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Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Support for iPhone 4S in Augmented Reality View

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From the world’s #1 golf site. Find your favorite golf course, track your golf game, keep score for up to 4 players and calculate the yardage for your shots right on the course. It’s never been easier to adjust and improve your game!

• Find over 21,000 U.S. and Canadian golf courses with extensive information including scorecards, official course rating, member ratings and reviews
• Track score and detailed stats for up to four players
• Use your USGA handicap or GolfLink's auto-calculated handicapping system
• View your stats over time, including:
- Scoring type, counts, percentages and trending
- Differentials and trending
- Fairway accuracy (Hit, Missed, Left, Right) percentages
- Tee off club usage
- Greens in Regulation
- Putts per round
• Access over 11,000 course aerial views for our most popular courses to get hole yardage, locate hazards and see course layouts. (More aerial views will be added over time).
• Manual positioning system: Even without GPS, drag your ball within the aerial view to benefit from our range calculation and targeting system. Our integrated magnifying loupe helps visualize the layout details while still getting the full hole overview.
• Save your scorecard and share it via Facebook, Twitter and Email
• Live weather report, displays current course conditions
• Wind speed and direction shown during play
• Optional – Create a free GolfLink account or use an existing one to sync up your data online for deeper analysis and comparison with other golfers’ averages on each hole
• Say good-bye to blind shots with Golflink's Augmented Reality (AR) Rangefinder (iPhone 3GS, 4 with iOS4 only).  Stop guessing where the green is with our new Rangefinder! Simply rotate your phone to landscape mode and view the green and your target. Markers will appear on-top of the screen showing how far away you are from the pin and your current target. Aim your next shot better today!


• Directly access the nearby courses in your vicinity
• For over 11,000 of the most popular courses, determine your yardage to the hole with GolfLink’s GPS range finder. Your distance calculates from wherever you are on the course.
• Mark your ball and calculate the distances of your shots with the GPS powered aerial views

This ONE-TIME FEE gives you unlimited access to the GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS and will let you enjoy all upcoming new versions of the app, with additional features and more GPS data, FOR FREE.

We are excited and proud to share the GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS with you. We look forward to your comments and reviews that will help us continually improve the application and your golf experience.

Customer Reviews

  • No longer works on OS 7

    by Teefore2

    Of the four scoring apps I've downloaded and tested I USED to like this one the most. However, since updating to Apple's latest iPhone software, the program loads, gives me a screen shot, then stalls. When do you see a fix occurring?

  • Fix

    by Richie2904

    How about fixing it! Since new software update it doesn't open. I like it when it did open.

  • Not working with iOS7

    by Trackstarter

    Since I updated to iOS7 the program crashes. Great program when it worked. Looking for update to fix bugs. The ap really works well on most courses that I play. However, for Indian Mounds in Fairmont City, IL the pars are incorrect for most holes for the white tees. Would like to see that corrected to more accurately reflect the score. Not being a rated course (par 3), there is no ariel views or gps tracking available. Would love to see that fixed also on an update. Also noted that scores are not being synched to my iPad. Ifyou can fix theseisses, I will be very happy with the ap.

  • Very helpful

    by crackin ducks

    Found this very helpful in tracking my progress (new to the game).

  • Almost perfect

    by TPJPZP

    I've tried MANY other golf apps and GolfLink is by far the best. The ONLY thing I would like is for the maps to be updated. For example on hole 4 at our local coarse the map is wrong. To allow us to change this or for it to be updated would make this a 5 star ap

  • Nice!

    by WattyPhotog

    It's pretty good.

  • Enjoying

    by JJ2033

    Took a while to get my home course loaded, but it's pretty accurate most of the time. Enjoying the tracking and score keeping!

  • Great!!!

    by dzaruba

    Use it all the time.

  • Worth it!!!

    by Mark Garside

    Awesome app, definitely recommend it.

  • Best app yet. Puts viewti and others to shame

    by Loopyalc

    Stable and full of features. Thanks!

  • Worth the money spent

    by Abradley064

    I use this app every time I hit the course. Use of the GPS is accurate. Tracks handicap.

  • Great app

    by Mrbubbles0311

    I use it every time I golf to track score.

  • Great app

    by Mostafa Beshir

    Enjoy an it, accurate for the most part

  • Keeps crashing

    by 8/6/12

    This was one of the better golf apps I had tried. It was working great until my iPod updated to iOS 6. Now I can not open the app. It goes to start and then crashes. Very disappointed!

  • Great app

    by jsmithdmi

    By far and away my favorite scorecard and GPS app. Most accurate plus online presence and syncs excellent also!

  • Easy!

    by Bylund's music!

    Best golf app out there! Easy to use and fast also!!!

  • The best bang for the buck!

    by Ebgolf

    The best bang for the buck!

  • Very Useful

    by Sterelmin

    Does everything I need and want.

  • Golf link

    by Brett 555

    Love the app, other than switching from the trial to pay version it dropped all my scores

  • k

    by nick va

    for a cheap gps it works great :) !! keep updates coming. if course yards are off u can edit them urself and upload:) still searching for a better one but all 5 that are out cant match the basic use and accuracy of this one. GREAT APP

  • Compatiblity

    by Dagwood1965

    DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!! The latest Apple iOS is not compatible with the current version of this app. I have been trying to figure this issue out on my own and could not so I contacted their support. I was told they are aware and working on the issue. The latest iOS has been out for sometime I find it hard to believe they have not fixed the issue by now! With support like this at the premium price of this paid app you would think this would be a priority. I guess they do not value their customers or need good reviews! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!!

  • Please update for new IOS

    by 196349

    Company needs to update this for the new IOS. Do not purchase until that is done if running a new phone. Used to love this program, now I can't even use it. Will change my rating once it is updated.

  • Doesn't work with iOS 7. UPDATE PLEASE

    by Ropecutta2341

    2 months later and this app is still for sale. Apple needs to remove it until they fix it.... Hopefully no one will spend money on it! I like this app. Use it every round. There are several courses in the NC area that need updating but I love the app for its gps and handicap keeping. Since iOS 7 came out, it won't even open. The splash screen comes up and 30 seconds later, it just crashes! Paid like $10 for this app back in the day, so I think we deserve an update.

  • Incompatible with iOS 7

    by mrchngtrmpt

    Do not waste your money in this app if you have iOS 7 unless they have updated the app.

  • Very disappointing

    by Text robot

    It's very disappointing to pay $10 for an app and really like it, only to have the developers be to lazy to keep it updated so it will work with the latest iOS. I guess they made enough money on it, so the people who bought it don't really matter anymore.

  • Do Not Purchase

    by Slp363

    This app will not work on any OS7 machines and when you contact the company to complain they just say complain apple. DO NOT PURCHASE

  • Used to be great. Now it won’t load. 6 months after iOS7 beta release and they still haven’t updated

    by BJudge

    Used to be great. Now it won’t load. 6 months after iOS7 SDK released and they still haven’t updated it. I paid $10 for this app, which is the most I’ve spent on any other app. Only 2 months after I purchased this app I updated to iOS7 and now it crashes every time I try to use it. I wrote customer service and they apologized for the inconvenience. It’s been 2 months and still no fix. The beta for developers was released in June and now it’s November and they still haven’t put together an updated version? For an app this expensive?

  • New purchaser

    by Gathusker

    Do not purchase until they make it compatible with iPhone update.

  • I updated to iOS 7 and will not open

    by Bunnyrosecoe

    This was a solid score keeping app until I upgrade to iOS 7 and now it will not open. What a shame!

  • Crashes every time!

    by Alexander Bush

    Haven't been able to use it yet, it crashes every time I try to bring it up!

  • Won't work now

    by tballt123

    Why won't my app work? Is it because I updated my iPhone 5 to the new software?

  • Doesn't work with iOS7

    by Steve in MO

    I loved this app, but it no longer opens since I upgraded to iOS7. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!

  • Was a great app pre ios7!

    by Kokorobinson

    Well this was a fabulous app, the one to get UNTIL ios7. And then it FAILED. I emailed them immediately to let them know and their response was simply to post on their supper forum that it doesn't work on ios7. They also indicated that they were still awaiting word from the "powers that be" about the compatibility issue. That was Sep 23rd. Apparently the powers that be could care less that there's a compatibility issue. It's a real shame because this WAS the app to have. Very unfortunate that they would rather sit on this and let their competitors fill the void.

  • Doesn't work with new OS

    by kydentman

    After the new updated OS7 this app won't open!!

  • Not working with my iOS 7 update

    by Zrubin

    Please fix

  • Total waste

    by Mike2022

    I'm not sure how this got so many good reviews. I tried two different golf courses and each one was totally incorrect. On one golf course, the first hole is a par five.

  • Not great

    by Casinopete

    Moving from screen to screen not easy and confusing. "rewards" screen a constant annoyance until you figure out how to shut it off. When you are on the scorecard screen, almost Impossible to shut it off. Satellite screen too far away. No summary of hole that I can find; just a one line screen telling you the distance. I shot a 101 but the card is showing me shooting a 79, even though it carried the 101 accurately. Bottom line, not a user friendly device by any stretch of the imagination. Why would I buy a device that shows the hole distance on each screen, and that's it?! And when you turn on the satellite, it's just two more distance indicators.

  • *j

    by Cowtown Golfer

    App is very good, but I wouldn't pay for it because you get multiple interruptions with coupon redemption offers. Attempts to communicate the need for change with the developers has been futile. This feature ruins a good app.

  • Golfer

    by Big Dave 529

    Total waste of money

  • Stat option is nice

    by Pro-shhh

    Gps for LA area is limited. Some course layouts are incorrect. When it works it's a great app

  • Great

    by Aftcd1985

    Great app for the money.

  • Golflink

    by David Greeno

    Very slow on yardages but all other functions are great.

  • Ok

    by WWHawkeye

    Good app with limited coverage.

  • Retired

    by Satulagi

    Great! Easy to use. I'm still trying to figure out how to add players who are not in my address book and how to add particulars such as the number of putts, but the basics are quite simple. I've now got the basics figured out and I love the program. I recommend it to all my friends.

  • Great app ... Doesn't kill battery ... Best golf app yet

    by N_dog01

    I have an iPhone 4gs ... I can play 36 holes with this app and my phone will still have a battery ... Gps turns off when you shut screen off ... The power save in the app itself is useless but other than that this is by far the best golf app I've seen!! Would definitely recommend!!

  • Great App

    by Paolotim

    Very useful and easy to use!

  • Works well. Wish the GPS worked better

    by Jimct23

    I have been using the GolfLink app for several years now. It's a great tool for tracking your game. It's fun to analyze your statistics over a log period and see the results of lessons. The only thing I wish it was better at was having more aerial views and GPS ranges. Other than that. I have been very happy. There are some quirks between the app and the website, however these are minor and just an annoyance. Does not affect functionality.

  • Golf link

    by Jio420

    Everything is great except the most important feature isn't 100% which is the gps doesn't give accurate distance and some courses are wrong

  • CEO

    by Mr. Cat 1

    Great score keeper.

  • Good, not great app

    by Wreagle

    GPS can be slow and inaccurate. If yardage seems off, you need to walk up and back a few paces to get it zeroed in. Not well designed for people that play just nine holes. Otherwise, easy to use and has my courses.

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