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  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Feb, 18 2011
  • Version: 3.4
  • Size: 5.07 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

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Download the ESPN Fantasy Baseball app now for FREE and get all the information you need before your draft and to manage your teams throughout the season! Manage multiple teams and leagues, follow your matchups in real time, add/drop/trade players, and make last second lineup changes from wherever you are. The ESPN Fantasy Baseball App will keep you connected so you never miss a step in your league.

The ESPN Fantasy Baseball app features:

-Team Management: Start/bench players, add, drop, and claim players off waivers, propose, accept or reject trades with other managers
-FantasyCast Live Scoring and Stats: Real-time scoring and detailed information for all your matchups.
-Fantasy News, Videos and Tweets from ESPN’s fantasy analysts.
-View and post messages to your league’s message board

Become an ESPN Insider for access to the following exclusive features:

-Personalized Push Notifications will alert you when you have a player headed to the DL or an eligible player on the bench.
-Exclusive video and breaking news from ESPN experts including Matthew Berry, Eric Karabell and Christopher Harris.
-Spring Training Notes, Rookie Reports, Breakout Candidates and advice from the best fantasy experts in the industry.

Download now because there's no better time to check on your fantasy teams than anytime you please.

NOTE: You must have an ESPN Fantasy Baseball team to use this app. This app will only manage your 2013 teams. Past and future teams are not supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Ummm

    by RKP1

    All of my leagues are Dynasty leagues. This means I already have a team ESPN.i would dearly love to look at it and plan my strategy for my draft and my keepers and so forth. So I have to wait until our draft is over before I can see my team? This does not make sense at all. My draft is not until late March and this is early February. Is there a prob ESPN?

  • This app is a Home Run!!!

    by Grayson Eleftheriou

    Great app!!! Easy and fun to use!!! Use it every year!!!

  • Best app

    by Jeter fan 2

    Best app ever go Yankees

  • A

    by Sbrown23wyh

    Irritating that you cannot draft within the app.

  • Does the basics.

    by Tayblurg

    This app does the basics like set the lineup but it would be nice if it could also draft amongst numerous number of things.

  • Good app but no draft?

    by Gordon Hoven

    This is actually a great app to follow and make changes to your fantasy baseball team. The only thing I wish I could do from this app is to participate in the draft, which is why I didn't give it five stars.

  • Plz update

    by Zazzaboo3

    Please update this app to have draft capabilities. I do not have a PC, only an iPad an iPhone. Being able to draft from the app would be wonderful.

  • Great App.....

    by Stradawg

    You guys at ESPN are doing a great job!!! keep striving to keep making your products even better for your fans. The only suggestion/change I can think of, is to be able to respond to a trade offer like you can when you make a offer. Also, make the changes to this app like you did with the fantasy football app.

  • Delicious

    by RobertUNH

    Vastly superior to CBS, etc. It is faster and has better content

  • Awesome

    by "f"off

    Great ap!!

  • Its not working now why?

    by Dakdjsbebx

    So i have the app and i try to open it and it keeps saying connection error... Having trouble retrieving data from the server try again later and i hit try again over and over and still nothing any ideas?

  • Needs a game cast

    by Deborah Inglese

    The only thing to make this app better would be to have a game cast like the one the fantasy football app has! Easily switch from game to game and watch it pitch by pitch and highlight your players! Then this app would be complete

  • It's works

    by Daddydave876

    I have been using the app for 4 years now and it is very handy when I'm not at home and I need to get my line up in for the day

  • Could be better

    by destrilogy

    This app is serviceable and can do all the basic things. There needs to be an easier way to set your starting pitching lineup for the week in head to head match ups. This app desperately needs an overhaul in UI like how they did with the fantasy football app.

  • iPad version

    by Josephshere

    This app is great on the iPhone but it would be amazing if it was perfected for iPad as well. I love hanging out watching good baseball and playing my fantasy baseball, and this app makes it possible, so thanks

  • Keeps getting better

    by Colossians 3:17

    This is one of those apps where it can always be better, but it's better than any other app in its class. Would love to have a better interface for league posts... It can be somewhat temperamental at times... Great app.

  • Great app

    by Fr0d0lio

    Excellent as always!!!! Easy, simple and awesome!!

  • Good

    by Kevin1717

    Only thing id change is toggling between the menus.

  • Best fantasy baseball app

    by Schmooscontrol

    Best one out there

  • Great app

    by Dodgersfan61

    Great app to keep eye on my team. Good job, ESPN!

  • INOP

    by lonnyonline

    Tried to start a team seeing pitchers and catchers will be showing up any day now. Well the app says FU about not being able to connect. I wanted to play but guess that won't happen. Love ESPN but I think Ron Burgandy programmed this one. Stay classy ESPN.

  • Doesn't work

    by Leeroy Jenkins277777

    Needs an update asap

  • Won't load on iPhone 4S

    by Deersuxor

    One star review because it literally will not load, says "Waiting for internet connection" whether I'm on 3G or wifi. I would consider rating it higher if I could actually use it lol

  • Time to revise the app

    by JohnMWhite

    This is a good service with an outdated app. I don't want to switch to Yahoo, but this apps makes me want to. Please make improvements to the app before the season starts. Making it look more like the Sports Center app over the Football app would be better, but frankly either would be a MAJOR plus at this point.

  • Won't work

    by Capsrule8

    I can't get past the loading screen

  • Can't get on the app

    by Steviehenz

    I go on my iPhone app and it says can't find a signal

  • Hate it because it sometimes doesn't work

    by Jace19

    Terrible do the yahoo fantasy baseball much easier

  • Connection

    by USCellularUser

    It doesn't let me connect to the app. All it says is 'Connection error, please try again soon'. -US Cellular User

  • Can't connect

    by Moranger

    Will not connect to the server please fix!!! Uninstalled

  • Why are you asking me to review ?

    by Deeply_Disappointed

    This site when you have been working on it for day's. Ever since I joined?

  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball App!

    by JLauto5

    Absolutely positively AMAZING! Not one issue and very user friendly. "Play Ball"

  • Constant error message upon opening

    by bds921

    App always shows error message when it opens saying it can't retrieve data from the server, whether in 4G or wifi. And apparently without that step, the entire thing is useless, because it just locks up from there. Tried re downloading several times over a few days, no luck.

  • It won't work

    by ZSepich1

    It won't let me go onto the app

  • Espn

    by Joshua stgo

    It's ready

  • Great App needs iPad update

    by Philip Everhart

    Love this app. Frustrating it doesn't have an iPad version like the football version does. My only complaint

  • Good

    by Jacker237

    I use this for every thing in fantasy baseball

  • Greatest App since Babe Ruth!

    by RaysFanBeezy

    This ESPN Fantasy Baseball App has helped me accomplish into gaining 2 fantasy baseball championships in back to back years(2012,2013). I will continue to use this ESPN Fantasy Baseball App to help me gain my 3rd fantasy baseball championship in a row. ESPN Fantasy baseball supports me with this App, and it's my duty to help providing championships to support them as well. Thank you ESPN Fantasy baseball and looking forward to another great year!

  • Great fantasy baseball app!

    by W3bz

    Great app for fantasy baseball. I use it all the time and it is excellent at keeping me up to date on my team and everything i need to know

  • Better Than Yahoo or MLB sites

    by MayoMonEl

    Not much to say except that ESPN seems to be more flexible in their setup than either other league. Whether head-to-head, roto or weekly they allow the league manager to dictate categories and rankings.

  • Perfect

    by steelersfan3405

    Love it helps me stay on top in my league

  • Good

    by Peterrrrrrrrrt


  • The Best Fantasy App

    by BrettMc39

    Easy to use and very user-friendly.

  • Solid App

    by Army of Penguins

    Great to have an app that works consistently. Nice to have it when on the go and need to update a lineup.

  • Best there is!

    by VA14

    All ESPN apps for fantasy are great including this one. Works awesome and can allow you to track your team on a daily basis.

  • It's 2014, can't we get this formatted for iPad?

    by Largebread

    Love being connected to my team while I'm out, but seriously, this is ESPN! As in ESPN-we dominate everything that is sports. And they can't get an app that's formatted for iPod?! Really? And what about totals for my daily stats? I'm feeling that this job was outsourced.

  • Good app

    by Basilios1969

    It works fine. Great secondary source for fantasy when I'm away from my laptop.

  • As good as it gets people

    by Rollout2376

    I use this app all day long for fantasy baseball managing. Not much you cant do with it. A must for any espn fantasy baseball player. Would like a link to fantasy focus put in. I would also like to see a more closer app update like the football one.

  • Helpful

    by airbear37 

    Convenient when not around computer.

  • ESPN App

    by Rojooooo

    Site needs a lot of work ! Information about conditions of injured players appears to be behind other apps . The Fantasy experts are a lot of hot air. They claim they won this league and that league but nothing in the present. Information about a player or players needs to be updated on a more regular basis.

  • ESPN App

    by Rojooooo

    Site needs a lot of work ! Information about conditions of injured players appears to be behind other apps . The Fantasy experts are a lot of hot air. They claim they won this league and that league but nothing in the present. Information about a player or players needs to be updated on a more regular basis.

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