NBA Game Time 2013-2014 Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: NBA Digital
  • Updated: Oct, 26 2009
  • Version: 5.2.1
  • Size: 23.46 MB

Languages: English

Seller: NBA Digital

Bug fixes and enhancements for All-Star weekend.

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The Award winning NBA Game Time is the official app to follow the NBA wherever you are!

Updated for the 2013 - 14 Season.


Sprint Customer Exclusive!

Only NBA Game Time from Sprint brings you FREE unlimited live coverage of every NBA game. Sprint customers get free access to NBA Game Time Plus with live radio broadcasts, game video alerts and more. All FREE with an Unlimited data plan from Sprint.


Game Time (FREE) features include:
-Newly redesigned application!
-Game recap videos and alerts NEW!
-Live streaming of press conferences and other live events NEW!
-Team rosters and stats, league leaders, and league news NEW!
-Team video now available in Game Time NEW!
-Excitement Notifications – get notified when a game gets exciting at crunch time (chosen by game or team)
-Customizable Threshold Notifications - get notified when a player or team you are interested in passes a threshold in a specific game
-Twitter streams for each game – follow the social interaction of the game as it happens
- Customize to feature your favorite team
- Watch highlights from around the league
- Up to date news and info from around the league
- Game notification capabilities
- Play-by-play experience
- Stats, scores, and schedules for every NBA game

Upgrade to Game Time Plus, features include:
- Contains all Game Time features
- Home and away live radio broadcasts of games
- Game highlights
- More video highlights from around the league including NBA TV and TNT clips
- Advertising FREE
- More news, stats, and league info

Upgrade to watch live regular-season games via NBA League Pass Mobile, features include:
- 20% discount available exclusively for Sprint customers
- Contains all Game Time and Game Time Plus features
- Watch live games via live streaming of NBA regular-season games (blackout restrictions apply)
-NEW! Listen to your home announcer!
- Full season archives
-NEW! National broadcast games now available in the archives
- Live in-game stats overlay and video chrome to switch from game to game
-NEW! League Pass push notifications of exciting games for tune in

Note: If you purchased LEAGUE PASS through your cable operator or satellite provider, please perform the following steps to activate LEAGUE PASS on your device:
1. Download Game Time
2. Click on the Menu Icon
3. Go to Settings/Info
4. Enter your NBA Account email and Password

If you just activated your account with your provider, it could take up to 72 hours before you are able to activate on mobile.

iOS6 or higher compatible

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic

    by I Am Ak

    This app is absolutely fantastic! League pass and everything works great. This is great for the NBA fan! Must have if your into the game like that.

  • Awesome

    by Percy 101 wrestling

    Totally awesome

  • NBA

    by incineration

    Nice app. Great for checking scores, schedules, standings, video highlights and league leaders.

  • Only for this version

    by Cloudniner27

    Game video is not working ever since all star update, great app normally but frustrating that I can't watch my warriors play some ball. Please fix soon. Otherwise, great app. Only downfall is that when you attempt to watch a game while it's still going on, it often glitches, and doesn't let you start from the beginning which is a bummer. But good otherwise.

  • 1132 Domain Drive

    by Omar Albarghouty

    Great app, I always use it everyday. But I think it would be great if they bold the players that play at the moment.

  • Okay, but

    by DaReapr

    Don't appreciate having to scroll through the team's entire schedule each time to see when the next game is!

  • New update problems also

    by Billy$$$.com

    I too love my tv & mobile league pass but after receiving a new update on Monday I can't get L/P. I can only assume you are in the process of fixing it. Hurry please.

  • Crashing

    by GMCartagena

    Ever since last update the app crashes while trying to watch videos Or live stream

  • Update fails

    by Ppsuser

    Normally this is great, but the current nba all star version fails when I try to access league pass games. Disappointing.

  • :(

    by Coolio McGee

    New update crashes app when you try to load up and watch a game

  • crash

    by Joe Edwardson

    first, i love this app and use it more than any other. 2nd and most important i paid $200 combined to watch league pass on my ipod at work and my computer at home. technical difficulties on comp all the time (probably my comps fault) and now the app crashes every time after new update. i expect better and will not purchase league pass next year if it is not fixed within a day or two

  • Crash

    by tjdebard

    Great app, but ever since the new update it crashes whenever I try to watch a game on League Pass

  • App crashes 100% when dropping players in notification

    by Jovialllllllll

    When attempting to drop/delete players from my player notifications, the app will crash 100% of the time. I use iphone 5, ios 7. Fix please.

  • NBA

    by incineration

    Nice app. Great for checking scores, schedules, standings, video highlights and league leaders.

  • Awesome!

    by Harveyv23

    Probably the best app to use when you are a big fan of watching NBA games and everything about NBA.

  • Icon

    by C36hz8

    Love the icon

  • What do the red and blue bars mean?

    by Rye122283

    When I look at a game between two teams, I see a series of blue bars on one teams' side and red bars on the other side. I can see a number that represents what I'm guessing is the number of points one team is leading the other, but what do the bars mean on that scale?

  • Great app

    by Teavel

    This app is great all tho league pass is extremely expensive....

  • Difficult to get to current game

    by Justin Ashworth

    To get to the score of my favorite team I have to scroll horizontally through all games since the beginning of the season. Please make it easier to get to the score of an in-progress game of my favorite team!

  • Improve the video

    by 2 chainz

    Video quality can get very bad at times and continues to freeze while I'm watching a game. Pls fix!

  • Restore purchases

    by gold_member45

    This is the second time I'm posting this I'm unable to restore my purchases for what ever reason since updating to the allstar app please check this out thanks

  • Ugly Icon

    by B Dalton

    Get rid of blackout crap and get rid of the stupid new icon....oh and get rid of sprint sponsorship in the app or let me pay to get rid of it.

  • Crashes

    by Curtdawg32

    Slightly better than the last update but game radio crashes a lot and league pass will play for 5 minutes and kick you off. Pretty disappointing.

  • Not worth it

    by Isiser363/

    Used to be aight. No mo. No mo recaps. $$$

  • Have to pay for game highlights

    by chaoscoz

    Nice app design, seems like it works smoothly. However, would be really nice to be able to watch the 3 min game recaps. They make you buy league pass or upgrade for that privilege. Lame.

  • I bought this already!!

    by Ray 2Timez

    Now it's asking me to restore my purchase but it never takes my credentials. It acts as if I never purchased it. Fix it or give me my $9.99 plus tax back ASAP

  • Crashing

    by Lsober11

    Really disappointed with the update. Ever since downloading the current version, I've been unable to watch a game. Considering the amount payed for the app, pretty frustrated.


    by Junkyarddog70

    Can't watch games anymore. League Pass crashes every time. Last update is bad. Have iPhone 5 without update."

  • Crashing problem

    by lb3iii

    For the second straight update I'm not able to watch games on my phone. I'm really annoyed because I payed $50 + to be able to watch games. I'm never buying league pass ever again on my iphone & this problem has yet to be fixed.

  • Always crashes

    by Joseph gamer 65

    Crashes a lot and it takes along time to load play by play and also to show live games.. ( I pay league pass) please fix it already! And also the notification settings are way off! I want an update!!! Notifications need help! This app crashes all the time all I want to do is watch a JAZZ game!!! Is that so hard?!?!? Please fix this ASAP cause it's been pissing me off!

  • What's the problem

    by Gooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

    It worked perfectly before the all star update and now I can't even watch my game because when I click on it crashes and sends me back to the home page

  • App crashes

    by rusty rand

    I paid to watch games and every time I try to open a game the app crashes. Please fix ASAP!

  • Crashing

    by Mailman2188

    App crashes whenever I try to watch a game after this new update. Please Fix its been like this for the last 3 days.

  • Here we go again

    by Ufisheyedfool

    Another big update and another problem. I can't even watch a game w/o it crashing. I'm a loyal fan and I just want to watch some games.

  • Front page schedule should default to latest game

    by Hector Acevedo

    You currently have to scroll through all games since the beginning of the season to get to the most recent game. Fix it.

  • Crashes!!!

    by Tali1601

    Ever since updating this and try using league pass it crashes. 100% of the time.

  • Recap

    by Llollzz

    Recaps sound like butt/video quality is god awful

  • Buyer Beware Again

    by Sap 1,000,000 +1

    On iPhone 3GS with final OS 6.1.3, league pass crashes 100% of time with new all-star 2013-14 upgrade. Not the case with previous versions.

  • Crashes

    by Curtdawg32

    This app crashes 100% of the time when I go to watch a game on league pass. Very upsetting when I payed good money to have league pass. Please Fix!!

  • Radio stream sounds like a telephone

    by dt2phillips

    The radio streams on this app sound too much like they're on phone speaker or something. They need to sound much more crystal clear.

  • Garbage

    by Dfgggh

    This app crashes more than a blind retarted asian lady tht has no arms

  • Crashhhh?

    by Johnny Steve's

    Everytime I try and watch a game it won't load then it crashes I know it ain't my Internet I tried deleting the app and redownloading it but still don't work is this only for me or?

  • Pretty bad

    by eyeland

    No design sense

  • NBA League Pass

    by Peaved Tifosi

    This app leaves a lot to be desired. I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • OK, but a lot better on iPad

    by xZachx69x

    Idk why but it lets me view the game recap on my iPad but not on my iPhone.??

  • Upgrade bait and switch

    by Chad Riggs

    Do not purchase this app. You will not get what is promised and for what you are paying you are going to really struggle to try and get your money back. I bought 3 upgrades trying to get what was promised, and I have nothing. This is my worst experience so far and It makes me want to stop buying apps and go exclusively to the web from now on.

  • Video stops all the time

    by Christopher K Hunt

    It would be nice if the video wouldn't stop during games--especially during the final few minutes of each game. Talk about bizarre! Also, way too blurry. Often I can't even see who has the ball or if the shot went in.

  • User Interface

    by Fb user123

    Need to default the scores for favorite team to current or future game. Not the first game of the season and have people scroll through the whole season just to get the current score.

  • No excuse not to advance to current game

    by D Mann

    Just lazy programming to have to scroll through the entire season to find the current/next game of a favorite team. Get it together, please.

  • Okay

    by D_v_d

    It's pretty good, but I don't like that you have to scroll over to the current game every time on the home screen of your favorite team. It always starts at the first game of the season. Other than that I like. Oh and it's a little slow. sometimes i use yahoo sports instead for that reason.

  • buy a newspaper

    by dodgertom

    worst user interface. can't access "favorite" scores without scrolling through the whole season. read the paper, don't waste your time with this app. amateur hour.

  • Box Scores

    by TheFakePizzle

    Why are the box scores still wrong??!

  • It's Decent

    by BrandonOTru

    I am fine with most things in the app except for the favorite team customization. When you open it up, the games your team has start at the beginning of the season and not the game they have next or are currently playing.

  • Are u kidding me

    by Hfjjgdysufdygdyu

    This app can't do what it is supposed to do. I can't watch any games, it says error getting video or something fix it or else most of us will go back on illegal stuff.

  • First

    by Awesomemeep

    First review

  • Great

    by Rehanlol

    Houston Rockets are the best

  • NBA

    by incineration

    Nice app. Great for checking scores, schedules, standings, video highlights and league leaders.

  • pain to use

    by dh4him

    Having to scroll through previous games to get to current game is a pain! Should open to today's game or next game if there is not one scheduled for today. Switche dto Yahoo Sports to track NBA scores bacuas of this.

  • Current Game?! What Current Game?

    by iKristin04

    HORRIBLE app!! I shouldn't have to scroll through every single game since the start of the season just to see the score of the current game. Deleting this and going back to ESPN. At least Disney knows what they're doing with a sports app.

  • Horrible!!

    by hjfree1

    Full of commercials and ads. Don't waste your time.

  • Whats is going on

    by Xtreamotions

    This worked before the update now i cant watxh even on wifi i have LTE in my area and still may get some audio sometimes please fix soon missing my games and you got my money

  • Great app.

    by GrandElm

    No problems here. Go Rockets!

  • For the love of god do not buy league pass

    by Amay215

    Bought league pass on my iphone and cannot watch one lakers game live!!! That's all I want to watch not any other team live or the lakers two weeks later with a big end game score right on the video!!! Never been so annoyed in my life I'm probobly going to lay here in the fetile position and fester for the rest of the game season.

  • Truly Worst Purchase Ever

    by The Artist Formerly Known as Your Customer

    I cannot believe this app was released in its current state. I paid the $50 to get the upgrade. First of all, it isn't obvious at all what games are blacked out. So you have no idea what games you'll be able to watch live. Don't even think about watching home market games live. The limitations appear to be governed by complicated deals and airing rights between various media companies. If you care about all NBA teams *except* the one in your home market, this might work for you. Second, you can theoretically see home market games a day or so after they aired. However, numerous times, clicking on those games produces an "error getting video" message. Not once. Not twice. A lot. For instance, a video of a recent Knicks/Suns game had been uploaded for two days. Link still broken. It's like the app has been abandoned and no one's home. Third, the UI is...not good. The button to watch full games doesn't even look like a button! Next to it is a Video button which only serves clips. So if you're looking at the app for the first time and you want to watch a game, it's not under Video but doesn't appear to be anywhere else either. Fourth, if you are lucky enough to watch a game most of the commercial break periods are replaced with an monotonous theme song. (Streaming seems to not attract the same advertising interest so they need filler.) After hearing it three times, you feel like you are under "enhanced interrogation" at a detention cell somewhere. Fifth, the video quality is simply terrible. Looks like video circa 1998. That's hardly an exaggeration. This costs $50?

  • Nba app gone wild

    by Cavs new coach

    It is so awesome that I don't every have to go to another tv when it's right on my iPhone


    by ✔ Christian ✔

    When I try to check the scores for the games, it doesn't load the score. It just shows a flat line on both teams scores.

  • Doesn't work, DO NOT PURCHASE!

    by Colts In '09

    I paid $50 for this and it doesn't work! I want my money back!

  • Great app

    by Beastyplayer99

    I love the app. It logs in great and its great for checking scores

  • Disappointing

    by Dave69mets

    It was pretty good last year but features have gotten worse. It's very buggy on the live play-by-play and it's absolutely poorly organized in terms of having to scroll through every game prior to the current game in order to get that game. If you leave that game if you do the same thing again. Frankly it's embarrassing for the NBA

  • Crashes

    by RadioactiveBacon

    It freezes and crashes occasionally

  • Blackouts

    by Meow frog34

    Even with league pass I can't watch the local team play, it just gives me the blackout, I want a refund because the whole point was to watch my favorite team but it won't let you, dot buy, boooooooooooo

  • Cluttered and uncooperative

    by TDtopoTex

    I thought the "official NBA app" would be a good idea. Wrong. Find something you want to read and and it won't pull up as a stand-alone feature. Too much stuff on the same page to scroll or read more than a couple of lines. Other than voting for All-Stars, I can get the same info easier and faster on Yahoo! Sports app (for example). The queen and I are not amused.

  • Frustrated

    by Jag0824

    Why is it, that when there's a Spurs game it won't let me watch. It says at the top "watch now on LP" and it still won't show, and yes I have LP! Fix this please! There's still a lot to be fixed on LP for the price.

  • To much money

    by Ky328

    All I watch is Celtics so I'm not wasting $100 just to watch the celtics make a new league pass for $10 just to watch one team!!!!

  • Clunker

    by Dderdder

    Outside if the fact that I'm expected to pay an additional fee when I have the broadband package that works on iPad/computer/Apple TV, the app itself just isn't great. Crowded and buggy. Perhaps most annoyingly, your team's score defaults to the first game of the season instead of the current game. I shouldn't have to scroll from October to January to see how bad my Knicks are losing...

  • Horrible!

    by Fdc14

    You pay $35 for nba video and it doesnt show all games! Absolutely no miami heat games

  • No scores

    by Can't s see crap

    Need to fix bug! Can't see scores of any teams!!!!???

  • Needs upgrades


    You should be able to watch highlights right away. Every time league pass shows up when i try. This app should let u do anything you can online at nba .com but yoy cant. Wow guess ill have to go to nba .com

  • Annoying

    by moshepaul

    Takes a long time to load and you have to close and reopen the app many times to use it. Right now it doesn't even work. Can't watch highlights can't view the box score.

  • League pass is a rip off

    by Uptownraider

    League pass crashes with new update can't even watch a game BS!

  • Needs better organization

    by Come on NHL!!!

    I shouldn't have to scroll through the entire the season to get to today's game on my team page. Need to put news headlines and top stories on home page to open. And finally my league pass I brought for computer and ps3 should work on my phone too. NHL and MLB offer it in one package, no reason the NBA should me that much more.

  • Cant login League Pass on iPhone

    by Nbaappuser

    I can login the league pass on computer just fine, but not on the iPhone app.

  • Great app overall - needs landscape support

    by Blingin Egyptian

    Thanks for moving the points back. Please add landscape support for box scores

  • Unimpressed

    by oslander2

    Awful! The box score setup since the update is terrible. I don't care about how many minutes they played, don't show that first. They should show points, assists, rebounds, turnovers, fouls and fg% first, not minutes then percentages. Terrible setup, just use and don't get this app. Waste of space.

  • Stop moving around the stats

    by Davey Ice

    They made it so you have to keep sliding right and back left to see the game stats. I like the app but stop messing with stuff like that!

  • Can't log in

    by Mr Voter

    This is terrible!!! This season I keep getting logged out but this time it won't let me log back in. I'm done!!! I won't get league pass anymore

  • Way too buggy

    by Brave heart 1995

    Fix it now. It is a shame

  • League Pass connection

    by Spurs4Life6

    The live games have been fuzzy/blurry past 3 days and haven't gotten better. An update is needed sooner rather than later

  • Recap

    by Llollzz

    Recaps sound like butt/video quality is god awful

  • Good app

    by Killashaun

    This is a great app! I get to watch any gm I want on my phone which looks amazing on my iPhone 5s. It beats paying almost 200 bucks to watch it on tv or tablet!

  • Poor video quality, unstable and slow app

    by Ranjan "nick name is taken"

    The quality of the video is atrocious. Can barely make out the faces unless the camera is zoomed in. NBA - you are charging $40. Have the decency to put on a higher quality video stream.

  • Moving backward

    by Jvbbch

    It's getting worse. Features are removed or bugs added to make it a worse experience. In particular: : the app has a nice feature to blank scores out so you don't spoil a game you want to watch. Great! Except of you're watching a game on League Pass and tap the screen, the line score at the top is blank... And there's a handy summary at the bottom of the screen that shows scores for all games. Including the one you're watching. So of you started a game from the beginning (and the game is already in progress) and accidentally hit the screen, up pops the current score, spoiling everything. : a new "feature" in the new update is that it starts league pass games in progress rather than from the beginning. Useless if you want to watch from the start - how about a simple choice asking if you want to join a game in progress or start from the top? : compounding the above, the latest iPad version somehow lost the ability to rewind other than in thirty second increments. So: you start in the middle of a game. There's no rewind other than 30 seconds at a time? How's it sound to hit the 30-second rewind, oh, 180 times to get to the start? Annoying, that's how. How in the world did the rewind function disappear! Maybe the issue is that I'm watching a game in progress and can only join the stream until after the game is over. Seriously? Archive the game as you go and let me start from the top; there's no excuse for making me wait until the game finishes to watch it from the start. An embarrassing app for a major league, particularly compared to the other sports. It's like the programmers aren't fans and never so much as watched a game. Really frustrating, and to see the new update losing features and moving backward only makes it worse.

  • Excellent App

    by Rich19835555555

    Great functionality and almost limitless features; pleasantly surprised on an ongoing basis!

  • Great for NBA fans

    by Lahela96707

    Glad I downloaded this app, really enjoying it. Even better that I have Sprint.

  • Buggy and slow

    by Jonny500

    Major design issues: 1) why does it take so long for the scores to load when you first load the app? It always shows the wrong days scores for 10 seconds 2). Can't see box score info when watching live stream 3). Just go look at mlb app and make the nba one better.

  • Wish I cold rate this app 0 stars

    by Stupid is as...

    The text-based play-by-play doesn't even work. 15 min behind. Garbage app Update 2/28/12: has gotten even worse, if possible. Does not update at all. Update: 5/30/12: will not even start up. Crashes every time. The designers are morons. Update: 2/6/13: the ads load fine, but will not update scores. Worst app I've ever used. Update: 10/29/13: New look, same piece of garbage. Update: 12/30/13: what the HELL is wrong with this app? Why can't they just make it work a LITTLE BIT?

  • When you are going to fix the play by play?

    by Traw222


  • Unique...

    by TiK Beast

    Not too many apps can glitch out like this one. The play by play feature shows the current play, then shows the play from a while back, then back to the current play, and so on. And why can't I scroll through past plays with the play by play feature? And why must I scroll through all of my favorite team's past games to see the one happening today? Only this app would sent out an update that fixed nothing. Absolutely splendid.

  • Front page schedule should default to latest game

    by Hector Acevedo

    You currently have to scroll through all games since the beginning of the season to get to the most recent game. Fix it.

  • Error

    by Kp81_likenone

    Every time I open the app it never shows the scored and I thought the new update will fix that but it didn't.

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