Go Eye Sports App Review (iOS, $12.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: E-Intuit Limited

A new release with many great new features and improvements for year 2014.
New features:
1. The 3D view of Go board and stones! Simply use two fingers pan gesture to rotate the board.
2. Go Eye now remembers your game viewing history. A new view is created for you to review the history. The original recent view is for newly added or modified games.
3. Support importing multiple games from a single SGF file.
4. Quick navigation to previous/next comment in a commented game. For iPhone, pull the comment area up or down till seeing the arrow image and release to navigate to previous and next commented move respectively. For iPad, tap the left and right arrow icons.
5. Enhance the coloring to make the board view more aesthetic.
6. Improve help contents, adding helps for variation viewing, creation and deletion, etc.
7. Many small UI polishes to shine every pixel.

Bug fixes:
1. Fix crash on iPhone version when opening game information dialog.
2. Fix some bad UI layout in SGF source editor on iOS 7.
3. Fix possible scoring error.

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Current Version:
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The best app for Go, leading all existing apps by one generation.

+ The most advanced SGF viewer and editor on iPhone. Supporting most intuitive way of zooming, viewing variants, creating markers of stones, numbers, comments, with lots of other customizations, etc.  Universal app to support both iPhone and iPad.

+ The only iOS Go app with the UI matching morden people's expectation. Stunning graphics with core graphics, core animation, core text, and powerful iOS 5.0+ features.

+ Innovative book style view with page curling effect.

+ The first time that image recognition technology implemented in Go game area!

+ Pull to reload gesture for live broadcast games. The best feature for live go game broadcast ever.

+ Seamlessly integration with the web to support unlimited download of go games. Supporting one touch of SGF link to view, and importing zipped SGF archives with the full-fledged embedded web browser. Deep integration with go4go.net SGF resources.

+ Value your existing game collections. Support SGF/Zip/RAR files import to Go Eye from archives in Dropbox/GDrive, or email attachments. Support backup to cloud drives.

+ Born social. Tightly integrated with Facebook, twitter, Sina to post and share your comments for your favorite games.

+ PDF book creation. You could customize the generation of PDF books from your own games so that you could share them everywhere.

+ Search engine technology to enable you to find a game easily.

+ Don't support "Jailbreak" iOS devices.

Please note that all apps having in-app browser will be rated 17+ (like Chrome or Opera). We guarantee that this app doesn't contain any adult contents!

Video demo at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw5h8LMORnvMvIR0tB_D8-g


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