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  • Publisher: MediaMonks
  • Updated: Aug, 20 2013
  • Version: 1.1.1
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- iOS7 compatability

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“Here you can learn more about some of my dreams and my inspirations.”

Chat with football sensation Russell Wilson in a unique, voice-responsive mobile app, powered by American Family Insurance.

Ask Russell about his football dreams. Ask Russell about college. Ask Russell about baseball. Even Ask Russell about his favorite dish. The Ask Russell mobile app is the way to chat with Russell Wilson about all of his dreams on and off-the field in this first-of-a-kind mobile app experience.

• Chat intimately with pro football quarterback Russell Wilson.
• First of a kind experience driven by the power of your voice.
• Loaded with tons of secret “easter egg” content to unlock.
• Hours of engaging video content for football fans and dreamers alike.

- Make sure you're on WiFi to maximize Russell’s askability.
- Listen carefully to the choices Russell presents.
- Tap the microphone icon, then speak clearly into your device.
- Follow @AmFam and 'like' AmFam on Facebook.

Customer Reviews

  • Hilarious app!!

    by Ha boy

    Ok I don't even know what the intended purpose of the app is, but it's truly hilarious trying to have a conversation with Russell. It didn't recognize what I said so he would just say the same clips and laugh and my and my buddies got a kick out of it. Download it if you're a RW fan.

  • Great app

    by Beneto723

    It works well, it's informative, it's Russell Wilson. 5 Stars.

  • Great

    by Jajajajskxkxhh

    Amazing app Russel Wilson is beast

  • Everything Russellmania touches is gold

    by BRA #1 Fan

    Russell Wilson scores the game winning drive again with this app!

  • 12th woman

    by Goat lover 101

    Russle Wilson is my favorite NFL player. I love this app Because u can ask him stuff like what he does. I love watching him play.

  • 12th MAN

    by Mike Clarke 79

    I'm your biggest fan

  • 12th Man!!

    by TrainwreckX

    I'm the 12th man to review this app. Great app. #GoHawks

  • Best app ever


    Love this!! Call me everyone!! 253-202-8786

  • Love Russell and love American Family!

    by Welder is king!

    Great way to learn more about Russell and his dreams - tons of facts I didn't know

  • Love this thing!

    by KaitlinK

    BEST APP EVER! Thank Russell and American Family!

  • DangeRuss app!

    by **DREAMS

    Great concept. More players should do these "Ask me" apps. Go Hawks!

  • It's so cool

    by JPGaleano

    Russell is a beast

  • Go Hawks

    by Asfdjiftgvdfgvc

    Go Hawks

  • Go

    by ItsMePinky


  • Fun App!

    by 2pointseven

    This was interesting to use and really cool if you're a Seahawks fan! Go hawks!

  • Ask Russell is a great way to learn more about him

    by Fox person 72345

    Learn how his family influenced him as a person and how to view life in general. He views life in a positive way, and this app tells his story of sports, success, family, and helping others through Russell Wilson's own dialogue. Great app. GO HAWKS!

  • Hilarious

    by GoDisney13

    This app is so terrible, it is funny. I hope Russell is getting paid a lot. Someone should get fired at AmFam for doing this.

  • Dumb

    by tag092

    You can't even ask him "who is the best corner in the game?"

  • Social media requirement

    by Roland from Tacoma

    I downloaded the app but on the home screen it said that the it required you to like AmFam insurance on Facebook and follow on twitter. I don't subscribe to either of them. I'd love to ask Russell Wilson a question without artificially inflating American family insurance's presence on social media

  • I thought he would help...

    by Please help me, Russ

    I saw the ad for this app, and was filled with a hope all too unfamiliar in my life. I thought, "Finally! A player of Russel Wilson's caliber will dedicate his time and energy to helping me with my...issues." I download it, only to find out it is merely a series of pre-recorded answers to some nonsense questions. He won't help me, afterall. And I am sad. I just wanted him to tell me how to cure myself of this perpetual crotch itch.

  • Nice idea. Fails on implementation

    by General_Ledger

    Gave up in frustration. The voice parser can't even recognize one of its own choices - the word "sports". Should include a keyboard option if there are only 2 or 3 choices. And a better parser. License the parser from the folks at Dragon. Q

  • Good, but needs some adjustments

    by IloveNiallHoran69

    Look I love Russell Wilson he's awesome and I know this isn't his fault but can I please just ask a question that I want to ask not Russell giving me options what to ask please fix this problem and I promise I will give you 5 stars

  • Terrible

    by Natrron11

    You say sports or off the field then it just loads till you leave the app then reappears the same thing next time you get on.

  • App

    by Denali Cadillac

    Love Russell but this app can't hear you. Needs an update or something

  • Ehhh

    by Miguel_likes_rice

    This app is bad not his fault but he just bored me ehhh

  • Bad


    Terrible app waste of space on my phone

  • Worst app ever

    by Rondiggle

    Downloaded this after seeing your horrible commercial and just wanted to make sure the app was just as pointless. Yep, I was right.

  • Doesnt work

    by Bossboy1547

    It doesn't work. I ask it a question and it doesn't answer. But not Russell's fault.

  • This app is bad, not Russel's fault

    by ILovefootball:)

    This app won't answer any of my questions!

  • Dumb User Interface

    by McBmt

    Russell is my favorite player, and it would be cool to hear about his dreams, but answering a multiple choice question by hitting a button and THEN saying one of the 3 words shown on the screen is just stupid! If I have to tap the screen to say one of 3 words, just let me tap the word!! This seems like a good example of trying to be "Siri like", and epically failing.. Not Russell's fault at all, just poor app development.. Please update the app so I can just tap the word on the screen!

  • Garbage

    by Bellinater

    It's all preset, you don't get to ask him any real questions, he just gives you options of what he wants to talk about and then he reads a bunch of platitudes from a script. I just wanted to ask if he likes street sharks and which street shark is his favorite. I like Ripster.

  • weird title for an app

    by Tytyrd

    weird title for an app that involves NO asking whatsoever! waste of time.

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