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Nosler Ballistics is a trajectory calculator and range log for iPhones and iPads. This applicatino calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, and bullet flight time for any valid range, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude (it can also accept density of air or density altitude input).

Customer Reviews

  • Add 6.5 Grendel

    by JIJDesign

    So-so thus far. Need to add 6.5 Grendel loaded with Nosler 120g BT from AA.

  • Bug

    by Meee11122•

    The app had an update and now on the iPhone the titles/words are cutoff.

  • incorrect plot indices (x)

    by jpromee

    pretty good, but on the cartesian plot, i guarantee you that my 300 weatherby does not drop 250 inches in 300 yards

  • Works

    by Not so techie


  • Needs a lot of work!

    by tlhorne

    Seems to be developed without a lot of thought.

  • Nosler ballistic

    by Jlk1972

    I think this is one of the best free ballistic calculator apps. If you already know your BC and other information it helps. You can simply put your known information in. Or you can choose from the caliber list.

  • Pretty good start, significant bug

    by Pilgrim Shadow

    There is a serious bug: the altitude setting does not work. The entry makes absolutely no difference to the calculations. The work-around is to enter the absolute barometric pressure at your altitude. This is NOT the pressure you get off the weather report, which has been altitude-corrected to sea level. You either have to have a barometer with you (e.g., Kestrel 3500) or do the calculations to correct the weather report data to your actual altitude. (I have not found an app that will do that for you.) This should be an easy fix, so I look forward to the next version.

  • Incomplete caliber list

    by Megfsevhuyfvbd

    Great app, it has excellent functionality, especially for a free app. My only gripe is that it's missing my current round of choice, .303 British. Any chance of getting that in an update guys?

  • Awesome app

    by Gfygyuuujhrd

    For free it can't be beat. I love the option to change muzzle velocities within specific loads, very handy for a hand loader.

  • Not Bad for v. 1.0 & Free

    by Grandad of deaf toddler

    This is a fairly straight forward calculator. It lacks some of the "bells and whistles" such as GPS integration (would be nice to get altitude rather than having to input) etc but if you don't mind keying in data it provides calculations. Seems to have a wide variety of bullet sizes and weights although some are missing (obviously tailored for Nosler bullets). Again not to bad for a free app. Look forward to future versions and am happy in the interim.

  • What Ballistics?

    by EAlger

    It's obvious that the author programer never actually used his/her app! Nosler has a good name but this app is not up to use the Nosler name. There is no actual help for this app. Clicking support takes you to the Nosler site and drops you off. The grid display on the iPad contains too much data to be useful and results in a tiny list which is unreadable. The chart X axis is a mystery because it doesn't corrilate to the range yards entered in the data entry. Don't waste you $4 on theis app.

  • Poor first attempt t programming

    by DrChu

    App is so rudimentary and amateurish that it appears to have been written by someone taking programming for the first time. Graphs are crude with no basic labeling of bullet drop, energy and unknown 3rd curve and axes. I deleted it after 5 min; unfortunately, it was free.

  • Poor caliber choices

    by zenekkis

    First of all: no rifles! Second, no 40 calibre. What's up with that??

  • Abysmal

    by seankndy


  • President

    by Oneanddone99

    Over simplified.

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