FOX Sports GO Sports App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: FOX Sports Interactive

- Enhanced Closed Captioning Support (2014 Legal Requirements)
- Bug Fixes

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245 Ratings
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With FOX Sports GO, you can watch live sports and great shows from FOX Sports, FOX Sports 1, and FOX Sports 2*. No matter where you go, take FOX Sports with you on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

FOX Sports GO features live coverage of great sports:

• NCAA Football
• NCAA Basketball
• UEFA Champions League Soccer


You can also stream great shows like FOX Sports Live, The Ultimate Fighter, FOX Football Daily, and Crowd Goes Wild.

FOX Sports GO is free to download. All you need to do to watch is sign in with your TV provider credentials. The following TV providers are current FOX Sports GO partners:

•AT&T U-verse
•Cablevision Optimum
•Comcast XFINITY
•Midcontinent Communications

And we’re working hard to add new TV providers every day.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding live video from your regional FOX Sports networks and FOX Deportes.

FOX Sports GO—put FOX Sports in your pocket and GO.

*FOX Sports 2 available from certain TV providers only.

Customer Reviews

  • Looks good

    by BaseballGuy1

    Looks like an awesome app but please add my TV provider!! Add Charter!

  • Good app

    by Jdjdjdbbdbdhd

    I like the app just people that want to watch a game that's already happened or a nascar race you should put a button where you can watch things that have already passed

  • Watched the Super Bowl

    by Sellento

    Worked great!

  • More

    by Ttytyryetetyeetyeeyw

    Please add DirecTV, Not many providers on list

  • Great

    by Mpsieber

    Great app. Got to watch the Super Bowl and looking forward to the Daytona 500.

  • Where fox sports west

    by Andrew corona

    I watch fox sports west too

  • Fox

    by Montes71

    Works as it should. No lag at all. It's a great App. That's for the App., our cable went out during half time and I found this App.. Fox works just as well for us on the actual website. I'm giving it 5 stars...

  • How do I watch the Super Bowl

    by Mclovin2323


  • Nice picture quality

    by Hajdario

    Airplay support fixed. Picture is awesome.

  • Works great!

    by Destr0yaz

    Not sure why people are rating the app a zero cause of their cable provider. Blame your company not the app. Anyways, app works great and no issues streaming. I do wish you could watch recent shows instead of just live shows. And also seems only fox sports 1 is on, instead of both channels. I still think they can improve, so 4 stars.

  • Don't blame the app!!!

    by ss510

    I'm REALLY sick of people giving a perfectly good app a 1 star rating because it is not compatible with their pay-tv provider. You have no clue of the contractural or economic issues involved, and it certainly has nothing to do with the quality of the app. Chuckleheads.

  • Put verizon fios

    by Jr burnside

    Put verizon fios

  • Fox sport go

    by Gesellemason

    Not for Verizon fios?delete delete....please fix

  • Works Great

    by Jexreffy

    Love being able to watch Fox Sports Live on my iPad.

  • Please add new companies.

    by JohnyVibe

    Add Time warner Cable! For now 3 stars.

  • Don't blame fox!!

    by Rob Bone

    Blame directv they do not offer support for any on the go app, I have called directv multiple times and they just do not care. Directv just does not care about what there customers want when it comes to go apps like this one and HBOgo it's just sad!

  • Optimum User

    by SportsIWatch4242

    Works great for live events. Needs replay / archiving.

  • Great app

    by Brandon800Mohammed

    I just got the app to work with my Optimum account. Works flawlessly, I really don't understand the earlier critical reviews, but the issues probably got resolved in an app update.

  • Still no airplay

    by Dron00

    Like the app but the update says it added airplay but it still doesn't work.

  • Cool

    by Megga0

    It needs more cable provider options.

  • Please add cox cable or centurylink

    by Josehsjkelr


  • FOX Sports Southwest

    by 97LuckyStar

    We can't watch our local team's games live on the go because MLB.TV, NHL Game Center Live, and NBA League Pass Broadband only shows out of market games. Time to include our respective FOX Sports Regional networks so we can watch our local team's games live on the go.

  • Streaming not actually available

    by Civdiv99

    Unless you happen to have some no-name service nobody's ever heard of. Paying $150 a month for premium satellite? Sorry, Fox won't let you watch live streaming. Better go chain yourself to the couch I guess. Skip this app. Well, I guess "app" isn't accurate if it doesn't actually do anything, now is it?

  • R U kidding?

    by Bin Gao

    No dish, no directTV, r u lost your mind?

  • Can't use it.

    by Botld92z

    It opens, so I guess that's worth a star.

  • Airplay now disabled?

    by ehren88888

    Why do I see a message stating "airplay mirroring not available???"

  • Can't use

    by lurnch

    App useless with only 6 cable companies on list. Lame !!!!

  • Satellite providers, Fox has never heard of them

    by iphonereviewer#2

    Worthless if you have satellite service.

  • Fox Sports Worst App in History

    by etc041

    This is the Worst App on here watching Superbow yesterday an saw my Fox Sun Sports of Florida now it is gone great going Fox Sports Go App I hope everybody delete this app because they said no regional Sports network like no local sports channel like Fox Sports Sun Sports from Florida what a waste of time download it on here there was never a sign in never never all they ask for location to be on that is all now they want sign in with cable tv company

  • Doesn't work with AT&T

    by Juan Carlos Etienne

    I have signed in to my account and everything but there are no channels available. I don't know if its my package or whatever but it won't let me watch anything. Shame on you Fox!

  • Providers

    by Dance101:)

    Add directv for a provider and I will give a five star

  • Worthless

    by kulio helio

    Enough said...

  • Don't Get this app

    by Aroz61

    This app is stupid cause it only has 6 providers you can have, 4 of which I've never heard of. There is no Time Warner Cable possible

  • Horrible.

    by Cvpodi

    This app is terrible, fox needs desperately to update its server. Used it to stream the Superbowl, as more advertisements than the game, at most we got to watch 30 mins total of the game and probably 40 mins of commercials. It works for all of five minutes and then crashes and you have to restart the app and hope it works. Which of course it always worked to play advertisements but rarely for the desired content.

  • Not very good

    by SmiteMatter

    Nearly every (8 of 10 tries so far) time I try to use this app I get a league restriction message blocking what's on. Hardly ever get to watch anything on this app. A bit of a waste of space since it doesn't do much.

  • Without Sign in

    by Brandon Franco

    Why is this Super Bowl weekend all channels worked even FOX Deportes and local FOX Regionals channels without sign in and I have Comcast.

  • Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Dexter 8199163

    This app is horrible don't buy it, it is horrible you have to have a tv provider. That is dumb, Why???????!!!! It is dumb I don't like it it is dumb it is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make it to where you don't have to have a tv provider. I was thinking this would be cool but it is VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fox suks

    by Metoon4379

    Most likely no to work. Very, very limited

  • What Super Bowl?

    by Progame1

    I installed to watch the Super Bowl, but it was not listed. Either it wasn't offered or it was so hard to find in the app which has no search feature that I couldn't find it. Fail.

  • Don't bother, FOX app does NOT work. Deleted.

    by geofan49

    Look at all the one star ratings. Does not work with DirecTV. Deleted.

  • SB Ad said NO Special Sign In

    by Kidvog

    I don't like misleading information. Tells me you don't know what you're doing.

  • Didn't work for Super Bowl

    by dnwc3

    Downloaded for my iPad to watch the Super Bowl. Crashed a ton and missed a decent amount of game time. Eventually I found a different way to watch the game. I expected more from Fox's unrestricted preview of their app.

  • I don't get it?

    by GTOformula400

    What is the purpose of creating these apps if you need to have a cable subscription to use them? Who is going yo watch on a smartphone if they already have cable tv?

  • No sirve

    by Erasto1

    Pura basura!!!!

  • Super Bowl

    by Sproman one

    Hate not getting to watch more often, I don't have a local provider. Loved the game though, thanks. Let us know when we can come back.

  • Fail

    by 2starr

    Super Bowl wasn't available during their commercial in which they suggested we try it. I would love streaming of that stuff outside normal TV channels, but that certainly didn't sell me.

  • Useless for most people

    by Frankie's Market

    For all the sycophants who are defending FOX and ranting at anyone who gives negative reviews for this app, let me say this. Rival networks NBC and CBS streams live sporting events that are televised on their broadcast network outlets w/o requiring any log-in from a participating cable provider. So why can't FOX do the same? And while I can understand restricting cable network programming to cable customers, open it up to more than just a handful of selected cable providers. Otherwise, this app is totally useless for most people. And like it or not, a useless app deserves every bad review it gets until the folks at FOX realizes they need to get off their duff and start hashing out deals with the major cable and satellite companies.

  • Messed up

    by Exit on true

    Every link points to this app for watching the Super Bowl. Guess what. No Super Bowl to stream. Big letdown.

  • No SuperBown for iPhone! :(

    by ProStCamaro

    I downloaded this so I could watch the Super Bowl. a few hours before the game started I could see the game in the guide menu. as I opened the app a few minutes before the game was starting the Super Bowl option was no long there. I couldn't find it to watch. I missed the entire game. very disappointed.

  • Fail

    by CarolinaSalt

    Could not stream Super Bowl from iPad.

  • Misleading...

    by Jimini Cricket

    The SuperBowl was not supported on the iPhone. Be more specific than "mobile".

  • Worthless

    by SaltLifer

    I missed about a third of the Super Bowl, staring at a black screen or a frozen image with a little circle spinning in the middle. My wifi connection is excellent, and movies stream flawlessly, but this made watching the game an annoying chore. Deleting this garbage.


    by gabbyvalenzuela

    It is NOT streaming the Super Bowl for me! I missed the last quarter. It was only streaming UFC fights and some other random football game!

  • What a piece of junk

    by MAC Oldtimer

    Very poor App. Crashed several times during the Super Bowl or interrupted the game with random commercials. An absolute letdown.

  • Watch anywhere?

    by terry_alderman

    It specifically says "watch anywhere" however, as soon as you leave the United States you can no longer use this "on the go" app. Disappointing, can't we fix this in 2014?

  • Why location services?

    by pese13

    I understand why they may require location services for some content as the NFL apparently extends their crappy blackout type crap to phones. But why does the app become completely crippled if I don't allow location access? Surely some of the content does have some stupid license that requires my location. App deleted.

  • Didn't Work

    by Igni Ferroque

    Tried to watch the superbowl, couldn't.

  • Awful app

    by Rachel Christensen

    Location required to see any content = bad app

  • Must Use Location Services

    by alqaqish

    This App won't work without location services turned on. I don't use location services on my iPad, I can enter my location on Apps I want to use that require it. But this App doesn't even do that. Very crappy policy... No thanks!

  • No Super Bowl wth

    by Axle daze

    At loss for words .. Have watched nfl games on this ap intelligence today going to store on a whim as game is a blow out .. See commercial to use app and it's not listed no f ing Super Bowl lame

  • No Super Bowl

    by nor_cali530

    It is not streaming the Super Bowl.

  • Lame!

    by Fernando8807

    False advertising! Super Bowl 48 isn't available, despite the commercials.

  • Requires Locations Based Services

    by OrangeLoon

    Can't see why location based services would be required for this app.

  • Just getting the app for the superbowl

    by SeanWebb

    One star for the limitations. Just mark up the friggin advertising based on all the additional viewers. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pay for cable or satellite TV ever again! I don't care what content you try to keep there. I love getting my life back by not having TV. Keep this stupid model alive at your peril. Appointment TV is dead.

  • Just getting the app for the superbowl

    by SeanWebb

    One star for the limitations. Just mark up the friggin advertising based on all the additional viewers. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pay for cable or satellite TV ever again! I don't care what content you try to keep there. I love getting my life back by not having TV. Keep this stupid model alive at your peril. Appointment TV is dead.

  • Fix please

    by Grafrecks1

    Crashing won't stay open?? Was working fine until last update what happened ???

  • TWC

    by Lieren Barkenhagen

    Needs TWC support

  • Fox deportes ?!?!

    by Rafael Ramalho de oliveira

    What happened with the fox deportes ??? The other day I had all 3 on this app , fox 1 , fox 2 and fox deportes and now it is gone ???? Why fox ???

  • Keeps crashing.

    by Xman0479

    Rebooting does not help. Deleting and reloading does not help

  • Time Warner Cable

    by Tha Fritter

    This app is currently not available to subscribers of FOX Sports 1 and 2 with a subscription to Time Warner Cable. FOX still needs to work out a deal with Time Warner Cable. Until that happens; 2 stars.

  • Worthless

    by Wullov

    Does not support my carrier.

  • No support for DirecTV

    by BobSRF

    These network applications are useless if they don’t support those of us who are paying for access to their programming through cable and satellite companies that are not on their list. Nearly all don’t support DirecTV, so they get one star.

  • No Time Warner Cable support

    by Dave1421

  • StinkO

    by PopFaz

    Fox WAS my preferred sports Network ... No More.. Only 5 or cable company's are acceptable ???? Why - don't you want Viewers??????? I'm Dish strong- been with Dish for over 15 yrs.. Like um, staying with them... The Hopper rules.. I'll watch the games broadcast on the local Chanel's and listen to Nascar on MRN... Goodby Fox.. Sorry DW....

  • Tale of missing Fox Sports 2

    by Chieftwigg

    What use is this app if I can't get Fox Sports 2? I have Comcast which doesn't carry FS2. FS2 website says if you can't get FS2 to install this app. Waste of time. I pay $120 month for basic cable and can't get for what I clearly pay cash. So yet another Rolex 24 hour gone by which I'll miss. Gee, can't wait for NASCAR season to start, I'll miss half the races. Great job. .. Sent from my iPad

  • No fios

    by Krodgers818

    No fios support. Makes app worthless to me. 6 providers listed to choose from and all I've heard of is xfinity and AT&T uverse. If you're one of the fifteen people that have any of these providers, I'm sure the app is great!

  • Useless unless you can get the content on TV

    by kc2kth

    I was hoping to watch an event that is being carried on FS2. Comcast doesn't carry this channel, and therefore I can't watch content carried on that channel via the app. I can only see in app what I can already see via cable.

  • Top-tier cable subscription required

    by CasualGuy

    Can't view any content without a top-tier (i.e. way overpriced) cable subscription. If I had that, I wouldn't be trying to watch on my iPad. It's ridiculous to be required to pay over $100/month for cable TV when all one wants to do is watch the occasional sports car race.

  • Total garbage

    by sgnl>05

    Despite the app indicating that the user requires a service contract with an ISP it still does not work. Total waste of time. Thanks Fox for making the idea of watching on the go further from reality.

  • Location required? Get bent.

    by BilldozerVT

    These jerks don't need to know where I am. Screw their 1970's style TV contracts. Deleted.

  • Total waste

    by Doug251

    Why can't someone whose cable company carries several of the Fox network channels watch when they only list 5 of the hundreds of carriers? STUPID.

  • No Time-Warner cable

    by wrxinsc

    Won't work with TWC

  • Don't bother

    by Beezadeano

    Totally useless app. Save your time and don't bother downloading.

  • Greedy junk

    by Organic design

    Another FOX marketing tool DON'T download.

  • No FIOS or DirecTV

    by mikeC1820

    Fox needs to stop being greedy on negotiations with Verizon and DirecTV if they want this to be successful

  • Not directv or fiostv

    by Luciano729m

    Ffuppknnn asddddddssa

  • Waste of Time

    by Ben-E-Wall

    Don't bother loading the app. You will need a current account with cable provider.

  • Useless App

    by ncpc3141

    What good is app that is by design absolutely non functional because I choose an internet provider that FSGO won't allow? You want users/ viewers, Fox? Make you app accessible. After I send this review, I am deleting app.

  • No DirecTV

    by SkippyPGD

    What a joke. I pay $100+ for DirecTV which FOX gets their cut, but we can't use this app?

  • Not working with WOW cable

    by computer savage

    I got this app so I could log in with my cable provider and stream the NFC Champ game. The game is not there.

  • Great until..

    by cwmorgan

    Great until you're looking for the big game.

  • Pointless

    by Hen 5

    Can't stream top games outside of your home area, so see no point of this app.

  • Worst streaming app

    by Juancrls88

    The website for fox sports wasn't working so I downloaded the app to stream the NFC division game. What a joke it was, couldn't keep a good stream, would stop suddenly, no sound at times and worst of all you have to log in with your cable provider to even use the app

  • Good luck watching the Super Bowl!!

    by Jim Diamond

    Glad that some sports are finally coming out to streaming but if you want to watch the SeaHawks beat down the Broncos while you are at work then find something else. while watching the NFC conference game this app constantly Crashed, froze, sound would be ahead of the video by 30+ sec. my favorite is when a commercial came on then it would freeze before going back to the game and then skip to the current live moment so you would miss important plays like wilson fumbling the football in the first qtr.. (glad I missed that one though).. anyway you will find yourself yelling at the iPad like you do with the TV but you will be yelling because of the constant problems.. like I said… good luck

  • Buggy, rarely works

    by kendradog

    Rarely works for more than a few minutes before crashing, on ipad air.

  • Lame!

    by freebecauseitsuseless

    Worst. Viewing. Experience. Ever. Fox needs to grow up and simply stream this content.

  • Have to kill and restart after commercials!

    by Alpental17

    The app can’t seem to return to the game after commercials!! I have to kill and restart the app after the commercials to start watching the game again. I’m using an iPad 2 with 7.0.4 and Xfinity. Has happened consistently while watching both NFC championship games! I’m not kidding, I think I killed and restarted the app after EVERY commercial break, dozens of times! Extremely frustrating! Fix it!

  • A stupid waste of time

    by Brian Causey

    Fox refuses to follow the lead set by the other networks of just streaming their events for viewers to watch online. For some reason they think an app to link to your cable provider, assuming you have one, is a better way, thus alienating everyone who doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for cable.

  • PO'd

    by Edward Johnstone

    2 letters=BS=1star

  • Useless

    by Pinicola

    Complete and total fail. CBS crushes your app and that is only adequate. What an embarrassment. Impossible to even watch what you want.

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