ESPN FC Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Feb, 28 2012
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 3.6 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Europe, Middle East & Africa Limited

- iPhone 5 optimization
- Bug fixes

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171 Ratings
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ESPNsoccernet is now ESPN FC! The ESPN FC app has all the same features you have come to love from Soccernet, and now includes even better football news coverage and highlights.

Covering all major leagues and tournaments, the ESPN FC app brings you scores, news, features, blogs, player and team information, stats and much more in what is the most comprehensive football coverage from around the globe.

ESPN FC features:

- Comprehensive football coverage: The ESPN FC app brings you the best football coverage including blogs, live scores and fixtures, match stats, tables, player and club profiles and much more.

- All major leagues & tournaments from around the globe: all major UK, European and Latin American leagues, tournaments and football matches

- Personalisation: Customise the app to follow scores and news of your favourite teams, leagues and tournaments.

- Push Notifications: Stay up to date with your favourite events with push alerts for goals, half time and full time results.

- Video and Podcasts: The latest video and Podcasts from our global coverage of the game, including ESPN FC Press Pass podcast

- Intuitive design: The app features a simple, clear interface that allows you to quickly switch between scores, news and video from multiple leagues.

Customer Reviews

  • Bug Fix

    by JohnKr1888

    I like the app but I have a new problem that doesn't let me save any of my teams or leagues? Please fix

  • Too many glitches!

    by Jonathan Jowi

    Too many crashes/glitches. Great app when everything is running smoothly though.

  • Problems with app

    by BayernSoccer

    I love this app and use it on a regular basis. Lately, I am having a similar problem that other users have discussed. All my saved teams and leagues no longer show up on home screen. Settings tab still show the correct teams/leagues that I selected, but they have all disappeared from home screen

  • Decent app, requires work

    by MJ WorldWide

    The ESPN FC app is a great when it's working. Although it should probably be redesigned to appear like the Scorecenter App. Very difficult to actually find all current games. Also, there is a bug where favorites are lost.

  • Great app!

    by Smartmeatball99

    It's a great app any football fan would want but a few bugs like deleting all the leagues I follow deteriorate it from being greater!

  • What is happening

    by Artin m

    I am only rating this app as 4 because at first it used to work fine I would use this app everyday but I don't know why it is not showing the leagues I have selected, or any of the teams like it did before, please fix this problem

  • Needs Work

    by Canes6104

    Can't set alerts. Too many bugs. Doesn't flow well. Too choppy. No women's soccer links. No links to fantasy soccer on Espn. Needs to be linked to iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Needs more links to team pages and updates on teams.

  • Favorite Team Fix

    by Superfly405

    Great app! Adding favorite teams needs to be easier.

  • App

    by G4y p3rs0n

    Greatest soccer app

  • Can't see Europa League table or fixtures

    by Thecorysmith

    Every other tournament I follow shows up at the top of the screen except Europa league. Please fix and this will be a 5 star.

  • So clpse

    by jobrofan8888

    I love this app just please add the ability for push notifications like every other espn app and PLEASE let me pay a few bucks for no ads. This app is really close to perfection! Thanks

  • Good app

    by Jabronironi

    I like this app a lot, but currently the alerts section isn't working which is kind of irritating

  • Fix it please!!!!!!

    by Eddy 1998

    I am not able to see any of the teams, clubs, leagues or tournaments that I have picked up before. It only shows me Premier, UCL and the MLS . I have never picked up the MLS and I am not interesting on following that league. Fix it please. Thanks .

  • Useless

    by Wgradio

    It is useless, must have a bug. No access to the Spanish league or cops del Rey.

  • Not working fine

    by Samarthrimal

    At first it was working fine but now all my teams and tournament has vanished. Its very hard to keep up with other tournaments that has recently vanished. Is someone doing something to fix it? Please get over with this problem ASAP.

  • Used to work ok, but now almost useless

    by Zekky4u

    Used to be a good app. Now, the favorites doesnt show up properly, and app hangs often

  • Please fix it!!!

    by Aakdjdjshshxud

    The is great don't get me wrong, but lately when I get on the app, all of my saved teams are all erased! I strongly advice that this bug should get fixed soon. I really enjoy this app due to its easy way to check scored and news.

  • What happened?

    by Nick2299

    The serie a, la liga, league1 and all other tabs except mls and epl have gone missing. Fix this please

  • In theory a great app

    by Robert King

    In reality, it needs work. Leagues that you select, don't always appear. Also, the design could use an overhaul.

  • Where is la liga and serie a and league 1 ???

    by Gamedork

    Can't see la liga and all the others on app!!!! Ucl and premier and mls r there but what about the rest? Please fix problem

  • Broken

    by grntheft

    I have 10 leagues selected and only 2 are showing. Need I explain anymore?

  • Terrible App

    by dcrowl02

    This app is terrible... • Crashes all the time. • Most times a page only displays code • Keeping track of teams or leagues is pointless as they don't register at the top of screen • When 2014 came around, it took weeks to display the fixtures Nobody watches Sportscenter anymore, it's about time ESPN dedicate their resources to the medium of the future for delivering sports news and results.

  • Frustrating

    by MILHO360

    This app is mediocre at best. It was working ok for a while and then just a week ago, as soon as the app is loaded, a scrip error comes up. That script error has caused my favorites to disappear. Now, only preloaded settings appear. I can't change anything. Fix the script error. Otherwise, this app is of no use for me.

  • WTH?

    by XxXmad-buyer1XxX

    Why is it only showing me three leagues? In my favorites I have like 15 leagues and tournaments chosen, yet I see none of them...? Also, why does the league table mix up teams from other leagues. Really annoying. Fix these things so I can use this app again. That is all

  • Not sure what happened

    by tennis 4 me

    It just stopped working. I can't favorite any of the leagues and competitions. I loved this app. What's going on?!?!

  • What happened to my preferred leagues

    by etbhsb

    I had 5 leagues picked as favs. Only two show in scroll panel along with one I didn't.

  • App is crazy

    by XLuizX

    This app has a lot of bugs and it won't show me my teams please fix ASAP

  • Much work needs to be done on this app

    by Wilfredgg

    App won't load the leagues I choose and it's very buggy

  • Worst App

    by MSK22

    This is probably the worst app I have. It malfunctions at least 25% of the time, which is WAY too much. I don't have a problem with crashing or server errors like some other users. My app consistently mixes teams from various leagues in group tables. Now it is failing to show any other league except Champions League, Premier League, and MLS. But you have me trapped because there is NO other competing app I can turn to.

  • Unreliable

    by Ando Calrissian

    I've removed this app (and ESPN's new Sportscenter app) from my phone. Both apps are extremely unreliable. Either some of my favorite leagues are missing from the top menu bar or the app fails to load all together. Poor app programming ESPN.

  • God awful

    by i love totinos pizza rolls

    Never current, correct and constantly crashes. How hard is it to make a decent soccer-tracking app?

  • Awful

    by Orlandomagic77

    Won't even load, really buggy, all in all a piece of garbage

  • Are you reading this??

    by Brian Hurtado

    More tournaments should be provided. There should be more coverage on central and South American soccer such as providing news articles etc. my biggest problem is that assists aren't mention at all in comparison to the goals. Assists are just as important and many fans care who assisted the goal therefore I recommend that the assists be included in the score update of the app and in the summary report of each game. Lastly the app is slow sometimes it closes on me

  • Buggy

    by Chris cro

    ESPN needs to step it up with their software engineering. This app is so buggy. It's constantly crashing and refusing to load. Also when I go to look up the matches the dates get mixed up and out of order, I'll scroll down and it'll go from the 19th to the 1st then to the 11th of the month. Fix it

  • Good, but problems with alerts!

    by Philipbay

    This app serves it's purpose well, except for the incessant "connection error" when trying to configure alerts! It has been months and no update has come to fix this problem. Otherwise, I would rate this app higher.

  • Use another app

    by Bang bang bow

    horrible! Never works most of the time. Takes forever to upload... Sometimes when I go to the premium league table it shows stats from years ago

  • weak for ipad

    by mudduck1971

    I agree with many, good for iPhone, terrible for ipad. Just shocked espn hasn't developed this for ipad.


    by COACHJB

    had this app for a year and now it refuses to load / constantly crashes...ESPN PLEASE REPAIR!

  • Unexpected texts; no Europa league

    by What about a US version?

    When I originally downloaded this it texted the UK on me without permission and cost me 60 cents. I was upset but what could I do about it? Then about a month ago it started refusing to display Europa league at all and now just spits out broken HTML after changing settings. It still wont display Europa league even when thats the only league/team selected. Hopefully an update will fix this but it's disappointing.

  • Needs a lot of bugs fixed

    by maybestephencolbert

    A pretty good app, but it seriously needs an update to address a number of bugs that make the app a pain to use. Easily could be a great app if it worked as well as it should.

  • Crapped out...

    by Derek49

    Dates not current. Prem defaults to May then crashes. Euro leagues showing August and March results. News is accurate. What happened? Annoying would be an understatement...

  • Potential

    by El Duque1

    The app could be better if the alert setting wouldn't crash. I try to change the settings but the app freezes. An iPad version needs to be made as well. Also the look of the app seems outdated, a facelift is desperately needed.

  • So close

    by EMH888

    This would be my favorite app, but the notifications don't work.

  • Doesn't work

    by Jameskats

    Articles get cut off. Espn doesn't care about soccer anyway.


    by Jeff Stainbrook

    The alerts on ESPN FC do not work, I keep getting an error message when I try to open them up and adjust them. This app will get 5 stars when that is fixed.

  • Alerts

    by Incredible mr.c

    Alerts won't work. Great app just get the alerts working again. It is very frustrating

  • Garbage

    by yysmer

    Can't show Europa league properly.

  • Please fix!!!!

    by Mario Galaviz

    The Mexican division is all wrong. There's only like 4 teams and the rest are international teams!!! Plus very few stories that would matter to personal needs.

  • It's good

    by Ojrocke76

    The app is good but it has to be optimized for iOS 7 if you update I will change my review

  • Needs fixed

    by Skcfan111

    App needs fixed. Favorites page rarely loads. Alerts flat out don't work. Needs a highlights area to watch videos. A lot to be desired here. It seems not a lot of effort has been out into this app. A lot could be learned from mls matchday

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