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-3.0 Sound Support
-Improved touch responsiveness

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Turn your iPhone into a Speed Bag and punch away!

Increase your hand-eye coordination or just relieve stress! Speed Bag will keep you entertained for hours. Speed Bag offers two modes for you to punch it out in.

The Gym: Practice punching the speed bag at the gym. No need to worry about timing, just punch away and have some fun! How fast can you get it going?

Rhythm Boxing: Give your hand-eye coordination a workout with this mode.. You can only hit the bag when it is 'straight up and down'. Try and hit it as many times in a row as you can. No messing around here, this mode will have you throwing the perfect punch in no time.. mistimed punches will have no effect.

Speed Bag keeps track of your best run in Rhythm Boxing and your trainer will offer words of inspiration in the High Score Screen. You can also upload your best score to the global high score servers and see where you stack up against boxers around the world!

Buy Speed Bag today.. Don't let the chance to be a contender pass you by!

Customer Reviews

  • Looks good but gameplay too generic and flawed.

    by Free-dog

    It's really not much of a game it's more or less just a punching bag app. That's fine. I had 2 problems with it. 1 The bag does not move diagnally when you try to hit it from the sides it only moves straight up and down which is not very realistic as far as the physics go. 2 The touch screen is not responsive enough to your hits. Half the time you tap to punch it doesn't register as a hit even though you know that you didn't miss. You feel a little cheated considering that the app is all about tapping the bag at the right time... What's the point if the screen is not responsive enough? I would only recommend this to people who are really bored but an update should be made to fix the issues especially the sensitivity of the tapping.

  • Ok

    by tractor25

    The gym part worked fine but when I go into rhythm mode it closes out I've the app

  • Crap

    by NFH99

    This game is stupid not worth a dime dont buy it the one who made it has no imagination

  • Stupid and Inaccurate

    by EclecticSinger

    So stupid! I want my .99 and a few mins of my life back! I have to remember to read the reviews first.

  • I want my money back

    by Budseastoli



    by Bmarric00

    This is a waste of time. Lacks the features and fun of the Urban Gym version.

  • Not worth the .99

    by MDP0113

    All this bag does is move front to back and is not very responsive. This isn't anything like hitting a real speed bag.

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