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► FREE TODAY! With over 7,000,000 downloads & 48,000+ ★★★★★ star ratings Worldwide... experience what all the fuss is about today!

Get amazing X-Ray vision & look through clothes, skin & bone! X-Ray scan your body using just your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad totally for FREE!

You control the X-Ray scanning in real-time. Unlock* and be amazed as you X-Ray vision your SKULL, CHEST, PELVIS, HANDS, KNEES & even FEET in full HD. Even use the light on your iPhone to X-Ray!

Be blown away by what you and your friends never thought possible...


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★★★★★ “What a hoot!” Disgruntal
★★★★★ “Kool” Edmungel
★★★★★ “Super !” Kreisau
★★★★★ “LOL this is great” redguy8
★★★★★ “Very very nice” Raedhassan
★★★★★ “Fantastic” supermarioex
★★★★★ “Cool and fun Ap!” Waterford Ken
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Customer Reviews

  • Prank LOL

    by Dynomite360fosho

    Omg this is so funny to prank people with

  • It's just a prank

    by Sovietcon

    You people are dumb if you ever think there will be a real X-ray app that would be so dangerous to your body.... Idiots

  • Wow

    by Llphgtunvd


  • -__________-

    by Sally Brewer

    Are people serious, they really thought this would work as an actual XRay. Maybe people should read app descriptions first, everyone giving one star for the app not "really working" are complete idiots


    by WhiteWidow2277

    Being upset that this app didn't "really" let you see your "actual" bone or see through your walls is stupid. X-Ray technology is very advanced, that's why there are X-ray machines at places like hospitals, and if you need an X-Ray you go to a hospital. Downloading an Application on your smartphone would not give your phone an X-ray ability or else everyone would have their own personal smartphone X-ray machine and there wouldn't be a need for them anymore at hospitals and imaging centers.

  • Cool

    by Jathan Harding

    Duct Bdbdjdudjjr

  • real good

    by treve 11

    it's Ok

  • majad

    by aA7766554433

    not bad

  • Awesome

    by Michael Johnson

    It rocks but its bit your own arm but still awesome

  • Best app

    by Ams12345678

    Funny to use to prank people. Neat how it can follow how you move your phone. For those of you looking for a phone app that takes actual X-rays, don't be ridiculous, that doesn't exist. That why healthcare facilities have special machines with qualified personnel.

  • It's okay...

    by Kidjat

    I guess it's not that bad. You should get it!

  • Fake!!!

    by Chu Lou


  • Stupid Prank 0 star

    by Biztriz

    Not worth a single star

  • Rip off

    by 52*sophia

    This app is so fake even my 4 year old sister knew!!!!! /:

  • FROOP!!!!!

    by Snikerdoodlejust4youdoodle

    this app is so fake i h8 it. And remember, always drink out of your neighbors toilet!!! but dont actually do that thts gross.........

  • i hate it

    by Kathi147

    i tried to x ray my head and i saw a hand it will be the biggest problem if u see a hand in your head . dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BAD!!!!

    by quester11

    DON'T GET IT!!!!!!


    by Tfjhfdijbhe

    I put my hand in 1 direction and it showed a random hand in a different direction??? I mean really? Why make a app like that? At least I didn't pay for it

  • Derp

    by Epic10199dUDe

    It's an x ray. Sure. I wonder why when I pointed it at a wall it showed some random persons "bones". It is fake. Period.

  • Not even worth 1 star!

    by Niyaa

    Even if it is a prank it is still bad doesn't even move the write way when I move my iPod! This is horrible, not even worth 1 star!!

  • 

    by  

    This is so STUPID!!!! I actually thought it was a X-ray vision but it is not they just tell you what hand or what foot , so they make you think that it WORKS NO. If it works for you you got lucky cause it will not WORK for me!!! P.S. I am not trying to be mean sorry!!!

  • EPIC FAIL! Horrible

    by Cookiecrumbs04

    Personally, I am rating it 0 stars. Not even 1 star! Trust me people, this app is a total prank. And in addition to that, it is 0% fun, positive, etc. I mean really! And a note to the creator of this disaster, " If you ever try to scam is again..." We don't deserve this. I bet you thought it was a cool science app.


    by Swag life king

    Who invented this awful app? It STINKS it is bad and Obviously FAKE

  • Awful

    by Yellowathina


  • So bad

    by Pupdo

    It was just a wast of Time I mean like my hand wasnt even under it but it still went

  • Crap

    by Rashal48212

    Wasted my time, apple should banned this fake app.

  • This app is a bunch of booty

    by 3dmaj

    You can tell its fake I didn't put my hand under it and it still went

  • Fake

    by moranfamilyca

    It's a piece of crap

  • Omg

    by Future marine23

    Dont waste ur time dowloading this piece of junk

  • Don't get

    by LittleKing20

    I thought you could see inside your body by holding like your hand out in front of your camera. Very stupid not worth 1star 0 STARS

  • Do not get!!!please!!I'm begging u!!don't do it!!

    by Baconlover2

    So stupid!!!doesn't work waste of if u get this app so called"x-ray" u will delete it just like I did!!

  • No

    by Piglover152

    Don't do it. Just using storage space

  • Hate this

    by Craig Allison

    This is a rip off dont make anymore apps like this unless its going to work I wise I didn't haft to put a star I don't even like it that much

  • Fake!

    by Awsome head

    Totally fake and confusing to work

  • That guy

    by Manymen manymen

    So i put it up to my leg and it was "scanning" my hand and i put it up to my hand and it "scanned" but i have a broken pinky but it was regular in the scan FAKE

  • This thing is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by 21foo

    I wasnt even looking at my arm and it was still showing it to me!!!i would rate it 0 but it wont let me

  • The worst app

    by michael tatusko

    This is so fake and stupid not even worth to try it

  • Worst app ever

    by Pitcherbob4

    I can't even X-ray my other arm

  • Not even the illusion

    by Dimetrex

    I don't understand how it gives the illusion that it sees your bones. Not only will it reveal that say, a cucumber has a skeleton, but when I use it the images are completely off. When I view my fingers it shows my wrist, for example. It's a bad app all around.

  • Whatt...

    by Emopanda323

    I put it over my friends broker finger, and it didnt work XD ppl who make these r idiots

  • Dont

    by Wertb

    DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!

  • This game is horrible

    by BrownFamilia6

    Come on there's not X-ray people don't waste your time searching for X-ray apps there all fake and they fail making these apps

  • Worst app i have ever got

    by Abcdjfhfhdhdhchhdidbxhdhe

    Its stupid i wasnt even holding it to my arm and it was showing bones.

  • The worst app ever

    by JoSHUA123123

  • Worst App Ever

    by Doctor K 5060807

    If you are thinking this app actually does an x-ray then you're wrong. It doesn't even let you get past the left hand. And it's not even you're own bones. If you broke a bone, this app won't show you the crack in the bone.

  • Worst game ever

    by Antizombie567


  • Worst game ever!!!

    by Oooosgfcbgfc(;5);.;

    This is the worst app I ever downloaded do not and I repeat DO NOT GET THIS App!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worst App EVER!!!

    by iPhonesAreBest

    I tried to put it on my leg and i figured out that my leg is a hand Worst App.

  • Don't buy

    by Momo200123gymnast

    Worst app ever

  • Pretty good

    by Hdueuehzbsueh

    Da guys its not going to be an x-ray an x-ray needs rays and uses radiation this app if for a joke to fool your friends no madder how hard you try your not going to find a true working x-ray for an IPOD sheesh

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