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97.5 The Fanatic brings the city of Philadelphia a young and hip sports sound on a day-to-day basis. Mike and Mike in the Morning drive you to work and Mike Missanelli drives you home. Brian Baldinger, Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes entertain you middays. We’re proud to also bring you Darren Daulton, Sal Paolantonio, Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Westbrook. We strive to bring you the best sports talk and sports coverage - we are 97.5 The Fanatic.

Includes Ford SYNC integration - Available in AppLink equipped vehicles, with Ford's voice-activation technology. Control our app with voice commands and listen to the live stream or on demand content through your car.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Mikepski

    Best Philly news radio app

  • perfect for us out-of-towners!

    by Jamrmand

    this app gets me through my work days! love it so much. I moved away from the Philly/South Jersey area a few years ago and the most depressing part of it is not having my sport teams. with this radio station app, Philly sports is all that's discussed and what a relief it is to have, listening to some Philly guys talk Philly sports!!

  • Awesome

    by John Filip

    Tony Bruno is the man.

  • Hus535 : great station for all things Philly

    by Sportstmh53

    Best station in Philly.

  • Works perfect

    by DR BDC

    No issues streaming

  • Beautiful man

    by SDMani

    I work inside an office building...never have a problem getting reception. Like Tony Bruno says "beautiful man"

  • It's an ok app

    by Uri Coker

    The quality is good, but they need to do something so it won't have to buffer (regardless of connection)like every few seconds or so people won't have to restart the app or refresh the connection several times just to play it live.

  • Best Philly app there is

    by Sam Lude

    I have used this app in Philadelphia, and I use it now while studying abroad in Germany and its clear as crystal. GET IT.

  • Great app!!

    by rkiopj

    Very useful as a Philly sports fan. The ability to download the audio would be a nice addtition

  • Great app

    by Flyguys 28

    Great app and a great show

  • Awesome App A++

    by Jonathan Warren

    This app is smooth and has a ton of features. I recently moved out of state and was worried i wouldn't be able to listen to Philly sports talk radio. Now I can and I can even listen to Mikey Miss entire show on demand!! Love it.

  • Love this app

    by Chris Yobb

    This app is so great. Nothing better than Tony Bruno on demand. You are my hero Tony!

  • Bi

    by Tony's Scooter

    I love this app so I can hear Tony Bruno even when he's not on me

  • Overall, it's alright.

    by AstroB98

    It's a decent app. It does it's main job of being able to listen in to the station plus a few other nice features. It's a bit slow though. Not a big fan of the ads either. But besides that, it's okay.

  • Does not work

    by Deadeyerish

    App will not play constant pressing of play button only to buffer over and over with no playing of station.


    by TradersJose's

    Pretty much sums up this app when it's not crashing. Very frustrating app

  • All commercials, no game.

    by The Murdoc

    Living in CA I dont get to watch or listen to the eagles. Downloaded this app to listen to the game but all it was is commercials for espn radio.


    by lukeson1

    It was great listening to Philly sports since I live here in Brooklyn. I love listening to you guys at the Fanatic. But please tell me why does it change to ESPN sports radio after a few hours. I have to delete the app. Reinstall it and then listen. Every day I have to do this. Please fix this guys.

  • Doesn't work!!

    by RevanLDat

    It won't work anymore. Now I'm missing out on what's going on with Tony Bruno, John and Sean show!!

  • No more daily show podcasts?!

    by Csh6

    This was great for catching up on full per recorded podcasts of all the day time shows. Especially tony Bruno. They just stopped after 4/18/13. Thumbs down. Other than that it's an ok app now

  • Not working on Ipad

    by Vectorbill

    Did work but no more

  • Bug

    by John yyrftftc

    It stopped working last night jan 10th '13 Not sure what happened haven't been able to listen to mike miss on demand. Bogus.

  • New version doesn't work on my iPad!

    by wfd146

    Just updated the app and it doesn't play, the background changes and that's it!

  • Doesn't start

    by J-_123456789

    The app was great before the last update, but now it doesn't start when the app is launched. Missing out on the Fanatic.

  • Buffering...

    by Jaketrout33

    This app would be fine if it didn't have to buffer constantly. Also, I hope you can tolerate hearing the same commercials over and over and over and over and over again... I got it, Missanelli likes West German BMW 50 times a day!!!! I understand you have to pay your bills but how about a little variety!!!! This app is a FAIL.

  • Good not great

    by Alcott83

    It's an ok app when it works.. I like listening to mike miss but it never works.. It's always buffering.. It's a waste of battery life..

  • Buffering

    by Kyle Rooney

    I love the station but the app is frustrating. It has to buffer about every 30 seconds regardless of location or signal strength which makes it impossible to listen to.

  • Unreliable

    by Chiefdiamondphillips

    App has great sound quality when it decides to work which is not often

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