ESPNF1 Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Mar, 18 2011
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 1.95 MB

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: ESPN Europe, Middle East & Africa Limited

Optimized for iPhone 5

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49 Ratings
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The official ESPNF1 iPhone app brings you the best Formula One coverage across the globe, delivered in English, French and Spanish. The app will provide news, features, live commentary during races, and detailed information about teams, drivers, and circuits.

The detailed ESPNF1 app feature list includes:

- Count Down Clock - home page features a live count down to the start of the next race;
- Simple access - easy access to key content areas via an intuitive navigation system;
- Feature Stories - original features including Driver Profiles, Car Profiles, Q&A, and opinion-based articles from ESPNF1 writers;
- Circuit Detail - After selecting a race, users can view circuit information, including a profile of each track along with historical information;
- Race updates - upcoming race calendars and exclusive news;
- Push notifications - fans can get instant alerts on upcoming key events and news;
- and ESPNF1 video - covering Formula One news and analysis.

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Tanki online

    Get rid of the black bar at the bottom and it will be a 5 star app

  • Not bad

    by Gdub602

    Wish they would update track info, they still show that there had not been a race at COTA. Kinda sad for something done by ESPN.

  • Great F1 app

    by JDMForti

    Great app for a F1 fan....Need an update to fix American flag on calendar, flags are switched between USA and Brazil.

  • Great app but....

    by Beer Dued

    It is a great app don't get me wrong but there are some issues with the news feed not updating.

  • Okay, when it's updated

    by drakkhen

    News doesn't get updated as often as I'd like. I'm sticking to /r/formula1.

  • News not updating!

    by FredGB

    Suddenly the news is not updating after October 31. Features update, but not the news... Everything else works as usual and coverage is great.

  • Hasn't updated news since 10/31

    by Dr. Mega-cool

    What gives?

  • Love this F1 app.

    by F1Rookie

    Great app! I love the countdown and schedule features. News is good, too, for someone new to the sport who wants to keep up to date. Only suggestion would be to get it on iPad now.

  • Great App, But Current Version Does Not Update

    by Ryan2808

    The ESPN F1 app has some of the best news and features about the Formula 1 season. However, the app has not updated in a week. A lot of things have happened in the last week in the world of F1, like the Singapore GP, Vettel's continued domination, and Alonso using his Ferrari to taxi Weber back to the pits. But it has not updated since the Wednesday before the race weekend.

  • News not updating

    by Ad_clarky

    Normally a good app but news hasn't updated since over a week ago

  • News update

    by Gabe 1969

    Great app, but lately they are behind with the news update. Last day of update was 9/18/13. What's going on?

  • Room for improvement

    by PT Bertilsson

    I like how I can follow races since I can't afford cable tv, but there are two things I would suggest as an Improvement: 1. The page doesn't always update. Today (9/23/2013) there was a grad prix, but the site has not updated since 9/18. 2. Can you include luve timing for the races, so that we can have a sense of distance between drivers? Otherwise, job well done.

  • Awesome F1 app

    by PeterN6

    Great app, keeps track of times and spots during a race, give you info on upcoming races and there are daily articles in different topics going on in the f1 world. Everything you may need other that watching the actual races!


    by 14535635677790

    For New Dheli on the calendar it say its from 25 Oct.-17 Oct. I assume you mean 15 not 25?

  • Buena App

    by eled08

    La aplicacion como tal es muy buena y posee gran información, sólo que deben corregir el detalle de la equivocación en la sección de calendario ya que las banderas no concuerdan con el Gran Premio que señalan

  • Good app

    by Bruno J L Oliveira

    Just small error with the flags on the calendar.

  • Great App

    by Refer raiders

    Best overall app i have found for F1 on iphone to keep up to date with news. Quick to scan headlines and get in and out of articles. Not too detailed, not too short. Espn articles good, too. They could update season schedule a little earlier though. Similar quality app for ipad would also be nice.

  • Does the job

    by Pritam Mahadik

    Very good app. Great updates. Fantastic.

  • Lineup Updated

    by Chandler F.

    So far so good. Haven't had a chance to run the app during a race, but the teams and drivers appear to have been updated for 2013. Great looking app!

  • Pretty good, just a few fixes

    by john mayer fannnn

    As someone who recently has gotten involved with F1 I find this to be a very useful app, but the teams are current for the 2013 season. Please fix the minor bugs and 5 stars it goes!

  • Used to be a great app

    by Spearoo1

    Loved this app for a while but they've stopped updating it since Oct. 31. Come on Espn. Get it together

  • Stopped working

    by Powerlifter69

    There has been no news updates since the Indian GP. Please fix this!

  • Nazmul Asad

    by Bhutan1

    No updates, a very good app gone wasted because lack of support. Plus annoying advertisement.

  • What happened?

    by SeanxUSMC

    Used to work fine. No new articles for at least a couple of weeks.

  • App hasn't updated in a week!

    by Biggsinbrasil

    Today is November 8th, and the news hasn't been updated since October 31st. Until this tech issue, the app has been ok. It's just a bit limited, and very selective regarding the info/news that gets posted. As a result, I hardly use it for anything other than track info and keeping track of driver/team points.

  • Great app, when it works

    by Glenn.Kem

    This app is wonderful, when it actually updates itself. I have used this app for a very long time but recently I'm noticing that it's not current with what's showing in the website. After the Abu Dhabi race I have yet to see any current news on the app. Please look into this issue.

  • Needs many improvements

    by 46einreB

    Was much better last year and it seems that app was only partially updated for 2013. News items are not updating. Track info still is a year out of date. Notifications stopped after iOS7. Very disappointing.

  • Stopped news update

    by rainmaster69

    The app has not updated its news since October 31.

  • HTML tags

    by iPhone3GRocks2008

    Please avoid displaying HTML tags in news articles.

  • News doesn't load anymore

    by Jjonfes111

    The news used to update every day. Now it only loads maybe once a week then it loads them all at once and I miss out on a lot of articles.

  • Needs fixed

    by Pilottravis

    I used to enjoy this app greatly. Lately though, no news. It's two weeks behind on stories and updates.

  • Doesn't work in Portuguese

    by Sumunizs

    I'm brazilian and I want to use the app in portuguese but they never update in this language. It's a shame because if I change to English, the app is perfect.

  • Not great lately

    by Nick Orlove

    It used to be awesome, but for the last week the amount of articles posted has been lacking. I use it mainly for keeping up with F1 news.

  • Not very useful

    by Jorge Alvarez

    The app is not very useful, it doesn't have much info during races, practice sessions or qualification rounds...maybe it's because the greedy F1 organization doesn't let them share more, but what this app has is almost uselessl...

  • Pésima

    by Macho salek

    No actualiza noticias del día a dia

  • Ok app.

    by brazensoul

    Ok features.

  • Nice App Needs Update

    by Michael Benthall

    I really enjoy this app but as some have stated it need 2013 update also need IPad optimization.

  • Espnf1

    by Brittacer

    This is actually a pretty good app, although it is somewhat basic, and the teams and drivers need to be updated to the 2013 status. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of Bernie's F1 app but there again your not paying $50 plus per year for it either. It does however give daily updates of F1 news that, as a fervent F1 fan you would need to really search for elsewhere. I have spent most of my life in Formula 1 and I really find this app to be a "must have"

  • Update for 2013 team lineup

    by Rf1876

    Decent app overall. It's simple and i haven't experienced many bugs. It's my go-to app for keeping up with F1. For heavens sake guys, can you update the app to show the 2103 team lineups. C'mon...This is just basic quality control. Hamilton is no longer at McLaren!!!

  • Nice

    by Dean Atkinson

    It keeps you up to date in and out of the races but the team lineups need to be updated for the 2013 season

  • ESPN F1

    by Bethany2415

    Great app! Awesome coverage. Could we possibly get a similar app for Moto GP?!

  • Great App!!!

    by Doris456

    Awesome app with live updates and commentary (not for the hearing impaired). Great to keep open during race. This is the must have app if you love F1!

  • Best F1 app there is!!!

    by Crazypop1

    This is my go to F1 app....and I have quite a few. It is free which is awesome, I would even pay a couple bucks for this!!! I love the live commentary that I can't get without paying 35 or so dollars for the official F1 app. Thanks ESPN!!!!!!!!!

  • Great App!

    by Gmcfkhzfhnggjha

    Love the app

  • Good F1 App

    by NorCal Worker

    I really like this app but I am paranoid to upgrade to the latest version after the way they totally destroyed the ScoreCenter App with yesterday's ScoreCenter "update".

  • Great app, but lacks sharing features

    by Skizzle

    Like the fact it is now optimized for iPhone 5, but PLEASE give me more options than just Facebook to share an article. There should be the normal iOS share options.... Copy link, send via message, send via email, Twitter, etc....

  • Great app but needs iPhone 5 update

    by Alfonso1250

    Best F1 app out there but NEEDS an update for the iPhone 5's bigger screen'

  • Great, but...

    by I <3Bugatti

    Needs to be updated for IPhone 5's larger screen

  • Great app

    by Soccerdude1913

    Awesome app but please optimize for iPhone 5!

  • Works Well

    by A&EWorkman

    Push notifications don't come through. Need an app for the iPad.

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