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** Ranked #1 paid sports app in 36 nations.
** Draw, plan and create sports plays and tactics!

As one of best-selling sports apps available, CoachNote is more than just a fun app to use - it’s a powerful and useful tool for creating real sports drills, strategies and tactics. Not just for coaches, CoachNote is great for players, fans and sports enthusiasts looking to strategize and share their sports plays. With this simple yet incredibly versatile app, you can create, save and share complex sports tactics that translate effortlessly into real-life sports plays.

- Create complex plays and strategies and watch them animate into beautiful and fluid motion.
- A tool for drawing clean lines in multiple colors and styles - colored lines, dashed lines, arrow lines and arrow dashed lines.
- Dropdown menu for selecting pen color and eraser.
- A tool for erasing lines, plays, and players.
- Create groups, assign and save players for future ease and convenience.
- Input text that can be edited into various colors and sizes.

Manage and control players’ movement, number, color and direction of rotation. With CoachNote, you can even trace players and ball movement. Switching players is seamless and easy; you can set player direction and watch your plays come to life in a wonderfully animated motion. Use your finger to effortlessly create your plays on the multiple boards available.

CoachNote is compatible with every sport imaginable and includes maps for the following: American FootBall,Arena Football,Australian Football,Athletics Track,Badminton,Baduk(Go),Baseball,BasketBall,Beach Handball,Beach Volleyball,Billiards,Boccia,Bowling,Canoe Polo,Cheerleading,Croquet,Curling,Field Hockey,Foot Volleyball,Futsal,Gaelic Football,Handball,Ice Hockey,Indoor Cricket,Judo,Korfball,Lacrosse(Box,men,women),Netball,Outdoor Cricket,Polo,Ringette,Roller Derby,Roller Hockey,Rounders Pitch,Rugby,Rugby Union,Soccer,Squash,Table,Tennis,Tennis,Tchoukball,Ultimate Frisbee,Underwater Rugby,Volleyball,Water polo,Wheelchair Hockey

More than just a simple clipboard or whiteboard – with CoachNote you can record save and share your plays into a playable video for players, teammates and friends. Or send them to a TV output for maximum effectiveness.


- Create, record and share a video of your plays with your voice.
- Display your tactics on a TV/Projector with VGA Output (VGA Dock Connector required).
- Convert your notes into a sharable pdf format for e-mail.
- Synchronize the app for the iPad.
- Beautifully animate your plays.
- Use pictures of yourself as a court.
- Player focused - automatically move your ball with a player.
- Half court and Full court mode.
- Clean the lines or players on the board.
- Effortlessly change and switch player, player number or letters.
- Multiple pages of notes available to fill in.
- Formation preset to save and load all features.

CoachNote is the best sports tactics app on the market, that’s why its number one. None of the other sport and tacticboard apps can compare to the sheer power that CoachNote provides. Get in the game and download CoachNote now!

Want to see Coachnote in action? Check out this video and see what CoachNote is really capable of!

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Customer Reviews

  • Best money I've spent in 10years of coaching

    by Ray windows gutters etc

    For $5, this app is great. Takes a little time to understand the functions. I bought it so I could show girls our plays from a big picture perspective. It's even better because I'm using it to design drills for practice. Because I can see the big picture movements easily too, I can add additional steps/skills to a typically routine drill. Players get significantly more out of it and boredom from routine is eliminated. There features missing but I'm sure that's just an update or two away. Best $5 I've ever spent for coaching....especially for teenage girl softball players

  • Fantastic App

    by bmansell16

    I coach for a living and this app is just what I need. Money well spent!

  • Great teaching tool.

    by Antibomber

    I use Coach Note at every practice. A great tool to illustrate team concepts for my U10s.

  • Excellent coaching tool

    by Cshido

    Best coach board app on marketplace! I've tried many of e others and non com close to this app! I truly love it! Kids think it is Cool! Great animation and recording options! If I your a coach you must have this app...

  • Great App

    by A.A.K.Aldoori

    Great app Great job

  • Great tool!!!!

    by Futballer13

    Love this app! $5 seems a little pricey but if you use it often then it is well worth it. Would definitely recommend this to any fellow coaches. I used it mainly for soccer but I would assume it's just as helpful for all of the other sports available. It's very nice having everything in one place. Haven't had any issues with crashing or anything of the sorts. Effective, organized, and easy to use.

  • Wow!

    by KC1288

    What an app. Please keep developing and updating. Content is king and in an arena that lacks good sports coaching apps you guys really stand alone. Kudos for this app. Best $5 I've spent in the App Store.

  • Good purchase could be great

    by WI99hockeyDad

    If there was a way to add the officials team this would be a 5 of 5. If they add it in I will re rate as 5 of 5

  • A awesome app

    by Tj n.

    Asssß bbbbbbooooooøø. Miked mikedmīkèdi

  • Awsome!

    by Poliopliop

    A great app I can finally us this to tell my football players drills and plays I do wish though that you could do plays while a video is going that way I can point out the problems

  • Great app

    by Goal Suggestion

    This is a great app. Simple to use and its functionality makes it easy to show drills and such to players. I do have one suggestion: I primarily use the soccer field. I would love to have the option of using/inserting movable goals around the field. In addition, it would be helpful if the size of these goals could be adjusted. This would help tremendously in designing drills.

  • Best Coach Assistant

    by rennyflash

    We use this all the time now. Great for most sports. I use it for soccer (football). We show formations, balancing the field, set pieces, and so much more. Only features I'm hoping for in the near future are iCloud support and better PDF support.

  • Fantastic app - will really help my team

    by L Robert Covey

    I'm a soccer coach for a team of 6 and 7 year olds, and we're trying to get them to learn where they need to be at certain times of the game. Unfortunately, it's kind of like trying to herd cats. As soon as we get one of them set, we'll move on to the next girl, and so on, but by the time we're done explaining, someone's off in their own world again. This also looks like it'll be great for showing them a little bit "bigger picture" kind of view of where they need to be, and I love that I can animate from one step of the play to the next. I've looked at several different coaching apps, and this one really beats the rest that I've looked at so far. It's well worth paying a couple bucks for this app.

  • Great Coaching Tool

    by Ann Turton

    This is a great coaching app for many sports. The tutorials are helpful and so are the drawing and editing tools. Kudos to the developers on this one.

  • Game changer

    by Jopie1987

    It's not very often that an app can overwhelm me with just how good it is. This app is a must have for any coach. It features options to design plays for nearly every sport. I will use this for football, but seeing sports like "rounders pitch" made me realize that a ton of effort went into putting this together. There are some sports in here that may appeal to a very limited audience, yet the developer still included them in, amazing job. Around 6 years ago I developed a strange hobby. Although I have never been a coach, I started drawing up unique football plays and formations. I would meticulously think out different strategies and add them to a notebook of graph paper. I wished at that time that I could see my plays come to life. I looked online, but every option I found left me wanting for more. Eventually I stopped looking, content with my lifeless graph paper doodles. This app is a game changer, it lets me create those same plays, and add in timing and motion. Too cool. The presentation is flawless. Once you get a hang of how this works, it is a joy to use. Getting the hang of it in the beginning is tough. There are a lot of options, and the learning curve can be steep. The video tutorials are a must. Invest the time to watch them before you jump into the play creator, it's worth your time. There is just so much you can do here. I am sure what I have been able to do thus far is just scratching the surface. If you are a coach, this app is a steal at its current price. It will take a while to learn how to do things, but the end results are really cool.

  • Impressive sports strategy app

    by mattyo7486538

    This app is a great pick for coaches, players, and fans of almost any sport. The price is right and the capabilities are endless. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

  • Hands down the best sport planning app

    by Wazam123

    This app is truly amazing. It has so many pros and no cons. The ability to pick between your different sports and save all of your plans. The diagrams/maps/plans are very high definition and have good graphics. I have used this app for basketball and soccer, and it is truly amazing. The color movement planning is a really nice feature. This app is very easy to learn how to use, and now with the video tutorial section, it is even easier. Emailing your plans makes it even easier to share them with team mates and friends. 5stars/5stars!

  • Good value.

    by CutesyDani

    Good app and great value. Great for designing plays and easy to use.

  • Excellent app for Coachs and sports players

    by Eleinn

    This app is awesome. I gave it to my son who is a soccer fan and he doesn´t stop to plan strategies for their soccer team. Some of his friends downloaded the application and now they share their notes. Very good application for any sports fan. Worth the money it costs.

  • Great app

    by Mvkwong

    This a really useful app for coaches and players. A lot of sports are available. Great deal at 50% off.

  • Issues working

    by Rockette81

    I am having trouble using it - the ap hasn't flowed smoothly in using. It doesn't do what I thought it was - is there a way to create cheer formations without the pen markings?

  • Easy to use

    by powelldn

    Great app for coaches and athletes. Very easy to use. You can come up with your play by sliding the markers around while recording, and then play it back like a movie. Great idea!

  • Convenient coaching

    by Juparkin

    This app is great for coaching. The interface is easy to use and it has a wide range of capabilities. With a wide range of sports to choose from, this app appeals to a wide audience as well. Really well designed.

  • Wow

    by Dashland

    This app is beautiful and has everything a coach needs!

  • Worth the price

    by Aol5

    Glad to know it was worth my money Five stars and thumbs!!!!

  • Really great app

    by Sapan0212

    It is a really great app especially cause it has such a wide variety of sports to choose from. The layout is really professional and with the three different colors and the ability to place them wherever and draw arrows is really useful. The concept is a little difficult to get used to especially if you are used to drawing on a white board but overall the app is really great. I love that they have almost all field sports!

  • Great Notes

    by RruleZ786

    Great way to make notes for any game, but app limited to coach and other sports trainer.

  • Awesome app!

    by wilbanksmatt

    This is really easy to use and extremely convenient. Definitely worth the purchase!

  • more advanced, and modernization

    by ZZJ0504

    Wow,i have to say that with this app coaching will become more advanced, and modernization. Coaches can talk to the athletes on tactical directly in the playground, and do not need to carry such as blackboard and chalk.It's convenient.Whether it is for coaches or players, it is of great help.

  • Great, just great!

    by Rainlady007

    I can use this app to give my team a visual of strategies for an upcoming game. It's very cool how one can think up a play and then watch it animate. The team finds this visual setup a lot easier to follow than my earlier system of squiggles on a whiteboard. This makes my job a lot easier. The app is easy to use and the interface rocks! It even has a cool video tutorial that explains it's functionality.

  • Amazing and very useful

    by IamJamesR

    Amazing how technology advances. I can hook this up to a tv and show a video of the play to my players. They understand it perfectly and it makes my job a lot easier. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to use it but now that I know it's great. Well worth the investment!

  • Work well

    by jim123aaa

    This app works well on ipad. It's more convenient for coaches to communicate with players.

  • Useful

    by toojimcooler

    This app is useful to coach. It helps coach display the tactics on a TV. The players will understand the coach's tactics easily.

  • Pretty Cool

    by Tatertot0965

    this is an app that lets coaches keep track of everything on there phone!

  • Great coaching app!

    by SweetieDaniels

    This is an excellent coaching app...It has a lot of sports to choose from and it's very user friendly!

  • A Must For Coaches

    by bubblebuddi

    This is a great app for sports coaches. It is really easy to use and I am going to show this to my father who coaches basketball. Hopefully he will love it.

  • Awesome

    by Whsdevils

    If your a coach or just a coach for a fantasy team this is great to have with u.

  • All I have to say is wow!

    by TreyH.

    This is the kind of app that you would have been very helpful when I was a kid. It replaces to "old-school" white board that coaches would always use. The best part about the app, besides being very easy to use, is that there is so many features to the app. With this app you can make tons of plays and formations quickly. I would recommend using this app on an iPad rather than an iPhone. The only thing I would change about this app is the pictures the app uses for buttons and everything. They need to be retina quality. Once they make the pictures retina quality this app will be even better than it already is. This app is great though and that's why I rated it so highly!

  • great app

    by Jonglul

    great app design, beautiful UI. powerful feature. just great.

  • This is the best coaching app I have seen

    by Sodaguy

    This app includes so many sports that there are some I have never even heard of. I have tried several coaching apps and this one works the best out of all of them. It hasn't crashed on me and it is very easy to use. The only downside is that on the iPhone the screen is a little small for it. I would imagine it is perfect on the iPad.

  • Coach it up

    by Mr MacADoo

    This app is very easy and simple for coaches to use to talk to there players about strategies. I really recommend this app to coaches in pretty much any field of sport. It is a very great buy. Highly recommended. And for only $1.99 it is a steal.

  • A Coach's Best Friend!

    by Boomsaa

    Has brought such a unique way of looking at team formation to my lineups. I didn' think I would use this app that much, but now can't coach w/o it!


    by ereichel

    Amazing! I coach soccer and volleyball; works great for both. I can't believe all the features; I prefer my ipad; but the iphone works good too. HIGHLY recommend; has given me a HUGE amount of insight!

  • Very good!)

    by Anton Paramonov

    То что давно искал! Все кнопки по делу, ничего лишнего нет! Очень удобна в обращении) Причем использую для объяснения схем проход в модельном агентстве!)

  • Very good app

    by Elcroataloco

    Promissing app with really good ideas behind. Needs some tiny improvements to became a perfect one. It has almost everything one coach needs for tactics. Looking forward for the next updates with writing notes included. App support very quick, polite and helpful

  • Needs an undo

    by Robthead

    I really like this ap. I am an athletic director and coach and I find it is the best of its kind. I would like an undo, I would also like to be able to remove a player from the field/ delete. Otherwise very good

  • Really cool don't have to buy all the different Bords

    by Coach2369

    Now can coach all from baseball to al

  • Great app for tactics.

    by SteveG528

    It's hard to learn. However it has a lot of good functions. Recording plays helps convey your tactics easier. It's only 2 bux anyways.

  • Please support chinese !

    by Eteete

    I am in China, I like it! Please support chinese !

  • Ok

    by Coach Gib

    I would give this at least four stars if I could print the screen and if it had better tutorials

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