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Live data for the 2013 baseball season and 2013 Bill James Handbook Projections.

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Live game data for the 2013 baseball season and the most detailed player statistics available on the iPhone, gives you all the information you need to prepare for and enjoy the upcoming season.

"FanGraphs Baseball for the iPhone is a must-have application for any fans interested in learning more about the game they love." -

"the beauty is in the multitude of advanced stats found here, making it one of the most comprehensive of iPhone apps focusing on baseball" -

Packed with details on every major league game and player, including live win probability graphs, box score stats, and play-by-play summaries. Explore career statistics for any major or minor league player including unique data you can’t find in any other iPhone app.

“I have found baseball nerd heaven, and it is a place called FanGraphs... the invaluable repository for statistics.“ Yahoo Sports

FanGraphs Baseball includes the critical stats found on, a site recognized and used by the ESPN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Sports, and L A Times. visitors say it best:

“... the only place you ever have to go for baseball stats ever.”
“Fangraphs is the best all-around baseball site out there...”
“...this site has significantly increased the intelligence level of baseball talk all over the net.”

FanGraphs Baseball for iPhone delivers portable, in-depth statistics for the thinking baseball fan:
- track your team’s chances of winning with live win probability graphs
- keep tabs on your favorite players with full, live box scores
- track every play and see how it impacts the game
- game graphs monitor win probability and critical situations throughout the game
- analyze any major league player in baseball history
- player linking gives you one click access to player stats from the Box Score view
- get up-to-date advanced fielding metrics via Ultimate Zone Ratings
- see the contract value and actual salary history of any player
- player stats include full data for 16 minor leagues, from rookie-ball to AAA, back to 2006
- includes live game data for 2012 season

Fans of At Bat will appreciate the extra analysis and detail on games and players.

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The FanGraphs Baseball iPhone app was created in conjunction with Hawk Ridge Consulting, LLC ( and OpenConcept Systems, Inc. (

Customer Reviews

  • Interface needs work

    by mph6563

    The information is useful, but the interface is pretty poor. It's landscape only, and doesn't use the whole iPhone 5 screen. It doesn't remember what game you're watching, do every time you switch back from another app, you have to find and select your game from the list.

  • Beginning of the end?

    by childeroland79

    This has been my most heavily used app for over two years, and while I long ago lost the ability to look at post season games, I didn't mind due to the ease of having day to day statistics at hand. But about two weeks ago, lineups for games started appearing out of order, and now this morning high leverage events stopped updating on the graph screen, leaving me with the first three batters of the game listed as the three highest leverage events in any given game no matter what. Is this an indication of discontinued support or a temporary glitch? I hope for the latter, but I fear it may be the former.

  • Awesome

    by Nsn12345

    But needs iPhone 5 support

  • No fielding:(

    by JohnnyJLow

    They only have offensive stats, no defensive stats such as what positions a player played or fielding percentages.

  • Avid Fangraphs User

    by Drew Henson

    Love the app and all the data. However, a portrait layout mode is necessary. Also, I have been disappointed by the lack of access to the blogs through the app. I read these blogs everyday, and would love to be able to access them through the app instead of having to open up a browser and read them. Love the site and all the work you do. Thank you!

  • Decent

    by Timsjohns

    It would get 5 stars if it wasn't limited to portrait and you could get full access to fangraph articles. For $2.99 I expect a bit more for an ap from one of my favorite websites.

  • Landscape only

    by Kem_boston

    Great stats, but why no support for portrait mode?

  • Great Baseball App

    by TangoSakat

    This is a really good app for baseball fans and especially those who crave stats. I love the win percentages and the player stats, but the app could use easier navigating and it NEEDS a section for viewing the stat leaders for the current season! Please include this in a future version! Otherwise it is great.

  • Great App But Needs An Update

    by Matt L Perkins

    They just added ZiPS projections which goes well with the season stats. But they need to update the app to not only fix stability issues but also utilize iOS 5's notification center. I will give this a 5 star once these things happen.

  • Annoyed.

    by No Pix !!

    Where are the 2012 projections!?

  • Worth While

    by SlippyReynolds

    Very good with tracking player stats from all generations, very good with tracking games in progress every night and very worth the price I paid for such a trusty app. It is so enjoyable to have these great resources at my disposal and always have the ability to start and end great baseball arguments.

  • :-)

    by Chonfri

    Baller app.

  • Missing many key stats

    by kcw131 is such a wealth of information, but this app only allows you to scratch the surface. Make more stats (xFIP, SwSt%, GB/FB) available, add in the articles (including RotoGraphs) and I would easily bump it from 3 to 5 stars.

  • Best App That I Have!

    by dangerwhatevs

    I use this more than any other app I've purchased. The app presents a quick gateway to a player's stats, both traditional and advanced, in an easy-to-use interface. And the live WPA graphs are incredible and add so much to the baseball experience. 10 stars!!

  • Ok

    by old but still alt rockin'

    Love the graphs. Limited player info. Often lags 1or 2 innings behind the game.

  • This is great, but ...

    by Tom Steele

    I hate that the orientation is locked.

  • Not Great, But Still Good

    by MAINEiac4434

    Nit a great app, but still very good at what it does. There are some stability issues, especially when trying to do too many things with it, but overall it's a pretty good app. Should be cheaper, though.

  • Good but could be better

    by crmdwg21

    Good app but could be better if they added the ability to view their articles.

  • Good

    by Imationcd86

    You need to add the count and you also need to fix it from crashing Besides that I think that it is very good afte the piece of garbage MLB at bat live app failed

  • Close but no cigar

    by larue2121

    Not bad but it lags behind the website. Add the individual player comparison graphs and, more importantly, the batted ball type %'s and it's a 5 star app.

  • Waste

    by Espo126

    Doesn't have any blog posts/articles and other information from the website, can't see mph stats for pitchers, etc. And the app costs $$?

  • Could really use upgrade

    by Jay-IZ

    Not enough stats for this app or even graphs. Understand that baseball analytics are growing fast and update app to more modernized version

  • Don't buy

    by Rokka222

    Since fangraphs is such a great website I'm actually stunned at how bad this app is. Frequently crashes, columns aren't aligned, EXTREMELY limited options. You basically have to type each player in to see stats one at a time. Baffling. Sorry.

  • Where are the articles?

    by SethFalstein

    The stats are good, but it's not very user-friendly or easy to navigate. Also, where are the articles?!? Their website publishes amazing articles on sabermetrics, fantasy baseball, and baseball history. Why are they not available on the app? Not worth $3, I'll almost always turn to grabbing my computer and opening the website rather than using the app.

  • Not worth $3 as of March 2013

    by Markjp621

    Reviewed on 3/6/13 There's really no advantage of this app over the mobile version. No iPhone 5 support yet, no portrait mode, and no blogs. Some other reviewers have commented on the lack of fielding stats. Just create a mobile bookmark and save yourself $3.

  • Only used as a shortcut to their website

    by SeattleArmyGuy

    Save yourself the money and just bookmark the website as an app in your folder. They have had no updates and the app has very little use.

  • Weak!!!

    by Love Lily

    Was hoping to research teams and stats before the games actually start. Very basic, and very limited. Definitely needs more features. If your interested in game updates or game cast, MLB at bat blows this away.

  • Meh

    by Shelbyville ky

    Could be awesome but it crashes on random players like arroldis chapman or. Mike trout. Wait till they fix it before you buy it

  • potentially great

    by jarrode28

    This app could be great but is useless without 2012 updates. Until v1.2 and/or updates for 2012 season, I can't recommend this app (even for free).

  • An okay start

    by Son of a beep

    It does all the things that it tells you it does, but the app is in desperate need of an update with more features.

  • Updates needed

    by Michael Petersen

    The app is overall pretty useful. But... Where are the updates? The FanGraphs website shows the 2012 stat projections but the app doesn't!

  • Disappointing app

    by RTH86

    Fangraphs is a fantastic site with a ton of useful information and articles, but this app isn't very useful at all. Perhaps my biggest gripe is that the app can't be used offline at all. The most similar app (Baseball Mobile) runs very smoothly offline and automatically updates when connected again. This is an essential feature for FanGraphs to have. Also, it lacks many important stats (GB% for pitchers, speed score, etc.) that the main site already features. Currently I prefer Baseball Mobile, so hopefully FanGraphs can update its app to the full potential.

  • Needs an update

    by CodeeG

    With the change of K% for batters it would be nice to see an update. Also pitch type and xFIP would be a nice feature as well as a leaderboard. Still happy to support to site, still dateless. Update: Now i cant review some player's pages, it's getting annoying because the program quits when I click the players name.

  • Very poor interface

    by Edward Carter

    This app is a waste of money. The interface is poor, and it is slow to update. I would not recommend.

  • Not bad but not good

    by Notnamednick

    Definitely has room for improvement. Would be nice if you could actually look at graphs, the only one you can see is the the probability for a team to win during a game. also would be nice if the Orientation weren't locked in landscape mode.

  • Meh

    by h2x

    For such an informative site, it's pretty shallow. Better off just getting the MLB app.

  • Subpar

    by Nick A 987654

    This is missing 90 percent of the stats on your website. Waste.

  • Below average app

    by Red Possom

    I will give this app 2 stars only because the graphs are nice to have. But other apps like PRO Rumors and the MLBTR apps are way better. Sorry fan graphs. Would like to see an option to read articles on the go.

  • Ehhhh....

    by bruzer345

    I think that the app is a great idea but... It just plain doesn't work. The screen comes up blank, it doesn't show any games.

  • Where are the ZIPS?

    by Nacoffey

    Your app talks about the ZIPS in the info section but none of the players have ZIPS projections just BJH. Is this gonna be updated soon? I bought it for ZIPS.

  • OK, Needs Some TLC

    by LazTunes

    Would really like to see league leaders stat lists. At the very least, player comparisons. That's the #1 reason why I go to the website. Once they get these added, it'll be closer to 4 stars. If you have MLB at bat, this box score doesnt compare, so don't get this for following games.

  • Very slow to update game data

    by Talks_to_birds

    Same deal as my first review. Thought I'd give it some time (I don't know why, now) but it's no better. If you call "live game data" consistently 5 minutes late, then maybe you'll be OK with this app. Just now: game was at two out in the bottom of the fourth while app was still back at two out, two on in the top of the fourth. No data push: you have to costantly refresh to update, which only worsens the feeling that the app is just too slow. Also the grammar is wierd: the play-by-play will call a batter out but the inning outs tally doesn't update until the *next* line appears. Same thing with hits: a batter gets a hit but doesn't appear on base until the next line -- if there is a next line for that inning. Runs, however, update on the immediate line they occur on. Maybe an iteresting app, maybe, but it's *way* slow and rather quirky. And of course there's no refunds. :-/

  • Goodish…

    by Mr44

    I like the stats Add a player comparison and beable to look at teams that didn't play today.

  • Worth it for the beautiful graphs

    by davebug

    The best way to see, real-time, what the stats mean and why they matter.

  • Spring Trainning?

    by Tyleryac

    Please add spring trainning!

  • Great app, needs all the info from the site

    by Sick of redownloading

    I'll move to 5 stars when they update and add the rest of the stats from the web site. I'm assuming that won't take too long, but it would make the app the perfect resource for additional knowledge.

  • good stats, but not user friendly...

    by Drummachine1216

    I'd REALLY like to see different home page options to navigate the app by teams, rosters, or years as oppsed to only seeing the games from that day. what if my team didn't play the day I want to check stats?? (this very frustrating especially in the offseason) it would also make this app much more useful to include an index of MLB teams that you could select from to see an entire roster's updated (TO THE DAY) stats for that year on the same day. (weekly/monthly/half year stats as well) also, if you REALLY want this app to win... include a space where the user can save their own players to compare and track their stats. if you can make these updates happen, then you'll easily have the best baseball stats app.

  • ...

    by Deano657

    Best app on the iPhone for a baseball nerd

  • ...

    by MikeCameronFan

    Great app from a great site!

  • Great job for 1st version

    by allstaryankee

    Love this site and was pumped to see an app for it. Probably not worth $3 yet but it's almost there. Some things I'd like to see: 1. Favorite team option- like the MLB app has. Puts your favorite team on the top of the scores startup screen 2. Both portrait and landscape mode. 3. Player comparison option like the site has. 4. Links to fangraphs articles that you can open and read within the app 5. Bold the score-changing plays in game logs 6. Push notifications for favorite team score changes. That's all I can think of for now. They've done a great job with the app so far and I'm excited to see where they go from here.

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