feed.

Let your friends know what you're watching on the app via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Keep track of what's airing on NBC tonight - and the rest of the week.

Find the episode you're looking for easily!

NBC is pleased to offer closed captioning support on shows with a "CC" icon in player controls. Just touch to enable!

Show and episode availability subject to change. Please note use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi networks. Data charges may apply.

Customer Reviews

  • Compared to others

    by M4JC

    Compared to other network apps, this one still let's you watch without signing into anything. I can deal with commercials. No complaints here.

  • Good app, but my only complaint is...

    by Studio_R

    ...what happened to the 10-second rewind button (or was it 30-seconds)? I dislike having to scroll back to catch a few seconds that I missed because it starts up the 90 seconds of commercials.

  • Ugh but ok

    by Your-Best-Friends-Dog101

    I love that Patenthood is on there but CONSTANTLY there are ADS!!!!!!

  • Air play a must

    by Emote often

    I just discovered this App while searching the web for viewing current (season 6) episodes of Parks and Recreation on my iphone, iPad and APPLE TV. At home, this app works quite well for us perhaps because we have the apple wifi airport express. We have not tried it outside our home yet. Using 4G LTE it does not work well--it keeps locking up. The negative of this app is commercials which we cannot skip by. The other negative is that it does not allow Air Play that is available on apple devices.

  • Needs an update

    by Viewer52

    The apps needs to be updated to be compatible with Apple Air Play. You can here the sound but no video.

  • Was awesome until today

    by Ilovemy2cats

    This app worked great for me until today. It won't open anymore. Please fix it!

  • Great compared to abc and hgtv apps

    by Sjzp

    As far as I'm concerned I'm fine with having ads in the app as long as it actually functions. Other apps like abc and hgtv force you to have cable to watch their programs which make me so mad I use to watch those shows more but refuse to watch them now at all and am learning to like more nbc shows. this app is great and let's me play all the shows I want without restrictions. NBC keep up the good work!

  • Right On!

    by cbp14

    I don't have cable or tv so i downloaded this app to watch Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. and it is AMAZING. they also have great shows like the blacklist i'm hooked on that one too!

  • StaciaBearden

    by StaciaBearden69

    This game is great! The people who are saying bad things about must not know how to use it or something.

  • Doesn't support airplay.

    by alyak0125

    Pretty good app, but I wish it supported airplay.

  • Ads freeze up

    by Joe Kitchens

    Every time the Best Buy ad on this thing comes up the whole thing just freezes. Time to make a change NBC.

  • Slow streaming

    by BustersOne Man

    This app is the best works great for me on my IPhone

  • Love it

    by Peacegirl580

    It's a great app love that I can watch all my favorite nbc shows on it :)

  • No airplay

    by Ben Barlow

    Does not support airplay or even plugging directly into a TV by HDMI. That us beyond lame. That said, great selection of shows to watch, nice clean streaming. I will really enjoy this app once I can use it for anything other than my phone screen.

  • Acts like i dont have signal

    by Asphalt-cowboy

    Awesome App!!! i dont mind the commercials, but please fix the freezing problem. It acts like i dont have internet signal. It freezes alot as if its trying to buffer, and i can go to safari and look at stuff with great speeds. Please fix and ill give it a five star rating : )

  • Keeps force closing.

    by Peeks boo

    I love the app, but lately it just keeps on force closing so I can't use it. I've restarted my phone and have even deleted and re-downloaded the app. It still won't work. Please fix it!!

  • Great update but still not perfect

    by Neon Brunette <33

    The update is great, the app works a lot better. The only problem is the video frame rate is weird

  • Love it but wish for more

    by Cassa3102

    I need this app on my Note 3. Nd I wish short clips could be played on the app as well.

  • Amazing

    by Nightwind08

    Love this app. I don't have tv so it's perfect, I don't mind waiting an extra hour or so to see what I want. Well worth it!!

  • Jimmy

    by ellie wolf

    Just watched late night with Jimmy. Great audio Perfect video

  • Olympics 2014

    by FleurDeLys10034

    Signed in with my Timewarener account wanted to watch NOT LIVE but passed even on the app, had a pop up obscure error code and was told that they are not able to play event and that I should wait till later time. When the app accidentally closes I can’t start from the moment I paused at. If I paused and my iPad switched off it would not start at the point I paused at, and I would have to watch commercials all over again until I could move the progress bar to the point I wanted to watch from. Guys, common now, there are plenty apps that do not do that, you had 7 years to build this out.

  • Used to be great

    by hogie9890

    This app used to be the best tv streaming app out of all the major networks mainly because unlike the other apps, it actually had reasonable commercial times at 30-45 seconds which was great. But lately each commercial has been over 150 seconds and it completely ruins the app and any urge to use it

  • Stalling

    by nadm

    Help! The app is great except the constant glitch on certain commercials. So frustrating. Please take out the baby formula commercial so I can watch a show!

  • Commercials

    by Jbsbenson

    I don't have a problem with the commercials, but they always freeze. It probably takes 3 times as long getting through them. I never have problems with the show, but the commercials always freeze.

  • Don't update!

    by Gyuri75

    After update it crashes all the time.

  • No Airplay Support

    by Mohremail

    Add airplay and even with all the crazy commercials I'll give 5 stars.

  • No air play

    by Sage-grouse

    Ap doesn't support air play on my Apple TV. Otherwise, an average ap.

  • Terrible format

    by Allllmost

    It's so hard to find anything on this app, you're better off using nbc on safari

  • Doesn't work with airplay

    by Hassan-j

    Doesn't work with airplay

  • Version 7

    by TBRating

    Very disappointed that NBC doesn't think support their loyal watchers in providing updates to those of us who own iPad 1s. Has it ever occurred to you that some of us can't financially buy a new piece of technology equipment when the are released. It would be great if your technicians would provide us with a work-around-round for higher versions so that we can watch your network programs on our iPad 1s.

  • Does not work at all!

    by suzziq68

    Please update. I sit through a 30 second ad and it crashes. Tried at least 25 times over 2 days.

  • No airplay

    by Gonemob

    I do not understand why have an app and not enable airplay? My Apple TV plays the sound but displays "airplay not supported." If you want to watch on your ios device it's probably fine, but if you're trying to airplay through Apple TV it doesn't appear to work at all.

  • Useless app

    by Jose PDX

    Trying to watch an episode of late night. App will not show it on tv. Get a message stating that it doesn't support Air Play.

  • No airplay????

    by Lifelong viewer

    Mirroring the app on the iPad through airplay is currently not supported due to the most recent update. Why!?! Please don't turn away your loyal viewers!!!

  • Just going to learn to live without you

    by ArainLA

    Thanks for making good shows you try to entertain us with. Why can't you just make it user friendly and let me skip ahead? I've just learned to live without your content. There actually is better content out there. Goodbye!

  • What have you done

    by Unarie

    Where is the Air Play. I use to enjoy watching my programs on my big screen TV now I can not. You just lost my vote.

  • Unimpressed

    by Tennna

    No airplay support? For an iPad App? Crashes. Stops in the middle of a show, then skips to the end. I expect the commercials, but when the show crashes (about every couple minutes) and then I have to sit through another 90 seconds of commercials before the show starts up again, usually in a random spot, it get very frustrating. ABC can get it right, why can't you?

  • What happened, NBC?

    by franley

    Before the latest upgrade this app worked beautifully. Now, if you're lucky, a show may pull up after several ads, but more often I'm just getting a black screen. I'm sorry I upgraded...can I beg for a better and working app, NBC?

  • Apple TV not supported with this app

    by A&E mom


  • Only plays commercials

    by Infreq TV Watcher

    Every time I try to get a show to play I must sit through a commercial only to have the show NOT PLAY afterward. It's just a black screen. Funny how the commercials don't have a problem loading. Evil app.

  • Doesn't work

    by one800Jonathan

    Doesn't work. Just shows you commercials and no content. Couldn't get any videos to play. Back to torrents !

  • Formula commercial

    by Smarty owl

    You must fix your commercials!!!!! Are you trying to convince your audience to use baby formula? This commercial freezes, freezes, freezes, and freezes some more. La Leche League should be concerned. Note: I DO NOT MIND WATCHING COMMERCIALS. However I do want to watch a show in its entirety.

  • No good to me

    by Jerez87

    Deleted after I realized it didn't support Apple TV AirPlay.


    by Night reader 564

    I updated this app yesterday and am so unhappy with the clunky interface and slow loading times I'm going to delete it. I used it to follow news stories and used to be able to scroll through the "Top News" list quickly but now it pauses and reloads and kicks me back to the top repeatedly. Bad news!

  • No Airplay

    by JeffN48

    Doesn't allow me to use airplay for some reason. Won't even do mirroring. Just an embarrassment.

  • Trizzash

    by Jordasch

    Waaaaaaaay too many ads, and it can't figure out that you've already watched the requisite ads if you jump back and forth in the continuity (the jump function's also way too twitchy). Unprofessional.

  • Shame on me second time

    by Eifle9

    I had this ridiculous app over a year ago and it never worked.....ever, not some times; never. So I deleted it. I just recently decided to try it again and I'm even more disappointed. Nothing loads and if you can get the app to navigate where you tell it to; it still freezes up! I can't believe a mogul such as NBC can't put out a decent app!....really?! That's pretty sad. Come'on; angry birds started in some dudes garage! And look at what they could do with a tenth of the money. Get it together NBC. Makes me not even want to watch you joke of a channel live!

  • Cool app, won't even open. Good job

    by Domdelcash

    I've enjoyed this app for some time, but now all of a sudden it stops working. What gives? It's apparent by the other reviews here that this app is obviously broken, and not even really maintained properly. It must be nice to have all that money over at NBC.

  • Big Zero or worse

    by MJ-IndyRN

    This application shows that NBC thinks nothing about your personal time. When the application freezes, you have to watch 135 seconds of commercials before it brings you back to the location where it crashed. If it crashes ten seconds before a break it plays tons of commercials, plays the ten seconds of the show followed by tons of commercials. It takes longer to watch a show on this app than the original show. So if a show is 60 minutes normally when originally broadcasted, watching the show on this app is much longer than 60 minutes. NBC appears to be mean-spirited and money hungry. Fix the application and perhaps you guys will look better.

  • No audio w/o video. Poor privacy. Too many ads.

    by starts with j

    Most video apps allow me turn off the screen by sleeping, waking, and unpausing. Not this one. It also added itself to notification center, despite me saying no when it asked about push notifications. Finally, more than one is too many ads.

  • AirPlay not supported

    by GT

    Great work adding support for the AirPlay not supported screen

  • Why oh why?

    by Iseverynicknametaken??

    I hate that I like so many shows on NBC. This app is dreadful. For the last two days I haven't been able to get a specific episode to play. At all. I've tried numerous times throughout the day, no luck. What's more awesome is I have to sit through commericals that hang up. Every. Sec. Takes me 3 mins to get through a 30sec commerical just to have the episode not play. Brilliant. With all the other apps that work just fine, it baffles me that you guys can't get it together. The commericals constantly lag. And the same ones! If the Similac ad comes on, I have to pretty much give up that I can watch anything. It won't make it past the first sec. Oh! and the update boasts that you can continue watching from where you left off, with the little blue heart, ha! Not yet. At least your pre OS7 app did. Bring back the old app. This one might be more fancy, but what good is that if it never works? The same commericals over and over are not helping either. I get so tired of them, they turn me away from your new shows.

  • Similac ad

    by JoshFischer

    That similac ad freezes the app always when it comes up…. Stop the madness

  • Awful!

    by Slynne

    It crashes every time a commercial comes on. Every time! Worst ap ever. It would be easier to sign up for healthcare than to use this.

  • What the heck

    by After hrs tv watcher

    Great app until you update.

  • Good lord the ads!

    by grewupinthe80s

    All I want to do is watch Weekend Update on SNL. Can I skip ahead and just watch it? Nooooo. I have to watch a whole minute of ads before the show will start. Then forced to watch ads at each commercial break (several before I get to Weekend Update). Each break is 30 seconds longer than the last. The worst part is at each break you're forced to watch all the ads from the previous break, plus one. This snowballs so that by the time I can teach the middle of the show I've watched 15 minutes of ads, and the same ads over and over and over and now I'm angry. Can't tell you how sick I am of those BofA, Target, and Swiffer ads now. Oh, and when the three minutes of ads at each break ends, you've missed three minutes of the show. It doesn't pause. So you scroll back. If you scroll back a minute or two you're fine, but if you go a hair over you have to watch that same commercial break again. Argh!!!! This is the most frustrating app I've ever used, and I'm deleting it now. Shane since I love a lot of NBC shows. But the user experience of this app is so frustrating I will never use it. NBC - haven't you learned how to do online ads yet? 1) the Internet is a different medium than television. Different rules apply. 2) Ads at the beginning of videos only, and no more than 15 seconds. 3) Charge more, show less. You'll still make your revenue goals and you won't piss of your customers. Duh.

  • Atrocious

    by Kreckster

    Sure it might physically work, but it's redonkulous that you can't watch a video on NBC's site without downloading the app. And then you can't share a video from the APP without making everyone else in the world download the same lame app. Loosen the iron grip on video content, entertainment overlords!

  • Nothing works

    by Sproman one

    Must be something less obvious for some folks to have success while others have none. Anyway, just black screen for me. Fox works great though, hire someone from that network to get you guys ironed out. They are beating you at everything. Miss my stories (Blacklist). Back to fox.

  • Don't fix what isn't broken

    by Avery409

    App used to work without any issue. Not so after latest update! Now it just spools saying, "loading" for indefinite amount of time. When the show finally begins there were numerous stops only to continue to "load" again. Finally gave up and deleted app from my tablet.

  • This App Blows

    by oTnips

    Honestly if I didn't want to really watch the episodes I missed off of my favorite TV show I wouldn't have sat through 40 minutes of hell. There are so many commercials and the app's quality doesn't even resemble the amount of commercials it gives you. If you don't have patience or you really want to see a episode of a TV show you like, I suggest don't get this app. And if I could give this no stars i really would

  • Thanks, NBC. (eye roll)

    by Zinger717

    So now when I just want to watch a video clip from NBC, you force me to download the app and sit through the ads. Then you tell me that I'm not connected to wireless. (I am.) FAIL.

  • I love Ireland but.......

    by organized

    There's no need for me to see the same commercial about it SIX TIMES during one episode of a show.

  • NBC

    by Omee1

    App keeps freezing during the ads....awful experience. Hope someone is trying to fix this.

  • Lots of waiting

    by Wmsptmom

    I just loaded the NBC app and have had nothing but problems. The commercials don't load and then if you close them out you have to wait twice as long for the next set and then it gets stuck again. Please fix

  • Garbage

    by Goldenrams22

    This app is TRASH. Can't even load two commercials properly. Won't allow you to watch anything. What a garbage app by a garbage company. Par for the course for Comcast.

  • This is why network TV is dying

    by Why'a Duck?

    This is the worst example of a clueless network attempting to gain ac revenue from the App Store. No one in their right mind would submit themselves to the punishment of attempting to find a musical performance in an SNL episode. You end up being forced to watch 20 minutes of commercial to see a 4 minute song. Come on NBC… at least index an episode of SNL so a viewer can locate a particular skit or performance. Clearly, no NBC executive has ever attempted to use this app.

  • Terrible!!

    by Melis911

    Too many commercials & tired of them freezing up all the time! Please fix this! Other networks don't have commercials. Why do you?

  • No good so slow

    by Coolmely

    Do NOT get this app. It is so slow! And it has commercial like every single minute. Just a big waste of time

  • Horrible

    by Kelly Maynard

    Absolutely horrible app. Freezes constantly. Far too many commercials. I have wasted so much time playing with this app, hoping it would work. Just awful.

  • Doesn't support Air Play

    by Aukcaj

    I rarely use this app because it doesn't support air play! The other network apps do but not NBC. NBC has historically been my favorite network, but lately they seem to be lacking in quality. Sad!

  • really bad app

    by bobistheman

    cc is always on and there's no way to buffer or fast forward/rewind


    by VThokie78

    Why would you make an app that does not support airplay? You want happy customers, allow the app to have airplay. Cbs, abc, fox, espn, and all other apps do this..... Why not you???!??

  • Horrible and waste of time

    by kreplogle

    This app constantly freezes on the ads so you cannot watch a show. The worst part is that it freezes the most on YOUR OWN ads.

  • Works half the time

    by Tara Malouf

    This is a frustrating app. Half the time it doesn't even work and all I get is the nbc logo on a white page. Please fix!!!

  • If I could give ZERO stars...

    by Picture mommy

    This app is BEYOND frustrating. I NEVER get thru an entire episode of ANYTHING! For something that is supposed to be a "convenience" this is anything but! It does not matter what show or how long..with in moments of the 2nd the entire app freezes up! I would be better off waiting for a rerun to come on in the summer than dealing with this cruddy app!

  • No Airplay!!!!!

    by Msmashelle

    Deleted! Would rate this NBC app <0.

  • NBC can't be listening.....

    by Sneak32

    Still no Airplay or use of adapters. Come on NBC!

  • Freezing has a chilling effect on my love for NBC

    by Pasquale55

    In spite of a presumably big enough budget to develop software, the NBC app just sits there, as do I, watching a little "loading" wheel spin and spin and spin. It particularly seems to have big problems going into, getting through, and coming out of commercials. It's not just a 15-second loading problem like you might get in the middle of watching a N*x movie. I quit watching a program on this app yesterday in the middle of an ad promoting Jimmy Fallon. I walked away from my I pad, left the NBC page open, returned to it again this morning. Guess what? It finished the commercial, then went back to the spinning wheel and wouldn't connect to the program again. It made me really sad.

  • Great, when it works

    by Matthew Dillon

    I have now watched the same commercial 6 times only to have the app freeze and not play the show I selected. Please resolve this issue soon.

  • Terrible tech, then they force you to use it in a vicious cycle

    by Firekite

    It's the Obamacare web site of the TV world. Mobile site won't let you watch a simple video, forces you into installing a stupid app. You do that, then reload, and instead of playing in the app it sends you to look at the App Store page for their stupid app you already installed. Enough with the BS apps, old men who run these corporations.

  • Terrible!

    by VitaBop4682

    Worst app I've ever had. Most of the time it won't even open

  • Subtitle Bug - Please Fix

    by scourge2bunnies

    My father is trying to use this app on an ipad 3 with ios 7 and he needs the subtitles. The cc's wouldn't turn on at first yesterday. Now they're behind the dialogue and frequently freeze. Could you please fix this ASAP? Rating will be much better once subtitles are accessible.

  • No wifi?

    by Sharkchomp

    This was a pretty solid app for streaming on my ipad but now saying I'm not connected to wifi. What the heck.

  • Airplay

    by AppleTVaddict

    When will this app support airplay for the Apple TV?

  • Don't limit my Apple TV

    by ReadThink

    This application doesn't allow for Apple TV to be turned on on my ipad. Soooo I won't download or view this content. Your loss.

  • Really?!?!?

    by Tia1103

    Still freezes up. Trying to watch a show through to the end is almost impossible. NBC....you should be very embarrassed .

  • What's the point without airplay.

    by ?!)(:6?!,

    Just enable airplay and app would be great.

  • Cutting edge digital?

    by JS Lurkin

    Won't work on Apple TV. Locks up the App Store. You would think NBC could afford a real IP guy.

  • No air play

    by Jpm2224

    This is the only app that doesn't allow air play. Please fix this!

  • Room for Improvement

    by Florida X

    Unfortunately I see plenty of room for improvement. Why does the app only allow the last weeks and not all episodes from a given season to be watched? If you want to limit this to cable subscribers that is ok, but the limitation is really annoying when trying to watch at my own schedule. Also, please add AirPlay.

  • Can't watch live TV

    by Azar Darr

    Embrace the future. Worthless.

  • Can't connect to my tv

    by onnajurney

    The app is not supported.

  • Lame

    by RodiMick

    Doesn't support airplay ! Boooo !!!

  • Pos

    by Jfrye124

    Crashes everytime you open it

  • Keeps crashing!!!

    by Jec7787

    Why can't I just stream off the nbc website? Why do I need this app? Plus! It doesn't work! It keeps crashing!

  • What happened to app?

    by Bubbles67890

    The app no longer works. What happened? It closes out as soon as it's opened. Please fix it.

  • Please fix this...

    by Kimberly Pipkin

    Can't even open the APP without it crashing. :(

  • Wish it worked....

    by Penze380

    The app won't take me anywhere past a black screen. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling but I got the same thing.

  • Airplay??

    by Reston Slacker

    Apparently NBC has gone through extra effort to explicitly disable AirPlay support. I can't fathom any good reason to do this except to annoy users.

  • Yikes! Busted Again?!

    by Jami's iTunes

    Goodness gracious, NBC. Your app is failing again! Today, not even loading (thanks for asking us to send error reports!). Best of luck to you in getting it working better! Your programming is great... Now onto bringing that quality into your app!!!

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