ESPN Fantasy Hockey Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Oct, 19 2013
  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 5.42 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

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8 Ratings
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Product Description

With the ESPN Fantasy Hockey app, you can manage multiple teams and leagues, follow your matchups in real-time, add/drop/trade players, and make last second line up changes from wherever you are. You’ll be one tap away from your teams and leagues, and one step ahead of your friends.

With the ESPN Fantasy Hockey app you can:

* Follow your head-to-head matchup or rotisserie scoring live with FantasyCast
* Get exclusive news, analysis, videos and the latest Tweets from ESPN fantasy experts
* Follow live NHL scores
* Start, bench, add, drop, and claim players off waivers and propose trades
* View and post messages to your league message board

Download now because there’s no better time to check on your fantasy hockey teams than anytime you please.

Customer Reviews

  • GET IT

    by Wuberz

    do it now it's great

  • Great app!

    by Frostyjake7

    Finally a hockey app! Finally here and a very nice app it is, I like it, maybe it's a little slow but they've finally introduced a hockey one for the first time!!!!


    by It's Barry, Barry Bright!

    Finally have the hockey one!!! I already had the football and baseball one and was waiting forever for the hockey one!!! Thank u so much for finally making this app!!!

  • Great App

    by Hjjhgg

    It could be better with editing your roster but as a hockey fan I've been waiting for a fantasy hockey app for a longggg time and am glad and fairly impressed with this app

  • Beggars can not be choosers

    by Bass_devil

    Great app... Even tho all the info is all there it is buried and u just have to figure just how to get to it... Just wish it was more like the web site in they way u could see the match up of ur and your opponent's players break down day to day or by the week... It's a great app and glad it's finally here

  • Finally the App has come for Hockey

    by Christopher Daggett

    I have no idea why it took so long to get an app for this, but I am happy that it's here now!

  • Finally!

    by Everything you wish you were

    Hey everybody! ESPN is acknowledging hockey! Take a screenshot!

  • Awesome

    by AJeezy05

    Nice job espn!!

  • Finally

    by cveltre

    After asking ESPN for a year they finally made an app for fantasy hockey. Thank you

  • Love it!

    by DaReaper87

    Needs work like all new apps but at least we can deal with our teams whenever and wherever we want!


    by Dava Keglor

    I've emailed ESPN a number of times asking when they would develop a hockey app. They've finally came through. Thank you! Great app!

  • Does the job

    by Holmezz

    This is essential for fantasy sports. Good job on it and keep it up for next season please.

  • Finally!

    by MarkNuttt

    This app was needed, ESPN provided. Great app.

  • Finally!

    by Howienator

    I've been checking every day for this app since hockey season started! Who cares if it's good or not. It's here! And it's awesome! No problems yet!

  • Great app

    by Keith II 504

    Hockey is a fantasy sport that greatly needs an app just so you can manage constant goalie changes so it's great that the ESPN team recognized that and created this app. That said, they went above and beyond what I expected. Fantastic GUI, intuitive and smart all the way around. Glad to have the app and really glad that it's so dang good.

  • Finally!

    by John Ball

    Yes! Thank you! So glad ESPN finally now has fantasy apps for all of the four main sports.

  • Good

    by Shhshsh

    Awesome app but should make it look more like the fantasy football app

  • Finally

    by Jordan198273

    Well worth the wait

  • Finally

    by Mappb

    So happy that ESPN finally made an app for fantasy hockey. Would love to see improvements on standings section, which gives very little info.

  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!

    by Now7179ak

    Its finally here after so many years!!!! Yessssssss woooo hoooo its about fricken time!

  • Terrible

    by Jon Lentz

    It's really just an awful app. It is way more difficult than using the browser. Try harder ESPN

  • About time!

    by theirisnofork

    Happy this finally came out, although I'm puzzled why it has the look of the old apps... Why wouldn't a new app have a new look? Please get it together ESPN! 1 star for now, once the ui is updated to the fantasy football app, the ratings will follow.

  • Can't even open the app!

    by Jackson Sandell

    Just got this app, and so far, I haven't been able to even open the app up! It just stops at the "Temporarily Unavailable, Error Loading Screen" screen. Please fix this bug and it will be a 5 star rating!

  • Stinks

    by Kent Vandersloot

    Have no idea how to register Waste of time

  • Thank you for finally making one!

    by Diet Coco-Cola

    Been waiting a while for it to come and thank you for delivering a great app and not just rushing and making a bad one.

  • Finally!

    by Mr_lane

    About time this gets an app! Yes!!!!

  • Good start

    by Jose jose 94

    If it looked more like the espn fantasy football app it would get 5 stArs

  • Does The Job

    by SideSwiped

    Compared to other ESPN fantasy apps, the UI needs a lot of work...and I mean A LOT! I'm just glad there's finally a fantasy hockey app.

  • Bout time

    by Deemo12347

    Finally!!! I almost switched my league over to yahoo... Next year release it on time.

  • Lemoore Kenabobs

    by Kenabobute

    Great app! Finally came out! Could have used it awhile ago though! Also there is a ton of stuff on this app it's a bit cluttered! Could make it more like the fantasy monster app! But it's good does everything I need it to!

  • 1st person to comment!!!!!!!

    by Jeana Jexie

    This app is amazing.

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