ESPN Fantasy Football Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Sep, 05 2012
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 9.55 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

Bug fixes and optimizations

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With the ESPN Fantasy Football app, you can draft and manage your teams, follow your matchups with FantasyCast live scoring, add/drop/trade players, and make last-second lineup changes from wherever you are. Hone your draft skills in our Mock Draft Lobby and spend your Sundays always connected to your leagues and teams. The ESPN Fantasy Football app provides the added advantage you need to dominate your fantasy league.

Features include:

-- Draft: live auction and snake drafts, including access to our Mock and Live Draft Lobbies.
-- Team and Roster Management: Start/bench players, add, drop, and claim players off waivers, propose, accept or reject trades.
-- FantasyCast Live Scoring
-- Fantasy News and Videos from ESPN fantasy analysts.
-- View and post messages to your league’s message board.

ESPN Insiders also get access to injury, substitution, trade, and scoring alerts. Download now because there's no better time to check on your fantasy teams than anytime you please.

Customer Reviews

  • It's probably going to be good

    by Yeah corn muffins

    I haven't been able to use it because I just signed up in February but I hope it will be good that's why I'm giving five stars

  • Yea

    by Joecrack305

    Second, seriously who does use this in jan?

  • First

    by Mblazo

    Who uses fantasy football in January

  • Fun and Functional

    by afrequentbuyer

    This does what it needs to do and gives you access to everything you need. Doesn't need too many tweaks for next season.

  • fantasy

    by frankie.sabs

    decent app, still prefer web

  • Has some bugs....

    by Weheartpiggy

    Crashes a lot and its very hard to click on people. Please fix otherwise everything else is great.

  • Fantasy football

    by Michelle Fraser

    Amazing ever one should get this

  • Decent app

    by biblequizr7

    Cons - Terrible app logo!! - Difficult to navigate between team rosters in various leagues - Inaccurate projections (but that's not the dev's fault)


    by bbrooklax07

    This app is honestly amazing I've used it all season and haven't had a single problem! Love it!

  • Super good

    by Darkyoshi8833

    Really good Fantasy app, but one problem. It crashes a LOT! Thats a pain on Ipod Touch 5th generation.

  • Took 3rd of 12

    by Number72

    The app helped me to do it. Simple to use, I didn't have any issues.

  • Amazing updates in 2013

    by Opticsmouth

    As an apple owner, this new version of the ESPN Fantasy Football app is incredible. There isn't much more I would change. It's really good on my iPhone and AMAZING on the iPad.

  • Awesome, but not... UPDATE

    by Timmyboylejr

    I love this app so much, but when I'm hooked the most, it crashes! This app needs to update to stop the crashing

  • Videos have no audio

    by Shayaan Sajid

    Don't know if it's just me. iPhone 5s on iOS 7.0.4. But any videos I watch (such as recent news or future projection videos) have no sound. Other wise it's pretty good

  • Works great!

    by Batman1325

    Very comprehensive and easy to edit my team on the fly!

  • So easy an fun to use

    by Joey butafucco234


  • Outdated

    by 1234fsgd

    How about a more modern feel?

  • Crashes too often

    by horseluverclaire

    Great app, just crashes a bit to frequently for my liking, definitely worth getting

  • Best FFL App Yet

    by Jer.K.

    This Fantasy Football app blows away all the other apps to date (and I've used most of them). Nice work ESPN! Now I don't have to wrestle with the website on my iPad. The only downside I've seen so far is you don't get the Insider subscription content in the app like you do on the website. And, if I'm a subscriber, maybe I could have fewer ads? I don't mind ads in my apps, especially when they're unobtrusive. But if I subscribe, then ads should be turned off.

  • Correction on previous rating

    by Dr.DayalRaja

    I wrote a review earlier that I was not able to see updated info but it was my mistake. I did not realize that I was in the playoffs so you play the same team twice. This app is excellent and addictive. I loooooove it.

  • Bäd

    by Hajahsysxh

    Doesn't even work. It says my emails incorrect even though it's right. Don't get. Waste of $0.00

  • Worst game ever

    by 123456789fooybAll

    What is the point of the games you watch videos to get better

  • Fantasy? Nah

    by PositiveReInforcer

    Every time I open this app it freezes and kicks me off. I haven't been all to change my lineup in 3 weeks? Is this fixable? If not I am seriously contemplating deletion.

  • Keeps crashing

    by bapimal

    Keeps crashing


    by MrTFC

    This app when working is very good. But it crashes constantly very frustrating. Open = crash. Scroll through lineup = crash Change players = crash!!!! COME ON

  • The App Crashes

    by poop crack

    I'm on a iPod touch 4th gen and I can't check my team or fantasy cast! I can only be on the home screen! Also, sometimes the app won't connect to the fantasy servers and the app just won't run.

  • Connection problems

    by Bib Villa

    Has connection error when reopening- requires force quitting to load.

  • It's crap!

    by FavMarv

    Piece of crap app. It Stopped taking score at week 13. Don't waste your time.

  • Crashes....

    by SwordFighter27

    Crashes a TON. No other alternative except on web which is not mobile friendly. When it works..which is intermittently... It works fine and is friendly to use.

  • Need to update

    by Dominick805

    This game is horrible projections are horrible once my projection was 114 then it turn to 71 cause of you and every time I try to get on it it just go back to the home menu

  • Cool

    by Mmmnm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo

    Do I have to start next year

  • Awful

    by Minijumble5678

    Complete garbage. App bugs out after 5 seconds almost every time and if not, the second you try to view scores or stats, the app will definitely shut down. Consistently garbage app.

  • Always crushes

    by oufanforever

    After logging in, the app always instantly crushes. Don't use this app. It is a complete waste of time

  • Awful

    by Steven Je.

    Awful app. Crashes just about every time and it is set up terribly

  • Please Fix

    by BigDory

    I love fantasy football, but this app crashes for me at least twice a week.

  • Terrible

    by gtwrestler88

    Crashes every time I use it. No use using it then.

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Cooleo 88

    It'll load like 30 seconds then just crashes. Very frustrating

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Killacam1996

    Title speaks for itself. It crashes on my IPhone 4 after 5-10 seconds. Hopefully they fix this problem soon, this used to be a great app.

  • I wish I could use the app for more than 5 seconds

    by Chris A.........

    I'd love to check my fantasy football on my ipod instead of going on my computer, but it doesn't allow that. The app will kick me out as soon as it loads and it pisses me off.

  • Crash

    by XxPeachezxX

    This app is all ways closing on my ipod 4th gen like it really got bad this week I can't change lineups or watch on fantasy craft.

  • Crashes

    by THErods09

    Site continues to crash when I tap on fantasy cast.

  • Crashtastic

    by JebXR

    Crashes constantly in my 4s. Very annoying during playoffs.

  • Crashes Every Time

    by Thidwic

    This app crashes every time I open it

  • Crashing

    by Lllllllhhsiyrfhij

    Haven't had a problem with this app until this update and now it crashes during any change of interface. Not even worth a download anymore.

  • Ok

    by Campythenomad

    Switch to yahoo it's Soooo much more enjoyable.

  • Disappointing when it matters

    by Bdjixksnxoks

    Worked fine but now its playoffs and i cannot check my team or scores. Its frozen on the front page when i need it most. Very disappointing.

  • What a great time for it to stop working , Playoffs

    by Mr Aufait

    Perfect time to take the APPLE server down ESPN, week 2 of the playoffs.

  • Slow, and Keeps crashing

    by A kaka

    App moves incredibly slow, even with a fast internet connection. It is extremely annoying to use. It crashes before opening half of the time.

  • App Stopped Working!

    by BHagy

    The ESPN Fantasy Football app has stopped working!! Nothing loads when I open the app! I can't click in the teams and I don't have the option to open the side menu now. WHAT HAPPENED!? This app was awesome!!!!

  • Freezing

    by ZFord33

    This app has been great for me in my first ff season. However, this morning it started freezing on the main screen that shows my two teams and the fantasy cast scoreboard. Please fix this. It's playoff time!

  • Works great... Love the layout

    by I love apps and need more!

    So much better than yahoo app. I am going to switch my league to ESPN so I can use this app. The iPad app is great as well. You can easily get the stats on one page without a bunch of scrolling. Yahoo wastes so much space and it can't do everything the browser does as far as sorting and filtering.

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