ESPNcricinfo Cricket Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Feb, 03 2011
  • Version: 3.5
  • Size: 11.23 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Europe, Middle East & Africa Limited

We decided to update just about everything in the app. The highlights of this update include:

o A secondary layout for the home page
o Reminders for upcoming matches
o Related cluster news on home page
o Player statistics comparison
o More views for match graphs such as Worm, Partnership and Manhattan
o Landscape support for full scorecard
o Tournaments page
o Cricket on Twitter
o Filters on Index pages for better usability
o Improved quiz
o Improved Scorecard experience with richer and more relevant content
o Squashed some persistent bugs which refused to die quietly.
o Much needed performance enhancements

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52 Ratings
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1155 Ratings


The official ESPNcricinfo cricket app is all that you need to keep yourself updated with the latest scores, breaking-stories, player statistics, records, rankings, exclusive content from the best writers, audio, video and much more – this is just the perfect personal Cricket companion.

We have developed this app keeping fans like you in mind. The full feature list includes

o Enhanced live game coverage with ball by ball commentary, live game switcher, news, photos, points table, multiple graphs and player profiles from every international game and a full screen mode.
o Specials featuring a selection of ESPNcricinfo’s magazine and blogs.
o Enriched matches section where you can easily access results and fixtures by month, team, series and type.
o Push notifications for instant alerts of wickets, batsman milestones, score updates during live matches, breaking news and fun facts.
o Watch and listen to the latest ESPNcricinfo video and audio podcasts.
o Engaging content including quiz and snippets.
o Add content to Favourites in the app.
o Share content through Facebook and Twitter.

o Many more interesting features to keep you hooked to the game of cricket. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Discover them yourself.

Visit our website and follow us on @ESPNcricinfo on Twitter and like us at for the latest updates.

Our goal is your satisfaction and we make every effort to offer the best experience. We would also love to hear from you. For thoughts, problems or even praise, write to us at or use the feedback section inside the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Cannot connect to facebook

    by hasanismail

    Like the crack on the moon the app had a defect. I cannot connect to facebook with the app and therefore unable to comment in any post using the app...

  • Simply great app

    by pranavpavan

    Easy navigation than the previous version

  • Great app

    by Vishhhs

    Best app for cricket

  • Great app for cricket

    by swankit

    Refreshing layout and fast!!

  • Great fresh redesign and usable

    by vineetb

    Has blogs, quick way to navigate, bigger pictures.

  • Awesome I love the newly updated app

    by --mitten--

    It looks really professional now and is nimble and fast. I love it.

  • The best iPhone app ever

    by Vinaykp

    This is one of the few apps which covered everything which is on the site.

  • Love the update

    by thrilseeker

    This update is what I've been waiting for. Finally it's user friendly! Love this app now

  • Love the update

    by Anoop Srikar

    Awesome update guys!! Keep up the good work. I love this app and have been a long time user of it. I have seen the app really grow into being a really great experience on a mobile device.

  • Love the new version

    by shah86

    Only 1 thing I ask for is the ability to remove ads.

  • So god new update

    by Rob Patel

    Upcoming calendar back

  • Great update

    by AppReviewer013

    You guys finally delivered a great experience on mobile. Very well designed. Not just a plain vanilla app. May be the likes of Facebook and twitter should learn a little bit about mobile design from your team. Kudos!

  • Like it

    by anandokz

    Everything I want to know about cricket, is here. What an app for cricket! I like it very much.

  • Good but not great

    by Varamz

    Layout is great. Scores are not refreshing quick enough ... Few bugs..

  • Scores updating slow

    by Ahm3R

    After the latest update. Scores are updating every slow. Seems like they are 10-20 overs behind.

  • Awesomely updated

    by Roobanyadav

    I love the new UX, app is not crashing and i love the way it flows..

  • Great app! Love the new design!

    by Ramprasadc

    Amazing well done!

  • Good but ....

    by Ramaswamy80

    I liked the refresh but would have liked to see my timezone instead of GMT timings on the future matches ..... This would make so easy to see when the matches start and plan my day

  • Brilliant

    by Uday Nelluri

    Guys you have done amazing job. The app is almost perfect except for some animations on home page. I just love this app. A great lesson on how to design a mobile app.

  • Better version...

    by vagautham

    I'd love to see a better app icon though..

  • Keeps getting worse

    by tann81

    How hard is it to deliver a good cricket scoring app ESPN? Cricinfo app keeps getting worse with every update. Why does it have to be so complicated and hard to understand the navigation within the app? Just making the app iOS7 style doesn't improve the experience. You need tips on how to make it easy? Go take a look at your own ESPN scoring app for the rest of the sports.

  • Score update not real time

    by Greataditya

    The score does not update real time in the latest version on iPhone 5s.i have to open the cricinfo site to see the upto date score.

  • New update needs fix

    by Mynameisiphone

    Lot of bugs

  • Pathetic confusing app..difficult to find information

    by Tim789

    Pathetic confusing app..difficult to find match for cricinfo website

  • Score doesn't update

    by Chandu1256

    Good interface... But score updates are delayed. Get your basics right ESPN cricinfo. Good design doesn't coverup the basic bugs in the app.

  • App review

    by Cricket rocks!!

    Amazing update. Love it. Very well organized, smooth interface, good quality photos, great fonts, stable (knock on wood) and best of all it can create events in the calendar without switching the apps. Great job and thank you for making this app even better for cricket lovers like me.

  • Finally!!!

    by Shady547222

    Finally a cricinfo app that works as its supposed to. Kudos team. Fyi-the last version sucked and i would have switched to the competition, but there isnt any. ;)

  • Great APP for cricket lovers

    by Sagar Naik

    Excellent App to follow cricket. At times refreshing score is a problem but overall good experience.

  • Awesome!

    by Mallick76

    The new design is simply amazing!! Good job!

  • very nice

    by rp2058

    better than earlier version

  • Espn cric

    by rumman19952912

    Very nice layout. I like the new design.

  • Still not as good as cricbuzz

    by Sunil SD

    Nice try but cricbuzz app is still better in terms of Look and performance.

  • Fresh look.. Finally

    by Zebidotcom

    Surprisingly fresh change. Like the new fonts in app

  • Not a good app

    by Joshiys

    Almost every time you load a cricket match, the screen hangs for 15 seconds (sometimes even longer) and you can't do anything but wait. The icons are too small. It seems this app is a hybrid app, that's why you keep getting that clunky feeling while using the app.

  • Still bad

    by Cricfan2014saket

    I was using this app since I follow my cricket on cricinfo for many years now, but lately removed it since it was keep hanging, again installed it but it is still same bad... Not happy...

  • Awful site


    Who designed this site??? Clunky and very difficult to navigate. Also you need a new CDN. Video delivery is terrible. Grew a beard waiting for video to load. Call Limelight Networks!! Akamai or whoever you're using is AWFUL!!

  • Good features but needs an update!

    by Romil92

    App has nice features but it can be made simpler to use. The BIGGEST BUG in this version is, most times when the match is going on, it won't let you access anything except the summary. It's very frustrating! If you can add tab for partnerships, that will be great!

  • Great App, One Big Bug Ruining it

    by Watto76

    Have loved your App for years however recently the Scoreboard page freezes a great deal. 95% of the time. If you fix it with an update I'll update my review.

  • Full scorecard doesn't show

    by Slipfielder

    The full scorecard doesn't show most of the time. Sliding on the page list is not possible as screen seems to freeze

  • From bad to worst

    by SavvyReviewer

    Typically apps get better over time in terms of features, performance and user experience. Cricinfo app has consistently gotten from bad to unusable to crap. There seems to be serious lack of usability designers at ESPN. This needs to be scrapped. Just adopt Yahoo Cricket app. It is simple, usable and fast.

  • Bad design

    by AltBrowser

    So hard to navigate in this app.

  • Poor design and implementation

    by AbuHafsa

    Can never slide to the full scorecard. Please fix this. The design and implementation of this app is awful.

  • Buggy app

    by Geetupadhyay

    Thanks for amazing app...but few bugs still lingering...!! Hope to get them fixed in next build

  • App can be better

    by VenkyG

    Going to full scoreboard of a live match is always difficult.. Not sure if I am the only one having trouble

  • Worst update

    by Vsreddy1987

    Update is not intuitive for an otherwise great app; crashes often. Full Scorecard is hard to find :(

  • Crashes or freezes

    by Eminem MnM

    The app either crashes or freezes when checking scores and the fixtures section needs improvement.

  • Cricinfo

    by Shivaz90

    I like the very much - but this has its own set of glitches - especially when you want to scroll to the full scorecard - the app just freezes. The UI - although is nicely done - is very real estate challenges especially when you want to pack in so many features of the match within a screen and also have navigations to lead to other screens. Case in point is the band that allows us to scroll through various screens - it's very thin and can easily be fat fingered. All in this is a very good app.

  • Poor

    by lumos75

    Terrible design, horrible, buggy implementation. So bad that I almost always use the mobile site.

  • Fix scoreboard

    by Codasscrd

    Nothing works after clicking on score from homepage. Every option is grayed out on scoreboard !! Fix it.

  • Can do so much better

    by Mainank

    I am using this app since it came out. I use this app everyday to keep track of all the games. But this app gives lot of problems. Get stuck at any time, cant see full scoreboard, takes a long time to refresh. Needs a better working update. Pls do the needful. People are running out of patience with this app now.

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