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Languages: English

Seller: Christopher Coudriet

Major, Major, Major Redesign For iOS 7 and the 4 inch retina display! Supports iOS 5+

This FREE update is a big thank you to everyone who has help support this app over the last 3+ years! Hope you love it as much as we loved developing it! Enjoy!

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Mega Sale! Just $1.99! Get Yours Now!

Designed for iOS7! The Most Amazing Scanner App Ever Developed! Every Detail Handcrafted!

Looking for the ULTIMATE, Most REALISTIC FIRE SCANNER App? You just FOUND IT! GET yours TODAY!


Support for Metadata Tags (This means you can now see which department is talking each time a call goes out! Bringing you closer than ever to a real scanner) this is a unbelievable awesome new feature only found in Fire Radio.


Fire Radio is brought to you by the developers of the VERY popular Police "Scanner" Radio application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Fire Radio allows you to listen to "Live" Police, Fire and EMS frequencies at the fraction of the cost of a real scanner. In addition you can use the integrated high resolution maps to pinch and zoom your way to every call. Fire Radio also supports stereo bluetooth A2DP audio output for listening in your vehicle or wherever you may have bluetooth & network connectivity.


* iPod controls (pause & play everywhere)

* Sleep timer!

* Support for alpha tags / metadata!

* Realistic LCD scrolling text!

* High resolution retina display graphics!

* Ability to save your favorite stations!

* Ability to add and edit custom stations!

* Intuitive & easy to navigate interface!

* Background audio support!

* Auto updating database built in!

* Ability to disable auto lock!

* Integrated high resolution 3D and location aware maps!

* Fast & excellent customer support. (Just read the reviews!)

Please note that not all locations are available at this time. Available locations are subject to change at any time. Crushed Box Software does not own or operate any of the available feeds.

Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation.

Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding customer service

    by SHC80

    Problem with installation, sent a email to the customer service. Had a response within 10 minutes. Very professional and cured the problem. Outstanding!

  • Fire Radio

    by CCEA-MD

    Great improvements


    by Mark D. EMT-B, FF

    06-07-13/ 10:43 pm, Complaint went in about Baltimore scanners not working. 1:10 am on 06-08-13, I received a reply by President/ CEO Christopher Coudriet: stating, sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on the problem. 06-08-13 at 10:41 am problem was repaired, and the scanners for Baltimore Maryland were up and running again!! My fellow firefighters and I, ten of which own this App, rely on fire radio to keep us updated on the major incidents that may occur in our area just in-case we may need to respond, so this a very valuable tool for us. Thank you again Christopher for your speedy response and repair!!! Sincerely , Fellow firefighters of Baltimore Maryland .

  • Great audio

    by RadioGuy73

    The audio is clean-- CD quality. It not only receives the primary dispatch channel, but switches to the tactical channels when calls are directed there-- AND it displays the tac channel number when transmissions come from them. I really like this app. App (Feed provider) representative was responsive to my email inquiries too! Keep up the great work!

  • Great app

    by Eric H

    Great scanner app. Would like to listen to two or three feeds at once. I live right on the line of kent and sussex county's in Delaware would like to listen to both county's and possible even the police if possible. Still a great app the way it is

  • Option to turn off nav

    by Clay & Alicia

    Good app. But please add a option to turn off maps and navigation to keep phone batteries from draining faster.

  • Fantastic!!

    by SShuster221

    This app is the best out there… While the feeds may go up and down the support from both App Developer and Feed Provider are amazing. Simple to use and operate, graphics are very well done and look outstanding. I have told as many of my Bother and Sister firefighters i know about this app!! Keep up the great work.

  • Excellent App

    by runner2625

    I have purchased a few Fire Scanner apps, most are decent, but this one is the best and the one I use most of the time. Very few issues, but when there are they respond quickly with a fix. Highly recommend.

  • DC? Not here

    by DC FF

    Used to be good but DC hasn't worked in months.

  • Great App.

    by Guy Talbott

    Great sound and it has live text so I can see what talk group they are talking on so incidents are easier to follow.

  • My Favorite App

    by Mygrlsmama

    Even though I've had some technical difficulties this app still gets 5 stars. My email was personally responded to when I had a problem, and this is a "can't live without it" app- especially since my FD pager isn't working right now. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Nice, Real Nice

    by The Opossum

    Great app for DC and Baltimore area. I like listing to Baltimore, it's such a ghetto.

  • Fire feeds

    by OCFD

    This is a great app, I use it frequently on my way to and from work. The delay is between 30 secons and a minute in some counties, but still a great deal for a very low price. There are very few disruptions and a wide variety of jurisdictions to listen. I highly reccomend this app if you like listening to fire/police scanners.

  • Awesome App.

    by Firedog13

    I love this app... I've bought many of the other apps out there, and I just got this one mainly for the PGFD feed. And all I can say is that I am really pleased! Very well worth the insanely low price. For less than a buck, I'm listening to PGFD 70 miles away. 12 Maryland County feeds, as well as DCFD, DE, PA, NJ and PA. I haven't been to the firehouse yet to compare what the delay time is, but nonetheless, I am totally satisfied. Thank You for this awesome app!

  • Outstanding!!

    by RTG7192

    Great app definately worth the $0.99..well put together a must have for any firefighter.

  • awesome

    by Mtnmedic

    As a former BCFD member now in Colorado, this rocks

  • Finally

    by Fire Buff

    For those of us that are just interested in a regional scanner app!!! Just as good as there website!!!!

  • This app is awesome!

    by goaliejord1

    This is definitely the best fire radio app out there. The signal is very clear, and the staff was able to correct a problem right away when I emailed them. Definitely consider this app!

  • Waste of money!!

    by Danigurlc88

    Only covers a few states

  • My fault

    by Nims77

    For purchasing this before reading the entire description. I live on the west coast...this only has east coast feeds..and 5 of them at that. 2$ NOT well spent.

  • Boooooo

    by County1234

    Baltimore county is one of the largest jurisdictions and a radio app is in high demand. However the Baltimore County feed NEVER is online. It used to pick up every now and then but has been offline for monthes. Waste of my money

  • This does not work

    by Mo Hotta Mo Betta

    !!!ZERO STARS!!! They are lying to you!! This app doesn't work and hasn't for a long time!! The owner of this app is leaving false reviews!!!! This does not work!!!! Waste of $$$

  • Waste of money

    by Gus & Zack

    I went gave company frequency to my local fire depart. Since my by runs for fire company. I thought it would be cool if I'm at work I still turn app on listen to calls in the area. But this app dosent work that way. This is reply I got back . The feeds don't work that way. We need to set up a digital scanner in the requested county and have someone provide Internet access to that feed. If we cannot pick up the feed, we cannot provide it. I apologize for the misunderstanding. What a crock of BS. Waste of money and time.

  • Bleak

    by Flyin H4waiian


  • Not reliable

    by Sutphen84

    Delaware, Sussex county, never works. Always says that it's during that time when it's down.

  • Not there

    by 360SFC

    Purchased, second time for Harford County MD. Ad says it's there, it's not. Bought Intersect, it has it, works great.


    by tippi1223

    They are aware of this yet they continue to list it.

  • Too Limited

    by DogBone384

    Too few feeds. Stick with 5-0 radio or something like it. Wasted $2 I could have gotten a good cup of coffee with.

  • Eh

    by mandanee82

    Everything is always offline every time I try to listen.

  • Plaese fix

    by Crypticsaint

    Just bought it found out there were no station scanners in ky please fix then it will be five starz

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