Ace Hunter: Whitetail Deer Hunt: Facebook connect edition Sports App Review (iOS, $3.99)


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Seller: Coresoft Inc.

Turkey Hunt!
Touch Control is now default
Bug fixes

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All the fun of the Arcade Hunting Games in the palm of your hand

Now take on the Hunters of the World with the new WORLDWIDE LEADERBOARD FEATURE.

LeaderBoards are available for all modes and all control type configurations!

Web Reviews are in, here are some quotes:

The iPhone App Review
Score: 8/10
Ace Hunter is a realistic and fun point-and-shoot. Beautiful graphics and a fun game to play. The deer themselves are well animated and wander through the foliage at different distances.

Graphically the game looks very nice. Game looks nice and gives you the feeling of a hunt.

The App Review
Almost perfect!

From Coresoft, the creators of the best selling Playstation "CABELA'S" hunting games, and the iPhone smash hit Super Sniper!

Ace Hunter:Whitetail drops the player into amazing Whitetail hunting action!

Tilt & Touch Controls with 3 Levels of Difficulty so anyone can play!

Stunning graphics, amazingly realistic sound effects, and incredibly life-like Whitetail Deer all add up to make this the premier hunting experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ace Hunter:Whitetail analyzes your kill-shot on the fly, awarding bonuses for accurate, instant kills. The Whitetail Deer in Ace Hunter react to your every move, so you had better make every shot count.

Ace Hunter:Whitetail uses the tilt and pan or the touchscreen, features of the iPhone to provide the most realistic hunting rifle control to date. The zoom is incredibly smooth and picks out the details of your targets perfectly.

Ace Hunter's robust options system allows the player to set up the controls exactly how you want, whether it be Tilt with inverted Y, or Drag and fire, the choice is yours.

Separate High Scores are kept for each control mode and each Level of Difficulty.

If you enjoy iHunt or iHunt3D you are going to be blown away by ACE HUNTER!

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Arcade Super Sniper: War on Terror

Arcade Super Sniper 2 :The sequel to the Smash Hit Super Sniper: War on Terror.

Customer Reviews

  • Hunt

    by Thegoodrater

    It's ok

  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    by FAVORITE GAME!!!!!!!!!!


  • Great game

    by dms19

    Works fine but is there a way to pause the game? I love it!

  • I had to buy it!

    by Wanted_angelus

    Great game without ads. But please add some audio controls. I hate that music!

  • Fun game but it crashes ALL if the time

    by Poochoorama18

    Please fix this game! When I first bought it it worked great, but then after a while it won't even open!!! Please fix this game! It's the only flaw.

  • great

    by charlie isaacs

    great game but i would like to more scenes please thanks.

  • Good overall!

    by Bobby Jr. 3456

    Good overall picture but the only thing I want is to be able to walk around.

  • Great but could use some work

    by Mr. Kittles

    This game is great and I haven't had one problem with it and I've had this app for like 2 weeks, for future updates I would improve on faster shooting, more areas, and a bit more datailed shots because when I shoot a deer in the behind or near its back it doesn't kill the deer, but great game overall.

  • Alright

    by big3mamz

    This game is really fun and intense. But it needs updates with more animals. Then this game would kick some serious @ss.

  • Good

    by Ahlers.

    Overal good game, but should have a story mode or more guns

  • Plays great!!

    by hg250

    Me & a lot of my friends all have this game and love it.

  • Sweet game!!

    by gm7450

    This game has amazing controls, both with touch and tilt controls, the best controls of any game yet that I've played. This is a great fast actioned game to play. I really like the leaderboards.

  • Really love it!

    by silver158

    This is an easy game to pick up & play and shoot some bucks.

  • Best iPhone Hunting

    by TigerPhone

    More of an arcade feel, kinda like those stand up arcade machines. Graphics are really nice with a cool 3D effect on the backgrounds so the Deer go in and out of cover, making it more realistic. Cool game. 1.3 Update fixes crash issue! Anyone still getting crashes should try doing a reset on their iPod or iPhone or try deleting the app and then redownloading it.

  • Crashes Every Time!

    by jkeblas

    This looks like a fun game. Wish I could play it without the program crashing my phone every time.

  • 

    by 101644367

    Well i think the game is not worth the money. Waste of .99 cents. It should be free.I regret buying this game. It could be better if you can clase up on deers more and shot better. Well that's all I say .

  • Ace deer hunter

    by Martz3

    A lil pricey but addicting

  • Kewl

    by Gxbhdc

    Go Gatherine! What the Potherine! Wat?!?? I hAtE bAnNaNaS sO mUcH!!! But... I lUv ChOcOlAtE.....aLoT!!!!!!! This cost no $$$ when I got it!! Now it does! HaHa!!! I got it free! Cuz ima TRU hunter!!!!!!

  • Not bad!

    by Jeffinpa

    I give it 3 stars only because I feel the graphics could be better but overall it's worth a buck to shoot one!

  • Ace Hunter: Whitetale Deer Hunt

    by nerts

    Don't know if it's any good or not. Wouldn't download. I want my money back. It's a rip off!!

  • "NOT WORTH IT" problem after problem.

    by Gr8wang

    Everytime I go in to app I get launched back to desk top!!!!!! It has never worked!!!!

  • Doesn't worth it

    by coiusa

    Is very poor don't spendore than 0.1 dollars

  • Crap

    by It's horrible

    Doesn't work!!!!! I want my Money back

  • Rip off

    by Unsatisfied hunter

    Game won't even load

  • 1.6 = FAIL!: Deer don't stop running!!!

    by markmandue

    1.5 worked fine on my 1st gen ipod touch. Now with 1.6 the deer don't stop running after the first shot is fired. THE GAME IS NOW UNPLAYABLE. EPIC FAIL!!! thanks guys.

  • WARNING – This game is an advertisement to pay more money to upgrade.

    by lgolani

    “Dear Hunt” is a rip off, this game is level based, and the first level is lame. Once you complete this short level, they want you pay more money to upgrade. I really recommend “Ihunt 3D”, Ihunt 3D is much more fun and no upgrade is necessary.

  • Crap

    by Jzshsvehdhdhdhszbvs

    It was fun at first but it made my iPod freeze and it deleted some of my stuff don't buy it! it is a rip off

  • Refund

    by Bmx1ky

    It doesn't work! I want my money back!

  • Game doesn't work!

    by J. Bell

    Please refund...

  • Doesn't work

    by AmericanBoy1422

    It worked for a little bit but then it just crashes before u start playing

  • Crashes

    by DSGZUU

    I've only played this game once and it was awsome but evry other time tried to play it itjust crashes waste of a dollar

  • Not worth it

    by $C.O.D.Y$

    I wouldnt get this if it was free


    by Mibassabgler

    This game crashes ALL THE TIME!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

  • Junk

    by WVHeater

    Couldnt tell u how the game is because i never got the chance to play it. Crashes as soon as u go to start it! Dont waste your money!!! Want a refund!

  • Crashes...refund?

    by ryan3894

    Never got to play it because it crashed. I want a refund please

  • Crashes

    by Huston4422

    Every time I open it it crashes. It looks like it would be fun but I can't even play it

  • Boo

    by Drew peecock

    Game works for a day then boots you every time you try to play

  • Really

    by Hunter of the future

    This game is cheap and the controls are as annoying as heck!!! This game needs some upgrades before it can be worth$.99!!!


    by 8orbetter

    worked the one time and now kicks me out every time

  • Piece of crap

    by Nikdick

    It wont even let me see the screen

  • It's crashing

    by Jeremysitouch

    Like the tittle says


    by Im tellin the truth

    Crashes every time

  • Pool scam

    by Lip

    I bought it and tried to load it several times , but would not load , what a rip off , now tell me how do I get my $ back

  • Won't load up

    by Nieman

    The first day or so it worked great, now everytime I try to go into the game it kicks me right back out.

  • Great

    by Sea Jay

    It kicks me out everytime i try to play it.!! I want a refund, or just fix it!

  • Crash proplem not fixed

    by Otown407

    Almost didn't buy but since they stated v1.3 fixed the crash in went ahead. Haven't even made it past the initial loading screen. There goes $1 out the window.

  • Hunting got interesting on my iPhone

    by tetr1s

    Amazing! Better than that other one! really worth the .99 cents and suprised on how fun it was!!!

  • Boring......there are better hunting apps out there

    by shalom73

    It feels like I am hunting out of the window of my truck...


    by Trav91z

    Complete crap, it won't even get passed the intial coresoft load screen then it kicks me out. I've never got to play it!!.. I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR FIX THIS THING

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