ESPN Streak for the Cash Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Dec, 22 2009
  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Size: 3.49 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

- Fixed crashing issue on startup with iOS5 devices.

- Moved the Forfeit button down to provide separation from the Matchup Status link.
- Added Group Admin controls for Creating New Groups and Inviting Users to those groups.
- Added the ability to update existing groups that you are the admin of.
- Group Details are now displaying in a separate view. Details including group motto, group description, group password (displayed to private group admins only) and a group image are available.
- Fixed various crashes and made some performance improvements.

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Think you know sports? Put your prediction talents to the ultimate test with ESPN Streak for the Cash.

This popular game challenges you to build the longest streak of correct picks from a daily list of matchups across the world of sports. And now you can pick anywhere and anytime using your iPhone or iPod touch.

ESPN Streak for the Cash features:
* Make multiple picks a day & preview matches
* Compete to win over $1.2 million in yearly prizes.
* Discuss the Streak matchups with other sports fanatics and Streak aficionadas.
* Track your personal stats and pick history.
* Follow the Leaderboards and measure yourself against the longest streaks.
* Track your performance and compete against friends, family, and coworkers within private and public groups.
* Streak Alerts - Receive notifications with your pick results that will let you know when it’s time to make your next selection!

ESPN Streak for the Cash.

Predict the Winners. Build a streak. Win the cash.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!

    by Blake.Gravis1992

    What's better than having a chance to win $25,000 by just tapping a button! I do suggest they should put the scores on the notification to see the results. Definitely recommend the app though!

  • Kinda good, kinda bad

    by ESGA DAWG

    Good because it's addicting bad because your not giving people actual money or prizes

  • streak 4 the cash

    by  chibeycol

    love this game



    When returning to the picks board after clicking "In progress" or after being on discussion board, the picks become jumbled and totally f'd up. This problem has been here since the beginning and needs fixed.

  • Suggestions

    by Dvdhod 

    First off thx for this app, been waiting for it. Would be nice to be able to join/search for groups, and to be able to "discuss" each matchup just like u can online. Also, an in progress link to some sort of box score for ALL matchups, also like online.

  • Coolest app ever

    by Vfyjnjh

    This is probably one of the most fun app if your into sports. It awesome how you can make a league and compete with friends but... It's kind of a hopeless app for fun. Idk how they could possible give these people the money and it makes me quite mad often but that's gambling.

  • Love having this on the go

    by Mentorred

    Love having this on the go so I can make my picks no matter where I am. Only reason I don't give it five stars is because I wish the link on the website for seeing how your Facebook friends are doing was on the app.

  • Cool app

    by cris man

    Its a nice idea...if u want to come close to getting a big streak u have to do it consistently everyday!!!

  • Good App; Minor Bugs

    by MeSoMad!700000000! 

    This app allows me to keep up with ESPN's Streak for the Cash when I'm not around my computer. The streaks do restet after every month, but that wasn't the case up until this year. They used to go for five or six months until they got a huge following. But the longest streak I've seen so far is 22 in January, and the guy won $100,000. You can also win money for the most wins in a month, but you have to have no life to get 90+ wins in a single month. It crashes a few times, but I just open it back up to make the pick again or to make sure it was picked already. An excellent app by fat!

  • Best ESPN app. REVISED

    by  RogerRabon

    ESPN hit it out the park on this one. Haven't noticed any glitches. - update- I took away a star for not having push notification for when a game you picked is over or has a push. Please add push notification. Other than that, push is my only complaint.

  • Open?

    by jhowe123

    Wont open

  • Good and bad...

    by NYC surgeon1571

    It's a good app for picks, but it freezes and closes all the time on me. It's much easier to make picks on computer.

  • Great app, but get old notifications

    by Rayyergs

    3 stars only because it's only notifies me if I win a matchup but it will not notify me when I loose. so how am I supposed to try another matchup of I don't get notified when I loose one. Needs to be fixed ASAP. Thanks

  • Idiot

    by joseling cambisaca 

    For the idiot who said his streak reset it does that at the end of the month. I hate the old notifications too please fix!!!

  • Got Notifications?

    by  Wowooopooo

    Please fix the notification problem please!!!

  • Love streaking!

    by EnglandRocks

    Looking for fans of the Trail Blazers, Seahawks, Ducks, or any PAC-12 school to join our group! Group: Set To Streak Come join us!

  • Green me!

    by seattlediver

    W27 or bust

  • Needs to be updated

    by Capsrule8

    Works great but needs to math the other ESPN apps

  • ipad version

    by photo pro 2

    Love the app, wish there was an ipad version.

  • Great

    by Zwildone

    Great App fun to compete with friends for the best streak.

  • Buggy and unusable

    by sksk12345 

    This app has actually been usable only once since I've had it. Awful. Nothing loads.

  • Great game when it works

    by Renthal 

    Love the game and great variety with the picks but I can't even get through a whole days picks without it crashing on me. ESPN fix the crashing and this is a 5 star game

  • Make Pick Crash..

    by T3DDYB3AR903 

    Everything was good until "Make Pick" page crash!!! It was working with my 2G but when i upgraded to iphone4.. Everything went sideways

  • Good app

    by Monmyof4 

    This is a great app. Please have an iPhone 5 support and iPad support 2

  • Great app, great game, but

    by RHCP Expendies

    Why not make an iPad version? A horizontal view option also seems reasonable. Otherwise, the app is great!

  • Queasiness

    by Jake Ol.

    This app is so Queasy! Recommend it!

  • Awesome

    by Drewman28

    Really fun

  • W15

    by VgetsIT

    This thing is addiction magic. Got the whole office playing. Makes us all look like degenerate gamblers wen people hear us talk about it but great game

  • Ronny335

    by Ronny335

    Do you really win money?

  • Live scores

    by Just2fly78

    Should show live scores of matchups

  • Comments

    by Coreyg224

    The comments that I post up don't get posted

  • Don't rely on it

    by Munale

    It's good for being able to make picks but the push notifications of matchup endings are comically tardy. Better to rely on a browser to make quick picks

  • No longer crashes on startup in v3.1.3

    by JFC1976

    The fix that went out a few days ago that caused the crashing is now fixed. It is safe to update. The app now has more complete Group management features too.

  • P.O.S.!!!!

    by The Fowl Owl

    Taint broke, don't fix it!!! Duh. Way to screw everyone w/ your new update

  • YES!!

    by Thatbme43

    Up and running now. Great APP!

  • Works great!

    by Juice2081

    Thanks for the great app ESPN! I love this game!

  • Great......another Addiction!

    by flyntster1


  • Don't update

    by Whiteboy is mad

    Since the update 2 days ago the app does not even open..... misery

  • Not working!!!

    by madbucky

    Crash immediately!

  • Recent update crashes

    by ChrisMcI65

    Normally 5 star but crashes immediately on the 7/29 release. Notified ESPN.

  • Oh good

    by Zilly78

    I'm not the only one with the problem

  • Crashes

    by tswobo

    Should have left it alone...

  • No good

    by Rangersin7

    It crashes upon opening the app. Please fix.

  • Update worthless

    by DGSATX

    Just updated now app won't open.

  • Updated

    by SwagJuice619

    New version crashes like crazy..can't even open it...but if it worked the app is 5 Stars lol

  • Dumb update

    by Hrvatska_tC

    Won't even load. Respring phone and tried....nothing. Turn off phone and try to open; once again nothing.

  • 7/30/13 new update doesn't work

    by McVerby

    Crashes immediately...please fix

  • Won't open!

    by Tigerbrett

    I just updated and the app will not open on my iPad! Please fix!!!

  • It will not open

    by Diesel41710

    After I just did a recent update, the app cannot open and I need it fix. I kept on trying to open the app, but it will not allow to me to open it.

  • Crashes

    by Gare Bear II

    Crashes immediately on iPad. Deleted app and reinstalled no change. Will not attempt to update on iPhone until the fix.

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