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2013 Winner, "Best Non-Fiction App" from the Digital Book World Awards

Conquer every wine list and wine store with confidence, with “Wine Simplified,” made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone.

“Wine Simplified” takes a unique approach to teaching you how to understand what you like and how to get it, with tasting videos and fun interactives, not tedious memorization.

COOL HUNTING • “Wine Simplified is an approachable and navigable guide with ample opportunities to delve into more detail. It is rife with practical advice for ordering and buying, aimed at bringing amateur oenophiles up to speed.”

GIZMODO • “Wine Simplified is a an iOS app that’ll teach you everything you need to know about wine.”

DIGITAL BOOK WORLD • “Wine Simplified exemplifies the best in innovative reading experiences.”

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“Wine Simplified” is a book made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone, and includes:
► 90 minutes of video tutorials: Guided video tastings are designed for you to pick up your own wine and follow along at home
► 240 audio pronunciation guides
► Dozens of interactive guided tours and slideshows walk you through complex wine labels, winemaking, shopping, and ordering
► Quick-reference glossary and pop-up tips with key terms and definitions accessible throughout

► Learn to identify what you like
So you just tasted a wine you enjoyed. Learn to describe what you liked and how to repeat that experience the next time and every time after that. Make wine shopping a stress-free event.

► Pick the perfect wine for every dish
Forget memorizing every possible wine-dish combination in the world. Learn the basics of how wine interacts with food (hint: rich, fatty foods go great with high-alcohol wines), and pick the “right” wine every time.

► Decode wine labels and lists
Wine labels and lists may seem like a mess of grapes, obscure place names, and stuffy terminology. Move past that flowery marketing language and learn where to look. Location and alcohol content can tell you a lot!

► Use rudimentary science and geography to predict wine style
If you can picture how peaches change in flavor as they ripen on the tree, then you can easily grasp the flavor shift found in wines from chilly Northern Italy to sunny California. Conquer a handful of basic concepts and never be stumped again.

► Author, Marnie Old
Marnie is a sommelier and veteran wine educator based in Philadelphia. She has served as Director of Wine Studies at the French Culinary Institute in New York, and is a wine columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. She has written two books, “Wine Secrets” and “He Said Beer, She Said Wine.”

“Marnie is a breath of fresh air in the wine world.”—Michael Mondavi

“No-one feels stupid when Marnie talks about wine. Not even me.”—Bill Cosby

“Marnie is one of the most efficient and entertaining wine educators in the US.”—Kevin Zraly

► Featured Contributor, Anthony Giglio
Anthony is a sommelier and wine author who has written several books, including Food & Wine Magazine's Wine Guide for 2009, 2010, and 2011. He has also written several editions of the popular Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide.

Customer Reviews

  • Great book

    by Longtime Gamer

    Finally -- a straightforward way to learn about wine. And the host/author (Marnie Old) is not only well-spoken -- she is also very cute!

  • Awesome App!

    by M. OKey

    By far this is the best information I've read regarding wine. This ebook is organized in a simple concise manner an unpretentious. If you really have an interest in learning about wine, this is the app for you.

  • Great app!

    by wgravely

    This is my second better book and I love it - so easy to read and navigate. A great way to learn!

  • Simply Superb!

    by NTEROG8

    This app demystifies wine buying and tasting. Well organized with excellent video explanations.

  • Wine Simplified

    by PatrickJBurns

    Wow, what a refreshing book!! Top notch design and content makes this an enjoyable and invigorating read. I wish all books were designed this way!!

  • Great wine primer

    by BimmerGirl32

    I was impressed with the breadth and depth of information in this app. If you are new to the delights of wine, this is a great place to get started. If you know all about wine, there are still interesting facts that you can learn. I admit I learned some new and interesting info about my latest passion - burgundy wines. Great app!

  • Great App.

    by Clos39

    Great for beginners.

  • Amazing amount of information

    by Lyn Joneston

    This book is incredible! I learned so much about what I thought was just totally opinion based. The distinction between objective and subjective approaches really changed my point of view on wine. Also, learning about Old and New World wines, what terroir means, and the concept of pairing wine not only with food but with the seasons of the year is totally changing my wine experience. If you love wine and really want to know why sometimes you don't buy a good bottle so you can stop making those mistakes, get this app!

  • Impressive

    by Jason Masoni

    Surprisingly comprehensive and interactive - a diamond in the rough of ebook apps. And now I won't embarrass myself around wine snobs!

  • so easy to use and learn

    by jbfiesta

    I thought I knew wine until I downloaded and read through this ebook. The interactive video and text is so easy to navigate and learn. Thank you for creating this!

  • Surprisingly good

    by Chucky Slayer

    Was really impressed with this book. I use the cocktails book from these guys, and saw this on their iTunes page. Have spent an hour with it today, and love the graphics, the way it pronounces the wine types, and the videos. I am going to be spending some time in Napa in a few weeks, so I'm going to use this to get souped up on my wine knowledge. Haven't tried it on my iPhone yet, but the screen shots look good. It looks great on iPad.

  • New update buggy

    by Dapertutto

    After I updated I'm getting an error saying content could not be loaded. Happens directly after startup splash screen. Please fix. (iPhone 5, iOS 7)

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