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Updated To Be The All-In-1-Fantasy App!
+ For All 3 Sports --- Get your Fantasy News, Advice, Rankings, Trends and Projections. Manage your rosters, get your scores and trash talk with your league.
+ iOS7 Redesign. We have re-designed the app to a modern look and feel.
+ New app icon and changed the name of the app to CBS Sports Fantasy

Thank you for using CBS Sports Fantasy! We're committed to making this the best fantasy app for sports fans, with up-to-the minute player news, easy to use user experience and lightning fast scoring updates. Please reach out to or @cbssports with any issues or suggestions.

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The official, free CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball app gives you all the tools you need to dominate your league from Opening Day through the end of season.

Now you can manage your fantasy team anywhere, anytime: Set your lineup, add & drop players, view detailed player stats and rankings, plus get the latest fantasy player news customized for your leagues. Whether you’re a seasoned Fantasy league commissioner, or new to Fantasy Baseball – the CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball app makes it easy to stay on top of all the exciting action.

Use requires an active fantasy baseball league. Please visit http://www/ to sign up today.

Key Features:

* Set lineups
* Add/Drop players
* Check live fantasy scoring
* View/Approve pending transactions
* Read up-to-the minute player news
* Manage teams in multiple leagues
* View player trends
* Propose and accept trades

Customer Reviews

  • Fixed?

    by Jonathan Quesnel

    Still the offseason but it seems like they fixed whatever problems they had. Still not a great app but hopefully they'll streamline it before the season starts.

  • Scout players

    by Clockwise killa

    Great app. Something that should be added is to check players being scouted. And there should be a back space (iphones)

  • Help

    by Atrainxprs

    Anyone else having issues with the app crashing? Won't load and keeps closing to my home screen!

  • IPad

    by Me64374756

    I love the app but I have one request. Could you make an iPad version? If you guys at CBS do that I'll give you 5 stars.

  • How about for the ipad?

    by jlotze

    I would love a fantasy baseball for the ipad

  • Improved

    by Zag11

    The new version is much better than the old. I would like to see roster trends sort by most owned and also it is difficult to see your current lineup and what pitchers have starts left for the current week.

  • Fantasy Functional

    by Lincecum Phenom

    I love the app and use it all the time! don't know what these people are talking about! Definitely worth downloading!

  • Don't bother

    by EMBN-NC

    Redirects to different app

  • This app should not even get 1 star

    by Lopecci

    There's no back button. You cannot message anyone. I try too be someone off of the injured list and the app crashes. This app needs a 100% overhaul. Possibly the worst Fantasy sports app I have had to use.

  • Worst app I've used

    by Jason Michalicek

    I don't normally write reviews but this app is SO bad I had to warn anyone wanting to use it. I can't open anything without it crashing! Avoid at all costs

  • Horrible

    by Pokkju

    Just horrible! Just gonna add 1 more 1 star. It makes me laugh to see this come out of CBS...

  • What Happened?

    by MaineSkin

    It was a 3.5 star to me just months ago, now it's deleted from my phone bc it literally doesn't work. I really hope they intend on fixing the app for 2014, but as it looks now they are losing users. CBS has a great platform, but mobile development is not high on the priority list in a time everything is done via mobile.

  • Laughable

    by LordBacon

    Switched to new site it's so bad

  • Horrible

    by Toast098775

    Horrible app. Never updates the categories and its impossible to sort by categories. There are other issues too. Worst sports app I've ever used.

  • App not working

    by Fitz911

    Too many issues with this app from annoying pop ups to the present problem of pages not loading which is inexcusable for this time of year. Currently the app is useless. We had been CBS for years to manage our fantasy league. Next year we will give ESPN or Yahoo out business.

  • Terrible

    by Running marchillo

    Updated version doesn't work. Shocking. Nice work again CBS. No problem. Less than a month left in the baseball season. Not interested in seeing my team.

  • Do Not Download!

    by Animalchin74

    It's embarrassing how bad it is. CBS doesn't care about their mobile development. I've never rated an app before but if one person reads this and decides not to download then I've done my job.

  • Locks Up Continuously!!!

    by 4cevet

    I often need to delete and re-download the app do to lock-up. I only use the app periodically but it has created frustration many times.

  • Juuuuuuuunk

    by Rhythm76

    Dont bother using this unless you want to lose minutes of your life. There are plenty of other things you can do with your time like drinking a bottle of sand or chewing on tinfoil that would be far more pleasurable.

  • Atrocious - worst fantasy app on the market

    by JimmyJames12

    As a developer, I would be embarrassed to have my name behind this product. The user interface is clunky and cumbersome. The live scoring categories aren't even color coded correctly...counts a higher ERA and WHIP as a's pathetic. Someone should be fired over this.

  • Awful update

    by Bobby sparklez

    Why haven't you fixed the endless refresh? Embarrassing. Enough to make me switch to espn fantasy baseball.

  • Doesn't work (still!) on iPad

    by Flip1688

    Works once in a blue moon, only after a splash ad. At least 9 times out of 10, opens then freezes instantly. CBS ignores help requests. The dumbest part is that since the web interface for setting lineups is drag and drop, there's no way to set a lineup via the web on an iPad either. So, thanks to CBS's bang-up job, neither the mobile app nor the website allows me to do a truly basic fantasy sports task. Aggravating.

  • Useless

    by Jipper

    Oh how I wish I could manage my team via my phone, this app is so useless I have to do everything on my old computer.

  • Crashing

    by Astrosgirl27

    App is crashing 7/29/13

  • Horrible

    by JrVolk

    Your app is slow and useless. Very amateur. Crashes constantly.

  • Horrific

    by Commish01

    I guess CBS just decided to give up. App won't even open now.

  • Hilarious

    by Co-Commish

    I click on the fantasy advice link just to check things out, now my app crashes on each load. Killed the app running in the background, deleted the app and rebooted phone. Reinstall and still crashing. Horrible development.

  • CRASHING--Pitching last 10 stats..

    by Mike Darpino

    Now it won't open the app. Tried reinstalling too. How come with pitchers you can't see the past 10 games they pitched like u can with batters? Please address this.

  • Crashing at Startup

    by rdz

    It's crashing at startup and I'm not sure whether to call this a problem or an improvement.

  • Just an awful, awful app

    by Cardvol2

    Crashy. Buggy. It makes it absolutely not worth the money for CBS version. May do yahoo as another reviewer suggested.

  • Doesn't open

    by Richard Thompson

    Awful. Will not even open anymore.

  • NOT a winning app

    by Clarence Diamond

    Inaccurate scoring, crashes or refuses to open regularly. Really poor, no excuse for it not to be better. Basically the BJ Upton of apps.

  • Crashes

    by TFalco262

    The app constantly crashes. And now with an "update", it doesn't even open. What a joke.

  • Horrible

    by Joshbigtowerpants

    Wish I could give it zero

  • Useless

    by Use Yahoo

    This app is terrible. Shocking that there are guys who probably get paid to create and update it. Player logs show no stats for any games and the real time standing totals only show stats from your current players and not the stats your dropped players have accumulated. So the real time standing totals do not match the numbers on the website. Only good for updating your lineup if you have no access to a computer.

  • No Stars

    by Rjaymiller

    This app is so bad that it makes you wonder if anyone at CBS Sports even uses it? For a media company as large as CBS, there's an expectation that they would build a robust app for one of their premium ($150) services. Nope. Or at least that they would de-bug it and make it right. It's the 2nd half of the season and they haven't. Goodbye CBS. Hello Yahoo.

  • Setting lineups

    by Naafa

    You cant add the last player on your lineup to your roster because there's an advertisement in front of it. Annoying when I'm not in front of a computer all day on Monday to set my lineups.

  • Stinks

    by Sev1975jhgfvi

    This app is horrible. The standings are always incorrect. It is impossible to add and drop players. If you want an app with incorrect and completely useless information for your team, this is the app.

  • More critisism

    by New Centurian

    First of All as Big as Fantasy Baseball has become, CBS Baseball is still WEEKLY LEAGUES where as MLB is played daily for 6 Months, CBS Heads still run it like a Fantasy Football site which I cant understand, I use Yahoo for Pay as Daily leagues and better apps are available.. Now I joined a pay league, try to put my lineup in for next week via my IPhone and the ADVERTISEMENT on the bottom of the screen won't allow me to control the the Start or reserve switch as the advertisement just blocks it and pops up as soon as you try to click on the Player, that is just un-excusable !

  • Disappointing ....

    by Kscammer

    That sums it up …… not really ... But there is no other words I can/allowed to use ... Truly a low point in fantasy apps ...

  • Lousy

    by Dan Marks (Commish league)

    Buggy and of minimal utility. All this for $150. What a joke. Switching back to Yahoo next season.

  • Progress

    by CrayzeeGuy

    The live scoring finally works after a few years of updates. However, the new notifications do not provide the score updates... Always shows 0 - 0 score. Don't know why all CBS apps and mobile website stink so much.

  • Disaster

    by Win 39 & 14!

    It was rough enough to use it when it was integrated into the CBS Sports App. Stand-alone app is awful. The people who designed and then approved this nightmare for release should be fired.

  • Agreed! Shameful

    by Todd Bittner

    Useless, utterly useless. I have downloaded this app several times because of the app locking up during love scoring. You would think a billion dollar corporation could create an app that actually work. Back to Yahoo for fantasy!

  • Awful

    by riznotch

    This version's live scoring is totally wrong and different than even the sportsline website. Unbelievable!

  • Awful...

    by Toooooo12335

    Hopefully for the next update for this app they just shut down the entire operation..

  • Garbage

    by SDRaun

    Unintuitive. No landscape mode. Horrible iPad support and crashes all the time. Other than that another winner from CBS. Do something!

  • Horrible

    by Michael13863

    Worst fantasy app I've ever used. Crashes nearly every time you open it. I'd give it negative stars if I could.

  • Terrible

    by GTOformula400

    This is a terrible app. It is constantly crashing on me and never seems to be updated by developers!

  • Worst app ever

    by Cam6528

    Easily the worst app I've ever used. Crashes on almost everything. Anyone who rated this app above one is obviously someone's mother. Id give it a zero if I could

  • Crashes Constantly

    by nwerle

    This app looks much better than previous years. I like all the options. Biggest issue is that is crashes constantly. I reset it and it crashes. Please fix and this will be much better.

  • Horrible

    by Clatra23

    This app is so bad that I don't even use it. It needs to be improved greatly. CBS should be ashamed of themselves putting this useless app out here. Fix it or I will never consider using CBS products again. They obviously don't care about customer because I see a bunch of complaints on the app and CBS has done nothing to improve it. Screw you CBS!


    by Redsfan2244

    Stats aren't even close in most cases. Come on Sportsline get your s@&t together.

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