ESPN Fantasy Basketball Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Oct, 13 2010
  • Version: 3.4
  • Size: 4.93 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

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With the ESPN Fantasy Basketball app, you can manage multiple teams and leagues, follow your matchups in real-time, add/drop/trade players, and make last second line up changes from wherever you are. You’ll be one tap away from your teams and leagues, and one step ahead of your friends.

With the ESPN Fantasy Basketball app you can:

* Follow your head-to-head matchup or rotisserie scoring live with FantasyCast
* Get exclusive news, analysis, videos and the latest Tweets from ESPN fantasy experts
* Follow live NBA scores
* Start, bench, add, drop, and claim players off waivers and propose trades
* View and post messages to your league message board

Download now because there’s no better time to check on your fantasy basketball teams than anytime you please.

Customer Reviews

  • It's not bad

    by Lowgun apple software GM

    It doesn't crash for me but it could defiantly be improved, it could tell us how much fantasy points they score, cause that's the point of the game

  • I don't get the bad reviews

    by Patfan1998

    I don't understand why people hate this app. It's amazing. Never crashes, you get news across the bottom, and it makes it super easy to set up your team. It works great. Only thing I would want to see is just a screen to compare players when trading and changing the lineups. Other than that amazing!

  • I want to play so bad

    by Ggj sudhnsie

    Can u start a team after the season started

  • I love this app

    by Kenny2430317

    I don't get why people are dissing this app. It's awesome l. I check it everyday and is very convenient. It works well, never crashes, works fluid, and I use it multiple times per day. It's awesome, I highly recomend it. Don't listen to all the bad reviews people give it. Give it a shot, you'll like it. If not then delete it if you don't like it.

  • Convenient to use

    by xOpTiCxV1S10NZx

    I like this app very much. It helps me with my line-ups, add/drop players, stats, and etc. A lot of the reviews for this app says that it crashes all the time. Personally I have never had the app crash. EVER!

  • Good

    by Finky 101

    This app is fine. And for the ppl that are complaining about it, don't use this app and just go online to manage your team. Who cares if the football one was better; this one still works fine.

  • Needs to be able to draft at beginning

    by Planston

    You guys need to man up, this app works fine. Just wish you could draft from the app.

  • Great app

    by Aarsh Ajay Patel

    You can change your line up

  • Personally, i love this app

    by TheGreatGatspy

    I dont get what all the bad reviews are for. This app never crashes for me, it is smooth, and fluid. Yes it may be a tad confusing at first, but the fact that it doesn't work the exact same way as ESPNs fantasy football app is a minor flaw. You get the hang of it. The app also updates in real time, i am watching a game with a player right now. Also very fun with a league of friends, easy too check scores and make trades. Love it.

  • Needs improvements

    by Mneezy

    Could b better but nice app

  • Thank you and good job

    by Laxbabe18

    Thank you for listing to my request. My app is now working and not telling me that there is something wrong with the server. Thank you

  • Solid

    by Hadj

    Solid app... In serious need of a live fantasycast feature similar to the website.

  • Outdated

    by CKiL1942

    This app needs to be updated. The Fantasy Football App is making this one look bad. Please update.

  • Terrible app

    by NjBielawski

    Works for simply switching lineups but that is it. Cant even check how many fantasy points a player earned in a game.. Use the website, app is not worth a download.

  • Can be improved...

    by tejoc

    This app does work for the necessity of looking at your team, but it is not user friendly. The league home page is glitchy, very confusing, and design is terrible. If this app got some bug fixes and a complete remodel like the fantasy football app, it could definitely be a 4 or 5 star app.

  • Rough around the edges

    by Ken says 69

    This app would benefit from an upgrade. You can't compare players if you are adding dropping players. It would be nice if that is in a future upgrade to the app. Also, when reviewing a player's stats on your current roster you can't toggle between the last 30, 15 or last 7 day averages... It only shows the season average. The solution is to use a real computer for managing your team. Also the injury status' are usually delayed in the players' news

  • Needs work

    by A-Train3

    Can't view full stat line

  • Terrible

    by Cheehvwru

    Worst app ever

  • Needs work

    by Chodenuggs

    Iphone only app, weak. Needs to be easier to navigate through to see all the players in a matchup. I want to be able to change what time zone the start times appear in too. Not the worst app out there but it could be so much better.

  • Horrible

    by aqhtran

    Just revamp this app like you did for football!

  • Needs to be more like football app

    by Lerty2222

    Signs me out every time I close the app. Needs to stop this it's so annoying. If you base it off of the football it will be a million times better

  • Needs Improvement

    by Brian Seegmiller

    Horrible interface crashes to much better off using the website on mobile.

  • Pros and Cons

    by cameron_lynch

    Pros: Very easy to navigate and has a great layout design. Cons: We should be able to make leagues or join leagues once the season has already started like yahoo. Until this is fixed ill be preferring yahoo over espn

  • Bad


    I can not even find out how to creat a new account!!!!!!!!

  • Better of using website on phone.

    by Paintballer7526

    This app is absolutely TERRIBLE! It's a fantasy app that doesn't allow you too check what your fantasy points actually are when you go to that players stat line. They need to update the app as well as get one for the iPad. A reasonable update would make it very similar to the fantasy football app also by ESPN.

  • Terrible

    by Humesr

    App is a joke compared to other fantasy apps, won't even let me log in due connectivity issues

  • Terrible

    by Humesr

    App is a joke compared to other fantasy apps, won't even let me log in due connectivity issues

  • Upgrade Please

    by anyone5

    You can at least use it for the searching the waivers and can change your lineups. However, it clearly needs an upgrade. It is more complicated than it has to be. It crashes frequently and has not been upgraded for iOS7.

  • Unamused

    by daxmandude

    This app makes fantasy basketball more complicated than the espn site, which normally doesn't happen with mobile apps. Please fix or fire the programming team.

  • Make it like fantasy football!

    by Fantasy player 2001

    Fantasy football app is way better. Update this one to have the same functionality please!

  • Layout needs work

    by ClueGoo4u

    Overall usable but could use some work. I dislike the the overall view of the roster. It seems too limited of a view. I want to sees broader view of the stats so I can compare. Also adding/waiving players around is such a pain. I want to be able to analyze my players' stats before I add/drop them. Please make a better version!

  • Ok

    by Stax212

    the app used to run decent for the simplest of my fantasy needs but now it constantly crashes and also asks me to sign back in whenever I open it which is very Frustrating, this has been going on for 2 weeks not, fix it asap

  • Really ESPN?

    by Notorios Ama

    This is the app that ESPN really expects us to use in order to keep track of our fantasy team? I wonder if anyone from ESPN really uses this app & if so why do you not say something about this? We need the full or even the quick box score 2 keep track so we can better select which players 2 use.

  • Needs update

    by DSparks22

    League managers need to be able to veto trades from the app.

  • iPhone only.

    by Jimbo54patriots

    Desperately needs to be updated for iPad.

  • Still the same?

    by JoeV.

    This is the exact app from last year with no changes to the layout. UPGRADE this app, put some creativity to it, it's so linear And plane. There was nothing added to it from last years app, you had a whole year to create a new layout COME ON!!!! It's not the worst app but it's not a very good one.

  • Come on ESPN!!!

    by BradleyWT23

    Everyone has said upgrade it like the fantasy football app! Why can't you guys listen! That app is truly amazing but this, this is utter garbage compared to the football version. Please listen to us me and 200+ people are tired of this app being crappy.

  • Log in.

    by some_creative_nickname

    If I didn't have to log in every single time, that'd be great.

  • No message board functionality

    by Phil Byrum

    Click on a message from your league's board ... app says there are no messages on the board. You can view messages via the baseball & football apps, but not basketball?! What gives?

  • Come on man

    by Lityippee

    This app will drive you crazy with the things that it can't do. It is basically only good to check the scores of your matchups.

  • This app needs an update ASAP

    by Reeyco

    This app is horrible please make a better version

  • Weak

    by npvance2

    Works fine for adding and dropping players but please just us the Fantasy Football app as a base for this one. It is SO much better. Main complaint. When I select a player to see their last few games please show me the number of fantasy points for those games not just the regular stat line. Can't even tally it up myself without the makes/attempts which also aren't there. Thanks.

  • Horrible

    by Rgeorgia

    ESPN obviously puts all their effort towards the NFL Fantasy app. This app is so horrible that I re-downloaded it to write a review to warn others. It crashes constantly and at times says I don't even have a team when I open the app. If you could give an app zero stars, this is the one you'd give it to.

  • Functional but clumsy...

    by Effxiikc

    Please make this app like the fantasy football app. This app is too difficult to navigate.

  • Terrible

    by adabne1

    Terrible with no iPad support

  • Make this app work like the espn fantasy football app

    by tebaseball1

    The app has functionality that works, but I think it can be improved. If this app could be made the same way the espn fantasy football app works, that would be ideal in my opinion. For example, switching people in my lineup works in the app. However, when you select the move button next to someone on your bench, you are given options of who you can switch them with. However, it would be nice if you could see if that person has a game on that night or not. Also to see other teams you need to go to standings first and then click their team there. It works, but it is clunky and takes multiple steps. Compared to the espn fantasy football app, this app isn't as good. Also, I like how you can mock draft and live draft from the fantasy football app.

  • So bad!!!


    Make it like the Fantasy Football app for 5 stars. It crashes all the time and is hard to use!!! Terrible. "bug fixes" are the least of your issues.

  • Does espn hate basketball? Yes!! No stars

    by Rich Beasley

    Football app is fantastic, this app is trash man, i have to use other apps to get info on players cmon espn

  • Needs work

    by Hshehebeb

    IT NEEDS TO RUN LIKE THE FANTASY FOOTBALL APP. Until then I'm not happy with it

  • Needs serious makeover and iPad version

    by Smthmn89

    Needs to look a lot more like the fantasy football app. Not easy to navigate. Better off going on the actual website

  • Could be better

    by Michelle Fraser

    Please make it like the football app

  • Should be like fantasy football

    by Rage josh

    I cant even make a team through the app like you can in fantasy football

  • Needs an update

    by Jcard511

    The app is absolutely terrible in comparison to the football app. The appearance needs revamping. However, the biggest problem is the presentation. Looking at stat categories is tedious and difficult. The live head-to-head also needs to be changed like the football app

  • Still like it!!

    by Papermate

    Even though the app lacks some functionally I actually really like it. My only real issue is when it comes to the random clutch-ify ad, it randomly activates when doing things like changing the date so u can set future lineups. This is truly annoying, so much so that i wrote this review...ive got prob 15 individual tabs open in safari right now that are all randomly opened clutch-ify ads...please fix this..or just update it so its like the NFL one... You can do better!

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