SnowTrails - Ski and Snowboard run recorder and playback Sports App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: EuroSmartz Ltd

• iOS 5.1 compatible • Fixed stability issues

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** SnowTrails works in any resort worldwide and will even capture and playback off piste runs **
SnowTrails will enable you to record all sorts of information about each of your ski and snowboard runs. You will be able to see what speed you are doing, what G force you pulled, altitude readings and much much more.

SnowTrails plays back your run in real time or double time so you can show all of your friends what route you took and top speed you hit as well as how many G’s you pulled!

- Compare your runs and readings using the unique Trails function
- Play back runs in real time, as well as 2x, 4x & 8x.
- Overlay your run on Google® maps
- Record speed, max speed, altitude, distance travelled and G’s
- Odometer to record miles/km covered
- Live speed/time/G readings for each of your runs
- Both mph & kph supported
- Altitude readings
- Save and name each run for playback & comparison
- Preferences to change from Ski to Snowboard
- Works in any resort worldwide

iPhone 3g required for this application

Note: The GPS tracking has been tuned for skiing and snowboarding and will not show true speed readings for slower movement such as walking.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by meshel526

    Easy to use in the snow. I didn't get weird readings or crashing. Loved it!

  • Doesn't pick up GPS ever

    by KnobShiner

    Title says it all, other reviews prove it, the idea is good but the execution a sham.

  • False readings?

    by monsta16

    I've used this app couple times now. I found that my top speed was ridiculous. I know I'm fast, but I don't think I was going 247 MPH. =p I feel like this app has failed me.

  • Time for an update

    by Good game

    I loved this app when it first came out I used it all the time it tracks your trail extremely well can track your speed well depending on your signal. I did have problems with having to flip my phone upside down to watch my replays but it is TIME FOR AN UPDATE IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR!!!

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate

    by JimmiePoison

    I too have gotten the 150+ mph readings. I tried using it on probably 15 different runs at Mt. Hood. The run tracking for most of them showed just a straight line, and the mph readings were usually way off. A couple of runs I got mph readings that seemed reasonable, but after a whole bunch of readings that were way off, I didn't know how accurate these "reasonable" ones were. The main thing I wanted out of this app was top speed and distance traveled readings and I do not feel I can trust this application to be accurate with such consistently sporadic readings.

  • I Really Wanted To Like This App

    by ElusiveMind

    I really wanted to like this app. I really did. It has a lot of great features and has a lot of promise, but it really needs more features and options. The fact that it allows the phone to go to sleep while recording is a big big downer in my opinion - and greatly skews the results it gives you. Not only does this cause the speed rating to be off (showing faster than you normally go), but also is inaccurate in terms of the trail plotting. It uses Google Maps (I prefer Bing! Maps which are more accurate IMO) but only shows roads, does not give you the option of seeing the terrain. You can also not share your data via social networking sites such as facebook or twitter - which is also another big downer. It does show you g-force ratings which is pretty cool and has a good interface for using with gloves on (big buttons). In the end, I ended up ditching this app for MotionX's paid app which has many more features and can share via social networking. It is also the same price as this app. There's potential here as a streamlined app for skiers and snowboarders, but it needs ore work.

  • Crashes

    by Egordo28

    Crashes every time I try to use it, so it is essentially a useless app that I paid $3 for. I've reinstalled and restarted, and still the same.

  • Not stoked!!

    by Dreadshred

    The first run I took it said I had an average speed of 179.8 mph???? WTF Doesn't work right! What a waste of 2 duckets! Hope they update otherwise it's crap!

  • Junk

    by Xzoom

    Used it snowboarding yesterday. Nothing works. Nothing was stored. I'll see if they have any updates soon that will fix it. If not I would say it was an application scam.

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