ESPN Radio Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2009
  • Version: 4.6.0
  • Size: 8.67 MB

Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: ESPN Inc.

- ESPN Deportes Radio integration - your favorite ESPN Deportes Radio podcasts and radio stations now all in one app!
- We’ve completely rebuilt our live streaming engine. You should experience less rebuffering, less dropouts and more live ESPN Radio.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates
- Many more improvements coming, please continue to send in your feedback!

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
95 Ratings
All Versions:
13018 Ratings


• The ESPN Radio App is a FREE App and will remain FREE

Take your sports wherever your ears go! Introducing the new and improved
ESPN Radio App for your iPhone or iPad, with a host of expanded features and
functionality for sports fans. Listen live to ESPN Radio, your favorite
podcasts, live play-by-play and more.

The app is free to download and includes:
• Podcasts: Including The BS Report with Bill Simmons, Pardon The
Interruption, Around The Horn and Fantasy Focus and more
• SportsCenter: updates every 20 minutes
• Offline Listening: The ability to download on-demand audio content to
listen offline
• Custom Station or Playlist: search tens of thousands of audio clips by a
specific topic and create a station or playlist of your favorite shows,
teams, players and sports.
• Listen live: to over 35 ESPN Radio stations from around the country and
play-by-play from some of your favorite college and professional sports
teams including every game of the NBA Finals, World Series, College Bowl
Games, Wimbledon, US Open Golf and more.
• Live Audio Functionality: Pause and rewind up to an hour of live audio.
• myESPN Personalization: Customize audio automatically pulled into the app
based on your favorites.
• Top Searches: Popular searches and trends for easy one-click access to top
• Recommendation Engine: Content suggestions based on your myESPN profile
• Alerts and Push Notifications: For MLB broadcasts, breaking news and more.

*Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especially
play-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that's on-air
won't match the schedule that's online. While we make every effort to update
the schedule, occasionally the nature of play-by-play broadcasting limits
our ability to accurately present the latest schedule (ie., rain delays,
last minute schedule changes). We apologize for any inconvenience this
causes. If you have specific schedule questions, please contact the station
directly by visiting their website.

Customer Reviews

  • It's coo

    by Jellothatfellow

    No complaints

  • Not my type....

    by Art Shimko

    Would be nice if I can log in to my account.

  • Works fine.

    by Jay41984

    I've got a iPhone 5S ios7 and this app works perfect for me. Not sure what the fuss is about.

  • Live Radio is Solid

    by Peacefrogg23

    After searching endlessly on the radio for a station playing the Capitol One Bowl, I was able to find & listen to the game EZ on ESPN radio. You can catch all the college football you need in your car or at work right here. Definitely worth the d/l if you you need to find radio coverage for college football.

  • Easy

    by htfogle

    Easy to check in on favorite teams.

  • Amazing

    by Dan$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    When I'm at home I can listen to espn radio. Recommend this app to all

  • Solid app...

    by WV Jimp1989

    The content is good. The app works fine for me. You can now pause without going into the app. To me that means it's been updated for iOS7. Who cares about the keyboard? Or the apps design? It's good for one reason: for sports entertainment.

  • Go SVP and Russillo!!!

    by Lucky Vi

    Great for keeping up with the world of sports

  • Correction

    by Zkheezy

    Making an amendment to my previously harsh review - took the advice of a fellow reviewer and deleted/reinstalled the app and solved all of the problems. Seems to be working fine now

  • Improved

    by krobb1290

    The live streaming improvement was much needed.

  • Reinstall app

    by TMassura

    After the update, I could not do certain things including searching the On Demand programs. I'm new to iPad, but am finding more and more when I have problems after an update to delete and reinstall. This has fixed the problems I have been having. After reinstall, I can now access On Demand. Hope this helps everyone out.

  • No mas

    by lastsonofkrypton

    This app quits more often than what is acceptable. Someone needs to go back to the drawing board. Love the ability to go back and catch what i missed but seriously, it fails once an hour.

  • Memory Leak

    by BronwynJoye

    I use the app despite its problems because I want to listen to Mike & Mike or SVP & Rusillo on the go. But the App stinks. It has a serious memory leak, which it's had forever and no one seems to want to fix. This makes it crash regularly. If they would fix that, I would give it 5 stars.

  • More crashes than a traffic jam

    by Your other mothers mother

    Any 5 star ratings must come from interns at ESPN that are forced to make accounts to rate this app. Randomly crashes when I try and listen to ESPN 850 WKNR. App immediately closes most of the time when I try and listen live. It loses connection when I come from outside to my wifi in my apartment. How does that make sense? Could be so much better.

  • Used to use this

    by Sneezymaticorn

    This worked for me for a while, but now I can't use on demand? What's the point; deleted....

  • Crashes too often

    by Your other mothers mother

    This app could be so good, but I crashes constantly. I'll click on a station to listen to and it just closes the app. Fix this.

  • Crashing

    by Big Skin

    Crashes way too much. Updates are a bit slow. Needs to be better and it would be rated higher.

  • No On Demand

    by hu_man01

    Just wanted to join in with the many other voices that are disappointed that the On Demand option is inaccessible on iPad Mini (it works on iPhone).

  • No ESPN Dallas?!

    by Frankie Villa

    Only had this app cause I live away from my beloved DFW in North Carolina and after one update It just disappeared and now I can't even listen to my favorite local ESPN Dallas shows anymore... Garbage.

  • Great content, terrible app

    by dharasick

    This app is terrible in every way. It needs a huge makeover in almost every way.


    by Sliktip

    Always laggy. Crashes all the time. Error on page. Not realizable. Not dependable.

  • On-Demand doesn't work!!!!

    by irockhos

    It's been a month already and still no fix to on-demand.

  • This app is horrible

    by 561ace

    Why after a phone call I have to go all the way back to the stream I was listening to? I want seem less play like pandora. This app is flat out frustrating!

  • Where is it?!?

    by JP4545

    I downloaded the app but I can't find it anywhere on my phone.

  • WHAT THE. . .?

    by Podcastless

    I'm not sure what was supposed to be fixed but this app is now completely useless. No on demand. The one time I did get it to come up, the screen was not centered and a lot of the banners were blocked. Now the downloads don't work and my favorites don't show. I'm deleting this app. Maybe I'll try again or just move on.

  • Crash! Boom! Whack! Pow! Crash!!!

    by Dbarrett

    This app sure loves to crash, "if you ain't first you're last", (Ricky Bobby) 1 star for last!!

  • Unable to access On Demand content

    by SoCal_mg

    My primary use of this app has been to listen Mike & Mike, The Herd, and SVP and Russillo through the On Demand section, and this is now completely non-functional. Nothing happens when I hit the On Demand button. As a result, this app is now basically useless for me until this problem is fixed.

  • Sad

    by KobeDBadlokijjuhtg

    Unable to use on demand and a lot of other features. Please fix.

  • Horrible update

    by Dheckel1

    Deleted app because it doesn't work right anymore. Didn't add any fixes just made it worse. Please fix it and I'll be back on.

  • Bullcrap

    by Mike Angry Grr

    Come on kids I'm trying to listen to the uconn bball game and it's seriously not on any of these 50 live stations available? It's on espn3 which I would love to watch if it worked even as close as me sitting right next to my modem. Oh brother very unorganized and weak for such an economically strong company.

  • Garbage

    by jjswat

    Doesn't work like it is supposed to. On demand capability is lost. Links don't work. Deleted until the hacks can work it out

  • Crashes, stops playing, won't download consistently

    by jasonnebraska

    This has been, from the beginning, the most unstable app I have on my phone. The only way it even remotely works is via wifi. And the update is just the icon, same poor app.

  • Horrible

    by so clean so young so fly

    No auto restart , if you pause you can end up bouncing all over the place when playback resumes and still NO FAVORITES.. Smh

  • Completely dissapointed

    by WH721

    App worked this morning and now completely broken. I guess recent update was all window dressing.

  • Bad App

    by Packernet

    The absolute WORST live radio application out there. Synching is non listenable for the station to which i wanted to listen despite many complaints to fix

  • Not Working

    by Krisman10

    AP is completely broken. Can’t get a single show to stream or download on 4G or Wi Fi network.

  • Horrible app,espn should be embarrassed

    by Chargers043

    Major corporation and can't put out a decent radio app? On the iPad you'll be lucky to get it fully functional 50% of the time,crashes on my 5s which makes me feel like I'm on an iPhone 3GS.

  • Poor

    by Hoobenz

    Really poor from a mega-rich company such as ESPN ... Cannot favorite any podcast, app freezes and cannot get on demand, and often take a whole to load and plays wrong podcast ...

  • Missing espn deportes after update

    by Pexzcado

    Espn deportes?

  • What Happened to the podcasts??

    by barbbk2

    I can't listen to Football Today anymore - wth??

  • What Happened?

    by Gretzkysdad

    I loved the app because it let me listen to Finebaum when I wanted and also let me pick what hours. I work for a living and do not have time for 4 hours. Well they screwed it up. I can not listen unless it is part of a full replay. And then I am stuck with what hour is being replayed. The fact that I heard it is irrelevant. I am fine with commercial. So bring back the old format with commercials. Until then I am gone.

  • Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

    by nova-bomb

    This so lasted less than one second before I decided to delete it. The immediate loud obnoxious ad told be it would be too annoying to bear. Repeated gestures to you ESPN.

  • Fix the problems please!

    by Bartm88922

    Very frustrating app...still. 'On demand' is unavailable which means 'download' is unavailable! Come on people!

  • Worthless

    by TommyTubesock

    On demand doesn't work. Pointless app without it

  • on demand???

    by Hmmmm .......

    lights up and does nothing...

  • Update Failure

    by Me Meow

    So they rebuilt the radio function to improve streaming and have less buffering/dropouts. Yeah right! It buffets more now than ever. Resetting your phone doesn't help. The pre-updated version was far better.

  • Update Failure

    by Me Meow

    So they rebuilt the radio function to improve streaming and have less buffering/dropouts. Yeah right! It buffets more now than ever. Resetting your phone doesn't help. The pre-updated version was far better.

  • Update to CRASH MORE??

    by Bigough13

    Crashes EVERY TIME I open the app for the first time. Crashes AGAIN if I use multitasking to switch to the app twice. Baaaad ESPN :-)

  • Downhill

    by RAYN30

    I used to use this app all the time. Not only did they cut the podcasts to just 20 mins(which I despise) but now the on demand content is inaccessible with the latest update Unacceptable.

  • ESPN

    by Nonickswork

    Stop pushing ESPN Deportes on me - Spin it off into its own app

  • Ugh

    by Alex Kerssies

    No ESPN Dallas!!!!!!!! WHAT?!

  • No On Demand Content

    by Boschtb

    Cannot access on demand content. Useless.

  • Poor update

    by Hosh az

    Unable to use on-demand feature after updating

  • Why??

    by SugaMSU5

    Why can't I listen to the On Demand feature?? Needs to get fixed ASAP!

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