ESPN College Football Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Nov, 20 2010
  • Version: 3.2.1
  • Size: 7.09 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

Fixed multiple crashes and improved performance.
Updated for iOS7 compatibility.
Fixed ad rendering issues.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
118 Ratings
All Versions:
8914 Ratings


The new ESPN College Football App is the ultimate, year-round companion for every college football fan. Follow the nation's top stories with unprecedented coverage and watch in-progress highlights as big plays happen. Get breaking news and scoring alerts for your favorite teams and follow any game you care about with customizable scoreboards.


• All new design for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
• In-progress video alerts of the biggest plays pushed right to you moments after they happen.
• Easy access to live games on WatchESPN
• Personalized My Games scoreboard featuring any college football game you care about
• Comprehensive editorial coverage featuring game previews, recaps, analysis and highlights
• Signature ESPN analysis from our College Football team plus exclusive clips from College GameDay, ESPNU and more
• College GameDay voting, video features and matchup breakdowns
• Team by team Twitter content and discussions
• Breaking news alerts, scoring alerts, potential upsets and video highlights and analysis alerts
• Bowl Bound section with weekly projections from Brad Edwards for every bowl game
• Team alerts for all 124 FBS schools

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by TopRankWressla

    Helps me keep up with College football during the offseason!

  • More coverage and capsules for casual fan

    by Matt Stueck

    I know most people who use this app are probably hard core fans of college football! It would be great if ESPN could do caspulization (is that even a word) of the team previous season and/or the season outlook! As we head into a playoff style college schedule I would like to have an easy way like an hour long video on maybe the top twenty teams! I feel with any sport if packaged right a viewer can never get enough information on the sport or the team! The next big step is bringing in the casual fan to be more emotionally invested in college football by knowing the teams better!

  • Lags

    by Fbook searcher

    Good app just receive notifications late. Very late

  • Fix it

    by I play this at work

    No notifications work. No status updates. Nothing. Otherwise, decent app.


    by AndrewIsBoss

    helps me catch up on my fav team.........ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

  • Works great but crashes only sometimes

    by xXRajinat0rXx

    This app would be 5 stars if it didn't crash, but it only crashes a few times

  • Crashes

    by Alibama1

    It is a very useful app. I really liked it. Now it will not load. Please fix.

  • Amazing!

    by Street cactus

    This app is the best app for college football news. There are so many features to keep you interested and up to date with the season. It also helps you stay up to date with information about your favorite team.

  • Good

    by Earthydouto24889

    I Like It But The Scores have NO Weeks 2-15 When It's Like Bowl Season I Mean The News,Bowl Bound,Rankings etc. Are Good But I Think This App Needs A Little Improvement

  • Must have for any NCAA football

    by My GF has a Deep Throat

    Great, i like how u can pick your favorite teams and keep track of them and when they play and u can view game highlights, scores, and after game talk.

  • Bug issues

    by Liles tigers

    Can you guys fix the error in this app

  • Tap-Happy and Unreadable

    by Oliver Gaerlan

    The information are complete and are presented nicely. However... It is difficult to scroll through the list of games because it treats the scrolls as 'taps' and therefore opens the game info unnecessarily. Also, the fonts and stories could be more readable if you could adjust the fonts bigger, and presented in paragraphs.

  • Way toooooo touch sensitive!

    by Moondoggiethebitch

    Very difficult to maneuver around the app because it's too sensitive to the touch. Other than that it's a very good app.

  • Way toooooo touch sensitive!

    by Moondoggiethebitch

    Very difficult to maneuver around the app because it's too sensitive to the touch. Other than that it's a very good app.

  • Best Football App

    by Ashton Jenkins

    Best football app ever! It's literally perfect and even includes recruiting! What else could a guy ask for in an app?

  • Espn

    by Gators16

    Make Espn Basketball

  • Can u make a NCAA basketball app like this too

    by filmore34

    Can u make a NCAA basketball app like this too

  • Will not add games to My Games

    by Djestac

    Use to be my favorite part of the app!

  • Mediocrity

    by manda9184

    This app is constantly crashing. When it does function, it is one of the best sources for rankings, scores, and usually posts game updates at the time of actual play. Please, please fix the issues with this app!

  • Good

    by Poob3ar31

    This is a good app but would be great if it included NCAA Division 2 schools also!!! Especially the Historically Black Colleges and Universities :)

  • Would be great if . . .

    by College football fan 17

    You could read 50% of the articles. They are all for private espn members only. Basically the app is good to check rankings and make it look like you are a football fan

  • Ok But

    by MD in Philly

    Great for college football news BUT why is everything the ESPN IN so you have to pay $

  • New update

    by Andy's Honey

    Was a good app. Now it won't open.....bye bye app!

  • Nice but issues with unwanted pop ups

    by Go Pandora!

    This has so much potential and really has great content. There is just one problem that frustrates me so much I often don't want to use the app. On the "Scores" page when trying to scroll up or down to see scores it constantly wants to pop up details about specific games when that's not what I'm wanting. I've never had another app with this kind of problem being too sensitive. Fix that problem and it would be great. Update: I hadn't read other reviews when I wrote mine, but now see this is a very common issue. why don't you pay attention to the reviews and FIX this problem? Lowering from a 3 to a 2 since it an old problem.

  • Update the App for ios 7

    by Vladapprebate

    How hard is it for a huge company such as ESPN to update this little app and add some new UI changes that were introduced with iOS7?

  • Great app... But

    by Mickey T1956

    I love the architect and content but it's way to touchy! When you are scrolling it selects things inadvertently. Put up with this for two seasons. That's shows that I can't find a replacement app. Fix needed please!

  • Play video glitch

    by Abacrhdgnceyvdfh

    Need to fix your video section component. Sometimes when I play a video, it will play about 5 seconds and will replay those 5 seconds over and over. Fix this!!!!

  • Won't work

    by J.Wolfe

    After the update, it won't load past the first screen, making it useless.

  • Fix it

    by Enrique Insisienmay

    Crashes every time I go into the app.

  • A good app messed up

    by Cool beans YA

    This was a really good app, but after that update is crashes, takes forever to load, and some features of the app I really enjoyed got messed up. Like the "My Games" menu

  • "My Games" no longer works

    by -Lisa

    I would double my rating if the My Games feature would work like it should. When I check mark a game it says "Added to My Games" but it doesn't really. Please fix!

  • What happened??

    by Mamagross

    This was my favorite ap to track my team when their games were not televised. About 10 days ago it suddenly stopped working. The home page loads, after several seconds it blinks....then freezes. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  • Stopped working correctly

    by tkuczy

    Won't save my teams and I no longer get alerts. Deleted and reinstalled, still broken.

  • Needs improvement

    by Jaj Kay

    The video improvement in this app is horrible i cant even watch a 30 second clip without any problems for example itll stop buffer and while i hear the video go on the app picture doesnt please fix

  • Scrolling issues

    by sdeetz

    When scrolling through scores, it constantly thinks you are tapping on a game to see more details, and opens it up. So you have to tap the back button and start scrolling again. But the second your finger hits the screen it opens another game. Nearly impossible to just scroll through a list of scores.

  • Best CF App Ever!

    by Sumocolt768

    This app is the reason for why I know what time my games are on, and I fall asleep, I can know the scores instantly and watch the highlights!

  • Scrolling up and down a pain!

    by Wonderbread15

    Scrolling up or down without the app freezing or getting put in different areas is a pain the butt.

  • Collegesportsfan88

    by Collegesportsfan88

    I absolutely love this app! I have never had any trouble with it and I can keep up with all my favorite teams all at my fingertips. Love it!

  • Great for info, when it's working

    by racollins3

    The app is great but has some quirks that get annoying. For instance, when scrolling through top stories the touch sensitivity thinks that I am selecting something when I am not. So I have to constantly go back.

  • Great for info, when it's working

    by racollins3

    The app is great but has some quirks that get annoying. For instance, when scrolling through top stories the touch sensitivity thinks that I am selecting something when I am not. So I have to constantly go back.

  • SO MANY BUGS!!!!

    by Bolt Beast

    Here's a list of all the bugs I have come to find in this app. 1. Every time I scroll down on the scores, if I accidentally "tap" a game, the app crashes. 2. Any time I'm trying to watch the clips in the GAME DETAILS, there are none. 3. Speaking of clips, any time I go to the VIDEO icon and try to watch a touchdown clip, it immediately displays, "Sorry, this clip is currently unavailable." EVERY SINGLE TIME! Now, I know you may think "Yeah, yeah just another picky consumer," but I hope you realize that these bugs are SERIOUS. Please take this into consideration. Signed, A Concerned Customer

  • was an awesome app until the io7

    by Tgoliver

    crashes a lot since the io7 updated app on ipad2. was an awesome app before that

  • Now works after reinstall

    by Aemoore8810

    I too was plagued by the blank screen when starting the app. Closing, killing, and restarting it did nothing. However, when I deleted the app and reinstalled it, now it works perfect.

  • Not bad

    by Fobama

    It's a good app and works alright I just wish the clips actually worked


    by Goose007777

    If you like watching commercials you're in for a treat! The app also constantly crashes and plays new commercials every time you reload it. The content is pretty good but you just can't play it...

  • Worthless

    by Stocktwitsux

    By far the worst app ever developed. I could actually feel myself getting dumber by using it. Always crashes and takes forever to update. The people who wrote this should be used as lab monkeys to test Ebola virus vaccines. Thanks for the poo.

  • Garbage

    by Jdoozer

    The app crashes nearly every time I open. If it does stay open, no content loads. Please fix it.

  • Deleting

    by Hhhhhhhmmmmm

    I loved the app and never had a problem with it before the update but now it doesn't work at all. No reason to keep it and it take up space.

  • Sensitive

    by Matthew Fraser

    The app is very sensitive. If I'm just scrolling through it will think I'm clicking on a game.

  • Scrolling doesn't work right

    by C R Jensen

    This app is really frustrating. When I'm scrolling it always accidentally taps a team rather than scrolling down. Switching to a different app.

  • I hate it

    by Mc Jazz raider11

    Horrible, it won't let me sign in.

  • Scrolling needs work

    by mcclimonth

    It is very difficult to scroll through the list of games. It always thinks I want to click on a game when I really just want to scroll up or down. It is very annoying. Other than that, I like the app.

  • Alerts don't work

    by Vandyfan11

    I used to really like this app but this season my alerts haven't been working and Ive tried resetting it multiple times… ugh I'm about ready to delete the app

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