ESPN Bracket Bound 2013 Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Mar, 14 2010
  • Version: 4.06
  • Size: 10.55 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ESPN Inc.

-Replaced design for bracket view to increase readability and to better fit iPad aspect ratios
-Fixed issue with ad on Group Standings page rendering too high
-Various crash fixes due to device memory utilization

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45 Ratings
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The ESPN Bracket Bound App is the ultimate college basketball companion. Follow the nation's top teams with the latest scores, news, Bracketology and highlights. Personalize your experience for unprecedented coverage of your favorite teams. Create up to 10 brackets in ESPN Tournament Challenge and compete against your family, friends, co-workers as well as ESPN celebrities.

Customer Reviews

  • Push notifications -_-

    by Bullseye10171895

    It's 10:56pm. I don't need to know UK and KU have played in the tournament twice before, right now. G'nite!

  • Great App!

    by Tebow Mainia

    I love this app as much as I love watching the games! But...... When can we see an update similar to Bowl Bound to College Football? That would make this app even better.

  • Update?!

    by JustinBAyers365

    When can we expect the next update to come out? The app should have been updated already.

  • Regular season

    by jmay1999

    Good for the tourney but should be able to switch over the the regular season.

  • Next Update

    by JustinBAyers1989

    I can't wait until the next update! I'm curious to see what new features they bring out!!! Great App! #ESPNBracketBound

  • Pretty good but...

    by Yovonn 

    Needs an update bad and would like to see a standings tab please.

  • Great!

    by Soxroks

    Great app. Very useful.

  • Yup

    by Ya dat is

    This app is awesome

  • Another solid ESPN app

    by seattlediver

    Made picking my bracket very easy. Now go IU!

  • Good

    by 89th Parallel

    Great design and very useful but does crash occasionaly

  • Okay

    by Csm1511

    Not bad

  • great update

    by rwtemple

    nice looking live bracket

  • No idea why the bad reviews


    I am having a pretty good experience with the app. I have not had crashing issues. I have had no issues with viewing videos or my brackets. The app does what it is supposed to. My bracket decisions are another issue however. ;)

  • I don't get how it is so bad

    by Bryce Blouir

    It does not crash it does look bad it is the best app for march madness

  • Annoying

    by Kyle street

    Even If you have both teams out of a round you should still make it so you can see who played/won on your own bracket

  • Don't understand.....

    by awinnie

    ....why it can't do what the ESPN college football app does and show scores for active games on the home screen. It blows that i have to go to specific teams to see scores individually, meanwhile the home screen is still showing shots/stories from the tournament 10 months ago. Seriously?? Why on Earth??

  • Pretty cool for about an hour. No refresh option. The Worldwide Leader!

    by  bu11frogg2

    Prett cool for the first hour. Then, no refresh option, so still waiting for last night's final tally. Don't tell me the scores, it'll ruin the anticipation!

  • Bad

    by Layup42

    I have a huge problem w/ this app because they do not include women's basketball. Nothin

  • Don't turn Push Notifications on!!!

    by StephCam75 

    The push notifications for the app have become excessive and annoying!! I understood 2 per game in the Round of 64 but now that the next round has become I have been getting 3-5 per game. Other than that I wouldn't change anything else on app.

  • Update much?

    by mmajosh

    This app takes way too long to update. How far are we into the season and I still can't use the college basketball app. Pick it up ESPN, you're better than this

  • Nvm..

    by  Siibi

    Crashes all the tkme

  • Why no FB login?

    by  Dolpinlady

    Needs a Facebook login option. Can't rate anymore than 1 star right now because I can't use the app without a FB login.

  • Crashes

    by Kevinr91 CHI,IL1125

    This app crashes every time I open it. Very annoying.

  • No bracket

    by Na na na natt 

    Could not see my bracket once I logged in...

  • Useless

    by FloridaBoi

    ESPN has apps for college football, Formula One, soccer and cricket. But their college basketball app essentially stopped functioning at the end of last year's final four. I find this really strange for a network that broadcasts about 5 million college games a year.


    by Josh McNeal

    This app is never updated. I don't understand why they have an updated year round college football app, yet only a 1 month updated app for college basketball. Wouldn't be so bad if it was consistently updated and not for march madness only. Get with it ESPN

  • Potential

    by theredzone7

    Would be great if ESPN made this app like the College Football app where it was updated year round and gave recruiting info. This app has a lot of potential if they make some adjustments

  • Terrible

    by Kvdsailor

    Crashes all the time. Just awful.

  • Convoluted

    by esmke8r7i1c0a

    The interface is horribly convoluted. Gets the job done, but needs to be intuitive.

  • Just okay until it crashed

    by Z4N3Z

    Good way to keep track of bracket. Right now I'm stuck in a game recap and can't get to any other part of the app.

  • Useless

    by robbruce

    Doesn't do much except show scores unless you sign up and give them your info. Will not show actual tournament bracket. I'm deleting it.

  • Awful

    by Fidelio55

    This app is miserable. Navigation overly complex. All sorts of unnecessary things. The definition of inelegance. It crashes often to boot

  • Brackets gone!

    by iphone84

    Omg! This stinks! Thank you very much espn. I'm so glad I put in the effort to fill out brackets only for you to delete them!!!

  • Crashes and have to delete and download again

    by Bear322

    This app is very frustrating. It sends you a game update and once you look at it you can't go back to the home screen. I have had to delete this app and download again practically every day. Please fix for next year!!!

  • Constantly crashes

    by Ratkiller78

    I'd rather have a bank account in Cyprus than this app.

  • Worst espn app out there

    by RedTTRaider

    Next year I will no longer be downloading the espn bracket app... This app sends me 10 notifications a day and I did not ask it to send me any. I am deleting this app now, do not download this app this year or next or the year after that... Espn please do not send customers notifications for no reason you just want more money... Horrible app P.S. this app is really slow

  • Crashes

    by SchoolsFinest

    The app won't stay open long enough to do anything.

  • Another awful ESPN app

    by evintern1

    This app is terrible. No way to get directly to my group, which is the only reason I got this app. I have to go to my brackets and then back out to see my group. And, accidentally opened to a score update, and now I'm stuck in the game summary screen. No way to get back. Unbelievable.

  • Crashes non stop

    by HowdyWhoop

    This app is as stable as Ron Artest

  • Bug/ can't go back to home screen

    by Bullwinny

    Big: after viewing the the game result, can't go back to home screen.

  • Dumb

    by Malpat

    You can't create a bracket after the tournament started.

  • Crashes

    by Madrow12

    Won't even open

  • disappointed

    by UPDATE NEEDED!!!2

    won't load any of my brackets or even open to homepage of app. useless. :(

  • No Women's brackets.

    by MacReader

    Considering the popularity of women's basketball it is amazing ESPN chooses to not include them in this app.

  • No women's tourney bracket.

    by SalmonSeattle

    Amazing how ESPN televises the women's tourney but completely ignores them with this worthless app.

  • Terrible

    by Theduke21

    Crashes every single time I go to my bracket and then go back to try to see my group. Unreal.

  • Good Try Tho

    by Ov16

    After two updates the app still crashes. Can't even view my bracket

  • Weak

    by MTPECP

    Totally shuns the women! Shame on you ESPN.

  • Bad

    by Gators95

    Crashes...freezes....bad app all over!!

  • No Bracket...

    by AvonTim

    I was expecting to be able to view an actual bracket but this is just a news aggregator for the tournament.

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